UNITED WE STAND- Mikos from Telos Hollow Earth via Dianne Robins-

The weather anomalies on Earth are out-picturing the chaos in people’s mental bodies. There are so many restrictions and laws being imposed upon the people and so much confusion and fear that people are feeling and that Nature is absorbing and then reflecting back to us in the form of erratic weather. Nature is out-picturing people’s confusion and fears, along with all the pollution it has had to absorb from people’s careless ways and harm to the Earth.There will be a few more storms or weather anomalies and then be over.  You have already experienced Covid, fires and drought. And now we are witnessing the suppression of the Divine Feminine taking place in Afghanistan that soon will be put to an eternal end. By 2025 a new Earth will emerge based on Love and Equality for all.

This is the End Times you have all heard about – the END of all darkness and confusion and war that will soon usher in the Era of Light that will be everlasting and permanent.  It will be a magnificent time to be alive ~ and it’s just over the horizon.  Just a few more years Beloveds, and you will experience permanent peace on Earth in preparation for Earth’s ascension.  For in order for Earth and its people to ascend, there must first be peace. There are only good things to look forward to.

Do not lose hope… focus only on God’s plan for humanity and it is grand indeed… about to unfold before your very eyes!

The Earth is now filled with great Beings of Light from other Star Systems who have come to help the people of Earth out of this darkness.  Angels by the millions are now covering the Earth with their Light and Love and shining it everywhere, uncovering the darkness and deceit that has overtaken the leaders of countries all for the purpose of control and money. From our vantage point in the Hollow Earth through our computers that monitor the surface, we see all – we hear all – and we know all that is transpiring.

The Light Forces are in full control, and you will be seeing great changes looming on the horizon in the very near future ~ for as the Light pours in, the darkness recedes. There is so much to look forward to !

For great changes are ahead for the American people and the people of the World – including Afghanistan.  The Spiritual Hierarchy and Angels and Silent Watchers and Great Cosmic Beings are all focused on planet Earth, helping in myriad ways to remove the darkness and usher in the Light.  Soon you will see great assemblages and masses of people take to the streets in protest against all the injustices and constraints and laws being imposed against Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Speech.  People by the hundreds of thousands will protest and join together to demand the truth.  You will see the grounds of the White House filled with millions of silent protesters who stand with their backs turned on the White House demanding the return of justice and liberty and freedom of speech.  This is indeed the GREAT AWAKENING we’ve all been waiting for and IT IS HERE NOW!

You all signed up to be here at this time on Earth to be part of this Awakening and your Light makes it all possible!  


I am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos located inside the very center of our Hollow Earth. Good Day Beloveds………

August 30, 2021

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 
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Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: ‘What is God?’

September 16, 2021, jennifercrokaert.com


J: Someone emailed me to ask who – or indeed what! – is God?

Ashian: This is a wonderful question and one that takes lifetimes to answer.  However, we shall attempt to be brief!

Can you imagine a void? Nothingness? And then a bubble appears, from nothingness. The void is the Divine Masculine – it is everything and it is nothing at the same time. The bubble is the Divine Feminine – it is creation, expression and – ultimately – also nothing, at the same time.

They are two energies of perfect and equal balance that require each other for expression, and they cannot be separated, despite the appearance that they are separate. This is one understanding of “God.”

For us, the concept of “God” does not exist.  We work with energy and vibration. The closest we could come to express the form you label “God” would be as a constantly refining vibration of expression that leads to an increasingly inexpressible vibration of pure expression.

Does that make sense?

J: It does actually, but let’s see if we can open it up a bit more…

A: In the 3D to 5D transition, your understanding of all things is changing and evolving, whether it is the concept of work, home, money, health, law, education, religion or God. Two of the most potent forms of oppression on Gaia have been money and God.

As the Divine Feminine is the expressing energy, it was purposely sidelined, distorted or written out of the teachings of the great prophets, who only became such great prophets because they understood that the Divine is both feminine and masculine. However, that creative expression was omitted.

J: So what’s the masculine and why hype ‘him’?

A: The masculine is beingness, is ‘holding’, is expansive.

J: But that sounds more like feminine traits?!

A: You see the distortion! Masculine energy is strong and grounded, it holds space for highest good.  It does not distort and it does not manipulate or control. It holds space for the highest good and works to support that.

Feminine energy is creative, dynamic, and maybe even explosive in its purest form.  It’s like the creation of a child, which is a creative explosion of physicality and spirit in the moment of conception.

