~Raise your vibrations~

~Raise your vibrations~
Practice Unconditional Self-Love
You are CoCreators with God Master Creator Unlimited.
Detach from everything and everyone you do not wish to be included in your new life as CoCreators.
Detach from all energies that are weighing your soul down.
Plan, design, co-create and manifest the life you wish to experience.
It’s your turn and your time to live your life…
-Queen Romana-

Greetings from the Hollow Earth, located inside the very center of your planet, which is Hollow, with an Inner Central Sun and Oceans and Mountains still in their pristine state.

New message from Mikos,
Channeled October 2021

New message from Mikos,
channeled October 2021

Greetings from the Hollow Earth, located inside the very center of your planet, which is Hollow, with an Inner Central Sun and Oceans and Mountains still in their pristine state.
I come to you today with news of the GREAT AWAKENING that is rapidly spreading across the surface of Earth, as people by the millions are waking up to the realization of what the governments of Earth are trying to do by limiting people’s freedom of choice. This is a great travesty of Universal Law, and will not succeed.

We, in the Hollow Earth, have your surface monitored with our amino-acid based computers, and we see all that is occurring, including those who are responsible for the lockdown of people’s rights of freedom of choice, and freedom to travel without being vaccinated. This will not last much longer as the Light is gaining momentum and more and more help is arriving from other Star Systems to put an end to the plans of the sinister force and finally remove them all from the surface, allowing you to continue your evolution into the Light and achieve your ascension into the 5th dimension where we all await you. Your arrival is long overdue!

I Am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos located inside the very center of the Hollow Earth……

Ashtar greets you from the sky!

We are here in great numbers monitoring your Earth plane. We track all movement into and out of Earth – through all dimensions of time and space. We are vigilant in our jobs and record all vehicles entering and exiting Earth.
This is a complex undertaking, but we are highly trained and skilled in the trade of monitoring planets and bringing them through their ascension. Yours is not the only planet going through these changes in consciousness. For the Universe is vast – with hundreds of millions of galaxies and planets teeming with life. Yours is one minute speck going through mighty changes on its course to the stars.

We are all your brothers and sisters of Light, and we work closely with you at night on the Inner Planes. We all work together as ONE – we from above and you from below – as we cruise through space among the stars. Your Earth’s light now brightens the night sky as life continues to evolve ever higher in consciousness. For once consciousness reaches a certain frequency, all Earth explodes into Light – and will have broken through the frequency barrier – parted the veils – and ascended into the higher dimensions.

Q: What is the frequency barrier? A: It is a wavelength that controls the light coming into the earth plane. It keeps humanity functioning on a low level of frequency so that consciousness is unable to expand or evolve. It prevents higher frequencies of light from penetrating Earth and acts as a barrier around Earth preventing an interchange with other planets. In effect, it cuts Earth off from other planetary civilizations and isolates humanity. This has been effective in leading you to think you’re the only ones in the Universe.

~ October 2021

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Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ We’re Always Here for You

October 22, 2021, trinityesoterics.com


Dear Ones,

We are always available to you, to assist, guide, and encourage you forward. You do not need to have the skill of spirit communication in order to receive our help. All that is required is a heartfelt request and a willingness to receive. Then simply allow yourself to be guided and use your conscious awareness to watch for the signs and synchronicities that point the way.

Is it time for you to take the step of actively working with us and beginning to utilize the help that has always been there waiting for you? It would be both an honour and a privilege for us to begin that partnership with you.

Move out of ego, and into the high heart! All is well, with life taken in small moments—individual steps forward.

A Message to Lightworkers – October 22, 2021
This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time with you today.

Once again our writer speaks with Saint Germain, and he is happy to offer insights into what is occurring now in your Earth lives, as you walk the Ascension path:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain!

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one, and all. How may we assist?

COR: What is important for us to know right now, whether regarding NESARA’s enactment or regarding lifting the vibration of our world to a higher level?

I have been following a wonderful guided meditation for invoking the power of the Violet Transmuting Flame, which I feel is more important than ever now.

As you are the creator and guardian of that Transmuting Fire, what would you like to share with us right now?

SAINT GERMAIN: Only that Transmutation is in the very air you breathe now.

And that humanity’s power to transform your world has never been greater!

And that contrary to what you are being told on most fronts, you are all capable of moving into a new and higher understanding of that capability now.

