Much is happening that is yet to be revealed as the dark ones are removed from their positions of power and replaced by those of the Light.

I am Mikos

Today we talk about Summer 2021, and how it is unfolding on Earth’s surface.  It will be a tumultuous time for the citizens of Earth, with much change in America as her government is going through changes to uncover deceit and darkness – you might say a “Spring House Cleaning” is about to happen with changes of governments, changes of hearts and changes of consciousness that will bring your planet into the Light once again, never to fall back into darkness, just a steady climb into the Light…..

The Forces of Light work through many people in the government, and this Summer begins the removal of the Old Guard to be replaced with the New: those who turn to the Light and carry the Light.  It is a grand “Play” of characters parading off and on the stage of your government’s theatre, and the cast is huge with many players coming forth to replace the darkness.  So there are only good things to look forward to. 

The climate will be changing dramatically and in a few years there will be warm sunshiny days all year around.  Life on Earth will change drastically within the next few years as the Cabal will be removed and the Light will pour in.  Much is happening that is yet to be revealed as the dark ones are removed from their positions of power and replaced by those of the Light. It will be quite an upheaval and quite a show to watch, and all the Universe is watching.  It will be the greatest show on Earth, and you, the Lightworkers, are the key players bringing in the Light. So hold on – don’t despair – the darkest hour is always just before the dawn ~ and we are here, standing alongside you, soon to emerge from the depths below. 

Our hearts are united with yours ~ we are One heart, One family, although separated by dimensions that will soon merge into one dimension of peace, where we will then be able to come to the surface.  
 The heat wave in California and other extreme weather anomalies on Earth is the prelude to the Earth changes now becoming apparent on your planet due to the timeline for Earth’s Ascension. Our message to you is to hold on, stay calm, because there will be many more weather anomalies coming within the next 5 years, until all density is cleared, opening the way for the Great Awakening on Earth and the removal of all darkness.

We stand with you during these next 5 years and there is nothing to fear – just the Earth releasing its pollutants to clear the way for all the Angels and Ascended Host to visibily and tangibly appear to you on a  cleansed Earth.

This heralds the end of all darkness and ushers in the ERA OF ALL LIGHT.
I am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos inside the Hollow Earth ~

 Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

Joy is an emotional sense of being alive…simply that.

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ The Path of Joy and Gratitude

August 18, 2021, via email

We are here are offering you an invitation and a new viewpoint to consider. This is the opportunity to shift your reality, to begin to radiate and vibrate a higher frequency that will open the doors to the higher dimensions and your incredible power. This is the time to reset and focus on the energy/vibration/intention of what you want to create in the field of all possibilities.

We will continue to remind you of who you are as a divine multidimensional being. You are here on the planet to practice the art of creation. You are a citizen of the galaxy having a simple physical life in this third dimension. You are here at this time to assist this planet to shift and uplift consciousness.

This dimension has been held in the grip of the low frequencies of fear, worry, hate and violence. When humanity is holding these low frequencies everyone is easily triggered and manipulated. Everything is energy and these emotional energies are contagious.

So your mission is to remember that you are this powerful generator of energy. Your energy, your thoughts, your emotions are impacting the collective field always. There are patterns and programs which you have been given that are limiting. These patterns and programs have been handed down from generation to generation. They do not serve you.

We are once again here to invite you to make a shift, to offer a higher energy vibration from a place of knowing who you are as a divine creator.

We have watched you and others not truly understanding the importance of the path of joy. Realize that joy is a state of mind; it is a vibration unlike any other. Joy is an emotional sense of being alive…simply that.

Humans have been programmed that to be joyful there must be a reason and the reasons are fleeting and brief. The concept of radiating joy as a constant is a bit difficult for you to imagine, especially when you have so much to “worry” about.

Worry is a vibration of feeling powerless. Worry is a habit that is programmed into each earthwalker from birth. Unfortunately when you worry you are not in touch with your power as a divine creator of your life. Worry connects you to the mass consciousness grid. It is a control vibration. Your media, your leaders continue to feed or continue to keep your worry activated. This is especially true at this time.

When you are in a state of worry you are not in your divine power and therefore you are easy to control and manipulate. This vibration of worry is a low, dense frequency that runs through your culture at all times. It is a constant hum in the background of your lives.