Your order has been inverted. The masculine energy has been deprived of the joy of “holding the energy” ~ why and how that was done is beyond the scope of this message ~ and the feminine energy form has been deprived of authorship and creative expression.

And so we return to “God”…the most common concept of “God” on Gaia is a distorted male authoritarian figure who could be seen as holding a secret rule book that “he” uses to judge and condemn.  Perhaps he can forgive, but he often seems cold, aloof and only compassionate when pleaded with or bribed with good deeds etc. Where is the Divine Feminine in “God?” Vanished to the sidelines.

Many, many have woken up to this distortion and prefer to connect with the Divine Source, with All That Is, with the Universe… there are many names, but the overwhelming feeling is one of loving connection that is beyond male and female.  It is an energy that flows through beingness and expression, the ying and yang of perfect balance.

And, by developing a personal relationship with that energy, they create their own definition of the characteristics of the energy so that both ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ aspects of it flow freely through them according to what is required to bring them into perfect harmony, perfect balance.

J: This is going deep! So I just had the idea (it was you, wasn’t it?!) to look up God in the dictionary, and I got that it comes from ‘g̑heu’, which has Indo-European roots, meaning ‘becoming’ or ‘invoked’… that isn’t a ‘person’ at all, it’s more like an action, an alignment, a vibration.

A: Yes! The concept of “God” is a placeholder, a marker, a concept that reflects ~ or more accurately ~ creates the consciousness of the masses at any given time. How this being is explained to humans is highly controlled. Breaking free of that control and moving to ‘invoke’, is to discover your own relationship with the Divine, and the infinity of that Glorious expression.

Cellular Treatment by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

pink sphere splashed by green liquid
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Arcturians. We come forth with the truth, the love and peace of the Creator. We bring forth to you our energy, we bring forth to you our divine inspiration so you may benefit from all that we are achieving on the inner planes, to serve Mother Earth and all of humanity. Today we come forward to support the physical body, and in truth to support the heightened and quickening of your vibration on all levels of your being.

We wish to share with you a treatment that is to assist your ascension and to aid your physical body in becoming balanced with your divine self. Meaning that your physical body embodies your divine self and is equal to and a reflection of your divine self. It is important that this takes place so the physical body can easily move through the ascension processes that are coming forth, that are ready and available for you to experience and achieve. Your physical body is such a powerful tool. It anchors the energy, it allows you to express, to experience, to put into action all that is the Creator. Your physical body alerts you to any baggage that you are holding on to, any wounds, anything that is blocking your connection with the Creator or causing a separation between you and any aspect of the Creator. Your physical body is filled with so much wisdom and knowledge. Your physical body understands all aspects of your ascension and is in communication with your soul. Your physical body is like a sponge, it absorbs so much and supports you in every moment of your reality.  It is important to recognise that your physical body can absorb and be impacted by outside energies, as well as habits or negative thought patterns that you choose to hold on to.

When your physical body equals the vibration of your soul, your physical body is upgraded, rejuvenated, regenerated. You have a vessel that is of advanced energies. All your senses, physical senses as well as spiritual senses, awaken. The skills and ability of your physical being and entire being activate thus you can see into other dimensions, hear into other dimensions, and sense into other dimensions. Your physical body even becomes prepared to walk into other dimensions, to make transitions between dimensions, realities, vibration, and frequencies. At a very basic level when your physical body’s vibration equals that of your soul it is so much easier for your soul to express through your physical body, a unity, and emerging takes place. Thus, you begin to walk as your soul, as your Divine self upon the Earth.

Cellular Treatment Activation

We, the Arcturians, have a special activation that we wish to share with you to support a vibrational heightening and advancement of your physical body. It is known as a cellular treatment. On the inner planes, within our civilisation, we have many treatments, many activations, initiations, and all are created from the purest vibration of light, the highest intentions, and the most sacred expressions of the Creator.

For the cellular treatment, we create cells of light. We first scan your own physical being; we scan your soul and all energy bodies of your being. We recognise the vibration you are currently holding. We recognise the vibration of your soul, and we merge these vibrations.  Connecting with your current vibration and your soul’s vibration, we merge them and fill them with light. This creates for us a vibrational frequency which is the aspects of your physical body that have been healed and the vibration of your soul. This process is very clean and clear. We do not add any other light, we use the light of your soul to create the cells.