While your Sun now assists you in that empowerment more fully than ever.

COR: We hear from the Faction Three White Knights about the monoatomic gold dust coming in, and from what I understand, that Light is sentient.

It desires to heal us, to inspire us.

And it feels to me to be laying a path to higher consciousness.

Other than working with it in meditation, I’m not sure how best to connect with that energy.

SAINT GERMAIN: For one, thinking of anything with appreciation will assist your energies in opening to that experience, and playing with that particular expression of Light in the higher realms.

So most certainly, we would say, be Joyful in your thoughts of this Light coming in now.

The gold dust is a form of Light that is helping to transform the particular level of human thought that opens doors not only to new inventions, but to the possibility of forms of living that in the past would have been called too idealistic to experience in Earth life.

COR: So that might be things such as people only doing the work that most interests them, or having more than enough money so that they never stress over it again?

Or forms of healing that are completely natural and holistic, and offered for free, as well as war being considered null and void, and no longer a part of human experience?

SAINT GERMAIN: Those are some forms that you will have heard many say, so as to protect themselves from the disappointment of a dream deferred, “That cannot be. The world does not work that way.”

And now of course, in this new era, humanity is reaching for that, and much more.

COR: What do you make of these companies offering space travel?

SAINT GERMAIN: That is what one might call an “accidental” breakthrough in favor of what the Light Forces have been working toward for a very long time.

Accidental on the part of the old political/economic structure, in that they would not want the majority of the populace to think that space travel is normal and easy to do, even with the current outmoded technology.

Yet it is an intentional breakthrough on the part of those working on behalf of the Light, and that of course includes all Light Bearers, as you call them.

One does not have to design rockets in order to assist in any area of disclosure of higher technologies, and the presence of other races of beings in the Universe.

That much all of you know, as you travel the ethers in your sleep state.

Increasingly, the truth of those travels—the fact of them—is carried with you more consciously throughout the day.

This would be so, even for those who feel there is no “spirit” in human beings, and that there are no other beings exploring the galaxy but those they see around them.

COR: So is the Light coming in so great now, that even the darker agendas are being used for humanity’s higher good, somehow?

SAINT GERMAIN: That potential was always there, and enacted by many.

Yet it is far easier to attain now, yes.

COR: How do we take the current agenda for complete control over human health, daily living, and consciousness, and find good in it?

SAINT GERMAIN: Your first responsibility is to move into a place of calm and Peaceful nonresistance of what you yourselves have volunteered to witness first-hand.

It can never be that you will experience your own or humanity’s higher good from a place of fearful anxiety or hopelessness.

Merely witness, and maintain your own high vibration. For you hold the Light for human experience now.

As you note the tactics being used, and trace them to the desire on behalf of the old power structure to demote humanity into automatons and fear-based slaves, or to eradicate the race almost completely, you see through their increasingly thin to nonexistent veil.

Soon, no one will be able to lie and get away with it—unless perhaps, their intentions are very high, and they wish to spare someone unnecessary pain.

COR: Or spoil a surprise party!

SAINT GERMAIN: Yes! The potential for Joy must be preserved!

COR: What about the news broadcasts that lie almost nonstop?

While presenting “experts” whose comments and recommendations we have been carefully trained to bow to, ignoring our own intuitive understanding of what is really happening.

SAINT GERMAIN: And in the current atmosphere, what we describe now is ever-increasing: the ability to see through the lies of the news broadcasts, which in the main, are channels for propaganda.

You will note alternative news media coming forward now. This is not because “the internet was invented.”

That is so, but what was to prevent the internet from becoming yet another function of the old structure of control?

Those who came forward to play the darker roles have attempted to make it such.

Yet it is the current human insistence on the Truth being told that has ensured many independent channels of more trustworthy information, and more than that, the greater perception humanity is experiencing now.

You will see an increase in human desire to hear and respect their own higher wisdom; each person’s own sense of what is right for them.

Yes, despite so many having fallen for the current lies. Despite so many being led by fear.

Despite appearance, that tendency is becoming a thing of the past.

COR: Strange that I seem to believe what you say, and to have seen evidence of it, despite the numbers who are lining up to do as they are told, without investigating what it is that is being put into them.

And without asking to understand the true motives of those propagating what are being called necessary preventions.

