Between October 5th and 15th, we will be experiencing incredible energy coming from the galactic center. This is different than solar flares or Schumann Resonance.

October 1, 2021,

October promises to be an energetically intense month!

There is a call for everyone to slow down, go within and use that space and time to check in and see what is wanting to be noticed. It was shared with me that big energy arrives starting October 5th from the Galactic Core. The 10/10 gateway will find us reaching the pinnacle of this particular energy wave. It will then dissipate over the following 5 days.

Between October 5th and 15th, we will be experiencing incredible energy coming from the galactic center. This is different than solar flares or Schumann Resonance. This wave will help wipe the cobwebs of sleep from our eyes and bring in activation codes to help us remember who we are.

October 6th, Pluto, the planet of transformation and death, will begin moving forward again. It is currently in retrograde. As it moves forward, we will begin to see the results from this death and transformation process we have been in.

On October 10th, Saturn comes out of retrograde. Saturn helps with rules, structure, and most importantly…drive. It can help us with the kick in the butt we may need to move things forward.

All of this is on top of the cosmic energy coming in.  We can see why this time is so important for us to go within, transform and redirect ourselves if we are out of alignment. We will begin to see the fruits of our labor as we emerge from the fires of transformation. With Saturn’s help, we get a push to bring the ideas we have received into this physical reality.

Recently I dreamed that my daughter and I were leaving a building in the city. I looked up and a flock of birds was suspended in mid-air as if the pause button was hit mid-flight. Most people couldn’t see the suspended birds and when they looked to see what we were staring at they saw nothing and thought we were crazy. One person across the street caught my eye, he too saw the suspended birds. It was great to not feel alone. After a time the bird started again as if nothing had happened.

My team says that this is the energy of the pause, allowing for introspection and redirection if needed.

It also shows how much the matrix is adjusting to the amount of souls awakening right now. While it is amazing to watch this grand awakening, many are waking to victimhood and anger. This can be a necessary step towards overall empowerment and the Grand Rising. However, it can be difficult for the empaths that are affected by the energy.

It is particularly important for empathetic souls to go within and create a retreat space within the heart center. This space becomes your refuge and your guide during turbulent times.

Many have been struggling to get out of their head. The thoughts loop and swirl with a fierce intensity. I shared a technique with the Aura Cleanse group to help them get out of the mind and into the heart space.

A simple ceremony helps us to focus our minds and bodies. The first few times that you repeat the ritual, you are creating the pathway, exactly how muscle memory is created in the body. After that pathway is created when you begin the ceremony, your mind and body will know exactly what to do.

Here’s a version of a simple ceremony for getting into the heart space that I love.

Start with a cup of hot liquid. Wrap your hands around the cup. Feel its warmth on your hands, breathe in the warm steam and smell the liquid. (Choose a hot liquid you love and are willing to have often). Paying attention to the sensory experience of your cup of hot liquid will help to ground you into the present.

Begin to slow your breath. Visualize in your mind an elevator that is open, waiting for you to get in.

Enter the elevator and click the largest button that draws your eye. You may find that it is decorated or a different color. Trust that it will take you to the heart center.

As the elevator doors close, continue deep breathing. Feel your mind and body slow as the elevator goes down. When the elevator stops, step off and notice what you see.

When I began doing this years ago, my heart space was untended ground. It lacked nutrients and grew only weeds. Now it is lush, full of flowers, wildlife, walking paths, and benches for me to rest. It is my retreat, my refuge from the world and from my mind when needed. This is your space, create the one that brings you joy. Create the space you never want to leave. Feel how your body reacts when you are there.

Your mind may say that you are making all of this up, instead of letting the mind stop you, say “So what! I am simply playing.” This seems to quell the mind and allow people to enjoy and play in the space of non-ordinary reality much easier. Within the heart space, you can receive healing, guidance, and the all-important feeling of peace and knowing that all will be ok.

The more you allow yourself to be in the heart space, the more common it will feel. You will then easily notice when the mind takes over again as it will feel so off and frazzling. Repeat the ceremony often and bring your consciousness into your heart space until it becomes as natural as breathing.

The energies are not slowing down and will require us to remain in our center, grounded, and present. We are being asked to sink into ourselves, our knowing, and not get lost in the outer chaos. It is from our heart space that our dreams of a new way are pulled from the ethers to the physical realms.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world. If you share, please share the entire post with the website link so that others can subscribe.


Be the love of your own life

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/02/2021 •

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine that you are with the love of your life, whether you are or not. It might be a partner, a child, a beloved pet, or anyone – real or imagined – that you can bring to mind in this instant. Imagine now how you would treat this individual. How would you greet them every morning? What would you love to do for them? How would you encourage them? How would you soothe them when they were feeling down?

