Let’s focus on staying in high vibrations and spreading Love and Light to every person you meet on your path. You can speed up the process of RV by expressing gratitude for the little daily blessings that you receive.

October 7, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

I am Saint Germain, and I am happy to communicate to everyone today. You are still living in chaotic times, everyday the Darkness brings another challenge to your table. They keep coming up with new ways to make your life more complex.

You are waiting for the big changes to occur on Earth, which is shifting to a new frequency. It’s happening despite, how the reality looks at this moment.

First, the old system needs to collapse and to be replaced with a new one. Many of you have been impatiently waiting for RV to start your projects to assist humanity. The Quantum Financial System has been ready for years to change your archaic banking system. The reason it still didn’t occur, because the corrupted souls running around and jeopardizing this event so it wouldn’t come about.

Also, the humankind is not ready to handle the amount of money that are going to come from my fund and RV exchange. The Collective Consciousness didn’t reach the required level. If you want to speed up the process, so dedicate every free minute you have to meditations. Your input is critical in this process to a New Earth, this is your chance to shine and help your world to become a Paradise.

Nothing is coincidental, what is has been happening, like the recent blackout of the big social networks, Ashtar is going to share with humankind about it in the near future. Let’s focus on staying in high vibrations and spreading Love and Light to every person you meet on your path. You can speed up the process of RV by expressing gratitude for the little daily blessings that you receive.

The Galactics are keeping their eyes on the Alliance to make sure that they continue their assignment of bringing the corrupted souls to justice and leading Mother Earth from 3D to 5D.

Follow the flow, be in the moment, don’t get distracted by the physicalities of the incidents around you, be a watcher, don’t give the power to the negative emotions.

The God is within you, just open your hearts. Never forget that you are multidimensional Divine Beings, and your soul came to this planet to foresee this transition on Mother Gaia. Thank you Universal Channel.

Let Go Of Your Mind And Ego
Saint Germain

Frequently your human life experiences seem to indicate that you do not have any freedom, let alone free will, but that is just an aspect of the human experience that you chose to incorporate into the construction of the illusory reality, the unreal non-reality, that you designed and built to engage in with an imaginary and completely unreal state of separation from Source.-Jesus through John-

You Are the awakening process, so trust it and celebrate it.

October 7, 2021

(John Smallman)

There is no separation, such a state is impossible because we are all – and ALL – One. Mother/Father/God, Source, Love – whatever word or words anyone chooses to use to label the All is totally immaterial – can only be known and experienced because It is totally beyond naming. And when there is only the One naming is obviously completely unnecessary. The One is infinite consciousness, infinite awareness, infinite wisdom, infinite intelligence that expresses Itself – makes Itself known to Itself, to all sentient life – as the infinite all-embracing vastness that is All. In humans It is experienced as consciousness aware of itself, as constrained and restricted by the limitations that are the nature of human form, the inability to see or sense energy frequencies that are not extremely close to those that enliven that form.

To awaken is to know, to be aware of All, to experience Self as Oneness, as all-knowing Wisdom, as Love. Love is All, All is Love, there is no separation, all sentient life is Love/Mother/Father/God/Source experiencing ITSELF in infinite ways. It is in permanent and eternal connectedness with Itself in infinite peace and joy. It is Awake! And humanity is in the collective process of Awakening, right NOW, in this very moment as you read this or listen to it. You are all the divine and beloved children of God, eternally connected to, One with, and in the Presence of God. As I have told you so many times – and as have so many others from the non physical realms – there is no possibility of your being lost, alone, or abandoned, because there is nowhere in which that could happen. You are eternally One with, and therefore in the Presence of Source, but have hidden that Truth from yourselves in order to play the game of separation, to dream the unreal nightmare of a life of fear and suffering. None of you would allow that to happen to your own children or to young ones for whom you care and are responsible, so how could you imagine, let alone believe that God, Who is Love, would allow it to happen to you?

You are infinitely loved in every moment of your eternal existence, and that is an unchanging state. God creates only in Love for Love, and, therefore, for the infinite joy that creation is constantly providing. Deep within yourselves you do know that this is so, that it is the Truth, but for as long as you choose to remain unaware of this, this unawareness is what you will experience. You, just like God, have Free Will because you have all that She/He has and is, it was bestowed upon you at the moment of your eternal creation, and He/She will never deny, remove, or override that freedom.

Frequently your human life experiences seem to indicate that you do not have any freedom, let alone free will, but that is just an aspect of the human experience that you chose to incorporate into the construction of the illusory reality, the unreal non-reality, that you designed and built to engage in with an imaginary and completely unreal state of separation from Source. The collective awakening process that humanity is presently undergoing is undoing the illusion, and there are signs of this all across the world as the illusions presented to you by the MSM come ever more clearly into your collective awareness as just that – a corrupt and gigantic illusion supported by lies and deceits that can no longer remain hidden from view. All is Well!