Once we have scanned your being and have determined the vibration of frequency that your soul is and your healed physical being are aligned with. We then access this vibration to recreate cells of light. When you are ready, we come forth, creating a circle around you with many Arcturian Masters of Light. We begin to pour light that is not from our civilisation, it is directly from the Creator through our beings into your being. As we send this energy, we begin to integrate the new cells of light that hold your vibration of a healed and complete body and being, and the highest vibration of your soul. We support these cells in anchoring into your own cells. This process may take time and you may wish to lie down to experience it fully. You may experience it as your entire body being lit up with the most glorious and fantastic light. You may experience old wounds drifting away.

You may experience, new understandings coming forth. As you experience the cellular treatment, your entire being is shifting and transforming. There is a union, a synthesis emerging of your soul new-higher aspects of your soul download into your physical being. You may feel a fondness, a deeper connection with your soul or deeper awareness of your soul. The outcome will be that your physical body will be filled with light and supported to rejuvenate, regenerate, and maintain a high vibration. As well as heal wounds and pains, with greater ease, your physical body will be able to hold on to the light of your soul. Therefore, you feel a deeper connection and embodiment of your soul. We believe this transformation is essential now. It also eradicates from your being old habits, old negative energies, and information, especially anchored into your being from the collective consciousness. Therefore, allowing the consciousness of your soul to be embedded within your physical body. This will create a greater freeing and release, allowing you to follow the guidance of your soul with greater ease.

You only need to ask us to come forth to experience with you the Arcturian Cellular Treatment and we will do so. We will begin to scan your being, then we will surround you and begin the transmission of the light cells into your being. It will be important to ground yourself, to breathe out through your feet, your Earth Star Chakra, and your Root Chakra into Mother Earth for some time until you feel fully anchored and fully present.

This is a powerful transition and creates greater freedom and the sense of divinity within your being. If you feel that this process is not for you, then please we wish for you to follow your inner guidance. It may be that you can achieve it at a later time or maybe it is simply not for you. Ask within to see whether you need to experience the Arcturian Cellular Treatment to aid your ascension and to support your physical body in these times of ascension.

We thank you, we love you,

We are the Arcturians

More Arcturians

How to Receive the Influx of Cosmic Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

water falls in the middle of the forest
Photo by Diego Madrigal on Pexels.com

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are able to detect even the slightest increase in the vibrational frequency of the human collective consciousness, and we want you all to know that there has been a spike. You are getting what you have asked for energetically, and those of you who are open enough to receive are tipping the scales for humanity. You can always look outside of yourselves at what others are doing, thinking, and saying, and feel as though humanity is not moving in the right direction, or you can look outside of yourselves at that chaos and realize that humanity is doing a whole lot of summoning of higher-frequency energies and that someone has to step up and be the receiver of those energies.

You can always realize that the someone is you. You have the ability to do so, and you have the willingness, and enough of you have taken the time to do so to make that impact that you want to make on the human collective. You are natural born givers; you want to help. You want to be of service, and opening yourselves up to the cosmic energies that are coming in is the way to be of greatest service to your fellow humans at this time. Working with those energies is easy for those of you who are awake, because you have been doing that in one way or another for so long, and the influx of energies upon you right now are meant to be very stabilizing for you and for your fellow humans.

You start out by accessing them by yourself, and then you let them do what they do in your physical body. You ground them into Mother Earth, sending them along the gridlines, and everyone across the planet benefits. Everyone could use a bit more of that feeling of stability in their lives, regardless of what they are living right now. You can give it to them. Now, some of you might be wondering how you are doing this, and that is a very good thing to wonder. We will tell you that there are several ways for you to open up to and receive these energies.

First of all, if you rest and relax, you are automatically open. If you do something that brings you joy, you automatically open up, and if you intend to open up, and you stretch your arms out wide, and you face your palms up, and you tell the universe that you want to be of service and that you want to receive the current energies so that you can be of service, then it is done. Putting yourself in a body of water, even if it’s a bathtub, also helps. Remain conscious of your thoughts, your emotions, where you are putting your attention, and whether you are tensing up or anxious, and release all that you need to in the moment, and you will continue to be the conduits that humanity needs you to be at this time, and pretty much always.

But as you know, it is a significant time in human history, and there are many people are afraid of something, or in resistance to something, and they need help. They need that stability to come from within them, and once you ground it for them, it becomes more available to them, as everyone has moments when they are open. Everyone has moments when they are not completely stressed out, anxious, and tense, and when they do have those moments, you will have laid the groundwork, literally for them to receive the beautiful stabilizing energies that are upon you right now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”