a new Earth will be home to those who ascend and it will be well deserved, as you will have dedicated yourself to lifting up your vibrations and been successful in spite of the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent it.

24th September 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Dear friends In a time of great changes many of the Kryon messages gave information that is new to us but relevant now. The extract below is indicating a major upliftment in the consciousness levels of some of those souls being born now. They will already have an advanced level of consciousness, and able to express themselves intelligently at a much younger age than you would consider normal.

Mike Quinsey.

Kryon. The Future is what’s coming, dissolve your own tumour.

Scenario 3 – The Multi – Dimensional Human Being. Starts at 14.51 minutes.

You can examine your own body while you exist and are here. The muscle test – kinesiology will find out something that you ought to know. You have to access Innate completely and totally separately. The multi-dimensional Human Being is going to use that for the 24th pair of chromosomes that you think you don’t have, that is multi-dimensional and it is not yet understood, seen or recognised. It is the one the Pleiadians gave you for today because it starts to work in you and generation after generation, When consciousness starts to increase you start to see things and you start to see quantum things, it will reveal itself in the double helix.

The new born will be born with Innate, their own healer. They will know all about their blood chemistry without a test. They will know when any disease tries to attach to them instantly the moment it happens, instead of waiting for something to grow and have pain. They will be their own medical intuitive. That multi-dimensional piece of your DNA that you can’t even see is going to bring your consciousness in line with your Innate. What is your Innate attached to, that is also a mystery that you cannot easily access and it is called the Akash of the Human Being. You are going to be connected to your Akash, it will be one of the most significant evolutionary steps of humanity, the marriage of the Akash and the Innate and consciousness, That will be the multi-dimensional Human Being and when it takes place you will then look at the fact that you might have come from the Pleiades, and you will know who they are and you will understand as it’s all part of the scenario of the connection of coherence with your brothers and sisters from the stars. That is the future, do not fear these things because they come from you.

24th September 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Almost on a daily basis changes are coming and going but not always to your liking. Now the dust is settling, the time has arrived for a reckoning to take place. You cannot go through so many changes without some repercussions that are happening worldwide. The effect of the Covid19 virus has so to say turned things upside down, and now the time has arrived for the cost of it to be taken into account. Coming on top of other problems that have since arisen, the cost to mankind is being assessed. It is clear that all countries will have serious decisions to make as to how the Pandemic will be paid for in times when everyone is feeling the squeeze.

Very few of the economies can recover without financial help and hard times ahead are expected and unavoidable. The only consolation you will have is that it constitutes a new beginning, as much that you are familiar with is no longer suitable for the times that you will be in. You have hard times ahead but eventually all will lift up, and with the benefit of new technologies life will become much easier and more enjoyable. So bear with it as you only get out what you have put into it and the effort will prove to have been well worthwhile as you will see.

Look to your young people for an insight as to what is possible, as they have arrived with new ways and ideas that will advance progress. Listen to their views and opinions as they will contain a lot of common sense. They came into life knowing that their knowledge and experience was needed. It is a normal upliftment that has been prepared for in advance. How you may ask, and the answer is that higher Beings have far more insight as to what is coming up and can prepare for it well beforehand.  They also have the experience behind them on which to base the nature of action necessary.

You could say that you have a foot in each of two worlds, one that is the old world that has served its purpose and will fade away, and a new one that is in pristine condition and prepared ready for those souls who will have raised their vibrations to a higher level that excludes the dark Ones. You talk of dimensions but in actual fact the energies simply meld into each other. However, a new Earth will be home to those who ascend and it will be well deserved, as you will have dedicated yourself to lifting up your vibrations and been successful in spite of the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent it.

Much of what you are being given remains a mystery until you acquire a greater level of consciousness as will happen when you have ascended. However, your awakening will grow as you rise up and your vibrations increase.  What was hidden can now be revealed and from time to time you will be enlightened as you are now ready for a greater understanding. Looking back you will wonder how you ever got out of the illusory lives you have led where the truth was kept from you, but you are worthy of your success and it will never be as hard and difficult for you again.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.



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SAINT GERMAIN: Futures can be rewritten!..Onward, friends! Your day is here. Now would not be the time to lose heart. Far from it.

A Message to Lightworkers – September 23, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

Today our writer speaks again with Saint Germain on the current energies, and the movement toward NESARA Law’s enactment:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, lady master, and welcome, all! For all are masters, who are contributing to this new era of Earth life.

COR: Yes! I would like to know whatever you feel is best for us to know or to focus on at this time.

Of course, I am curious to know how the path to NESARA is unfolding, as many of us are.

Yet I know you can only say so much about it.

SAINT GERMAIN: That is so. And so, you are wondering, regarding the stages I numbered some time ago—what stage of the journey you are in now?

COR: That would be helpful!

SAINT GERMAIN: We would say, that this is a time in which you are entering your second highest stage, before the full unfolding. The next highest stage, which will occur prior to the announcing, requires some preparation on the part of humanity’s inner selves.

At this point in your journey, you are as a race of beings being prepared for not only the truth about your planet’s history, and the true nature of those who have held themselves in authority for so long. You are also being prepared to learn the history of other planets and stars, particularly those which each of you originated from.

This is information that most of you hold subconsciously, yet it will be brought to the fore, in ways that will assist you in integrating it fully, and in a peaceful and balanced state of mind.

COR: So once NESARA is fully implemented, we will have a chance to learn about the place of our soul origin, and what its history has been?

SAINT GERMAIN: That, and other histories, as are relevant to your Earth mission. Or per your own curiosity!

For your mission will then expand. You will take it up far more consciously and actively, in the sense of being more physically present in that work, and not only involved at the level of your higher consciousness and energy bodies.

