Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/16/2021 • Are You a Reactor or Creator? : As you focus on appreciating all you have and appreciating the thought of all you dream of having, you start to feel good.

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is time upon your earth to ask yourself, “Am I a reactor, or a creator?” Are my feelings based on reactions to what I see around me in my external world, or are my feelings based on the kinder, happier thoughts I choose to embrace in my inner world?

Do I live in the 3D paradigm and feel my fate is determined by external conditions and how I manage to control the external world? Or am I willing to embrace a 5D reality wherein I value my focus in my inner world, knowing that as I emanate a vibration I draw unto myself the very same?

If you are a reactor dear ones, you hear the news and you feel controlled by it. You see something you don’t like and you feel helpless to feel anything but sad or angry. You see someone doing something you don’t like and you react in fear, sadness, or anger. You can at times be elated when you see what you like, but you will be equally disappointed or upset when you don’t.

As a reactor, you will feel victimized, or enslaved to conditions around you. You will believe that others or situations “make” you feel a certain way, whether good or bad. This is indeed the paradigm in which the majority of you were raised, and the paradigm that the majority of people on earth embrace at this given moment. It is, however, a paradigm that disempowers you. It makes you feel limited to endure what you experience in this time, this space, under these conditions, with the human beings around you, dealing with virus and those variants, this supply chain, that politician, this relative, that boss, and we could go on and on forever. As a reactor, you give your power away to the world around you.

As a creator, you know that the vibration you emanate is what attracts or allows like vibrational things, people, and situations to you. When you vibrate with love, you see love, allow love, and attract love. And if by chance you bump into the souls whose personas and behaviors you don’t like, you know you can choose to feel good by turning your thoughts to loving the light within them, or that failing, by turning your thoughts to anything else, real or imagined that you do love. You do this dear ones because you want to be in charge of how you feel. You want to decide how you vibrate. You want to attract or allow only the vibrations that you choose to attract or allow into your life.

We hear your very understandable objections. “I am loving but not everyone loves me back. I focus on winning the lottery but I can’t pay my bills.! I focus on kindness and tolerance but there are so many souls I can’t stand in this world.” Dear ones, we hear you. Nonetheless, in these very statements, you vibrating with the things you do not want to attract. You are upset. You are angry. You are frustrated and blaming the external world for your feelings. You have been taught, conditioned, and validated in this belief system, and yet we are working as diligently as we can to help you learn a new way of being – a way that is kinder, more empowered, and more beautiful. We are helping to usher you into a new paradigm wherein you take your place as nothing less than magnificent beings – creators, not reactors.

As you focus on the kind people in the world, you will notice more and more kind people. You will feel better and better. As you imagine and feel, kind and loving interactions in all areas of life, more of those will be drawn into your reality. At first, you will only feel better due to your own thoughts, but those better feelings are an indicator that you are vibrating at a higher level. Soon, in this vibration, your outer world will start to mold itself around the inner.

As you focus on appreciating all you have and appreciating the thought of all you dream of having, you start to feel good. You start to feel abundant. These feelings are your first indication that you are vibrating at a higher level. Soon, in this abundant vibration, your outer world will start to mold itself around the inner.

What you love and appreciate will always multiply, even if you love your complaints! Far better to love and appreciate all that you enjoy, or even all that you enjoy thinking about!

If you want a loving partner, treat yourself as if you had a loving partner. Treat yourself like the love of your life. Look forward to what you will share, how you will uplift them, how you will luxuriate in their love. Enjoy the thought of your future love until it becomes so real and so beautiful that you find yourself emanating love, vibrating love, and in love before you even meet. Then dear ones in that high vibration you will feel delicious, and you will know beyond a doubt that you are attracting a beautiful relationship.

Don’t look around a be a reactor. “He/she isn’t here! I did that but they’re not here!” Stay in the space of being a creator, “I feel love so strongly they can’t help but find me! It will be icing on the cake when it comes because I’m in love now! Life is beautiful! You’ll see couples in love and instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you will be a vibrational match to love and you’ll think to yourself with great delight, “I am going to have that because I’ve decided to create it!” This is a huge contrast dear ones from being a reactor, who wants someone to react to so you feel better, and who reacts to the fact that no one has shown up. You can feel the difference as you read our words. Choose the ones that empower you.

