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The true meaning of love is: freedom in security. -Jeshua through Pamela Kribbe-

Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua


Dear ones, I am Jeshua. I am here in your midst and I connect with your hearts.

You are dear to me; feel my love and warmth. You are all in need of warmth; you have missed warmth and love in your lives. You have come to Earth with a memory, an inner knowing, of what love is. You knew the unlimited, absolute love, not the dependent, possessive love which is so prevalent on Earth. You knew a free, open love which gives the other person the space to be who they are and also gives you the space to be who you are. In that free space, you can feel safe and secure, anchored in your own being.

You have come here to bring that kind of love onto Earth. You are lightworkers, carriers of a new consciousness. But in order to spread that light and love here, it is necessary that you first recall it fully. The true meaning of love is: freedom in security. And that happens when you are allowed to develop yourself to the fullest – radiant and powerful – but at the same time, very gently and with tenderness. That is your true nature; that is who you are. You are an angel who has come here to plant the seeds of light – remember that.

But doing that here is an extremely difficult task, because when you were born as a baby, you entered into oblivion and you lost the memory of your origins. You absorbed all the heavy human energies – the fears, the sadness, the pain – which dominate the human atmosphere on Earth and you took them on. Often, in the first half of your life, you become lost in these energies, because you identify with them. You are unable to distinguish between that which you absorbed and that who you truly are, so you lose your mastery of life.

But at the very deepest level you know that you made this sacrifice in order to eventually transform, from within, the heavy human energies on the Earth; to ignite the light from within. That is the purpose of your jump into incarnation on Earth. And you have come so far already that you have begun to wake up inwardly. You are gradually remembering who you are: the lightness and freedom of that; the flexibility of your true nature.

Right now, at this time, allow those feelings to awaken, quite deliberately, in all the cells of your body. Your body is a conscious being, not just a hunk of matter. It lives from what is inside you and your consciousness is its highest authority. What ultimately determines the condition of your body are not material influences. In the end, it is you who determine that condition through your own choices by way of your consciousness.

You are now aware of your light, your origins, your angel being. Let go of the bondage of the human atmosphere of the Earth so that, as much as possible, the human energies of despair, pain, and suffering do not affect you. You are filled with light, it flows in and around you, it is you! The light does not come from above, or from without, it comes from within. You draw down your soul and welcome it on Earth.

Now imagine the color of your soul and allow it to flow through your aura from your head to your feet. Make your soul welcome and know that you are independent of the heavy and disturbing influences in the human atmosphere. Find that original core by going to your heart. Sense how there is a crystalline source of light there. And in that crystal, in that source, is a knowing, an inner feeling, which offers you everything you need. Feel the clarity, simplicity, and love in the energy of that crystal and know that you are free.

Now look at a situation in your daily life which causes you to feel heavy or agitated. Imagine that the light in your heart flows toward this heaviness and surrounds the situation with your inner light, the light of your soul. Then see your response to the situation: either you leave it be or you try to transform it; either you move toward it or away from it. Feel free and untethered to do whichever you feel is right. You are not dependent on anything or anyone else for your choices. Your divine core is eternal and wise, and enormously strong. Let your light shine freely – do not be afraid.

This light is what is needed on Earth. There is a lot of pain and suffering on Earth and you have been a part of it. You know what it is to suffer pain, to be blinded by illusions of fear and helplessness. This experience has given you a deep humanness and is part of your path of becoming fully conscious. Accept this experience, but step out of it and become free of it. Remind yourself of who you are – you are a teacher! You will plant the seeds of consciousness, and you are free to experience joy and to let go of suffering while doing it.

Thank you so much for your attention; I love you all.


Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: The “Injection” and Ascension

October 13, 2021, jennifercrokaert.com


A: Greetings and blessings to you all.

J: Someone emailed to ask if you would comment on ascension, and those who had the “injections.”