SAINT GERMAIN: This is a kind of culling, in the sense that those who are seeking to maintain Peace of heart-mind, while being fully aware of the darker agendas, are powerfully in training for the creation of New Earth forms and communities.

COR: What of those who have fallen for the lies spread throughout the mainstream narrative now?

SAINT GERMAIN: There are many paths. Respect all. Allow all.

COR: It is difficult, when you see loved ones making choices that do not seem wise, whether it is trusting the wrong people, as if the old system will always protect them, when it has never done that, or harming themselves with drug or drink to try to hide from what these higher energies are revealing to us about ourselves.

SAINT GERMAIN: Yet soon, there is no hiding, for anyone.

Those who choose to know themselves shall be assisted in integrating these finer vibrations.

COR: A revelation and a comfort, yet also a bit daunting.

SAINT GERMAIN: Move out of ego, and into the high heart!

All is well, with life taken in small moments—individual steps forward.

Remember that whatever dire consequence some will say awaits humanity, you are empowered to create!

To naturally flow into those circumstances that you image, expect, and celebrate most often!

COR: That would be a new reality, one that we know we have created, rather than accidentally coming across on the path.

SAINT GERMAIN: Now is the time, dear ones!

Do not delay!

As you put all of your world in the Violet Transmuting Flame, it is not to hide from that which distresses you, but to move all to the higher vibrational level, and the outpicturing that awaits you in the field of potentials.

Do you choose this? Leaving open the forms of all outcomes, yet calling forth the beauty of that which is for the higher good of all?

That New Earth which, at every moment, we see already in the process of Creation, as Gaia Herself reaches for Her newest and finest incarnation!

COR: So we don’t need to image exact outcomes, so much as blaze that Violet Flame in ourselves and the Earth, and come into a place of Peacefulness?

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course. The images of what you are creating will come up unbidden, of their own accord.

And if you have no images, that is fine also.

The realization of your Creating is enough. Allow it to fulfill you.

And put yourselves in charge, dear ones—not some hidden, unseen authority structure which is fading so quickly that it is gasping for its last breath.

It cannot stand this Light. So place all its various machinations in the Violet Flame also, which is in constant communication with the monoatomic gold you spoke of, and the assistance of the Light Forces.

All is well. The center of Creation on your planet is in your own co-Creative heart-mind—not the halls of government or corporation.

You are the captains of this particular ship!

COR: Thank you, Lord Saint Germain, as always! We take this to heart, and act upon it now.

SAINT GERMAIN: Namaste, dear ones! We are privileged to assist.

And be of good cheer!

We have seen your future timeline, and all shall be most well.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Thank you.

Each one of you is a microcosm of the entire universe. You can activate any frequency you like within yourself. Are you willing to receive what you have prayed for? If so feel for it.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you is a microcosm of the entire universe. You can activate any frequency you like within yourself. With love and appreciation, you can activate your connection with the Source, or you can activate your connection with world problems, such as supply-chain issues, by pinching off the love waiting to flow through your own borders. You can activate frequencies of joyous celebration or frequencies of abject hatred. Within each one of you is the potential to tune into anything at all that already does, or can, exist in your reality.

The external world that you experience is just an out-picturing of the frequencies you activate within. The more people that activate a certain energy, the more you will see it mirrored in the world at large.

For example, there are ships carrying thousands of tons of items, delayed at the docks right now. The source is there. The offering is there. However, in many areas, there is a disparity between what is being offered and what is being received.

Likewise, there are countless people on earth praying for love. The Source is there. The offering of love is there. However, in many, there is a disparity between what is being offered and what is being received.

For example, you can pray for the end of this pandemic, yet still focus upon it with fear, thus creating a disparity between the well-being that is offered and what you are willing to receive. Alternately you can focus on well-being, and follow your guidance – each in your own way – thus allowing well-being to flow into your reality. You can choose to live in a way that feels healthy – to you – and focus on enjoying your own physical experience. Whether you are sequestered in your home enjoying your days or running around without a care, your energy will always be far more important than your actions.

When you focus on the good in your life, no matter what your actions, you are open to the flow of love, life, and light that is always being offered.

Likewise, many are praying for change in their lives and yet resisting the very same. If you want change, are you open to new thoughts, new ideas, new guidance? Are you open to having the beautiful essence of what you want come to you in a way that might not look exactly what you thought… but will be better than you dream? Are you open to the in-flow of Source’s wisdom and love, or are you asking for change and resisting the very same because you fear it?