Worry has many triggers; they are different for each individual. However there are universal worries that are programmed into the psyche. When you drop into a worried state of mind about anything: money, health, relationships, job, family dying, all the circuits within your system are at alert. The body responds to these negative energies. There is conflict within. There is no peace, there is no power and there is no joy.

This state of mind is considered the norm for most people. This is a vibration that feels comfortable, it feels responsible. You should worry about things. What would happen if you didn’t worry, who would handle your life? So knowing that worry keeps you locked out of your power, keeps you powerless, what can you do about it, since it is so prevalent in your society and in your world? It is a part of the old belief structures and foundations that most everyone builds their life upon.

We invite you to consider the energy, the vibration that worry actually triggers in your field, your mind and body. Worry is feeling uneasy or anxious; when you worry you torment yourself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts.

To entertain worry is to be tormented with annoyances, be heavyhearted with cares, anxieties, despair, or dread. To worry is to strangle or harass yourself. When you worry you are actually inviting, calling forth, creating a reality of the very thing you are worrying about.

We invite you to investigate what you worry about. Be honest with yourself here. Notice what worries you acquired from your parents? What worries are triggered by others?

What worries do you feel powerless to change? What worries feel like they are a part of this limited reality? What worry patterns did you acquire from your religions, your education? These worry energies are creating more of the same.

Now is the time to make a conscious shift. The energy that is being given to your planet from the celestial beings is available to support and assist you in making this tremendous shift in consciousness. First comes awareness, then come dedication and intention, next come focus, attention and willingness and next comes practice.

Worry is so ingrained in this hologame that letting go of worry patterns is the task of a master. Begin to allow a healing to take place with any and all insecurities that hold the framework of your worries. We are offering you a tool that will support you in your endeavor.

We would like you to sense and welcome joy, welcome gratitude. Let yourself examine the feeling of joy, the feeling of gratitude. When are you filled with joy? What are you grateful for? What are the conditions? What is the situation?

Ask yourself if you have ever truly experienced pure joy? Notice when and what were the circumstances. You might also notice when you feel joy that you also feel gratitude.

We would invite you to practice the awareness of joy and gratitude, being in the vibration, the feeling, the emotion of joy and gratitude. Your body chemistry will change when you bring an awareness of joy/gratitude into your moments. Over time you will understand that joy/gratitude is a natural state of being. It is a vibrational way out of the mass consciousness grid. It is the ladder, the rope, the lifejacket.

Remember that you are the transformer of dense misqualified energies. Remember that you have a profound impact on the collective consciousness of this planet. When you express your joy and your gratitude of being alive and in a physical body you are enacting the energy of a divine master aware of who you are and your mission in this reality.

The offering of joy and gratitude opens the door to the higher dimensions and welcomes miracles, blessings and synchronicities into your life.

When you learn to feel, sense, experience joy/gratitude as the dominant vibration in your life, you are free. When you hold a joy/gratitude vibration more often than any other emotion you are in a position of powerful creating. You are in the divine flow. You are open and receptive. Again we say ‘Be in Your Joy’. the ‘team’

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The Pleiadians: Sexuality And Precise Awareness

Hello, hello, yes we are here and we are as always very pleased to interact with you in this way. It is a great joy and privilege for our message to be received and we take great delight in all ways that we are able to reach you, assist you, and be assisted by learning more from you.