A: We would be delighted to comment. The first thing that we would wish to say is that there are many competing narratives around the injections. The different narratives reflect the different aspects of time/space reality that commentators are accessing:

  • Some access the scenario which seems successful, but ultimately betrays, injures and kills;
  • Others access a scenario where the injection has no affect on those who take it;
  • Yet others see a partial negative impact from accepting the injections.

All are true, because time is not linear.  All realities described here are playing out simultaneously. However, the time line of the greatest majority is the one on which we are currently focused ~ your now moment.

For clarity, we would suggest that we need to go back two paces from the question. This is not so much about the injection, but about the sovereignty engaged in making the decision to take or reject the injection. When a decision is made that is free from fear, and aligned with the inner knowingness and inner resonance, the result is different from a decision taken through fear or coercion.

The degree of sovereignty employed in decisions is the barometer for ascension, not the injection itself (or anything else you would give power over you).

Sovereignty can be engaged prior to the injection or after the injection. The injection is the catalyst, not the cause. So if one awakens after the injection and comes into full sovereign alignment, they place themselves on the ascension timeline. Those who, at a soul level, decide to remain in victim mode, or in slave mode or in passivity, align themselves with a different experience of ascension.

J: So what does that mean? Sorry to ask such a crude question, but will some ascend and others not?

A: Yes and no.

J: Brilliant! That cleared up a lot!

A: Let us consider ascension this way: Ascension is an energy vibration, a frequency of the divine. The closer you are to that frequency, the more clearly you can receive that energy. If you are not closely aligned with a frequency ~ like a radio for example ~ you will hear some of the music, but it will not be so fulfilling an experience.  It will be partial.

Translating that, (before you ask, Jennifer!) we mean that they will benefit from as much of the ascension energy as they can hold.  What they cannot hold will be held “on account” for them, until such time as they are able to resonate with it more fully.

The Divine is not an autocrat or harsh.  The Divine energy is infinitely loving towards all beings.  This wisdom shares only what is aligned with each being’s highest self. You would not give a priceless sports car to an 8-year-old who can drive a go-kart! You would wait until they were able to appreciate the car and use it appropriately. So it is with ascension energy: it is held in trust for all, and as your resonance comes into alignment with it, you access more of that energy.

But there is another aspect to this question that we would like to address: beneath this question we sense fear, concern, apprehension.

These are emotions that are not aligned with the energy of ascension, and while we understand them, we would like to suggest this: every soul has made their choice aligned with their higher self. It is only then, in response to the soul’s decision, that the Divine pours forth the ascension energy, which is like an explosion of love from the heart of the Divine.

No one is forgotten, ignored or left behind.

Everyone is gifted an abundant experience that is tailored to their higher self’s decision. No one is left behind. So do not fear, dearest hearts. Can you trust that there is an infinitely compassionate wisdom beneath this entire experience?  Come into your sovereignty, your light and your love. In that way, you assist everyone in refining their frequency so that they may accept even more ascension love.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert www.jennifercrokaert.com

Humans and Computers | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

person walking between green forest trees
Photo by Luis del Río on Pexels.com

October 13, 2021

To those who donated to our Agape fundraiser on gofundme, we raised a total of $1,579.00. Ivo and I are very happy to have been able to donate to the foodbank, and we urge all of you to continue to donate as your heart feels drawn to do so.

This weekend, I found some Thanksgiving specials here in Canada – turkey stuffing was 75 cents a box so I bought a bunch and dropped it off in the donation drum. That’s all it takes, folks, just a few dollars when you go shopping.

Speaking of shopping, I’m starting to see some shortages. This was dry cat food I was looking for so I suggest you stock up if you haven’t already and make sure to remember your pet food as well.

Humans and Computers

Response to Corey Goode’s post about brain chipping: “As an ascended human, I am capable of doing many things without the use of my hands – by only using my mind! All people will be able to do this when they reach a high enough frequency. Humans can interface with the crystals in their computers and shut them off, for example, without touching them. I see electricity coming out of my palms and the energy of the breath leaving my nose. Indulging in this kind of technology will only prohibit us from discovering our true reality and the divine abilities of a human. Thus far, technology and industry have been used to keep these gifts from us. That has to stop.”