Can you treat yourselves this way?

For just a day imagine you are the love of your life. Get up and greet yourself as you would greet one you love. Talk to yourself all day as you would talk to the one you love. Soothe yourself when you are upset or down like you would soothe a dear one or a beloved child. Be kind to yourself. Do the little things for yourself that you would want to do for another.

Rather than focusing on what others would do for you, focus on what you would do for others, and then challenge yourself to do that for yourself. Every day, challenge yourself to do just one thing that you would easily and joyfully do for another. It can be a compliment. It can be setting a nice plate out for your breakfast. It can be treating yourself to a little pampering as if you were going on a date and wanted to be at your best. It can be sitting down with a warm blanket wrapped around you while you cry and telling yourself, “It’s OK honey. God loves you. It’s going to be OK.”

If you could treat yourselves for even an hour like the love of your life then you – dear beloved Divine soul –  would be making a vibrational statement to the universe that says, “I am worthy of love! I am worthy of being treated kindly! I am worthy of respect, nurturing, pampering, soothing, and uplifting! I am worthy because I exist.”

Your words might say this now. You might say vehemently, “OF course I’m worthy!” and indeed we agree! You are. But do you believe it? Can you treat yourself this way? Can you bask in the beauty of a compliment with total delight? Can you do something for your own joy without having to share it with another? Of course, we love when you share your joy with others, but for some of you, this exercise would be just the thing to expand the envelope of your own vibration of worthiness.

We want for you all that you want for you. We are always sending you love. We are always guiding you along the easiest and most joyful path. We are always vibrationally beckoning you towards that which you seek. In a vibration of loving self and treating yourself kindly, you will hear us more clearly, you will believe you are worthy of the opportunities that come your way, and you won’t waste your time on those that treat you unkindly. You’ll feel too good to drain your own by getting upset.

With just a few days of treating yourself like the love of your life, you’d start to feel worthy of more love. You wouldn’t have to chase it, demand it, or earn it. You’d be treating yourself the way you want to be treated and you’d get a kinder echo back from the world. You don’t need to defend your right to receive love. You don’t need to demand it. You don’t need to earn it. You simply need to start loving yourselves a bit more consistently – without guilt, without criteria, without any reason whatsoever except for one… You exist. Therefore you are worthy of love… starting with your own.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The Divine Intent of this facet of the Divine Plan is to inspire Lightworkers around the World to accept the responsibility of empowering the NEW patterns for Divine Government, thus magnetizing them into physical manifestation during this critical time in Earth’s Ascension process.