Dear ones, we have no judgment whatsoever. We know that your soul’s only real goal is to live in love and to enjoy love along the way in whatever fashion you choose. Perhaps you want to change your hair. It would feel like love. You go to your hairdresser and show him or her the style you want. He/she tells you that you’d actually look a little better in a different style. How do you feel? Do you trust your feelings? For some of you that would mean saying, “No thank you. I know I want what I want.” You would feel even clearer about your choice. For others, you would say, “I never thought about that. I like that! Let’s try it!”

It is through your willingness to “feel” your way through life that you tune into your guidance. It is through your willingness to feel GOOD that you align with Source. It is through your willingness to reach for the better feeling thoughts and actions that you unblock the flow from the Source, and open up your very own supply chain, to allow everything you want or need to flow easily and kindly to you.

We are not telling you that you should change. We are not telling you that you should run around or stay at home. We are not telling you that you should or should not get a shot. We are not telling you that you need to believe or discredit anything you hear. We are telling you that the Source of all Creation, all Life, and all Love lives and breathes inside of you and is waiting at all times to be felt within you… and dear ones, Source feels Good. God feels Good. Love feels good. Pinching this off feels bad.

Pinching off your own experience of Source’s never-ending supply of love feels like lack – lack of love, lack of health, lack of abundance. Opening to the love of Source, in even the smallest of ways – unleashes a mighty flow of love, health, abundance, and so much more into your life.

Appreciate a shaft of sunlight peeking through your window, and in that instant, you have opened your borders up to the endless supply of love. Acknowledge yourself for an act of kindness, and your supply of love, and life, and well-being is flowing. Do something kind for yourself or another and you are in an abundant flow.

Dear ones, the smallest acts of love seem so insignificant to you in your 3D world and yet in the 5D paradigm, they open up the entire supply chain of love from Source so it can flow into your experience and then through you as you share this abundant flow of love with others. There is nothing ever insignificant about a moment of love, kindness, care, appreciation, or comfort.

These small loving thoughts or actions get the flow going once again in your minds, your hearts, your bodies, and ultimately your world.

Are you willing to receive what you have prayed for? If so feel for it. Align your thoughts with it. Believe in it even before you see it. Stay the course, and then dear ones you have unblocked your access to the endless supply of Love from the Source.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Allow yourselves to experience.

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the capacity to feel joy, love, freedom, and power, and we recognize that more and more humans are discovering their ability to feel the way they want to feel. It is an exciting time for all of you, as you are developing an ability to determine what type of energy you are putting out into the world. We would say that humanity has been largely reactionary in terms of how you would feel what you feel. Something good happens, you feel a good-feeling emotion, and when something bad happens, you would feel a bad-feeling emotion.

The way that humanity has dealt with the issue of what you feel in a positive way over the millions of years that you’ve been on Earth is by putting yourselves in monasteries, caves, convents, anywhere you could find to essentially hide from the world. Humans on a spiritual path have typically attempted to transcend feeling, as if that is the answer. Other humans will deny their emotions, numb themselves to them, or try to think their way out of them. We do not recommend these approaches. These approaches are showing themselves for what they are.

Emotions are not to be escaped from or ignored. They are to be embraced, and you are to activate the good feelings in order to create the reality that matches those feelings. You cannot do that if you’ve closed yourself off to any emotion. Any emotion that you do not allow to flow through you is going to stifle the rest. So if you are one of the ones who is saying that you don’t really feel much of anything anymore, then you have to start by feeling what you’ve been avoiding. Allow yourselves to experience what has been right there beneath the surface of your conscious awareness for quite some time. And in so doing, you will open the floodgates.

You will be able to experience more love, more joy, more peace, and more of everything else that you want to feel. And that is true spiritual mastery. It’s not about hiding away in some spiritual sanctuary that keeps you from experiencing the rest of the world as it is. It’s not about making your lives smaller so that less can go wrong and affect you and elicit an unwanted emotion. This spiritual evolution that you are taking part in consciously is about feeling it all and then choosing from within what you’ve been able to access. That’s how you create your reality, instead of letting your reality dictate how you feel all the time. This is what you came to Earth and the Solar System to master.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”