I love being from Vega, a Vegan consciousness. I love that Ivo has taught me all these things and more!

Ivo has told us this in one of our books, which one I can’t remember off the top of my head. And I’ll let him deliver this message again as a reminder to everyone and also for people who haven’t read the books.

Ivo: Thank you, my love. The way computers are used out in the galaxy is to ASSIST our excellent minds, not to replace them.

When you think to microchip your body or your brain into a higher functioning state, you are negating your own natural powers because most likely your brain will continue to vibrate at the level of the chip. With technology on your world advancing as quickly as it is, your chip would become outdated in a hurry. This would require some type of new programming to be installed via the internet and your brain would be limited to enacting in any way that the computer chip would have you enact. It would certainly impede your normal functioning because it is not meant to be there and its frequency is too low.

You would be stopped from ascending at all, because a bio-bot cannot ascend, and that is what you would then become – a bio robotic. Our technology is indeed sentient, but it has not undergone an ascension process – it was created using the unified field. Yes, we can utilize the unified field to create sentient technology and even new life if we wish to. However, we do not.

This is another good point: those of us out in the galaxy are capable of resisting impulses to explore if in fact we deem it to be detrimental to human life. On planet earth, this is not the case. Currently exploration of technologies is underway that will adversely affect life on your planet. This is a question of vibrational frequency.

If Corey Goode does not believe that a human mind can interface with technology and run it, then he does not even have as high a frequency as Sharon, because Sharon has done it and can do it at will. Yes. But yes, Sharon is a Vegan master goddess of the divine feminine Light.

Me: Suffering from amnesia, just to qualify that.

Ivo: Yes, this is true. The main point that Sharon wishes me to make in this video is that technology and industry have been used to prevent the discovery of the innate human capabilities. Your automobiles have been utilized and developed to prevent you from discovering that you can bi-locate and simply float around. Your telephones have been developed to stop your discovery of the fact that you are telepathic and can speak to anyone on the planet that you wish to at any time. Your televisions work the same way – as does your internet – it is a communications system that has been given to you to thwart your realizing that you are telepathic as all humans are. That is another reason that they have attempted to keep you from realizing that you are not alone in the universe, because how else can we speak with you unless we use telepathic mind connection?

When you continue to believe in these implements, you are simply focusing on the use of your intellectual mind and continuing to neglect your intuition.

You are capable of bi-location, you are telepathic, you are also capable of moving through what you call solid objects because these objects are not solid – they are made of the same stuff of life that you are – energy, and so you can walk through them when you train your mind that you can.

Energy is malleable and all is energy. It is a question of training, but all humans have the innate ability to do all things on earth that are done in the universe. What did Jesus do? He walked on water. He split the water apart – yes, it cooperated with his request, and he walked across the sea. He levitated. Something you are also capable of .

He healed the lepers. You are capable of self healing and of healing others through frequency. Sharon has done this as well.

When he was murdered, he created a new physical body in which to live.

Me: Yes, the problem I got when I went to see a chiropractor and ended up very dizzy. I stopped it through just lying down and focusing energy on my inner ear.

I just checked on the post. One of my comments was “Chip! My ass!” and Corey responded with, “Careful. They might take you up on that.” Yes, it was funny, but I responded with my declaration of sovereignty – nobody has a right to my body but me! Nobody! I take full responsibility for it and the state it’s in and in its healing. But nobody will touch me, and nobody can cuff me either if they decide that they want to. I already have an agreement with Merton in my ship flying above me that if they come for me, he’ll beam me up to his ship and take me away. I live by universal law – God’s laws, and not these human made criminal rules.