Your world is in a state of extreme contrast. This birthing is a long one dear friends. Humanity with its tendency to react has prolonged many situations in your world that need not have been so prolonged. Yet you are still heading for greater love, greater tolerance, greater freedom. Sometimes change takes longer due to the fact that so many react!

There are many things you disagree with. There are many people with whom you will disagree. That is OK. But ask yourself often, “Am I a reactor or a creator?” If you catch yourself reacting in a way that makes you feel good, that’s fine! But when you catch yourself reacting in a way that does not inspire make feel good, remind yourself, “I am a Divine Creator! I get to choose how I feel! I get to choose where I focus! I get to choose to imagine a better world and feel good about it, or at least a better world for myself. No matter what the world is doing, I get to be happy. No matter what problems I see, I get to focus on solutions! Whether or not I get my way in a given moment, I can find a way to be happy even if I am only imagining better! No matter what anyone else is doing or saying, even about me, I get to decide how I feel and what I think about me!”

Dear ones, it is nothing less than the spark of Divinity within you reminding you of these very truths. You don’t have to insist the world agree with you. You don’t have to defend or justify your views. It is nothing less than the spark of the Divine within you inspiring you to think the thoughts that feel better, to choose the feelings that feel better, and to always move ever closer to the love, joy, abundance, freedom, and empowerment that you seek.

While it is a fact, you were conditioned to react,

We would lovingly debate, it is kinder to create!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Image yourself as a wave in the ocean or a waterfall. You are the water, the energetic flow itself, pouring forward so perfectly. -SPIRIT OF MONEY through Caroline Ocean Ryan-

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A Message to Lightworkers – October 15, 2021

This week’s guidance is again channeled from the Spirit of Money, part of the overall Spirit of Abundance:

COR: Greetings, my friend. I have more questions for you this week.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Greetings! As ever, I am happy to assist.

I encourage all to speak to me individually whenever needed.

COR: Thank you! My question today has to do with balance.

I have found that as you said last week, many Light Bringers are highly empathic, and that in our generosity and kindness, we tend to give our energy away very easily.

That is probably accidental for the most part. We care about someone, or see someone who is suffering—they could be a stranger beside us on the bus, or a loved one, or someone on the television screen, thousands of miles away. But we see them having a rough time, and unconsciously, in a desire to heal or assist them, we send our energy out to them.

Which sounds wonderful, but I’m wondering, on behalf of all kind, empathic people who desire to heal others—how do we assist others in a way that we are not giving our life energy away.

Because those moments weaken us, not just emotionally and physically, but also financially.

This is part of what you were speaking of last week—that our “energies too often empty themselves out,” including your energy, which relates to ours so easily.

You said that “the life energy reserves of the over-giver flow out without boundaries, without a stopping point. “So that you are in essence, saying to the Universe, ‘I don’t really exist. No need to send me anything. I’ll just give it away as soon as I get it. Flow it to those who need it!’ ”

SPIRIT OF MONEY: We are very happy that you have raised this point.

This is painful to us—how people who are so generous, and through whom so much Abundance of all good things could flow, will live in a state of deficit within their own energies.

And yes, that is often a statement to the Universe that they are better off having nothing themselves, since they feel it is best that others have it. This can become pure self-negation. An ongoing vibration of “I don’t count for much.”

Alas, this leads to many millions have little or nothing at all! Far from helping humanity, it stalls your forward movement.

COR: Yet for most empaths, this is a reflexive, instinctive response to seeing others suffering.

We aren’t thinking at the time, “Oh, I’m giving my energy away! I need to stop that, before it leads to health issues or money shortages. I’d better keep my energy in my body.” Many would say, “That’s just what happens when you care about people. It’s selfish not to.” That kind of habit can also draw people to us who act needy, but who are actually able to do for themselves. They sense intuitively how unconscious and maybe compulsive we are in our giving.

Then whether they mean to or not, they make use of that for their own interests.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes, and this is a very big issue, dear ones!

We will say also, that those ones who have attempted to pour our essence into a very dark channel for thousands of years, have also created energy traps in your overall system.

So that having more money than is needed for immediate survival is often taken to equal selfishness. And a vibrational broadcast goes out over the planet more or less constantly, using your financial institutions as power points on that grid.

That transmission speaks to human consciousness, saying that they must either pledge themselves to the dark order and, as some would say, “sell their soul” to it in order to own a great deal, or “stay spiritual” and do without.

A ridiculous and unnecessary choice, when your Earth is so Abundant by nature!