You will also be given instruction in developing the Lightbody. This is possible to receive even now, yet this will be far more openly available to all who desire to experience such.

COR: What fascinates me, is the number of people who will contact me wanting to know the name of the planet or constellation they originate from, particularly if they don’t feel at home on Earth. The Collective do not always relay that information—not unless the person’s team of Spirit guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self agree to it.

SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed! And one reason being, that there is no need for them to consider that they hail from and therefore “belong to” this intergalactic culture or that.

Now is the time for Unity thought and experience. When the human ego-mind gets involved with its love of categories and cultural identities—birthplaces, heritage, traditions, alliances—it can serve to create more division, which is the opposite of Unity, however unintended that may be.

Rather than encourage interconnection amongst peoples, this can discourage it. This is why this group who have named themselves only “the Collective” chose that innocuous, very generalized label. For one, that name speaks of Unity, and for another, it is a term often used to denote all persons—mass consciousness and experience.

COR: Are we holding back NESARA from its enactment, with all these preferences for cultural identification?

Are we holding it back with arguments among people, such as which Ascended Master said what and why, or what terms like “Lightbody” really mean?

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course. It is what you have been taught and programmed to do. And taught to believe that is the only way forward for the human race.

In fact, it has held you back for millennia. Yet you note that those days are ending now, and we are thankful!

Yet all is still evolving. Allow yourselves the opportunity to see where the wheels get stuck, and to release even self-blame. That is not the same as taking responsibility, which is another term you have all received much misteaching on.

COR: I don’t know how we can right any of this, other than for each of us to develop our own consciousness as fully as possible.

While there is amazing higher Light flowing onto the planet now more than ever, there is also much density coming up out of the Earth, and out of human beings and human structures.

In this Light-filled moment, with astrological alignments occurring that are powerful and life-changing, all the ugliness is rising to the surface to be healed or transmuted. And so we find ourselves in this mess we are in at present! So now I am wondering what else this new phase we are moving into can assist us with.

SAINT GERMAIN: It assists with what you have named, exactly.

These “dark energies” (so-called—all energy is mutable, and constantly in flux!) no longer define Earth life as they once did, precisely because they are no longer hidden deep inside the Earth’s body or etheric blueprint.

All the energy imprints are being redrawn—many reading this now are involved in that very mission.

And the galactic alliances are quite busy assisting in supporting the new etheric blueprint in ways that are difficult to describe, given your current limited understanding of quantum physics.

But allow us to say, there are no longer any lines which your soul families do not cross, except one, and that is of course, to respect humanity’s free will. And increasingly, your strength to determine your own course in this Universe.

COR: So those who say it’s all prewritten, even though the Future does exist—are they wrong?

SAINT GERMAIN: Futures can be rewritten! Many are mistaken in thinking that timelines cannot converge, or cannot be revised.

Earth beings have done that very thing. Earth Herself has done that very thing. Or you would not be here now, asking me these questions, with so many reading these words. Time is not linear, as you know.

COR: How do we assist, as we come into this next stage then?

SAINT GERMAIN: For one, focus on establishing all the steady Love of Peacefulness within yourselves that you can manage each day! And as this Collective have noted numerous times , that will not come to you while you take in the media madness, the Sturm und Drang [storm and stress] of the disinformation, the confusion of half-facts, and the outright deception that is spoken through your media outlets and other influences, inside a steady energy transmission of thoughts/emotions of hopelessness, rage, and despair.

You may now be at ease with all that, knowing it is all being overridden in the higher sense. As the elements and vibrations of much of the higher dimensions weave far more easily now into Earth life, affecting all on the planet, regardless of who they are and what their intentions are.

This is the meaning of Ascension! That Earth life vibration should continue to rise, regardless of the machinations of those who pretend they are still in control, who have never believed the warnings that their day was never and could never be endless.

Yet you will not feel the beauty or the power of that higher vibrational presence while steeping yourselves in the very un-real proclamations of those forced to support an agenda of destruction.

Be aware that the old “powers that were” know how to engage the heartfelt support of the public for certain much-loved figures, particularly in the area of entertainment, as well as in news broadcasts, and current events discussions.

Those same figures are then forced into compliance with the dark agenda, under very great threat to themselves and their loved ones.

Yet even that plan is failing, as there are elements of the higher realms’ intent now being interwoven with what was once the sole province of the darker realms, thereby lifting dark intent into a far higher energy stream.

COR: They have infiltrated! The Light has overrun the dark’s own resources.

SAINT GERMAIN: It was always thus, to a certain degree. There are White Knights in every area of endeavor, every area of influence, hard at work to keep the truth flowing in amounts and ways either not noticed or not considered a threat to the darker plot.

Yet this has changed now, to where much is noticed, and is considered a threat, with the difference being that the energies on and around the Earth no longer permit the level of control the former “elite” once leveraged.

They are overrun, not merely with opposition, but with those who, should they remain in place, will only continue to lift the atmosphere of the planet to where those in shadow will naturally begin to morph into Lighter beings, or implode. This is why so many have sought to escape over the past five years or more.

Yet they cannot. There is no hiding now.

COR: In a sense, even we who follow the Light find that we can no longer hide—from old forms of woundedness, fear, ego attachments, a small self-image.

SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed! Bring it all out into the Light! There is no judgment here, only healing and renewal, and Transformation / Transmutation for those who seek it.

Onward, friends! Your day is here. Now would not be the time to lose heart. Far from it.

As you have heard often from this quarter, “You are never alone.”

COR: Thank you, Lord Saint Germain. That gives me great courage, and I pray it will for others as well.

SAINT GERMAIN: [Bows] In your service, madam. In service to All! Namaste!

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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