Schumann Resonance through the roof!

This shows us that even bigger changes are happening as more Light is pummeling the planet…First we receive, the inner changes happen as we assimilate the light and then it reflects in the outer both individually and collectively. Now many who don’t know this, can be easily irritated / angry but you who read this can make sure to set the intention to be loving and kind no matter what arises. I invite you to get enough rest, sleep, drink water abundantly and be easy in yourselves and of course doing the inner work , breathing consciously makes the symptoms easier to accept and heart remains more open to receive cause it is all about learning to be a good receiver.😊

Schumann Resonance Today ⚡️ Power 💥 62 💥 75 💥 80 – Disclosure News Italia

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Power of Now

September 25, 2021,

The now moment is your power base. It is the clearest energetic picture of what you have to work with.

When you stay present in the now, you will be able to much better access the innate wisdom to choose your next highest step. And truly, that is all that is ever required in order to continually allow the unfoldment of your highest life expression.

You might think of the energies of the past or the unknown of the future to be static.  That makes it more difficult to access the clarity that the now moment is trying to provide for you. It is absolutely safe for you to simply make your highest choice, the one that is most in line with your truest intentions…one now moment at a time.

In fact, that is how you move with whatever is being energetically supported at any given time, stepping onto a much more consistent path of mastery. It is also how you reduce energetic overwhelm and the ascension fatigue many of you are experiencing.