Most assuredly, there are some who avoid that energy transmission, and who live in the middle.

They have money, yet are joyfully generous and kind, without over-giving and without having a compulsive need to rescue others. We will say however, that these persons are in the minority. And that often, this kind of life is what that person deliberately wrote into their life chart before incarnating. They shall have challenges in life, most assuredly. But not the same financial challenges as those who worship us, or those who fear, deny, or vilify us.

Or those who feel unworthy of us.

Let us speak on the issue of rescuing others, for that impulse tends to come from those who themselves have a fear-based aspect of their consciousness they have not yet gotten under control. You are yourself fond of saying that it is vital to respect another’s path, and that includes allowing them their inner and outer struggles. Empowering another to more easily tap into their own strength is one thing, rescue quite another! And our energies, and that of other forms of Abundance, do not flow happily to the one who attempts to rescue others, as that too is a poverty consciousness.

It follows the idea that there is a shortage of solutions, inner wisdom, and open potentials in the quantum field, that those who are struggling can tap into.

Naturally, there are those who are utterly helpless, such as those who are in an emergency situation, or impoverished and abandoned children, for example.

And some have chosen the life of rescuer to these, such as emergency workers, or a Mother Theresa sort of figure.

Yet for most people, this is not their chosen role. And so let us look at this way: You have heard that your ET friends and family members are aware that it is not permitted that they should suddenly land on Earth in order to protect and rescue the masses. They respect your free will! And they see you working with the higher Light now flowing onto the planet, to create your own solutions and renewal.

And so—how are you, as beings who are also in this Universe, exempt from that same Universal law that your galactic families must follow?

Respect it! And learn to give without feeling you owe your life energies to others! For you do not.

COR: So we should just send Light to those who see struggling?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Send Light, and the thought/intention of “I see you coming through this with Grace and inner empowerment. Your higher self, your soul and guides, are leading you perfectly now! I give thanks for them, and for you.”

Know that as you say that to them, within your own heart-space, you say it to yourself as well.

COR: As we speak on energy losses, I want to ask you about debt, which I feel is a deficit of life energies. Yet there are people in debt financially who are not over-givers. They may be of either a high or a low income. Where is the dividing line, where debt is concerned?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: First, debt does not actually exist. It is a falsely created concept.

It was created in your world to hold the average person—those who are not self-proclaimed royalty or otherwise part of an elite—in a place of ongoing disempowerment, both outwardly and energetically.

There is no such thing as “negative money.” It does not exist except in people’s minds, and within the “narrative,” the cultural fiction of this strange, crude, and unnatural system that humanity was shoved into centuries ago.

Yet of course, it is troubling to billions of people, for the simple reason that to be in debt weighs one’s energies down on several levels, while the fear of a “low credit rating” can impede one’s inner wealth and outer progress in the world.

And so, yes, it is an issue. Yet we would ask that you stop bowing to debt, all of you, as if it were your master.

That was the original plan, and it needs to end now. Make your payments as you must, but make enjoying your currency and saving it for yourself also, even in small amounts each week, far more of your focus than the “repayments” which have taken over modern life.

And so, the dividing line is, Where are you putting your attention? Your emotional energy? Your mental energy via thoughts and mental habits? When you think of your financial situation, do you image a cup everlastingly emptying out before it can ever even be filled? Or a cup that is joyfully overflowing? These symbolic images well outweigh the mental training of the mind, even one that has survived centuries of oppression. We encourage all to take their eye off of what they “owe” these (also false) institutions that “loan” currency to you, and to concentrate on the beauty, the power of the energy of flow, wherever you find it.

It is everywhere in Nature, and it amazes us that so many miss this.

It is the blood that flows in your veins! The wind that flows through the trees! And the water that flows through your rivers and streams and oceans.

How is the Earth to function, without the energy of flow?

This is where your wealth (well-being) lies also. Yet you must embody that energy. Focus on it with your heart-space and allow its energies to fill you.

It will often mean relaxing when you fear that money is not flowing in your life. Tensing up by giving way to fear will choke and close off your energy channels. So find a way to relax and be calm, and stay there as long as possible, dear ones! Every day, you are looking now to encourage more flow of all good things, including currency, into your life. Yet the energy of that joyful flow is generally not present, except for those who revel in my energies and in all Abundance, and who desire more, while giving Thanks, feeling its presence is already with them. These persons focus on not on what makes them unhappy, but what they desire, knowing that energetically, it is already with them.

