How You Will Experience the Completion of The Shift ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are so very interested in the development of the new self that is taking place within each and every human being at this time. You are essentially shifting your consciousness from within by noticing that you are more than the identity that you had previously clung to as the real you. Now, as you transition from being an egoic being to being your higher self, this place you are in now is the most interesting and fascinating to those like us who observe this process of evolution. We see you becoming more of who you are every day, because we witness you as an energy that vibrates, rather than as a human body that speaks, thinks, and acts. The up-leveling of your vibration is inevitable because your planet is shifting, just as the entire solar system moves through the galaxy to greener pastures, so to speak. It is a time for you to be looking at yourselves in new ways, seeing the eternal expansion of your consciousness to include more of the sense of self that you had previously. You are meant to grow and become, and the process of your evolution is through the realization that nothing else really matters. That is why you experience loss; that is why you experience the break-up, the loss of money, home, possessions, even your youth. You continue to lose more the longer you move through time and space there on Earth, which eventually helps you to come to peace with the fact that you were never meant to cling to these illusions in the physical in the first place. It was something that you were taught to do. You were taught to identify as a race, religion, nationality, gender and so on, and as those things are becoming less important to the awakened collective, there is push back. People who are still clinging want you to cling as well. They want you to have national pride, a religion, an easily-identifiable gender, and so on. The way of the ego is to cling, to attach, to assign meaning to the meaningless, and the way of the higher self is to be present, to care not about form, about structures, about made up ideas, like a country, and instead to be more unconditional love, to show more compassion, and to create from the beauty that is all around the higher self. This is essentially what you expect to do after you ascend, but you are in this transitional phase right now where you are stripping away the identities of the ego in order to become your higher self, and those of you who have done a lot of that work can begin to identify as your higher self right now. You don’t have to wait for a solar flash, an event, three to however many days of darkness that are being talked about, and so on. You don’t have to wait for any of it to occur outside of you in order for you to decide that you do want to identify as an infinite, eternal, formless being of light and love. And as yo make your expressions about that feeling that you have cultivated within yourself, you light up to others, and then others will be more interested in what you have than in the shiny new car, the big house, the luxurious clothing and other items that they have, and they will want you to teach them how to find that place inside where they too can have inner peace and a sense of satisfaction just from existing. This is why we continually that as the awakened collective, you are leading humanity. It is because we can see how the shift will actually continue to unfold. It will be a grass roots movement where all of you who are paying attention to what’s going on inside of you will lead the newly awakened back inside themselves to where everything that they need already exists. And as you do, you help the collective of humanity move from an egoic one to one that exists as a collective, as a higher, and then you will experience the completion of the shift. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Get Out of Your Own Way…You can access anything you need or want…Your dreams are meant to become a reality. Allow that to be.

Dear Ones,

You have completed so many phases of this transition. Yet, you hesitate to move forward with an important step.

You are no longer of 3D, nor is your earth. You are in a different place in a different time than when you were of 3D. But you wait for the permission to move beyond clearing, to live within your inner power.

Even though such is probably to be expected, given you were so enmeshed in 3D limitations, that is no longer your life.

You can access anything you need or want. For both your needs and wants are important pieces of your new transition journey.

You are no longer clearing or climbing a 3D mountain to your new being. You are your new being. So it is time to enjoy new you in ways you never before thought possible.

Even though you had 3D dreams of this and that, you believed those dreams would never be actualized, for you were merely a 3D being needing help with your life – help that the Universes might provide if you chanted the right phrases or prayed to the right gods.

Such is no longer true. In truth, it never was. In 3D, you were similar to Clark Kent with hidden powers accessible after removing your business suit to become Superman.

The difference between Superman and you in your 3D life was that you never dared remove your business suit. Such was so for several reasons, not the least of which was you needed to be in disguise while of 3D. A disguise that became such an important part of your earth existence you were afraid to remove it.

Your current identity fears are displayed internally in so many ways. “What if I really only am Clark Kent with or without the suit?” “What if I have no more power than I did five years ago?” “What if this dream of what could be, is only possible if…?”

So you continue to hide from the world and, most importantly, from yourself.

Remove your invisible cloak. Claim your new being.

To do so, you need to believe in yourself. You have the inner power and the skills. Your dreams are meant to become a reality. Allow that to be. And then, get out of your own way.

Many of you continue to dampen down your power to fit a “normal” life. You are no longer 3D normal, and these are not 3D normal times. You have initiated a new life in a new world.

Claim yourself. The self that you prepared for eons. The self you needed to hide from the 3D world. The self that the new world and you need to explore. Not only to further shift earth from fear to love but to create a joyful life for yourself.

You are not second or third best. You are the star of you. Your creations will shift your being and the earth. The time to create is now.

There are no more fear mountains to climb. This is not the time to ponder.

Claim your full being. Not necessarily with fireworks or diatribes, but with the self-assurance that you are beyond ready.

The ability to shift from fear to love is within your being. Display, parade, declare or do what you wish to live in the love you have worked so long to create. That time is now. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page (, and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Take the time to let your guardian Angel show you how you can accomplish all your dreams. In your meditation, ask for this from your Highest Self. You deserve to have that which makes you happy in your life.

September 5, 2021,

Bask in the wonder of life — go deep, soar high, follow your love, and the joy of fulfillment is yours.

Life is a special gift from God, filled with infinite beauty. Your appreciation and gratitude for this beauty brings forth a new dimension of love within you. Take the time to pursue beauty. Find one flower and look with wondrous eyes upon this divine miracle.

Notice the grace of a tree, the strength of its trunk, the power of the root system diving deep into the ground, and the play of the leaves in the sunlight. Put your arms around a tree and take a moment to sense the life force pulsing inside. This slow, steady pulse will soothe and calm you in times of upset. Try sitting with your back against a tree and feel the peace grow within you.

Listen to the songs of birds. They sing for the pure joy of it. This is nature in all its glory, and nature will always remind you of the beauty and wonder of Spirit.

Nature is one of the easiest ways to bask in the wonder of life. Just being aware of the miraculous occurrences in nature will stir the life force within you. There will be a reminder of times when you were a child and wonder lived at the forefront of your awareness. When you do this, your life takes on new meaning, a spacious quality of Grace.

Go deep within the feelings that connect you with Spirit. Be aware that you are a child of a benevolent Universe. Know that you are guided and protected by the Angels, and that who you are has great value to the world.

Soar high, and experience the incredible possibilities available to you at every moment. Anything is possible. Miracles are the natural state of being in the universe. Do not limit yourself by thinking you can’t do what is important to you.

Take the time to let your guardian Angel show you how you can accomplish all your dreams. In your meditation, ask for this from your Highest Self. You deserve to have that which makes you happy in your life.

Life is not meant to be a painful struggle without hope. Allowing new possibilities to play on the perimeters of your consciousness will begin the process of opening to full miracles. It is a process of allowing. It takes willingness to have your life be happier and more satisfying, even if you don’t know how to do it. This willingness allows the forces of the universe to work for you.

Allow yourself to open to miracles and to wondrous joy and gratitude for all that is available to you right now. Call on your Angelic presence to open the way to the miracles you deserve.

That is why we say:

Bask in the wonder of life — go deep, soar high, follow your love, and the joy of fulfillment will be yours.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel