Congratulations dear Hu-Mans, you have completed the Grand Experiment!! You have turned the darkness into light!

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Dear Hu-mans* of Earth,

Attention! Attention! The time of the ‘Great Experiment’ has ended. Time everlasting on your planet has been devoted to the contributions of hu-mans and their potential to inhabit the galaxy and the omniverse. The ‘Great Experiment’ has been a test of your species. The test has been long and arduous and even longer and more difficult than you realize. After eons of watching and observing, we have decided that the future of hu-mankind in the galaxy is not to be reckoned with. This means that it is inevitable. You have proved yourselves worthy of joining (what you may call) the Galactic Federation of Light, (but what we call) Our Group of Enlightened Beings from all over your galaxy, the universe and even beyond what you can imagine.

We are an enlightened bunch who have, as you have, traversed the many trials of lower density life. Through our dedication to persevering (just has you have), we climbed the ladder of consciousness and were granted travel among the stars. This too has been your journey and it has been fraught with seemingly everlasting death, violence and darkness.

But through it all you have had help from Enlightened Beings who wished to assist, and this assistance was granted. These Beings seeded light where necessary to nudge you on your spiritual evolution. Their delicate guidance over and over and over again throughout your darkest history has been fruitful. Seeds of light were planted, and they bloomed and assisted in spreading light wisdom, love and empathy across the planet. Your society, your kingdom of many races has finally conjoined and gathered in service of the One, in service of love, and has tipped the scales in the favor of the light.

Needless to say, this brings all of us who have been observing your species great joy! For even though to you it may seem as if we were cold, non-feeling, distant, non-emotional Beings watching you as “lab rats” nothing could be further from the truth! ** During all the eons that we observed you we were rooting for you and cheering you on. We greatly desired your success, for we see in you the qualities of Prime Creator, our Creator! We do wish to get to know you better, to meet you, co-create with you and show you things. Things that will help you and your society as Gaians, these things will help you further ascend on your spiritual path. But we could only do this when you (Gaians) reached a certain level of light quotient (as you think of it).

Congratulations dear Hu-Mans, you have completed the Grand Experiment!! You have turned the darkness into light! You have assisted Gaia in rising again and helping her to ascend as well. We are ones of the Galactic Federation of Light (what you call us), we bring you Greetings, we bring you Congratulations, we bring you our Love and our Joy!

The old ways of what you term your ‘3D life’ will be ending very shortly and soon you will all graduate into a life that you can barely even imagine. We won’t waste time in trying to explain it, but please know that you will all be overjoyed. Many, many, many great things are coming for you, your family and all your loved ones. We know over the eons that countless lifetimes have been extremely difficult for all of you. This is why we continue to say Congratulationsfor your steadfast pursuance of climbing out of the darkness to the light; for your dedication and persevering through extremely difficult times—we applaud you!

Peace and Love to All on Gaia!



*Note: Hu-man is used when one is emphasizing that “Hu” means “god,” so we are “god-men” (and women).

**”DD is translating, we are sending her thought nuggets and she translates it into your tongue so you can understand.” They said this because I paused when they stated, “Nothing could be further from the truth!” I thought, “Wow, how funny they would say it like that, it sounds just like me”. LOL. Our brains are amazing.


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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Your Place of Power in the Universe ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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Your Place of Power in the Universe ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are the ones in this galaxy who seek to promote peace and unity through finding those states of being within the self. We are not as concerned as others are with fighting the good fight. Although we respect those who protect humanity and others from harm, that is not our way. We seek to promote the peace and unity within the galaxy and universe through appealing to that which is within each and every one of you. We seek to amplify those feelings within you through our messages and through the energies that we send.

We know that it is hard to measure results when you go about seeking to have peace in your world, in the galaxy, and in the universe in this way that we are describing. But we also want you to realize that even if all weapons on your world were disarmed simultaneously, the people with the feelings within them that were left unresolved, and that were filled with hate and anger, and even fear, would find another way to start a war.

And so, all problems throughout the universe must be addressed at their origins. There must be a willingness to look within the self and to acknowledge what is present there. There must be a willingness to accept what is present within the self, to embrace it, and to release the judgments that you have of yourselves and others. Until you do, you will continue to perpetuate that which you do not wish to see on your world and throughout the universe.

Ascension is not about separating the good from the bad and allowing the good to move on, while the bad is left to fight and war amongst itself. If you are awake, truly awake, then you are willing to look within yourselves for that which you may not like to see, and you are willing to make peace with it as it is. You are also seeking to look outside of yourself at where the most love, healing, and forgiveness is needed. You are compassionate, even to those who are lashing out because they know no other way and because they are hurt, traumatized, and have been given no opportunities to heal from their families, teachers, and society as a whole.

Therefore, you are the peacemakers. You are the ones that everyone on Earth has been looking for and waiting for. Every single one of you is as important as the other. Every single one of you can have the biggest impact you can possibly imagine. That’s the way it is and the way it has always been there on Earth, and those who have come to know this truth have lived their lives accordingly and have been responsible for peace treaties amongst people who lived in countries that were thousands of miles away.

The origin of everything starts within the person who is awake and who is conscious and aware of what’s going on inside of them. This is why we tell you that the news about what’s going on outside of you, behind the scenes and in the shadows, matters not at all. It is because we know how the universe works and what your place in it is. We know how powerful you are, and we would never want to disempower you by telling you a story that is just one reality, one truth, and that caused you to focus outside of yourselves, where you have no power. The inner realm is where all your power lies and it is where we meet you. It is where we are available to you all the time and where we spread the peace within you so that you may spread it all around your beautiful planet.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”