You will not experience a smooth trajectory forward, but rather a path full of experiences, stops and starts, and what you consider to be successes and failures.

September 29, 2021,

Each person’s spiritual journey is a completely individual unfoldment. Sometimes it will involve figuring out what it’s not before you figure out what it is.

There will be letting go phases as well as gathering phases. There will be times where the focus is on comfort, and other times where the focus is on the harder work. There will be giant leaps as well as lull periods to allow the integration of new levels of awareness.

You will not experience a smooth trajectory forward, but rather a path full of experiences, stops and starts, and what you consider to be successes and failures.  We do not see it in that way, as all experiences simply provide further information on what is true match to you.  It’s all designed to help you to continually expand and discover the ever-unfolding revelations of who you really are.

You can trust the innate wisdom of the journey you are on because it is customized to your soul’s needs and desires; and you can also trust the innate wisdom of the journey of others, even if you cannot understand their choices from where you stand.

My Experience so far as a First Ascension Wave (living in and out of 5D).

(this note is added after i posted this because simply the skies have ALL the answers , after reading this ,please read this one from AA Gabriel :You will not experience a smooth trajectory forward, but rather a path full of experiences, stops and starts, and what you consider to be successes and failures. | FEEL MORE THAN FINE)

I am part of the team that assisted the planet shifting collectively to 5D. And so from that aspect my work is done, knowing fully that in this present timeline i am here to show the way through my own thriving and growth. But here is the catch : i really thought that after crossing this line, my life will feel much smoother and easier and free; it makes sense from a linear point of perspective , , while most around me for over 13 years since i begun this journey seem to lead a life beyond happy with their families and jobs eating junk foods , partying, drinking without seemingly being affected by it etc. As a Reiki teacher i gave all i had so anyone who came to me could discover the beauty of connecting to the Divine and from here leading a life happily ever after and succesfully done my work as i witness . Truth be told, in this current time, after the end of 2019 where i had confirmation that my work is done from The Light Beings, i though i would be able to move forward now without any negativity felt in my life and let me tell you: it is not the case at all and let me explain why: the more i become ONE with the Divine through my personal Ascension process the more i have also at times feelings of great resistance and emotional rollercoasters from fear, hate, anger to joy, love , peace, happiness…these do not last for ever but at times with then rise of Light seen on The Schuman Resonance becomes very accentuated and even though i do my daily meditations up to 2 hours a day at times these feelings may persist!

I know that the indicator of alignment to Source is to feel good and my intention to feel more than fine -as shoot a little higher than just feeling good- works its miracle and yet these moments of unstable emotional rollercoaster happen too! It would be a lie if i told you that i feel more than fine all the time while you will never hear me say to anyone out there i don’t feel good because i simply choose to speak of what works and even at times lie about how i feel as when i make the affirmation I FEEL GREAT, I FEEL MORE THAN FINE with power and resolve guess what happens next? I am a creator of my reality as you are and the results prove it! So in contrast with The Arcturians , who have no idea what it means to live in a human body really that share in their messages, that we must share our ‘pain’ with others i go for THE MAGIC FORMULA : I FEEL MORE THAN FINE instead and create reality from here. And let me also explain why : The pain i feel is not mine but of the collective’s, that is what happens when one aligns more with GOD, one feels more the collective’s energy and one learns to transmute it from within out which a huge work by itself. So the pain i feel i can easily release by asking Divine Mother to take it from me, i am not alone, i got Legions of Light throughout Eternity supporting me in my journey along Father Mother God and The Supreme Creator. This does not happen though in an instant in our linear 3D time. It takes time , it affects my eating habits, i can’t even enjoy my raw vegan chocolats lol or a simple light raw vegan meal…I must be very careful of what i ingest and water is the best beverage of all along fruit juices…so this brings progressively to becoming a breatharian…do i want to become a breatharian now ? no, not yet i want to enjoy raw vegan delights 🙂 It seems though that once we cross the line, we can’t go back to things that the body/mind/spitit complex is used and change happens more and more as body shifts from Carbon based to Crystal based from Human to Galactic.

Basically i feel that i am/ we are the experiment and the Galactics are observing me / us and learning from me / us and then share in their messages what i go through and how i / we smooth it out. This is why i post so often messages from The Arcturians here because i agree with them and now i found the reason. They learn from me/ us and then they share to their audiences through other channels. Call me / us selfish or self centered i don’t care because i am!!! knowing fully it is in my thriving and raising my vibration that i am helping the collective leading the path to Ascension for each and everyone following that path. I lead through my example, through silence when i walk in the streets and through answering questions only when i am asked and only then.

I am grateful for all the support i am getting from all Light beings and please Arcturians i know you innerstand what i mean here lol.

So from a personal point of view i wish that this emotional rollercoaster i feel ends sooner than later cause then this means we are ready for the next phase of our evolution as a collective.

From a Light Worker / White Hat working in silence among millions doing the same work as Gate keepers and Bridge to 5D Hosts in service for The Highest Good for all that does not expect to be understood by the widest population of humanity and is more than fine and very ok with that.

Besides all that Our Financial Freedom through NESARA/GESARA is long overdue. For those amongst you that have the means please and thank you for your contribution : Donate here


Nikos Akrivos

You Are Now A Galactic Federation Human

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Dear beloved ones,

If you are reading this, it means the space program worked. Welcome to the fifth dimension.
You are now a Galactic Federation Human. Congratulations.
The universe is an amazing place, filled with exotic life forms, incredible sights and new experiences.We come in peace and with good news.
You are not alone. Life exists beyond your world; intelligent life. We want to be your friends and we invite you to the Fifth dimension.
We will wipe out all diseases and war and hunger and we will help you build a better civilization, which is more spiritual and peaceful than you can currently imagine.
Our spaceships are on their way and, so far, life has been good for us here. You see, we’ve figured out the secret to living well without any harm to others or ourselves.  It’s really quite simple—all we do is listen to our hearts, do what feels good for us, and allow everyone else to do the same.
The heart chakra is the 5th chakra in the chakra system. In Chinese philosophy, the heart chakra is called the “Sea of Chi” and it’s responsible for the vital energy flowing through the entire body.
Listen to your heart and follow the beat. Use the rhythm of your heart to help you understand yourself better, learn from mistakes and move towards achieving new goals.
Your heart guides you through life with hints and whispers, coaxing you along until one day you realize its true purpose. The thump, thump, thumping is your heartbeat pounding in your ears, urging you to listen to your soul.
Do what your nature desires, what your inherent traits yearn to do. Listen to your heart instead of your thinking; pay attention and be aware of what you’re feeling. And you will never be split if you listen to your own heart. By listening to your own heart, you will begin to move in the correct direction.
The mind can be compared to water. Just as water is continuously in movement, similarly, the mind is never still. It is always in movement within itself, in conflict with itself.
And there is no silence. The noise that comes from the mind is so much that one is caught in it, lost, completely immersed in it. There is no sense of self.
In the very center of this turmoil, however, there is a still point. In Sanskrit, this point is called the ‘atman’, the self. In the West, it is called the ‘soul’. In Latin, it is called persona, and that means mask. The word ‘person’ is derived from this.
And the day you let go of all your mental garbage is the day you begin your journey to liberation.
The entire art of the new era will be based on the secret of consciously, alertly, and attentively listening to one’s heart. You will fall many times. Rise up again, for falling and rising again is how one gains strength. This is how you become a part of the new golden age.
Tapping into your feelings is a way of connecting with your heart, which is the part of you that is in charge of your emotions. And when you connect with your heart, it will help you access the wisdom that is native to you.
Start to feel your breath whenever you have the opportunity. Simply take a deep breath and feel it fill your lungs, as if your entire being is being flooded with divine love energy.
Then exhale fully, as if you’re pouring the divine love energy you’ve received back into the Universe. Do it as often as you remember throughout the day. This will assist you in moving from your head to your heart.
So many of your senses are atrophied in modern life. You’re constantly distracted, and the more you’re distracted, the less you care about what’s really happening in front of you.
This is why it’s important to break away from the daily routine. Take a walk, get some fresh air, be with nature. Most importantly, try to do something that will make you feel alive. The more you take up your senses, the more alive you’ll be.
As you travel from the head to the heart, all of your senses will grow brighter. You’ll start to sense life pulsing through your veins, preparing to leap and flow into the Fifth Dimension.
The truth is that you are all already in the Fifth Dimension; most people on earth are simply caught up in the three-dimensional illusion of their minds.
But if you learn how to move from head to heart, and even if you catch a glimpse of your ‘self’ for a single moment, you will be able to enter the Fifth Dimension realm, which is far more beautiful than you can imagine.
We love you dearly.We are here with you.We are your family of light.

A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Recognizing Energy Over Personality

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September 28, 2021,

Many enlightening human beings have trouble accepting compliments. What we want you to understand is that it is imperative for all of you moving forward to embrace all aspects of the flow – the give and the take, the supporting and being supported – and to accept the balance that comes from both giving and receiving.

One tip we would like to give you that may make it easier for you to receive a compliment is to see it as acknowledging the energy you hold rather than the personality traits that you have. So for example, if someone said, “You are so good and kind” in response to something you did, you might be tempted to brush it off immediately, but if you reframed it in your mind as, “You hold the energy of goodness and kindness” you might not be resistant to it at all!

You can use the same technique to appreciate those who have trouble with receiving compliments. People have a tendency to accept that energy simply is. Things like, “You have such a soothing presence”, or “I love your energy” may be much easier for them to accept.

Why is that? Because those on a service contract generally won’t take credit for doing because they don’t give for glory or acknowledgement but they are very interested in the evolution of their energy and beingness. So if you compliment what they do, they may automatically dismiss it because you are not focusing on what really matters to them.

Meeting them with recognition for their energetics is something they will be less resistant to because to them the energy of their beingness is far more important and valuable to them than recognition for what they do could ever be.

Rapidly Changing Your Life During Dream/Meditative Time

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Dear Ones,

You feel as if we, of the Universes, built your dreams higher than your reality. That we lied to you. Of course, such is not true. You are merely not yet noting enough difference in your outer world to believe what we prophesized.

In your dream/meditative time, you experience a different world than your current outer-world reality. Now that you are more tuned into your other than fully awake states, you want to actualize those dream/meditative experiences. 

Yet, when you are awake and alert (in your thought processes), you discover more anger and discontent than is comfortable.

You feel like you wish to remain in your dream/meditative state longer than in the past. As if your wake state is a nightmare and your dream state is a lovely reality.

Your life is probably not a nightmare as you are likely coasting for much of your day – perhaps worrying a bit but not experiencing much in the way of direct angst. As if you are above the fray but allowing the fray to enter your awake nightmares.

You believe the joyful future we discussed multiple times is merely a ghost dance of possibilities for someone other than you. That such dreams will never be possible in your current lifetime.

Those thoughts of impossibility hold you throughout your day, but you dismiss them in your sleep/meditative time. In your dream/meditative states, you fly between dimensions observing this, rectifying that, and shifting your history and future – as well as that of others.

Your dream/meditative times are your canvas of change. During those times, you paint a concept and then paint over it with a more expansive vision. Your nonawake time is your sketch pad, not your final piece of art or life.

If you were writing a novel, you would have an idea, but not the words you wish to use. So you would write, edit, and enhance the phrases day after day. Even though the novel’s concept remains the same, it would become more readable with your ongoing attention.

So it is for you. You dabble in this and that concept with a goal of love and joy. But to perfect that goal, you are trying many approaches. You are not abandoning a joyful life but instead enhancing it in ways not possible in your daytime thoughts.

Your days are eroded with angst, anger, interruptions, and responsibilities that do not allow you to play with your future as is now required.

You create almost every second of your dream/meditative time. But before introducing those creations in your “real” world, you want to ensure they effortlessly blend into your new being and reality.

Many of you wanted to jump from 3D fear to new you instantly. Such was not possible emotionally, mentally, or physically. Creating new you has been a process encompassing years of your life.

You are enhancing your creations – not with 3D dreams, but with 5D and beyond reality. The difference between a novel written by a 10-year-old and one written by a forty-year-old. Even though both might be published, it is unlikely you would find a novel written by a 10-year-old interesting. So it is for you now.

You are enhancing your 5D and beyond skills in your dream/meditative states instead of 3D earth experiences, as was true when you were creating new you. Each time you enter your dream/meditative time, you increase your new you knowledge and skills – similar to 3D aging. But your dream/meditative states significantly reduce the time to do so.

You likely wish you could wake up tomorrow and put a few thoughts together for a new you creation that astounds you or the world – that your tapestry tread in this new world tapestry of joy would sparkle today.

You do not yet have enough new you experience in the greater world to create that sparkling thread. We, of the Universes, promised that you would encounter such shifts in your current earth life. The solution is to enhance your creative changes in a condensed form, as has been true for some time during your dream/meditative time.

Those of you who have difficulties sleeping or meditating are perhaps concerned you are not fulfilling your goal. Such is not true. Even though you likely have not acknowledged such to yourself, you have discovered other methods to enhance your new you learning skills. Your method might include reading materials, journaling, quiet time, nature, animals, or any habit that has become important to you the past few weeks.

You have not been left behind, and you are not a slow learner. You are a different type of learner who does not fit within the expected pattern. You cannot escape your need to create a life of joy. You are merely developing what you need in a unique fashion.

We highlighted dream/meditative times because they are now the most common avenues of new you creations.

All of you reading this message or similar messages are creating your new you life of joy and love. A life that will be common very soon in your waking life, as well as your dream/meditative time – or any platform you are currently using to develop you. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page (, and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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When you connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind, there is an expanded perception of the world you inhabit and any question can be answered.

September 26, 2021,

When you connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind, there is an expanded perception of the world you inhabit and any question can be answered.

Dear One,

You have within you an enlightened state of mind where Truth prevails and Divine Love empowers you, filling all the dark places. Give yourself the gift of finding this place, and become so familiar with it that you are able to connect there with a breath and a thought.

This enlightened state within you is beyond normal waking-consciousness and can even be called a super consciousness. It is an expanded place of Light, Peace and all Wisdom. It is possible through prayer and meditation to connect deeply with this beautiful, enlightened state within your mind.

It only takes a few minutes to sit quietly and breathe in Light and Love. When you do this and ask for guidance, you provide a fertile ground that can be planted with seeds of Joy, Peace and Divine Order in every area of your life.

When you bring a question with you into your expansive, enlightened mind, the answer will become obvious. Even if it does not seem to be clear when you are sitting in your meditation place, it may pop into your mind as you go through your day ~ especially if your intention to know the truth is strong.

Every day you can give yourself this gift and create a personal relationship with the enlightened state within you. From this place, the Divine Mind is accessible and the Angels will inspire you. A feeling of Peace in your heart will be the result. In this enlightened state of mind, you are filled with Divine Light and know truly that all is well.

Divine Presence,

May I seek your guidance first before I allow fear to take over my mind. Help me to remember to slow down, take deeper breaths, and offer to you all that weighs me down.

As I call forth the Light from the Highest Source there is, I invite this Light to fill my mind and heart, bringing me a deeper connection to Divine Wisdom and Guidance. May I allow Creative Solutions to abound and lighten up all areas of my life right now.

I am grateful that I am gaining more Faith and the inner knowing that all my needs are met with Grace and Ease. Thank you for bringing me the answers I need to live in Harmony and Peace. And so it is. 

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:

When you connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind, there is an expanded perception of the world you inhabit and any question can be answered.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

Is it time to trust what you have learned, add in what you know deep in your being, and step forward in your service in brand new ways?

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Next Phase of Service

September 26, 2021,

Many of you have been studying and learning skills to support your journey and to be of service to others. You might think of it as gathering all kinds of different ingredients and elements in a basket.

What we wish for you to know is there may well come a time in your journey, as you step into your next phase of service, where you feel guided to create brand new offerings that are a beautiful combination of some of the skills you have gathered along the way with the inner knowingness of your soul.

It is like blending those ingredients together in a new way to create a casserole that people haven’t tried before but is absolutely delicious. Is it time to trust what you have learned, add in what you know deep in your being, and step forward in your service in brand new ways?

You will begin to love everyone, even those that do not appear to ‘deserve’ it.

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by Jennifer Farley,

It starts as a gentle stirring…a feeling of love in your being. It grows and pulses outward to everything and everyone around you. It is send out to The Universe and is returned to you in waves. You will begin to love everyone, even those that do not appear to ‘deserve’ it.

This is when you know, really know, you are part of The Divine Incarnate.

~ Creator

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Schumann Resonance through the roof!

This shows us that even bigger changes are happening as more Light is pummeling the planet…First we receive, the inner changes happen as we assimilate the light and then it reflects in the outer both individually and collectively. Now many who don’t know this, can be easily irritated / angry but you who read this can make sure to set the intention to be loving and kind no matter what arises. I invite you to get enough rest, sleep, drink water abundantly and be easy in yourselves and of course doing the inner work , breathing consciously makes the symptoms easier to accept and heart remains more open to receive cause it is all about learning to be a good receiver.😊

Schumann Resonance Today ⚡️ Power 💥 62 💥 75 💥 80 – Disclosure News Italia

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Power of Now

September 25, 2021,

The now moment is your power base. It is the clearest energetic picture of what you have to work with.

When you stay present in the now, you will be able to much better access the innate wisdom to choose your next highest step. And truly, that is all that is ever required in order to continually allow the unfoldment of your highest life expression.

You might think of the energies of the past or the unknown of the future to be static.  That makes it more difficult to access the clarity that the now moment is trying to provide for you. It is absolutely safe for you to simply make your highest choice, the one that is most in line with your truest intentions…one now moment at a time.

In fact, that is how you move with whatever is being energetically supported at any given time, stepping onto a much more consistent path of mastery. It is also how you reduce energetic overwhelm and the ascension fatigue many of you are experiencing.

So please do feel for the change in humanity’s overall vibration, because it has just taken you higher than you have ever been before, and we are including Atlantis and Lemuria, which were just pockets of life on Earth at those times.


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been experiencing the ripple effect that humanity has been creating throughout the entire galaxy and universe. We are all connected to one another, and so when there is an improvement in the vibration of the human collective consciousness, we not only notice it, we feel it. We benefit from the movement forward that you are making. So by helping all of you, we help ourselves, and even though this is not our primary motivation for helping you, it is a nice bonus. We want you to all to start feeling the ripple effect that you as individuals are having on the entire human collective.

If you could just notice yourselves and acknowledge yourselves for the beautiful work you are doing, you could relax a bit more. We see so many of you thinking that you’re not contributing enough and feeling the repercussions. Now, we also want you to feel the reverberation of that ripple effect. You raise your consciousness as a collective, and that then affects the rest of us here in all of the higher dimensional planes of existence, and then we can give you more because we have just become more of ourselves.

This universe is a beautiful place, and it is a beautiful place in spite of what is dark and negative within it. You all have the ability to affect the changes you want to see and feel, and if you could get that immediate feedback, then we are certain we would see even more acts of kindness and selflessness on your world. That is why we are delivering you this transmission. We want you to know how effective you are and that the changes are rippling out and rippling back to you.

Your eyes can deceive you. You have optical illusions, magic tricks. You know that you don’t see the full spectrum of what is out there in front of you. So believe us when we say that you cannot always see the positive results that have been occurring on your world and throughout the universe because of your willingness to give more of yourselves, to be of service, and to process what is no longer serving you out of your chakra systems. We want you to know it and feel it, but you have to be feeling for it in order to experience it.

You’re not necessarily going to see it in the outside world and how many negative experiences there are in it. So please do feel for the change in humanity’s overall vibration, because it has just taken you higher than you have ever been before, and we are including Atlantis and Lemuria, which were just pockets of life on Earth at those times. You represent what is holding the light for humanity, and there are more of you coming to the knowing of who you really are every single day. That is having an effect on everything throughout this universe.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/25/2021 • Do you Love your Sweet Self?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We would wish for each of you to love yourself without condition. We would love for you to look in the mirror each morning and see the Presence of the loving Divine. We would sing for joy if you could build yourselves up when talking to self or others, rather than casually putting yourselves down.

We know you feel good about yourselves at times. We also see how easily so many you find fault with yourselves.

In the heavens, we see only your perfection. We see only your light. 
We beat witness to all you do that is kind and loving, and when you are having a less-than-loving moment, we see only the love beneath that is trying to emerge. We see you in your pure potential – a soul enlivened, healthy, happy, expressed, and in awe of oneself. We know you have many challenges. We know you don’t always feel good about yourselves. We choose to feel good about you anyway. We choose to love what you love and support what you dream. We choose, dear ones, always to acknowledge and love the light within ourselves and within you. Before you focused your consciousness into your earthly reality, you did the same.

Little children, before they are conditioned, know self-love very well. They are proud of their “accomplishments” as well as their so-called “failures.” They know – wise souls that they are –  that this life is a glorious dance of experience. They show you their art, whether they’ve colored inside the lines or not. Some revel in the messes they make with dirt or dinner. They fall, look around, and get up laughing, or have a good cry and move on. They show you their owies, their bandaids, and even their casts very proudly. You would never catch a child saying, “I look fat. I look ugly.” They have no such notion before they learn it. They observe themselves in a mirror with fascination. They would never tell you they are stupid. They proudly tell you about all they’ve learned. They tell you all they are doing right. They do not judge, criticize, or find fault with themselves until others teach them to do so. They have no problems interrupting you in their zeal and passion to share life’s joy, or in their requests when they feel need. They are neither arrogant nor vain. They are perfect and they know it.

While it would be easy to blame those who taught you not to love yourselves, it is wiser, more empowering, and certainly kinder to yourself to say, “I may have been trained out of self-love at an early age, but now I remember! The Creator of universes loves me! My angels love me. I am cherished! Revered! Adored! Perhaps I could treat myself more kindly. Perhaps I could acknowledge the goodness, truth, beauty, and light within. Perhaps I could stop blaming my parents, teachers, ex’s and take ownership of who I am and how I choose to see myself in this present moment.” Then choose to value yourself. Choose to acknowledge your light. Choose to love your ever-beating heart and brilliant mind. ChooseYour free will is your greatest gift. You can choose to see yourselves as the Divine does, or choose to see yourselves through the eyes of those who forgot how to love themselves.

We know it is hard to love yourself when others don’t. We understand that it is hard to be kind to yourself when others won’t. We know you have endured thousands to millions of less-than-loving interchanges throughout a lifetime – ranging from horrific abuse to unkind judgments, to being cut off in traffic.

However unthinkably bad the behavior of those around you (or even your own) nothing – nothing! – can diminish the light that you really are. Nothing and no one can rob you of the very essence of your being. Others can trigger you to forget. Others can trigger you to see yourself as less than light, less than perfect, less than pure. They can inspire you to wonder “what’s wrong” with you when in reality nothing is wrong at all! You may have a harder time loving yourself when others don’t, but always, you get to choose.

You can choose to love the light within you. You can choose to elevate yourself rather than put yourself down. You can choose to talk sweetly and kindly to yourself. You alone, dear ones, get to choose to acknowledge and love yourself exactly as you are. No matter who does or doesn’t love you, you can choose to love yourselves.

You were not created to satisfy any criteria or pass any tests. You were not created to please others or even to make them comfortable. You were created for the joy of being you and if you are true to yourself you will shine a light for the world. You were created because the Source dreamt of a soul like you, imagined your absolute perfection, and the delightful expansion of love, and you came into being. You were created to be creators – to love yourself, your dreams, your desires, and your ideas enough to focus on them and thus, bring them into being.

Dear ones we pray for your joy! We long for your hearts to know the love that lives and breathes within you. We long for the day when you awaken to the fact that you deserve your own love, acknowledgment, validation, and your own reverence. You are magnificent beings!

Next time you look in the mirror, allow yourself to feel the incredible love that is peering out at the world through your eyes. Allow yourself to feel the love that lives within you. Wait until the judgments settle down, the self-criticisms settle down, and there is nothing but silence and presence. Then you will see who and what lives within you.

You are magnificent! You are unique. You are precious creations of love and never separate from it.

When you wash your face, you are washing the face of God. When you get dressed, you are clothing the temple of the Divine. When you work in any way you are allowing the Love that creates universes to express itself through you.

You are magnificent. We cannot say this enough.

Compared to the power that lives within you, your challenges are minuscule. Compared to the infinite, eternal, Love and Life that lives within you, the power of a virus pales by comparison. Compared to the Love and infinite compassion that lives within you, your anger and upsets seem like simple cries of pain when you feel pinched off from the experience of who you truly are.

Dear ones you are magnificent. Breathe that in. Receive it. Believe it.

Our love for you is without bounds and without end. You can sit, breathe, receive, and open to feel it at any time. What matters most, however, is that you choose to acknowledge and love the light within yourself.

Get up in the morning and say, “Good morning God, let us have a wonderful day together!” Look in the mirror and say, “Hello God, you are magnificent in this form and all forms.” Congratulate yourself for every loving act or thought. Overdo this kind of self-love until it becomes a habit. For in choosing to love the light that lives and breathes within you, you open to allow the goodness, grace, and guidance, you truly deserve to flow into you life… and indeed into all manifest creation.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

the system has been dismantled. What is occurring now is like the fading of a piece of music as the song ends. It’s weak, and you can easily rise above it by focusing on the good and the positive.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: What We Would Like You to Know Now

September 24, 2021,

J: Hi, Ashian.  As you may be aware, the energy is all over the place.  Those of us who are holding the light are tired and overstretched, and that’s the kindest, shortest version! What can you say to help us along?

A: Greetings and blessings to all who feel this message.

J: Actually, why do you say ‘feel’ and not read?

A: Because when you (or any channel) channels a message, you draw into the field of consciousness a particular vibration.  The higher that vibration is, the greater its resonance and the more people are affected by it, even if they have not read the channel.

That is why being thankful is good, because gratitude changes the amplitude of humanity’s vibration. That’s also why we would encourage you all to do free writing/speaking/drawing/dancing/daydreaming, because in your creativity, you are channeling.  You are drawing down insight and vibrations from higher dimensional aspects of yourself and the ‘invisible team’ that works with each of you.

J: That’s brilliant! Thank you. Now, I know you’ve discussed the ‘invisible team’ with many of our clients, but I think it would be great if you could explain that to those reading this blog.

A: A wonderful suggestion! Many humans are aware of the concept of a ‘guardian angel’, or a guide that stays with you through your lifetime, indeed, through all your lifetimes. This is only part of the truth.

You all work with far more than just one being. Every person has a team which can vary in size, but eleven beings is not uncommon for light workers. That team includes about three members of the ‘global team’, for example: Ascended Masters and Archangels with whom you have a special connection.  This could be Mohammed, Jesus, the Divine Mother, St Germaine, Krishna, or an unnamed aspect of the Divine, as well as any specific Angels or Archangels with whom you feel a sense of connection. They know you, and they work consciously with you and your energy.

Also part of your team is your personal team: these are often members of your soul family, your galactic family, higher dimensional aspects of yourself and any other higher dimensional beings with whom you share a specific connection. They help you to develop your talents and to remain as true as you can to your life plan.  They never take away your free-will, except in the instance of protecting you from something that is not your karmic balance.

You see, you are never alone! They do not intrude, often working with you when you are asleep, daydreaming, or when your mind is occupied deeply in a different issue.

The beauty of this is that you can develop a much closer relationship with them.  You can ask them all to give you a hug at the same time to uplift you when you feel tired or depleted.  You can ask them to assist you in your day ~ for example, by helping you to see the best decisions with clear insight, or to help you develop your intuition. The possibilities are endless, and the invitation to work consciously with them is open to you. Enjoy your partnership 🙂

J: That’s wonderful Ashian, thanks. I think so many of us feel battered, tired and worried that we aren’t doing well enough.

A: The fears and doubts are “thought blankets” that have been used to undermine humanity’s intuition and ability to take action. The more you follow your knowing ~ even if you’re not 100% certain, but only 55% certain, the more you destroy the vibration of that “thought blanket.”  Then go for it!

J: Do you mean a kind of programming?

A: It’s more than that.  It’s programming: like radio, television, memes, apps, songs, advertising and  gaming…but it’s also a distorted lower vibration that was ‘beamed’ into your planet. If it was just a low vibration, many of you would have been able to raise yourselves above it as you evolved.  However, by making it a distortion, they managed to make it more “sticky.”  The distortion made it significantly more difficult to rise above it and to evolve beyond that way of thinking.

J: So are we there now? Beyond/above it?

A: Yes, and the system has been dismantled. What is occurring now is like the fading of a piece of music as the song ends. It’s weak, and you can easily rise above it by focusing on the good and the positive.

J: Wow! Ok, this conversation did not go in the direction I thought it would when we started, but I think we covered a lot! Thank you.

A: It is we who thank all of you for your perseverance and commitment. Our love is always with you.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2021

A surfer consistently paddles out into the ocean but knows that the greatest experiences come from waiting for the perfect conditions and the right wave.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Working with Flow

person surfing
Photo by Pixabay on

September 24, 2021,

Pushing against energies that aren’t supporting movement is usually an exercise that brings limited results at best. It will usually result in frustration and exhaustion. Or, you may recognize the energies are not supporting movement, but the lack of flow may tempt you into thinking you are doing something wrong, are lazy, procrastinate too much, or have some other character deficit when in reality, the energies are not supporting movement and it has nothing to do with you at all!

Dear Ones, what we wish for you to understand is that working with flow means you not only accept what the energies are supporting with your faith and trust; you also know that when the energies are supporting movement you will be far more efficient in a shorter amount of time and effort than the old ways could ever have delivered.

We often speak of the importance of consistency, so you may be wondering how consistency fits into all of this. How can you be consistent if you don’t try every day?

Consistency doesn’t mean trying to force movement regardless of what is supported. Consistency means you hold your intention and move with inspired action toward that goal, trusting the greater system of ebbs and flows the universe works with that assures your success.

A surfer consistently paddles out into the ocean but knows that the greatest experiences come from waiting for the perfect conditions and the right wave. If the wave doesn’t come that day, the surfer doesn’t take it personally, and neither should you.

The Greatest War Story Ever Told, the Light has Won!

Note : this describes IMHO pretty closely what took place in our 3D world, use your own discernment, take what you resonate and leave all the rest. Namaste, Nikos.

By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 24, 2021

The Greatest War Story Ever Told! The Light has Won!!

The informed people that have done their research know parts of this story; some know almost all of it. But to the general public, the “Greatest War in History” has been kept secret until this EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) that will be released in weeks if not a month away. The Alliance will release the horrible crimes against humanity in the coming weeks. Fake Main Stream Media controlled by the dark ones will be taken down. Yes, the mighty Alliance is made up of seventeen countries military forces and backed by the NESARA/GESARA laws (Global Economic and Reformation Act) signed in 2015 by all 209 countries of this world. Unknowing, the people ask, who is the enemy? What is the purpose? Well, the ones who do not know fully; have sensed it or know that there has been an evil part of humanity that has kept us in the dark. They have used every means possible for centuries and we are learning, it is really been for thousands of years. This enemy is a secret satanic society called the illuminati since the seventeen hundred’s and before that, the extension of the Roman Empire; The Catholic Church. Many calls it the Deep State, or the Cabal today. For they have bribed, threatened, killed, or usurped people, churches and governments to keep control of everyone on the planet. Of course, all people do understand this: for power, money and control of everyone and everything on the planet. Many published articles of the unbalanced financial statistics of the world, have stated in public articles, that the upper one percent control 60% of the world’s wealth. I am to enlighten everyone that the 0.1% of the super rich control 99.9% of the wealth, and most of it is hidden in tunnels and underground D.U.M.B.’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) at about three, five and ten kilometers down under our feet all over the world. I will tell more on these underground sanctuaries for the Cabal later, but these hidden to the world places was used to keep their major “Crimes Against Humanity” out of the eyes of the public, so they can do their evil without almost all from seeing it. This was to keep the normal population in the dark and uninformed.

Please understand, this “Greatest War in History” is a war completely different than storming the beaches of a country and taking it back. This is a war of information and infiltration.  This war is secret from the general population too. They used all back room deals, money, threats and murder to keep there evil will going. But the good people all over the world took a stand and God’s will of releasing this planet from all evil was planned for millions of years. The dark will turn to the light, as God’s will stand forever on for humanity. For one of the greatest laws of God is to choose, for most of humanity, we were told lies from all sources, to keep us slaves to them and even made us think we had freedom in many countries, but we did not: even in America. For even our great Constitution was usurped in 1871 and made into a corporation and owned by the Vatican, as all countries on the planet were.

The crown jewels in the positive direction was two great documents; “The Declaration of Independence” and “The Constitution of the United States”. Of course, God or Prime Source Creator did send his son, Jesus or Yeshua (real name) to NOT allow Earth to go too dark or evil and to help save it. Until the time of the “Great Awakening”. This time is now and the near future. The beginning of the “Greatest Transition in Human History”.

Understand, the real story is that the Roman Empire was transformed into the Catholic Church, because the leaders of the fading Roman Empire needed a way to keep control, and used Council of Nicea, the real Son of God, to use Jesus name and story by the Dark Side to keep control of the planet. This was confirmed by “Q” in a live interview we had. From Q interview, Jesus was sent here to NOT allow Earth to turn forever evil or to the Dark. Understand that people who are NOT conscious and still have a bicameral mind, cannot think for themselves and need to be led. The conscious mind thinks for oneself, researches, leads him/her self and reflects on what is their purpose in life.

The decisions made in 321 A.D. was to allow “how Jesus was to be betrayed and worshipped.” They decided what chapters or books were to be allowed in the bible and what were not. This led to a total totalitarian Catholic Church who decided most things in Europe at the time; who was good and evil, who was to be king or queen, until many groups broke away by the 1500’s with protestant churches and as did many governments. But the Catholic Church did reign over the “Dark Ages” and committed many “Crimes Against Humanity”, including leading the 199-year war with Crusades over their truth of Who is right? The Muslims or the Catholics on how they worship the same God. This is the same in modern times, to allow Pedophile Priest to just be transferred around and still commit the same crimes, and most not being prosecuted. Many Priest had children with their Nuns that were killed once in birth, and many graves around some churches. This is part of Catholic Churches non-holy real agenda. In the upper parts of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, they were worshipping satan. The Romans learned this from a small group that they conquered years before. This was to get power and money. They really worship satan. Plan and simple, if you do your research.

Let us move up in time, the American Revolution; the war was won by really farmers against the Crown of England in 1776. Then with the great founding Fathers of America creating two of the greatest documents for a government in history, and everyone knows what they are. But the Crown of England was not going to let a major money income or land go, without more fighting, hence “the War of 1812” where they burnt the White House and burnt one set of greatest documents in history. People have to “wake-up” to the fact that the European elite and the Monarchy were NOT going to let America go, infiltration was the next step. Therefore, in 1871, President Grant gives over power to the Illuminati by the Republic of the Unites States gets turned over as a Corporation owned by the Vatican and ran by the Crown of England. Look what B.A.R. means “British Accreditation Registry”, this should tell you everything the “Maritime Law” in the American courts system, not independent of the Crown of England. 

Next is the “The Federal Reserve”, in which, is owned by the Rothchilds, and is not part of the American Government at all. The Federal was bribed and usurped in 1913 into existents to control the money of America by the illuminati. Hell, the Titanic was sunk to killed the opposition to the Federal Reserve from being created. Therefore, the Rothchild’s and the illuminati controlled the U.S. Currency printing and how it was created and used.

All wars including the Civil war was created by the illuminati, tell what the illuminati member predicted three world wars. Albert Pike revealed in 1871 that the illuminati led world would have three world wars in the future. We did have two, they made great profit for their banking system supplied money to both sides. They got the results they wanted: created great sorrow and harm, so they can keep control of the world’s population. One can call the 9/11 false flag created by both the Bush’s Presidents, the CIA, the Mossad of Israel and the twin towers owners themselves. There were over six trillion dollars spent on the fake terrorists that were hired to do the CIA and illuminati bidding to have to go around the world and find a few people with bombs or guns that might harm a few people. This war was to keep going forever; that was their plan. Now, the World War III that Albert Pike talked about was suppose to be a fake alien invasion with real anti-gravity ships with robotic Grey Aliens inside the ships and have Special Forces really operate the ships. The mighty Alliance has stopped this plan, completely.

Now to tell the real heartbreaking news on human trafficking, pedophilia and adrenochrome processing and where it comes from. There was big evil on this planet; child sacrifice by the Catholic Church and satanic cults, and killing children for a chemical to extend their life, called adrenochrome. This is where we get into the top profit and selling drugs on planet Earth and beyond is adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is made from the blood of a child, younger the better, that has properties. To make the adrenochrome, children are shocked-electrically to get their adrenaline high and they then kill the children to extract the blood with a great amount of stem cells. The high adrenaline laced blood and the human stem cells will keep the blood drinker’s young. From the quote: “What exactly IS adrenochrome? In scientific terms, it is a chemical that is produced in the human body when adrenaline [also known as epinephrine] oxidizes. How is the chemical extracted? A potential victim is terrorized, thus increasing the amount of adrenaline that is flowing through their body. They are then killed and the adrenochrome is collected with a needle and syringe from the base of the back of their neck and spinal column. Once collected, the chemical can be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices.” Get it through to your head; these hidden REAL happenings on this planet, that six to eight million children get taken for mostly adrenochrome processing. This is pure evil. It did exist, out of sight on this planet. The mighty Alliance has stopped all of it, by September 2021.

The rescue of the children in the D.U.M.B.’s in the last five years, who were used to make adrenochrome, child sacrifice for the satanic cult of the illuminati and for sex was led by Special Forces of the Alliance. Pedophilia is normal in for many Deep State criminals. This is no different to many Hollywood people, politicians worldwide, and even many of the Royal Families. Epstein Island will be proof of that, even there are many more places and islands that this is carried out.

Back to history timeline, in the 1960’s, JFK was killed trying to dissolve the Federal Reserve, and the Deep State assassinated him for it, the money control is their main weapon. There are notebooks, thick ones, the Alliance has the exact scenario to take down the Cabal. But it has been in high-gear since the 9/11 false flag. The plans have been developed over that time. The Alliance goes back to Howard Hughes and Nicola Tesla, in the 1920’s. The Q team was formed by JFK in the 1960’s and after his assassination, 200 U.S. Generals & Admirals aligned with the Alliance and started the plan to take down the deep state cabal. It has been six decades in the making, and the current plan has been created and modified with the help of the military and using quantum computers for future timeline scenarios. The Q Anon group of 200 loyal generals, and concerned citizens that American would be taken over by socialism. After 9/11, the Q group make there winning plans, to be a win, no matter the Deep States does to counter act it. Understand, with Operation Mockingbird in the 1950’s created by the CIA. The Deep State has controlled 90% the Main Stream Media, and the major internet companies. Know that the Republican Tea Party, they slowly destroyed the image, reputation and heart out of just conservative Republicans on the Fake News Media. The Deep State mafia media did the same to the Q Anon group who followed the “Q” Drops posted on 4 Chan or 8 Chan from October 2017 to December 2020. People need to understand, this was a way to bypass the fake news to get information to the military and the public for the real truth. President Trump was the first one to “shout out FAKE NEWS” to the public, just one of his major accomplishments. President Trump was attack endlessly on Fake Media. Also, President Trump was the first to use “Twitter” to bypass the Fake News Networks to “make sure his words did NOT get twisted, by the corrupt press.

The major Wins and concerns over the last five years:

President Trump’s election in 2016 with a great win for the good side! Trump’s loyalty to the real people of the United States was a major blow to the Deep State. Hillary was supposed to win. With Dominion computer running, the Deep State thought that to swing 20% of the switching votes over to Hillary would win the election. They just did not understand the awaken American people to the same old crap that Hillary offered. I never seen that much mud-slinging ever in the election, and Hillary paid for it, the American people could finally see right through it!

Military action was needed to cut the head of the snake off as soon as possible happened even before Trump’s inauguration, with taking down the top 13 illuminati families. Let me tell you about the first major action taken by the Alliance and it was multi-raids at the same time on December 24th, 2016. Understand President Trump was first elected on November 8th, 2016. Trump met with the military Generals and Admirals, on November 9th, 2016 to discuss the take down of the top thirteen families of the world most powerful mafia called the illuminati. Know that President Trump was selected by our great military and Admiral Rogers met with him in 2014 to convince him to run. Since Admiral Rogers was head of the NSA, he knew that Trump was clean and without corruption. Back to the first raid that determined the direction of the planet; to the light (good) or the dark (evil).  They all lived in Venice, Italy. Why this was the perfect time to take-down the top families? This was the last day of the satanic festival of three days, and the Alliance knew they would all be at their homes. The military knew that the climax of the static ritual was to sacrifice a child. The criminals were vulnerable then. The Alliance assembled the best Special Operations, Delta Force, and Navy Seal teams, and were assigned one family’s home each. All top criminal families had to be taken down that night and not one operation could fail. The fate of the world was hanging on these operations that night. All operations succeeded is wonderous fashion. Much gratitude to the military who was a part of that wonderful operation. I hope you will be honored and have a movie made of this major part of history for humanity!

Understand about the evil underground safe haven for the illuminati operations. There are were over 3,500 Dumbs worldwide with 10,000 miles of Mav-Lev Trains in tunnels built by the illuminati connecting most major D.U.M.B.’s; to trafficking Children, people, Drugs, and processing Adrenochrome. The mighty Alliance has been taking out the tunnels and DUMB’s really since the 1980’s but the real push has been since President Trump first took office. Gene Decode kept all us Anon’s informed for years of the progress of the tunnel and D.U.M.B.’s worldwide, by the pattern of earthquakes that were about 3, 5, and 10 kilometers down, all over the world. His “decodes” were perfect to keep up on the secret war with the illuminati. What is the proof? Well, a normal earthquake has P & S waves in the signal, were a tactical nuke used to blow-up tunnels does not. The weapons explosion has only one wave, it why you can tell the difference. When they are exactly at these depths, it is clearly not fake. Also, we would get earthquakes at negative depth, means that the explosions were in Earth’s atmosphere, this was cloaked anti-gravity crafts of the illuminati being taken-out by weapons from the Alliance, once they started to try to escape. Hell, real proof was recently, that there are salt water geysers in the middle of Greece now, because what was there before was a Mav-Lev train tunnel that was taken out by Alliance forces. At one point, in the take-down of the tunnels and D.U.M.B.s, the Alliance lost about 200 special forces in an underground tunnel off of Iceland. They thought the Deep State agents were going to surrender, but once Alliance forces got there, they set off bombs and blow everyone up, including themselves. We need to honor their great sacrifice.

The real reason for the Norte Dame Fire was to stop the Child Sacrifices that were about to happen on Easter weekend. The Alliance warned the people inside to get valuables out of it, and five days before Easter Sunday, the Alliance hit it with a DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) (Lazer Weapon) from space satellite or a TR3B U.S. Air Force anti-gravity craft. This happened on April, 15, 2019 and was a major win in the secret war with the illuminati. This was a warning to the Vatican to stop all child sacrifices. I found out later, that about 600 children were planned to be sacrificed that weekend, to try to resurrect Lucifer himself into a body. You do not think this can happen, ask again and research.

Biden did not win the Election in 2020, it was major fraud that Trump and the Alliance allowed to happened not only to arrest people who have done this for decades, but to NOT ever to allow it to happen again. This is to reveal to the American people and the world, for it has gone on forever in every country. President Trump who we knew won the majority, but really won by 80.4% of the real vote, also monitored by the QVS (Quantum Voting System). This will be revealed soon and President Trump will take office again, in grand style too. Once the EBS goes off.

We do know that Biden really just got sworn in to the old U.S. Corporations that Ulysses S. Grant allowed to be formed in 1871 by the illuminati. Grant was a drunk, and that was paid off, just like many politicians and government people of today. The original constitution was changed by these traitors back then. Currently, this fake corporation is bankrupt and defunct, and many Patriots do NOT know that. Fake Biden is president of absolutely nothing, except the 10 square mile area of D.C. that is really not part of America. About 80% of Congress members have been arrested and charged, the same as all of the Supreme Court. It was determined by the Military that these two entities that allowed Biden into office without a proper due process; was “captured entities”.

The Deep State threaten with 6 suit-case style tactical nuclear weapons if Biden is not allowed to go into office. The Alliance did not allow Biden to have the Nuclear Football (Nuclear weapons control suitcase) and any access to the Pentagon or intelligence from the NSA, or the Department of Defense.

Gene Decode reveals in early September 2021 the Alliance has control of the Cabal tactical Nuclear weapons. The Department of Defense releases on 9/21/2021 that they “the finding and disarming of 11 cabal nukes used as leverage by cabal to prevent their arrests”. It is all over for the Deep State rats, bring in the justice and arrest, let it rain Special Forces on these bastards! Understand, our Constitution has a way to make sure, turnover to a so-called new elected President is legal and lawful, the military had to take over the country, and by March 6, 2021 determined there was massive voter fraud, and the Department of Defense reinstated President Trump as Commander-in-Chief on March 11, 2021.

The illuminati are behind the American takeover, with the CCP to infiltrate our government and take over. It has been in the plans for decades, because the American Military have “become awake” to the knowledge the illuminati finances both sides of the war to profit and create great suffering of the population. The American military does not play those games anymore.

Here is what Commander Ashtar stated last year on 10/27/2020 about the Chinese CCP troops and goals of placing bases all over the world: “Why did the Communist Chinese military land on Canadian soil?

Ashtar: They are, in fact, the new Deep State army. Trump has much control over the American army now. Ashtar: They will try to install bases around the world however it won’t be permitted.”

In January to February 2021 timeframe, the CCP allegedly had troops in Canada, and the Mexican border to come over into America after Biden took office at about 250,000 to 300,00 range. The CCP had bought property in Oklahoma to place troops there too. The Alliance made good on their threat back to the Deep State to “take them out” when CCP troops went through underground tunnels in New York State to and we think in Pennsylvania from intelligence received. The first 25,000 Chinese troops were taken out in their underground D.U.M.B was by a F-16 who release a bunker buster bomb. The F-16 was hit with counter-measures and was flying cripple over Michigan after the release, where the pilot ejected to safety in upper-Michigan somewhere. The D.U.M.B. that had 50,000 troops in it was deeper tunnel, and the military used the “Rods of God” launched from a satellite which is “tungsten steel telephone pole shaped projectiles” that can penetrate up to ten kilometers down without using any explosive device, the impact is enough to destroy over a large area. The Chinese troops on the Mexican border and Canada have been taken care of months and months ago by Alliance forces, from sources. The take-out of these underground D.U.M.B.’s was confirmed by multi-military sources.  

The is the same for the exact timing of the Taiwan troops and American troops in battle with the CCP in mainland China is not known, but from my intelligence, the Taiwan government it was in early February 2021. We do know there were an American Carrier Group that was operating in the South China Sea and air-to-air combat did happen and the Red Air Force of China did suffer many loses that day. We do know that three Navy Carrier Groups (about 100 ships) were off the West Coast in the Pacific and two Navy Carrier Groups off the east coast in the Atlantic at one point in time to protect our borders.

The Alliance forces were clearly taking-out tunnels and D.U.M.B’s under mainland China months and months before that from reports and updates on the so-called earthquakes that were exacting ten kilometers down, where Gene Decode knows this is take-out of these underground evil safe havens for decades of this major criminal activity of Deep State operatives. Alliance Leader of Canada has confirmed the CCP is kaput, as she says it. This was two month ago. She also stated on 9/22/2021 that if you report that there are now Chinese troops on Canada soil, “you will be arrested to go what she calls a Spa. (Spa=Military Firing Squad/Hanging)”.

The Evergiven Ship stuck in the Suez Canal in March of 2021, was a major win for the Alliance. The mighty Alliance stopped many things to their destination, including: Weapons of Mass Destruction (nuclear and bio-weapons) Adrenochrome, aborded Baby Fetus tissue to use in vaccines, and live children in the ship’s containers. All containers were searched on the ship by Alliance Special Forces. The Evergreen ship that is stuck in the Suez Canal was stuck there to reveal many things including Child Trafficking. There were over 1,245 children rescued on that ship inside containers. There was about 1200 children found dead in the containers too. This is the illuminati worldwide trafficking system. The pilot of the ship was Alliance, but the holes in Microsoft software allowed the Space Force to hack into the ships software and take over the steering and ran it aground. It was carrying WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction) too. Many other ships that were blocked carried weapons to start a war in the middle-east, the weapons were going to be given to the Muslims by the Israel Mossad. The plan is to reveal all in the news. The Deep State is losing 400 million an hour with the ships stuck, yeah!! With this, and the 10 days of truth on TV once the EBS is activated and everyone will learn about child trafficking and the crimes against humanity, so evil and real. Alliance Special Forces have been used to search and prevent any Deep State cargo, for the Clintons were part owners of the Evergreen Shipping lines.

From about April to September 2021, Myanmar and Afghanistan are now in Alliance control, they burnt all there “Poppy Field” which was the major source not only for illegal trade of drugs, but Gene Decode revealed 50% content of all Big Pharma drugs use opium and oil derivatives in their pills. How sick these deep state rats are. Afghanistan is now the first Deep State free country in the world. The reason America had to leave Afghanistan was to satisfy the NESARA/GESARA laws, of no foreign troops on anybody’s countries soil. Remember, peace agreement throughout the world.

The last major push for the illuminati, was creating the fake Covid-19 crisis and to get everyone vaccinated in the goal to depopulate the world to 500 million worldwide, for their final control push. This will blow-up in their face. The EBS will reveal all about the Covid-19, many Physicians, nurses and real researches have a ton of information on the internet by articles or videos. Simple, the Covid-19 is a bacterium, and can be easily cured with ivermectin or HCQ, hydrochloraquine. Also, the vaccines are poison, with many harmful chemicals inside to slowly kill you, the more jabs you get, the closer to death you are! Know that medical professionals pushing this “experiment chemical mix” that is NOT a vaccine will be prosecuted by international Nuremburg 2.0 Court system in the future. Understand, any drug or injection, the patient HAS TO BE INFORMED IT IS EXPERIMENTAL, or else the caregiver can be charged for that crime and they will be prosecuted. Understand, arrests have been on-going for the past five years and with ongoing military tribunals all over the world. Queen Romana announces that 2.7 cabal member were executed so far by September 2021.

On the safety of everyone’s money and finance’s, there will be complete takeover of the Planet’s finances is the QFS, (Quantum Financial system, that is unhackable. Everyone will have an account on this system in the world. To reset, there will be a GCR or Global Currency Reset, and R/V or Re-Evaluation of currencies, who countries was completely devalued unjustly like; Iraq, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. There will be more countries involved, but those are examples. 

What the Near Future Holds

The EBS will happen in the next few weeks or months, and final take-down of the Deep State rats all over the world. This is why Lynn Wood announced everyone should get three to four weeks of food for your family. The Alliance will be using the Space Force weapon to “black-out” electricity, cell phones, internet in a city area, the Alliance forces will use even total black-out maybe even two weeks either to flush them out, and capture them on the run or to keep the black-out and track them down inside the military quarantine area to their hide-outs. The Alliance already know who they are. Understand, most areas with very little Cabal members, like out in the country or small towns, probably will NOT see any interruptions to their services. Gene Decode used Melbourne, Australia as a Deep State strong-hold city. Expect tougher ways to corner these rats on these strong-holds. In America, we know Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and New York, as possible strong-holds. Understand, the Alliance will be out there to enforce martial law worldwide and to round up the Deep State rats, as Romana Didulo says in “unmarked Aircrafts (no country flag) is ours/Allied Forces.”

For the New Earth and its direction, humanitarians will lead the way, to rebuild the planet, with technology that was hidden and to stop all hunger, poverty, no one without housing and no children being harmed, ever! We will do it with zero-point energy; a way to free-energy, hydrogen or electric cares, food replicators, anti-gravity technology and the crown-jewel Med-Beds or Celestial Chambers to fix ALL aliments for the body. No one will be left out on the planet and all will share in the wealth and abundance of this great human planet. The first major transition of the planet will be in the next three to six weeks, from multi-sources, but exact timing is unknow. We do know this is a major transition for humanity.

Prime Creator’s Statement, the Crimes against humanity and against the Children, quote “Enough is Enough”. For God will always prevail over the Dark, for the “Greatest War in History” on planet Earth is the Light triumph over the Dark, the evil of this world. In the next few weeks or months, the EBS will reveal the Deep State’s crimes against humanity, humanity will cry in tears of sadness. This will be the “Great Awakening”. But with this information, we will realize humanity has reached the next step of evolution, to become closer to God, to know the truth of what happened. And to know more truths of hidden technology and the truth of the Galaxy and other worlds. For humanity is just really getting started, the final step to what is really real, and truthful. For so God will shine the Light on humanity and let the truth be told. The war over the dark has been won! Let Freedom reign throughout the cosmos, and let God’s light shine for everyone! God Bless Everyone! (Q Drop #3950)

a new Earth will be home to those who ascend and it will be well deserved, as you will have dedicated yourself to lifting up your vibrations and been successful in spite of the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent it.

24th September 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Dear friends In a time of great changes many of the Kryon messages gave information that is new to us but relevant now. The extract below is indicating a major upliftment in the consciousness levels of some of those souls being born now. They will already have an advanced level of consciousness, and able to express themselves intelligently at a much younger age than you would consider normal.

Mike Quinsey.

Kryon. The Future is what’s coming, dissolve your own tumour.

Scenario 3 – The Multi – Dimensional Human Being. Starts at 14.51 minutes.

You can examine your own body while you exist and are here. The muscle test – kinesiology will find out something that you ought to know. You have to access Innate completely and totally separately. The multi-dimensional Human Being is going to use that for the 24th pair of chromosomes that you think you don’t have, that is multi-dimensional and it is not yet understood, seen or recognised. It is the one the Pleiadians gave you for today because it starts to work in you and generation after generation, When consciousness starts to increase you start to see things and you start to see quantum things, it will reveal itself in the double helix.

The new born will be born with Innate, their own healer. They will know all about their blood chemistry without a test. They will know when any disease tries to attach to them instantly the moment it happens, instead of waiting for something to grow and have pain. They will be their own medical intuitive. That multi-dimensional piece of your DNA that you can’t even see is going to bring your consciousness in line with your Innate. What is your Innate attached to, that is also a mystery that you cannot easily access and it is called the Akash of the Human Being. You are going to be connected to your Akash, it will be one of the most significant evolutionary steps of humanity, the marriage of the Akash and the Innate and consciousness, That will be the multi-dimensional Human Being and when it takes place you will then look at the fact that you might have come from the Pleiades, and you will know who they are and you will understand as it’s all part of the scenario of the connection of coherence with your brothers and sisters from the stars. That is the future, do not fear these things because they come from you.

24th September 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Almost on a daily basis changes are coming and going but not always to your liking. Now the dust is settling, the time has arrived for a reckoning to take place. You cannot go through so many changes without some repercussions that are happening worldwide. The effect of the Covid19 virus has so to say turned things upside down, and now the time has arrived for the cost of it to be taken into account. Coming on top of other problems that have since arisen, the cost to mankind is being assessed. It is clear that all countries will have serious decisions to make as to how the Pandemic will be paid for in times when everyone is feeling the squeeze.

Very few of the economies can recover without financial help and hard times ahead are expected and unavoidable. The only consolation you will have is that it constitutes a new beginning, as much that you are familiar with is no longer suitable for the times that you will be in. You have hard times ahead but eventually all will lift up, and with the benefit of new technologies life will become much easier and more enjoyable. So bear with it as you only get out what you have put into it and the effort will prove to have been well worthwhile as you will see.

Look to your young people for an insight as to what is possible, as they have arrived with new ways and ideas that will advance progress. Listen to their views and opinions as they will contain a lot of common sense. They came into life knowing that their knowledge and experience was needed. It is a normal upliftment that has been prepared for in advance. How you may ask, and the answer is that higher Beings have far more insight as to what is coming up and can prepare for it well beforehand.  They also have the experience behind them on which to base the nature of action necessary.

You could say that you have a foot in each of two worlds, one that is the old world that has served its purpose and will fade away, and a new one that is in pristine condition and prepared ready for those souls who will have raised their vibrations to a higher level that excludes the dark Ones. You talk of dimensions but in actual fact the energies simply meld into each other. However, a new Earth will be home to those who ascend and it will be well deserved, as you will have dedicated yourself to lifting up your vibrations and been successful in spite of the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent it.

Much of what you are being given remains a mystery until you acquire a greater level of consciousness as will happen when you have ascended. However, your awakening will grow as you rise up and your vibrations increase.  What was hidden can now be revealed and from time to time you will be enlightened as you are now ready for a greater understanding. Looking back you will wonder how you ever got out of the illusory lives you have led where the truth was kept from you, but you are worthy of your success and it will never be as hard and difficult for you again.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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SAINT GERMAIN: Futures can be rewritten!..Onward, friends! Your day is here. Now would not be the time to lose heart. Far from it.

A Message to Lightworkers – September 23, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

Today our writer speaks again with Saint Germain on the current energies, and the movement toward NESARA Law’s enactment:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, lady master, and welcome, all! For all are masters, who are contributing to this new era of Earth life.

COR: Yes! I would like to know whatever you feel is best for us to know or to focus on at this time.

Of course, I am curious to know how the path to NESARA is unfolding, as many of us are.

Yet I know you can only say so much about it.

SAINT GERMAIN: That is so. And so, you are wondering, regarding the stages I numbered some time ago—what stage of the journey you are in now?

COR: That would be helpful!

SAINT GERMAIN: We would say, that this is a time in which you are entering your second highest stage, before the full unfolding. The next highest stage, which will occur prior to the announcing, requires some preparation on the part of humanity’s inner selves.

At this point in your journey, you are as a race of beings being prepared for not only the truth about your planet’s history, and the true nature of those who have held themselves in authority for so long. You are also being prepared to learn the history of other planets and stars, particularly those which each of you originated from.

This is information that most of you hold subconsciously, yet it will be brought to the fore, in ways that will assist you in integrating it fully, and in a peaceful and balanced state of mind.

COR: So once NESARA is fully implemented, we will have a chance to learn about the place of our soul origin, and what its history has been?

SAINT GERMAIN: That, and other histories, as are relevant to your Earth mission. Or per your own curiosity!

For your mission will then expand. You will take it up far more consciously and actively, in the sense of being more physically present in that work, and not only involved at the level of your higher consciousness and energy bodies.

You will also be given instruction in developing the Lightbody. This is possible to receive even now, yet this will be far more openly available to all who desire to experience such.

COR: What fascinates me, is the number of people who will contact me wanting to know the name of the planet or constellation they originate from, particularly if they don’t feel at home on Earth. The Collective do not always relay that information—not unless the person’s team of Spirit guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self agree to it.

SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed! And one reason being, that there is no need for them to consider that they hail from and therefore “belong to” this intergalactic culture or that.

Now is the time for Unity thought and experience. When the human ego-mind gets involved with its love of categories and cultural identities—birthplaces, heritage, traditions, alliances—it can serve to create more division, which is the opposite of Unity, however unintended that may be.

Rather than encourage interconnection amongst peoples, this can discourage it. This is why this group who have named themselves only “the Collective” chose that innocuous, very generalized label. For one, that name speaks of Unity, and for another, it is a term often used to denote all persons—mass consciousness and experience.

COR: Are we holding back NESARA from its enactment, with all these preferences for cultural identification?

Are we holding it back with arguments among people, such as which Ascended Master said what and why, or what terms like “Lightbody” really mean?

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course. It is what you have been taught and programmed to do. And taught to believe that is the only way forward for the human race.

In fact, it has held you back for millennia. Yet you note that those days are ending now, and we are thankful!

Yet all is still evolving. Allow yourselves the opportunity to see where the wheels get stuck, and to release even self-blame. That is not the same as taking responsibility, which is another term you have all received much misteaching on.

COR: I don’t know how we can right any of this, other than for each of us to develop our own consciousness as fully as possible.

While there is amazing higher Light flowing onto the planet now more than ever, there is also much density coming up out of the Earth, and out of human beings and human structures.

In this Light-filled moment, with astrological alignments occurring that are powerful and life-changing, all the ugliness is rising to the surface to be healed or transmuted. And so we find ourselves in this mess we are in at present! So now I am wondering what else this new phase we are moving into can assist us with.

SAINT GERMAIN: It assists with what you have named, exactly.

These “dark energies” (so-called—all energy is mutable, and constantly in flux!) no longer define Earth life as they once did, precisely because they are no longer hidden deep inside the Earth’s body or etheric blueprint.

All the energy imprints are being redrawn—many reading this now are involved in that very mission.

And the galactic alliances are quite busy assisting in supporting the new etheric blueprint in ways that are difficult to describe, given your current limited understanding of quantum physics.

But allow us to say, there are no longer any lines which your soul families do not cross, except one, and that is of course, to respect humanity’s free will. And increasingly, your strength to determine your own course in this Universe.

COR: So those who say it’s all prewritten, even though the Future does exist—are they wrong?

SAINT GERMAIN: Futures can be rewritten! Many are mistaken in thinking that timelines cannot converge, or cannot be revised.

Earth beings have done that very thing. Earth Herself has done that very thing. Or you would not be here now, asking me these questions, with so many reading these words. Time is not linear, as you know.

COR: How do we assist, as we come into this next stage then?

SAINT GERMAIN: For one, focus on establishing all the steady Love of Peacefulness within yourselves that you can manage each day! And as this Collective have noted numerous times , that will not come to you while you take in the media madness, the Sturm und Drang [storm and stress] of the disinformation, the confusion of half-facts, and the outright deception that is spoken through your media outlets and other influences, inside a steady energy transmission of thoughts/emotions of hopelessness, rage, and despair.

You may now be at ease with all that, knowing it is all being overridden in the higher sense. As the elements and vibrations of much of the higher dimensions weave far more easily now into Earth life, affecting all on the planet, regardless of who they are and what their intentions are.

This is the meaning of Ascension! That Earth life vibration should continue to rise, regardless of the machinations of those who pretend they are still in control, who have never believed the warnings that their day was never and could never be endless.

Yet you will not feel the beauty or the power of that higher vibrational presence while steeping yourselves in the very un-real proclamations of those forced to support an agenda of destruction.

Be aware that the old “powers that were” know how to engage the heartfelt support of the public for certain much-loved figures, particularly in the area of entertainment, as well as in news broadcasts, and current events discussions.

Those same figures are then forced into compliance with the dark agenda, under very great threat to themselves and their loved ones.

Yet even that plan is failing, as there are elements of the higher realms’ intent now being interwoven with what was once the sole province of the darker realms, thereby lifting dark intent into a far higher energy stream.

COR: They have infiltrated! The Light has overrun the dark’s own resources.

SAINT GERMAIN: It was always thus, to a certain degree. There are White Knights in every area of endeavor, every area of influence, hard at work to keep the truth flowing in amounts and ways either not noticed or not considered a threat to the darker plot.

Yet this has changed now, to where much is noticed, and is considered a threat, with the difference being that the energies on and around the Earth no longer permit the level of control the former “elite” once leveraged.

They are overrun, not merely with opposition, but with those who, should they remain in place, will only continue to lift the atmosphere of the planet to where those in shadow will naturally begin to morph into Lighter beings, or implode. This is why so many have sought to escape over the past five years or more.

Yet they cannot. There is no hiding now.

COR: In a sense, even we who follow the Light find that we can no longer hide—from old forms of woundedness, fear, ego attachments, a small self-image.

SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed! Bring it all out into the Light! There is no judgment here, only healing and renewal, and Transformation / Transmutation for those who seek it.

Onward, friends! Your day is here. Now would not be the time to lose heart. Far from it.

As you have heard often from this quarter, “You are never alone.”

COR: Thank you, Lord Saint Germain. That gives me great courage, and I pray it will for others as well.

SAINT GERMAIN: [Bows] In your service, madam. In service to All! Namaste!

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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