Now you need to reengage with Trust. The vast majority of humanity intends to be honest and trustworthy, to act consciously from a place of integrity. However, for eons, due to the way in which you collectively established unreality, the human experience has been that trust does not work. That if you trust others they will betray you, and so dishonesty and corruption have become endemic, precisely as you planned.

The good news is that you are becoming increasingly aware of the insanity of living like this, and millions of you are forming new communities – often on-line through the wonders of modern technology – of like minded, honest, and loving individuals. These new on-line communities are inspiring and uplifting their members as they set their intent daily to be only loving whatever arises for them to deal with, and they are meeting regularly to meditate together with a most powerful communal intent to dissolve the long-established sense of separation and recognize themselves as One with each other and, of course, with Source.

You are all aware of on-line meditations for world peace, for rain to bring the forest fires to an end, for wisdom to arise in those that run governments, large industrial complexes, universities and schools, and religious organizations. All of these group meditations are having a most wonderful effect, causing people to become aware that their ego-driven agendas are what bring about the chaos, confusion, and conflict that is happening in so many places on your beautiful planet, and so they are now setting the intent to allow Love to guide them instead of their egos.

Remember that the individual task for each one of you is to choose love and acceptance of others, regardless of ethnicity, culture, nationality, or religious persuasion, instead of fearing them, which is always an ego-driven seeking to be more special than anyone else, and this always leads to more fear and anxiety, as your history shows you so clearly. By doing this you are following the life paths you all set yourselves prior to your present incarnation in human form, namely, to remember your inseparable Oneness with Source, with LOVE, and thus engage most fully and effectively with humanity’s collective awakening process. You Are the awakening process, so trust it and celebrate it as you see its progress accelerating daily, just as You intend.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Intergalactic Transformation by the Andromedans.

 Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedans. We come forth in and with the vibration of love, we wish to speak of Intergalactic Transformation and Ascension. We wish to speak of the space that exists between galaxies, between the stars, and between the planets.  When we speak of Intergalactic, we are speaking of galaxies as well as space, the space between anything and everything, that is the Creator.

We bring forth Intergalactic Transformation because we wish for you to connect with the Galactic Level within the Creator’s Universe. We wish to encourage you to draw upon and embody within your being, the Galactic vibrations and Rays of light that are emanating so powerfully and strongly from the Galactic Levels, overseen by Melchior. This simple intention will allow you to begin to acknowledge the Intergalactic Transformations and Ascension which is taking place upon the inner planes. The transformations and ascensions are like eruptions or activations of light as if a volcano is erupting with light and the light is distributing and being transported across the entire Universe of the Creator. It is for you to access these activations; these eruptions of light that are taking place at the Galactic Level and the Intergalactic Levels. As you absorb these light vibrations, they will infuse your being with greater volumes of light, almost like an electrical charge that awakens and activates light that is dormant within your being at a physical level or at an energetic level.

You can see that we are using words like electric and erupt. We wish to give you the understanding that the activations taking place at the Galactic and Intergalactic Levels are magnificent, they are electrifying, they are potent and immensely powerful. It is like a fireworks display.

While it is amazing to watch it is so important to absorb the energy which is being activated. It is an activation of power that creates a surge within your being, a surge that allows the light and Creator qualities within your being that are dormant to activate and come into your awareness and embodiment at this moment. It is important to say that only the light, skills and abilities that are appropriate to activate within your being will be activated. The Galactic and Intergalactic activation is being overseen by your soul. You can relax and trust that which needs to be activated as light within your being will be activated. This can take place through a simple intention.

Call forth us the Andromedans to surround you as you invite your entire being to connect with the Galactic Level and Melchior the overseer of the Galactic Level. Experience and allow yourself to breathe in the Galactic Vibrations, then state to us the Andromedans and Melchior that you wish to benefit from the Intergalactic and Galactic Activations taking place now. Ask that the appropriate light within your being that may be dormant and has not yet been recognised by you is activated, recognised, and experienced by you. This is one phase that we encourage you to achieve currently.

We also wish to speak about intergalactic activations in another way. We invite you to recognise the space that is in existence. What we mean is the space between a table and a chair or the space between a star and a planet. The space that is between your emotions and your thoughts, the space that is between your physical body and another being’s physical body. It is important to recognise that there is space and when we say space, we are thinking of the nothingness of the Creator. Between everything whether it is small or large, there is the nothingness of the Creator. It is easy to recognise this between galaxies because we can recognise that between two galaxies, there is nothingness, there is space. It can be more challenging to recognise that between each step of your ascension process the nothingness of the Creator is present. There is space between each thought in your mind, between each emotion, between each dream, between each manifestation, between yourself and physical objects, yourself and guides, and Spiritual Beings. There is space, there is the nothingness of the Creator. We understand that within the nothingness of the Creator, there is all that is the Creator as well, the entire Universe of the Creator and so much more.

When we begin to acknowledge the space between everything, we recognise that the Creator is present not only in that which manifest but also in that, which does not. Not only in that which has a purpose but also that which does not have a purpose. The more that you contemplate the space, the nothingness between everything, and everyone, you begin to acknowledge the presence of the Creator, the support of the Creator and the divine will or divine plan of the Creator.

The Intergalactic Ascension and Transformation that is taking place is actually on the inner planes. Within the nothingness of the Creator, the nothingness of the Creator you might say is being strengthened and empowered. As this takes place, so it radiates across the entire Universe and into your being. You are being invited to recognise the space. The space between things, the space of the Creator between the Creator. You are being invited to recognise this because if you recognise it, then you can begin to enter that space. At a very advanced level when you enter into the space between things, you actually shift in dimensional vibration. However, at this moment, that is not what we require, more so we wish for you to familiarise yourself with the nothingness of the Creator and the sense that within the nothingness of space, of the Creator, there is the Creator fully. When you begin to acknowledge this, you recognise the oneness and completeness of your being, of the world around you which is immensely important. It changes your mindset, it changes your perspective, it changes all that you are and all that you create. It changes and shifts the reality around you.

What will you discover in the space? What will you discover in the nothingness? We invite you to align with the Galactic Level of the Creator’s Universe and ask to experience the Intergalactic Transformation.  In doing so, you are able to connect with the space, the nothingness within the Galactic Level in order for it to emphasise the nothingness that is within your being and your reality. It is far easier to recognise the nothingness within the Intergalactic Levels because it is empowered, and it is emphasised. You can achieve this simply through an invitation or an intention.

We, the Andromedans will assist you, and you can begin to acknowledge the nothingness within your being. First recognise the nothingness between yourself and another person or an animal, a tree, or a plant. This allows you to really begin to acknowledge you can place your attention into the space between you and all that is.

As you place the attention into the space between you, the attention of your third eye, your awareness wherever that space may be, bring that space into your heart centre and your higher heart chakra.

Allow yourself to acknowledge, allow yourself to acknowledge that space within your being, the space of nothingness. Where everything is present, and nothing is present. It is important to not get caught up in separation, that is something different. We are connecting with the togetherness, rather than separation. When you bring it into your being, you can recognise the nothingness of the Creator within your being. The space between you and different aspects will change, alter, and shift the more you experience it as will your concentration, your attention, and your depth of understanding of the nothingness of the Creator. You will be able to understand and access this more fully, it will create peace, a sense of stillness, enlightenment and it will create further activations. This sense of peace is a very deep peace, it is also a sense of connection with the Creator and all that is the Creator. All of this is desperately needed upon the Earth now.

We encourage you to be a force of light striding ahead, to aid and develop the ascension process for yourself and all currently.

We thank you and we love you,

The universe is bringing those who are ready opportunity after opportunity to slow down, to relax, to do less and receive more, and we can see that the vast majority of those people are listening to the signs…Shifting from doing all the time to not doing so much is a shift.

Listen to the Signs from the Universe ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

person standing under a rock formation on a starry night
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited to bring you this status update, this progress report. We have noticed that more and more people are able to receive the energies that are coming in to serve all of you because of the opportunities that they are taking to open up and receive. The universe is bringing those who are ready opportunity after opportunity to slow down, to relax, to do less and receive more, and we can see that the vast majority of those people are listening to the signs.

You will always benefit from listening to the signs that you are getting from the universe. Those signs are given to you by your higher self and your spirit guides directly, while being orchestrated overall by the entire universe and by Source Energy. When people are given these opportunities now, they realize because of what they have learned, that synchronicities are important to pay attention to; they realize how to interpret their own personal signs, the things that are happening in their lives. And enough people have gotten the message at this point to recognize how powerful it is to sit still, do nothing and open up.

You are not there to make it all happen. You are there to experience the shift in consciousness. Now, of course, sometimes you will be called to action; you will get a strong impulse to do something or to help in some way. But for the most part, it is best for you to take it easy, relax, don’t work so hard or think so much, and let the shift happen. Shifting from doing all the time to not doing so much is a shift. 

And so, as you continue to let go of the need to do it all yourselves and let the universal forces take over, you get to enjoy the ride more as well, and we see more people doing that. We see more people realizing that the experiences they can have externally pale in comparison to the ones they can have internally, and that’s a very good thing to recognize, because those inner experiences will continue to make themselves available to you as well. That means you get to feel more; you get to connect more; you get to access more of your spiritual gifts and abilities. What we would like to see some of you graduate from is the idea that you should be sitting around thinking about what you are going to do or what you should be doing. 

If you don’t have that powerful impulse, that inspiration that comes from within to do something, then see that as a sign from the universe that right now you are meant to just sit back, relax, open up, and receive. Play around with opening up your crown chakra, because that is a wonderful portal through which you can receive. Pay more attention to your breathing, to being in your body, and let go of the idea that you are supposed to be accumulating accomplishments in this lifetime. You’ve done enough of that in all of your previous lifetimes put together. You have nothing left to prove and everything to gain from letting yourselves shift gradually, and with ease and joy in the process.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”