We will use the mass media to awaken and inspire people into a greater understanding of themselves and of humanity. Also Messages of unity, oneness and equality that we will broadcast to the whole world from enormous screens placed on the sides of our mother- ships.

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A Breakthrough Message From The Galactic Federation

Dear beloved ones,
We are the Galactic Federation of Light and we come with a breakthrough message from the Prime Creator to all of humanity.
The Prime Creator knows that there has been a lot of tension on your planet recently because of the failure of your systems to deal with the great change that has been taking place.
You have been through a lot, but now it is finally time for relief and reassurance. Rise up, shine your light and prepare for a very special message from The Prime Creator – a message of higher wisdom and hope.
The Prime Creator has given us permission to descend throughout your planet in large numbers, thereby triggering a massive positive chain reaction that will fall into place as soon as enough people receive our presence as a sign that what they have been waiting for has started manifesting on Earth.
Many of our ships will come by at low altitudes and make themselves visible to the general public. They may be seen in the sky at night, or during the day if they reveal themselves.
We are sending greetings of peace, hope and love to all of you. We want to prepare you for what is coming. The Galactic Federation has moved heaven and earth to be able to step forward openly with Disclosure, the announcement that we are visiting Earth, and our presence here.
The time for this event has been chosen carefully by our cosmic planners, as it is shortly after the end of this year’s solar maximum cycle and therefore the energetic conditions on earth will be particularly ripe for our arrival and teachings and therefore maximally beneficial and timely for you.
From now on, we can openly interact with the people of this planet. It is true that we have been helping you secretly for a long time but now it is time to let you know that your prayers have been answered — the initial contact has been made.
We are now allowed to communicate with the people of the world, and we will be translated into all languages and broadcast through various media, television and the Internet.
We will use the mass media to awaken and inspire people into a greater understanding of themselves and of humanity. Also Messages of unity, oneness and equality that we will broadcast to the whole world from enormous screens placed on the sides of our mother- ships.
The Galactic Federation will host open meetings on ships, where people can meet us in person.
There are many people in the world that are sick that don’t have anyone to help them. Or they just can’t afford healing treatment. So, we will provide free healing treatment to all of these people around the world that are sick.
We are getting ready. We are making the final arrangements to make the disclosure, and your world will change forever. Soon, you will recall who you really are. “Disclosure” has reached an all-time high, in accordance with the divine plan of the creator.
We are prepared for any obstacle or problem that is presented by what would seem like nefarious beings who want to delay the truth.
The most important thing we decided is to extend the end of this cycle and give way for the preparation for the people of this world and to allow the secret controllers of this world a chance to give up and surrender.This includes the dark forces, who know about this and do not yet know how to proceed. The process will turn out smoother than we had thought. This will avoid chaos.
Now is the time when you will find out who is lying to you, who has used you in some way, who has not cared about your welfare or that of humanity.
We are all very excited about this wonderful, life changing opportunity for each and every one of you. The moment is now, the time to act is upon us, the time to discover your true Galactic origins.
This is something that has never happened before in history and it will be happening now! The Earth’s population will see firsthand the origins of who they are in regards to their Galactic roots.
The plans to create a New Earth based on Universal Law, for the sake of all Life in Our Universe, have been put into motion. It is also a message of great, unexpected joy!
We love you dearly.We are here with you.We are your family of light.
A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation
Channel and Art by Aurora Ray
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

Focus, focus, focus, and then pay attention to how your focus feels.

Unleash Your Power, Confidence & Ability to Create ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are exuding much confidence when we speak through the channel here. We speak with confidence and with certainty because we have an ability to focus, and that ability to focus does in fact give us confidence in what we are focusing upon. We know, for example, that if we focus on humanity’s ascension and the good that exists within each and every one of you, that will be what we experience. On the other hand, if we were to focus on your shortcomings, and the possibility that you would destroy your world before ascending with it, we would not feel, nor would be exude, as much confidence in humanity.

We know that our ability to focus serves all of you as well. We know that as we focus on your power, we activate it. We know that as we hold space for you to heal, you find your own ability to let in healing energies. We know that as we focus on being of service to you, we are, and we want you to focus in the same way that we are focusing, because we know that your ability to focus unleashes more than just your confidence. It unleashes your power; it unleashes your ability to create. Focus, focus, focus, and then pay attention to how your focus feels.

There are plenty of people who are out there in your world and who are putting out messages to those like you about the negativity of the human collective, or they are telling you that there are a few very, very bad people and that you should focus on them and what they are doing. And if more of you paid attention to how you feel when you focus upon those teachers, those channelers, and their messages, you would turn them off, exit that page on your browser, and you would never return to experience such awful feelings in your body. We would love to convince you that your feelings matter and whether something resonates with you or not intellectually is not as important as how you feel when you focus upon it, because at the end of the day, all truths are true and all realities are real.

Please be aware of the power of your focus and use it as a tool. Use it as a way of choosing the reality you want to experience, because that’s what you are doing all the time, and if you focus on the good in you and the good in others, you will start to see more evidence of that good playing out in your world. If you focus on the fact that you are all Source Energy Beings, you will start to notice that others are showing you that they are Source Energy Beings in the flesh, and you will feel more of your Divinity flowing to you and through you all the time, and that is the best possible use of your focus.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”