Patricia Cota-Robles

October 1, 2021
 The Light of God is now flowing through Humanity’s fully restored Immortal Victorious Threefold Heart Flames in frequencies that we have not been able to withstand since we were first Breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. This Light is empowering every person’s I AM Presence in new ways that are allowing us to Transcend the chaos in the outer-world, IF WE CHOOSE TO DO SO. We have been told by the Beings of Light that the purging process we are all experiencing is a necessary part of our Ascension process. However, the degree of pain and suffering we experience during this process is being determined by how we choose to respond to the events occurring in our individual and collective lives. Awakened Humanity is aware of this fact and our I AM Presence is able to intuitively guide us in ways that are helping us to Transcend the chaos and to effectively Transmute the surfacing human miscreations by invoking the Violet Flame. Unfortunately, our Sisters and Brothers who are suffering the most are oblivious of their I AM Presence and our Father-Mother God’s Gift of the Violet Flame. That is exactly why you and I are now being Called to redouble our efforts on their behalf. We are One with all of our Sisters and Brothers and as we are lifted up they will be lifted up with us. As this occurs, they will gradually be able to hear the inner guidance of their I AM Presence. They will then Awaken from their deep, deep sleep and once again remember who they are and why they are on Earth during this auspicious time. As we step back and observe the outer world as an objective observer, we can easily witness events that reflect the obsolete consciousness of separation and duality. People everywhere are acting out of their fear-based beliefs that reflect an “us against them” consciousness. This is causing a major part of the chaos manifesting at this time and it is greatly exacerbating Humanity’s pain and suffering. Nowhere is this delusion of “us against them” more obvious than in the United States of America. In communicating with people it is as though we live on two diametrically opposed Planets. This is not surprising when we remember what the United States of America represents. Everything that conflicts with the USA’s purpose and reason for being is being perpetuated in the outer world by those who are committed to sustaining the status quo and maintaining their ability to abuse power. This is a futile effort but it is causing incredible pain and suffering. In spite of all of their nefarious efforts, we are moving forward in the Light and there is no turning back.
 We have been told by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth that a critical factor in Earth’s Ascension process is for the United States of America to fulfill her Divine Destiny. The Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan for the USA was Cocreated in the Realms of Cause through the I AM Presences of our Founding Fathers. This facet of the Divine Plan for the USA was victoriously accomplished in spite of the fact that our Founding Fathers were flawed Human Beings as were most of Humanity at that time. The Immaculate Concept for the Divine Plan for the United States of America is documented in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The Divine Intent of these documents was to guide the behavior of American citizens in the most positive way. The Divine Plan was for America to model to the rest of the people on this Planet a Higher Order of Being, a New World that would heal the illusion of separation and demonstrate to the masses the Oneness of the Family of Humanity. The plan was that within this Consciousness of Oneness we would revel in our diversities and collectively make decisions and take actions that reflect only the highest good for ALL concerned. The name AMERICA is an anagram for the I AM RACE. The Divine Intent of this name is to represent a race of God Conscious people comprised of ALL races, ALL nationalities, ALL cultures, ALL religions, ALL creeds and ALL Lifestyles. The I AM RACE was intended to represent the Family of Humanity functioning within the full embrace of our I AM Presences demonstrating Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.
 Needless to say, with the manipulation of our fragmented and fear-based human egos, we have fallen far from the fulfillment of that Divine Plan. Today, however, the Company of Heaven wants us to know that in spite of outer appearances those patterns of perfection are still pulsating in all of their resplendent Glory in the Realms of Cause. They have been encoded in the New Record Keeper Crystals that have been placed in Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System by the Mighty Elohim. And now, they are awaiting the opportunity to be tangibly drawn into the world of form with every thought, feeling, word and action we express through our unified and fully restored Heart Flames. The Company of Heaven is now revealing that with the activation of Humanity’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA, our fully restored Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame, the Presence of Unity Consciousness now pulsating in every person’s Heart and the New patterns of perfection for Divine Government that are being released through the new Record Keeper Crystals in Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System, the mass Consciousness of Humanity has been elevated to a brand NEW level. This is allowing the I AM Presence of every person to more effectively reveal, as an intuitive Inner Knowing, the patterns of perfection for Divine Government. The Divine Intent of this facet of the Divine Plan is to inspire Lightworkers around the World to accept the responsibility of empowering the NEW patterns for Divine Government, thus magnetizing them into physical manifestation during this critical time in Earth’s Ascension process.
 These patterns contain not only the Heart-based patterns for Divine Government which is a Government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence and FOR the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child. They also contain the viable solutions to all of the maladies manifesting on Earth as a result of the abuses inflicted on Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth through greed, selfishness, corruption, fear and the abuse of power. As the NEW patterns for Divine Government flow through the Heart Flames and into the conscious minds of Awakening Humanity, everything that conflicts with those patterns will be pushed to the surface to be Healed and Transmuted into Light. In order for the NEW patterns of Divine Government to tangibly manifest “ALL THAT IS HIDDEN MUST NOW BE REVEALED.” This will be a confusing and painful process for millions of people. However, you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity have been preparing for myriad lifetimes to be able to stay focused on the Light and the patterns of perfection for Divine Government during this purging process. We ALL have the ability to Transcend the chaos in the outer world no matter what adversity may confront us. The key to our success will be focusing on the Light and monitoring our thoughts, feelings, words and actions no matter what country we abide in. If ANYTHING we are expressing reflects an “us against them” consciousness or a fear-based or hateful response, than we will KNOW that we have become part of the problem instead of the solution. With that awareness we can make the necessary course corrections in our behavior. Your I AM Presence is awaiting the opportunity to manifest the NEW patterns of perfection for Divine Government through you. Remember, the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and YOU are that Light. Our Victory is assured and the need of the hour is for ALL of us to “keep on keeping on.” 