Ivo: Yes. The key to achieving these abilities lies in a few things. First of all, your intention. If your intention is to glamorize the self, to prove one’s self powerful to even one’s self, it will not work. The key to developing these abilities is to be of service to others. When you are of that mindset, your natural energies flow better. When you are of the mindset of service to self and perhaps self flagellation, then it will not work because God does not work for Him self, He works for All. He is not a selfish God, nor should you be.

The other is focus of the mind. The Rosicrucian book you read (“Wisdom of the Mystic Masters” by Joseph Weed) had exercises to increase your mind control. I should think, though, with fighting mind control daily, that should suffice. Having the intention to give your mind and your body to God every day is the right intention to start your day with. Spending it in fear and in service to the self is the wrong intention.

The other way to help yourself focus better, and you are realizing this, my love, because this too is part of your enlightenment on earth: What you eat is very important. Eating foods that do not cause inflammation is important for your brain to operate properly. Detoxing and ridding yourself of stored chemicals is important. Also, for you, keeping your blood sugar from spiking is important because you do not want to become diabetic. The diet is enjoyable and the cravings are decreasing. And you are forgetting less and words come more easily to you. Yes, we realize that the ascension is a difficult process for your body to endure but feeding it good food is a beneficial activity at this time. Eating natural foods with no sugar and additives is a worthwhile investment for your health.

Jesus never worried about having enough to eat. That is because he ate little but could create what he desired. Imagine you should be able to do that. Your turkey dinner would be created by you and you could serve a company of a dozen tonight.

Me: Yes, Happy Thanksgiving Canadians (It’s October 10th when we’re channeling this).

Ivo: But you must see, though, that having a turkey all for one’s self will net you nothing. It is that you have the intention of sharing it with others that you would be able to manifest it. Jesus is a universal master and came to share his knowledge with those upon earth and these people are still upon earth now, however in different form. So the knowledge might be distorted but it is not lost.

Me: I want to add that another master is St Germain. If you read about the things he can do as a master alchemist. He creates right out of thin air. How cool would that be?!

Ivo: And I have said to you my love, and you have been shown, that you DO create out of thin air. The games you play with your prosperity symbols, the green automobiles, and the empty parking spots in the parking lot IS you creating out of thin air. Energy is being commanded by your mind to create what you want. St Germain can do this instantaneously. For you it takes a little longer, a few hours or even a day. St Germain also creates what you call solid objects rather than creating scenarios as you are doing, but it is in principle the same thing: Alchemy.

Me: What if I wanted to create a gem like he does?

Ivo: You could do it if you practised and focused on it.

Me: Cool.

Me: Yeah, back in my hater days I used to say Jesus walked on water because he didn’t know how to swim. It’s funny looking back but yes, I can see I had to make peace with religion and Jesus because I wasn’t going to escape him, not in this western world anyway. And not with my earth brother being a Baptist minister either.

Ivo: Yes. You have made peace with him and he comes to you on occasion.

So, we have made our point again and wish people to remember what we have said before they receive any kind of bodily microchip. For those of you who already have multi-dimensional capabilities we realize we’re preaching to the choir however, it is always good to have this fresh in your minds.

With this I will leave you for today. Thank you my love, for your indulgence.

Me: You’re welcome Ivo.


YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

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You are crying with release. You must release the pain, to allow for healing.

Grandmother Anna & Andrew 10/12/2021

(I am seeing a black rose in the center of our galaxy. It is surrounded by swirling light of all colors. I am seeing it fade from black into the palest of pink deepening into the most beautiful red and lightens into radiant gold. The golden rose grows in size and I see that even the stem is now golden. The thorns are also golden and I am feeling the light within me. I am understanding that the rose was selected because of the thorns. I am hearing “It is completed, it is now a matter of their time for the manifestation.“ I am experiencing waves and waves of grief being transmuted into joy. For only in a realm of duality would the roses have thorns. There have been so many thorns in our lives, but also such tremendous beauty, such grace, such aroma of hope. I am seeing this golden rose is in the center of our Milky Way and the golden tendrils of light are flowing out from it touching all of the planetary sphere, the stars. All are connected into a massive web of higher dimensional light.)