Have you noticed that what you focus on is what comes to you? Yes, you may wish to call this a “law of attraction” situation, yet it is much bigger than that.

Either you are aligned with your higher aspect, which is Abundant in all good things, or you are not. And so we ask you to not focus on what you falsely owe in this corrupt “system” you were still in at the moment, but on the energies of Flow itself.

Image yourself as a wave in the ocean or a waterfall. You are the water, the energetic flow itself, pouring forward so perfectly. Rushing forward joyfully, never running out.

Nature regulates Herself perfectly, so as to never over-give and never be without. It is false, manipulated environmental systems that have brought drought or flood to various regions, for the most part.

Though those excesses can occur naturally, they generally happen to balance out an imbalance somewhere in the ecosystem.

Were Mother Earth still respected, without the clearing of trees and plowing through of mountains and blocking of rainclouds, much would be well that is currently troubled.

You are not separate from what are known as the laws of Nature. You are also subject to these, so pay attention to them! As with the Earth, you too are seeking to rebalance now. This can feel drastic and uncertain some days. Yet the outcome will be glorious.

COR: Can we overcome the low vibrational transmissions you spoke of that are meant to keep us down, whether financially or otherwise? Can we retrain our energies to flow as Nature does?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Most assuredly! Your great spiritual teachers and masters have done just that.

Yeshua fed the 5,000 from only a few loaves and fishes, did he not? How do you suppose he did that, except that he ordered the Universal Law of Increase to go into that food (focusing on that particular flow of energies as he gave Thanks—a crucial component!), so as to magnify its energetic presence.

Magnification of any good thing is always possible. Yet the flow of Increase must be called forth.

You are not taught these laws of energy, though they were taught long ago.

Time to bring up these teachings again, spread them around, celebrate them!

COR: I would say so, my friend! Absolutely.

How do we help people get past the “money isn’t spiritual” idea? Because those same people often live in near-constant deprivation, and no one deserves that.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: We quite agree! And this is a very great subject, and one we could speak for hours on.

Yet we will offer just this one idea for now: Everything is energy, and ALL of it can be used for good! How could it be otherwise? Is this Universe based on Light, or on shadow?

COR: I would say Light. The shadows can’t exist without the Light.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes, exactly. Many forget that. They think the two are equal, and that the dark could overcome the Light if it tried hard enough. It could not.

COR: Even on this troubled planet?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: On a single planet it could, yet your Universe is being bathed in such powerful Light now, and that includes the Earth! And so, no—on this timeline, the Light is winning.

COR: Some look to this new era, the Sat Yuga, to sort of save us.

They are asking, “Where exactly is this new era of Peace and Prosperity? Why am I still doing without?”

SPIRIT OF MONEY: And we would say to them, it is already here, within you, as with all else in your experience.

You evolved to where you became a self-perpetuating, co-creating Being in the higher realms. So how is it that that would be lost while living on any planet, even in a physical body? You looked forward to the intriguing challenge of remembering how to create while in physical form!

COR: The adventure has been a bit much for some of us!

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes, of course. So many chose an overly ambitious life journey. Yet that is typical of humanity. You tend to envision something great, feeling that you will deal with the obstacles as they come up.

COR: Yet the obstacles are all around us! They’ve been here for thousands of years! What were we thinking?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: That question more relates to past Earth lives than this one.

These new empowering energies, this beautiful and unprecedented Light transmission flowing into you now, is lifting so many to remember their true origins and true capacity to create, whether it is in a form of financial currency or some other beautiful thing.

In past centuries, this would have been far harder. Yet the old energy traps are failing now, and these dark transmissions we spoke of—they are greatly lessening in effect, in the current atmosphere.

The machinery behind them is being dismantled from within.

COR: And yet, so many still struggle, despite the work of the Light Forces, and our own inner vision.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Less time spent counting outer results, and more time dedicated to focusing on the joyful things you have already created, is what is called for there!

Point of focus: Always and forever, on the beauty and fulfillment you see around you, or hold within you, and carry with you vibrationally. And wish to create more of.

And at that point, dear ones—you are joyful and fulfilled, whether your desire has shown up yet, or not!

COR: Yes, indeed! Thank you, my friend. We appreciate your beautiful wisdom.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Honored to assist, as always! We shall speak again, dear ones. Namaste!

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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