 Several years ago a plan was set into motion through the unified efforts of the Company of Heaven and Awakened Lightworkers on Earth that would reclaim the USA from the fear-based and fragmented consciousness of separation and duality and set her on the path to fulfill her Divine Destiny. In order to accomplish this Divine Mission, it was critical that the patterns for Divine Government be activated and recalibrated to a frequency that would gradually reach into even the most asleep hearts and minds of Humanity.
 In order to accomplish this mighty feat, a magnificent Angelic Presence from the Great, Great Silence volunteered to project her luminous Presence into the atmosphere of Earth above Washington, D.C.. Once she took her strategic position there, she created a Canopy of Divine Light and Love that embraces every facet of Government in the USA at national, state, and local levels. This august Being is known throughout the Realms of Light as the Angel of Renewal and Restoration.
 Since that Cosmic Moment, her Canopy of Light and Love has been gradually recalibrating every particle and wave of Life associated with Government in the USA. This Divine Intervention has been gradually preparing the USA for the time when the masses of Humanity would be Awake enough to manifest a Government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence, FOR the I AM Presence. A Government based in Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.
 Today, the Divine Intervention of the Angel of Renewal and Restoration is being greatly amplified. Please join me in sending Gratitude to this selfless Messenger of God as we assist her in her service to the Light. Breathe your Elevated Holy Breath in and out slowly. And we begin.
 Mighty Angel of Renewal and Restoration, in deep Humility and Gratitude we acknowledge your Presence in the Universe and the tremendous service you are rendering to Planet Earth and her evolutions. Thank you for sustaining a Canopy of Light over Washington, D.C. and expanding this Canopy of Light NOW to embrace every other focus of Government on Earth. On this sacred and holy day, we ask that you envelop every Government on Earth in a constant outpouring of the Crystalline Flame of Renewal and Restoration. Sustain this Gift from On High until every country is manifesting God’s Will for Divine Government and the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth. Through the Presence of God, I AM, in me and in all of Humanity, we ask the Angel of Renewal and Restoration and the Legions of Light associated with God’s First Cause of Perfection to come forth now.
 Blessed One, traverse the Earth and blaze your exquisite Light through Washington, D.C. and the rest of the USA. Now, expand this Activity of Light into every other country in the World. Transmute the human desire to use free will destructively, and replace it with the intense desire to serve the Light through God’s Will for the benefit of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.
 Permanently station your Angelic Legions in Washington, D.C. and in all World Government centers on Earth to ensure that all rates of vibration that tie any individual to activities of discord or imbalance will now be quickened to a point where they will be Transmuted back into Light. Protect every person from accepting negative human suggestions, and help each one to be a receiver of the Forces and Inspirational Activities of God. Assist each one to be a willing participant in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of establishing Divine Government on Earth.
 Give added protection to those Lifestreams who are already manifesting God’s Will through their Divine Plans, and protect them from all interference that would seek to disrupt the establishment of Divine Government on Earth. I consciously accept this done right now, eternally sustained, ever-expanding and world-encompassing until Divine Government is tangibly manifesting in every country of the World.   And so it is, Beloved I AM That I AM. 
 In the Name of the Almighty Presence of God, I AM, and through the fully restored Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame pulsating in every Heart…
 We invoke the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Justice, the Goddess of Freedom, the Goddess of Victory, the Goddess of Glory, the Goddess of Oneness and the Solar Violet Flame Archangels of Cosmic Forgiveness and Transfiguration. We also invoke the Silent Watcher for Washington, D. C. and all of the Mighty Guardians and Cosmic Beings who dwell in the Etheric Complex over Washington, D.C. Blessed Ones come forth now, and assist us with the most powerful cleansing activity Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment. As One Unified Heart Flame, we now invoke the NEW Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Cosmic Forgiveness and Transfiguration.
 Blaze, blaze, blaze this Solar Violet Fire in, through and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness and all obstructions of the Light, that we or any part of Life have ever placed on the pathway of Life’s perfection.  Through the Divine Power of Cosmic Forgiveness and Transfiguration, Transmute this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record and memory—NOW and FOREVER. *Now BLAZE and SUSTAIN, with the power and might of a thousand Suns, the Solar Violet Flame of God’s Cosmic Forgiveness and Transfiguration and the Blue Flame of God’s Divine Will and Infinite Power in, through and around: * The President of the United States of America and his Cabinet—now and forever.

* The Senate and the House of Representatives for the United States of America—now and forever.

* The Supreme Court and ALL Courts of Law, and ALL legal procedures—now and forever.

* The United Nations and ALL of its members—now and forever.

* Through ALL World leaders and those associated with the Governments of Earth at national, state and local levels—now and forever. Beloved Legions of Light, we ask that you expand this Activity of Light a thousand fold every single day with every Elevated Holy Breath we take until the NEW Patterns of Divine Government, Oneness, Reverence for All Life, Divine Love, Eternal Peace, Abundance, Vibrant Health, Enlightenment and Illumined Truth are tangibly manifest in the lives of ALL Humanity. We ask that simultaneously, the Heart-based patterns for the NEW frequencies of the Solar Violet Flame of Liberty, Justice, Freedom, Victory, Glory, Oneness, Cosmic Forgiveness and Transfiguration are daily and hourly intensified until they become the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth.
 We accept this victoriously accomplished as we Call through the power of God, I AM. 
And so it is.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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