We are the Magdalene. I Grandmother Anna am speaking. This one is my child, as are all of you. I think of you fondly with great love as all of my children, for I had such a great family, so many many members! Our DNA encodements of the Magdalene I activate within you now. My family of the Magdalene, of the Order of the Way, of the Christed ones, are fully active now. I plant my beautiful red rose within your hearts and I allow you the joy of their transformation into gold. You are heavens treasure, light workers of Gaia, for you have chosen a difficult path, one with many cobblestones and bruised feet, bruised dreams and hopes. I know. I see you. (She is wiping tears away from my cheeks). It is good. Water activates. You are crying with release. You must release the pain, to allow for healing. What happens to rivers when they are dammed up? The surrounding land suffers, changes. And it dries up beyond the dam. Do not dry up. Life is to be lived, and to be lived fully, infused with joy, with the Christed light which is now happily humming along. Oh it has been, child, for sometime now. (Her eyes are twinkling, ancient and wise). I put my hand on your chest. Feel the light spin deeply.

I am Grandmother Anna. Know that I love you as my own. I hold the light for you, just as you are holding your light for yourselves and for Gaia. And what a light net is being created! We Magdalene are very fond of roses. My daughter Mary is often shown with pink roses, and when you are attuned to her presence you can smell the aroma of the pink rose. I know there are many meanings of all of the colors of the roses. But that is besides the point. Think of the rose itself. We Magdalenes did not choose the sunflower, which is filled with many seeds and always faces the sun, although that may have been a good idea! No, we picked the rose for her beauty, for her many varieties and many colors and for her many thorns for only with the lesson of the thorns can you see the beauty, the beauty of one who chooses to shine despite the surrounding clay, the circumstances. The one whose very aroma comforts the soul, and the one who is a symbol of love and of tenacity. For when the rose vines are climbing they seem to be only thorns. It takes awhile for the blossoms and then for the full bloom, yes? You are all blooming. You have had your share of scratches and blood sweat and tears on this journey and yet here you are. On my beloved children. We showed this one the metamorphosis that is taking place now on the astral planes. The gold is gleaming into these lower realms and the dark ones are not liking it one bit. Not one bit! And so we send them love to allow the light to transmute faster, more smoothly, more calmly. And you do this when you send light. Like rivers of golden light. And those downstream from you will feel it, will treasure it for the vibration will remind them of home. And perhaps they will think less of the thorns and more of the gold, of the beauty of the flower of their destiny.

(I am seeing Grandmother Anna step back into the circle of Magdalenes who are surrounding the earth. Each holds a rose and energetically drops it into Gaia, activating her further.) We of the Magdalene further activate and allow for the highest blessing and good of the All That Is. We infuse our blessing and supreme love for Gaia and the all of creation upon her, further activating the Codes of the Christed one, of the Christed way. Such that all will see, all will feel and all will know that this is done.

We are the Magdalene. We bless you with our love just as you have blessed us with yours. Bloody feet can be washed. Dirty robes can be cleaned. A pure heart is beyond all price. Those who hear the calling of the higher dimensional pathways have already found the treasure of the higher path for the inner light guides them home.

I am Andrew. Might I have a turn? You ladies are quite an example to us all. To the men I say, it is safe here in this space to be who you are. To show your strength, to lead fearlessly. But we will lead hand in hand with the divine feminine and all will be healed. Men, stand up and be counted. I have an olive branch to offer on behalf of the divine masculine. (I am seeing other male Magdalenes wearing simple brown robes with white thin rope as belts standing in a circle above Gaia, each holding the olive branches high and the energy of peace is being sent into Gaia and into the multiverse.) Men, small acts lead to great change. Shelter, guide, protect and lead in divine union and Gaia will find balance and those upon her will as well. Peace, brothers and sisters. Peace. I am Andrew. I am proud to call you my friends.

~ galaxygirl