Dear Ground Crew through Valerie Donner

Here is the latest from Apollo: “What is new with you is also new with me. We are following the currents of energy which are constantly changing. Your emotions fluctuate. It can be challenging to stay on an even keel. The joy and brilliance of the light that is impacting the earth right now is exceptional. The insanity of the third dimensional world is maddening. We admire the ground crew for your stamina and for your resilience. These energies are impacting the consciousness of planet earth and awakening increasing numbers of people on the planet. It is all coming to a head. Soon these laborious days will reach their end with the culmination of light. Earth will never be the same and neither will you.”

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Greetings I am Mira: I am pleased to speak with you today to give you a short report on some vital information.

I am from the Pleiadean high Council and have been devoted and dedicated to the Earth’s ascension by working with the Earth Council for many years now.

I am pleased to announce that our presence is very close and nearby. Everything is in place for the next steps for earth’s freedom as well as for yours. This makes all the difference in the world and in our planetary system, as well as, for all of life. The horrendous control of the earth is about to be completely released. Much has been done already. There will be a lot of work and cleanup that is required while rearranging much of  life on the earth.

We are grateful and delighted with the assistance that has been given from all of creation. This is our most important project. We admire our ground crew for your hard work. We are moving forward with the speed of light, and before you know it with the blink of the eye, your lives will be different. You have earned your freedom and you’ve held a steady light even in times of fear and darkness. We applaud you!

Yes, the best is yet to come! When the brightest lights, minds and hearts of God joined together for this huge transfiguration of the earth, they are unbeatable! It’s been long, hard work for all parties involved. The rewards are beyond description. The beauty is beyond belief. The love and peace that passes all understanding is yours for the taking. Safety and protection, abundance and joy, and blessings are yours to behold. All of this and so much more will have made it all worthwhile.

The earth is an exceptional planet. This Ascension process that you are going through is nearly complete. The earth herself is sighing a breath of relief like a mother who has just given birth to her baby. She has tolerated abysmal treatment from dark forces and an unconscious humanity. Now humanity is awakening, and they are beginning to see what the earth has had to experience. Look at what has been imposed upon the bodies of many people on the planet. This is a planetary emergency and that is why we are allowed to speed everything up and bring it to completion. We believe you’ve had enough and so have we!

Anything that is less than a completion of this evil would be insanity. We hear that word often and we agree with you. The lack of respect for life, for each other, for the planet, and every aspect of life is atrocious. We know there are other words for this behavior but there’s no point in belaboring what the forces of evil have done.

We are here to work with you in peace, love and harmony for your new earth and your new lives.

We love you can we bless you.


I am Mira

Red October

The take down of social media beginning by Facebook, instagram and What’s up has begun ,it seems it is back today but things are now moving forward as We are entering now the next phase. To all of you reading this i wish Strength holding the space for all our sisters and brothers.

Urgent – Social media down over 75% of planet.

Don’t panic white hat operation.

Be calm.

There will be no real war.

This is the actions that so many of you have waited for.

I warned during my last podcast.

I gave the dates so hopefully you have all prepared.

Unless the plan changes dramatically, expect US and U.K. to lose all communication soon.

Some extra intel by Queen Of Canada : Romana Didulo who is real as a heart attack 😉 Enjoy! and join Feel More Than Fine channel too :

My Dear Fruitcakes,
Please make sure you are using the Telegram App from, not the App from Google..

Dear Fruitcakes,
To translate my posts to any language…You can use this online translator below.

Queen Romana, I am concerned that I wont be able to understand the 8 hour video that will show once the ebs has begun, will it have subtitles? Those of us that are deaf are concerned we will miss out

Whitehats Operations –
Stay calm 😁
80% of the world has no Social Media / Internet Communications…Expect to loose communications in US and UK too and the rest of the world.

IF you cannot comment- it’s fine…Telegram is overloaded probably with everyone coming over 😊

Remain calm 😊 this is what you’ve been asking for…And, I have prepared you for it…👸☝️🙏

When the Pissositos use Social Media to scare Canadians and Patriots around the World about Martial Law and turning them against their own Military and Special Forces…
Expect a Whitehat response…Capisce?

Now you know that even if Schiltz Book and all of their Major Social Media Holdings go down.. #Telegram and #Signal would be up and running 🤣😂

I wonder how many millions Schiltz Book users migrated to Telegram and Signal, today? 😎

Who arranged these Social Media Funerals, today ? 😂🤣

80% of the World experienced today what it is like not to have Social Media. Training Session day 1? 🤣

alm down my Dear Fruitcakes…
The truth is – there are millions of people addicted to Social Media for years…

Shutting it down permanently all in one go will push so many people off the edge. Just like when Drug Addicts or Alcoholics go through withdrawal stage…
So, stop all that pouting 😂

Training Session for both sides.
The ones who are still sleeping and the ones who are awake…

How many of you who are awake went to someone and said, I told you so?
Not supposed to…👽

Did you have Friends, Family Members or Co-workers message you to ask what was happening?

How many of you are aware that Schiltz Book users (1.5 billion) data were made public (dumped) on the Internet today?

Welcome to all of you 62,099 Patriots (and counting). Glad you found 👸 @romanadidulo, Channel. God Bliss You all ☝️🙏

Yes. This Channel @romanadidulo, has had an average of 1,000 subscribers join daily, in the last 4 days.

Thank you God very much for the full blissings. And so it it ☝️🙏

Isn’t incredible to witness real Patriots resilience? The 👸 @romanadidulo Channel continues to grow despite the efforts of the FakeTriots, PAY_Triots, Controlled Oppositions, DeepState / Cabal’s minions, and the egocentric bunch who have sabotaged our Go Fund Me, efforts for the BC Fire Victims…The criminals, corrupt and evil cannot withstand the work of light beings…

You see – when you donate via Go Fund Me, they have records of who made the donation (full name, credit card, email, etc) even if it is $5.00 😊

Plus, their mainstream media global efforts to discredit my work and person…

And, all those low vibe videos and tik tok created by several men from #Alberta, #Quebec and #Ontario… I know all that and more…

By the way, thank you, I have all of your information..

It’s high time for, Go Fund Me, to have change in Management- Me Thinks 🤔

Now, they (Pissositos) are shocked 😲 to see I released the Flag and the Seal digital art work to the Public so they can go out and print Flags for themselves or create a business selling the Flag and for Printers from each Province/Territory to print Flags and Seal.

Usually, the Flag is printed by a specific printer at a specific location #monopoly

And, I AM Queen Romana @romanadidulo did NOT use my Royal Privilege to choose a printer to monopolize the printing of the Flag and the Seal…

Yes the Pissositos heads just went 🤯🤯🤯

Any guess on which businesses stock crashed or took a dive today?

Who lost $7+ billion dollars (actually close to $10 billion dollars) today?

Can we have you as our Queen worldwide???❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