Today we wish to share information on the great power of your sexuality and its point and purpose in expanding your awareness of higher dimensions on this planet. Your orgasms are the greatest force of power that you have access to and the energy transmitted from your orgasms serves as a powerful fuel in other dimensions of reality. With awareness and focus your orgasms can be used to propel you into contact with extra-terrestrial and other higher dimensional beings who would both expand your pleasure as well as your consciousness.
Pleasure is to be embraced yet used with precise awareness as you come into greater and more expanded states of being. Pleasure is a great gift for you that you give to yourself when you allow your desires to be explored with an attitude of mutual benefit and deep service to all involved.
The forces ruling the hierarchical structures of power in your world use sexuality as the primary source of their power to control. Ritualistic sexuality is performed in discrete and hidden settings with the intent of harnessing unseen forces and spread mass waves of fear that may be used to gain more control over the population. This energy is then embedded within your advertising and media so that the base desires within you can be aroused and then hooked to themes of dominance, aggression, and consumption.
Consumption and creativity are both available modes of relating to your use of and enjoyment of all forms of energy you engage within your lives.
When you approach any substance or activity with the intention of consuming without the intention of creating you reinforce vibrations of lack and scarcity. When you approach all sources of energy as catalysts for greater creativity and expansion you establish the foundation in an awareness of how truly infinite your power and consciousness are.
The false idea of scarcity is embedded and ingrained in the consciousness of the masses, and subliminal sexual programming is the basic facet through which this false sense of scarcity is fed to you. Scarcity goes directly against the very laws of nature. Your planet by its nature has truly more than enough resources to comfortably sustain all of its inhabitants and by the law of nature, the living world around you and all it’s unseen higher dimensional components are striving to provide all of the necessary nutrients and sustenance to all that inhabit your planet.
Thriving and flourishing sexuality with strong drive, desire, and passion are a natural result of a true connection with the earth and with higher dimensional forces. Culturally reinforced programs serve to inhibit and restrict sexuality to a subject that may only be discussed and shared under certain conditions, which leads to a greater exploration of sexuality in so-called dark corners and less than ideal settings that are not conducive to the most balanced states of sexual expression.
The game of life only operates under the rules that you set up through your own beliefs. We always suggest and encourage you to continually re-write the rules of the game of life in ways that are more fun, balanced, and integrated. You would be best suited to re-write the rules of your sexual expression, which stands as the very basis of your own sense of self in the world.
Empowered sexuality understands that sexuality is the primary creative force that sets all form and life into motion. Fluid and comfortable expression of sexuality understand its power to be the very greatest tool for transformation and growth available to you as human beings. When you allow your sexual energy to rise through the chakras and activate your crown center your portal into other dimensions is blown open in a profound way. The power of sexuality is unmatched by any other activity available to you in your world and must be treated as such. From meditation and awareness of your subtle flows and currents of energy in daily life, you may begin to grasp the energy within your own body and use that awareness garnered in sexuality in order to reach profound states of consciousness.
We and many others take great delight in your orgasms, and certain civilizations stationed around your planet harness the great amounts of energy released during your orgasms through which they use your spiritual energetic DNA in order to create hybrid races on their ships. When you engage in higher vibrational sexual activity you release tremendous energy from within your body that greatly catalyzes transformation and creativity in all the world around you. Your energetic body in moments of orgasm brings forth information from across time and space and you effectively reprogram yourself with each and every conscious orgasm. Toning and consciously and fully expressing pleasure and your emotions during sexuality are key components in accessing this higher dimensional expression of sexuality. When this level of sexuality is accessed from a place of mutual benefit and pure unconditional love, you attract non-physical and higher dimensional energies matching that vibration to interchange energies with you. The energy you transmit in your orgasms contains all the imprints of your spiritual DNA which hybrid races located in ships around your planet use in order to create children on their craft who share your DNA and closely resemble you. While you may or may not know of the existence of these children, they are aware of you and watch over you with great curiosity and interest. Eventually, when the time is right, these children who do fondly look to you as their parents may come to your world and interact in pronounced ways. For now, you may develop great telepathy connections with them, as these children are already capable of advanced psychic feats such as astral bi-location through which they may come to visit you in your surroundings and spend pleasant moments connecting with you if you wish.
The greatest hindrances to one’s sexual development is the consumption of pornography or any such media espousing an experience of sexuality that contains a level of dominance, aggression, or subservience. As sexual energy feeds non-physical and higher dimensional beings, vampiric and lower-level astral entities are greatly excited to harness the sexual energy explored in these self-serving ways. These lower astral entities hook onto the auric fields of those who engage in these forms of sexuality and continue to influence their thoughts and desires in profound ways that may not be underestimated. We need not go into great detail to describe these sorts of phenomena, we simply wish you to know of their existence and influence in your world so you may best understand and help those afflicted by such activities and the entities that feed on the energy generated by such uses of sexuality.
In your world, there is a growing interest in exploring sexuality with an assortment of different partners, and some glorify the exploration of engaging with a different sexual partner for each day of the week. We do not wish to reinforce any such beliefs such as what many adhere to, consciously or unconsciously, such as when you engage in sexual activity with another, your aura holds the imprint for 7 or more years. This is one experience that you may generate if you believe at some level for that to be true. We simply wish to state that the profound and healing expressions of sexuality we have described to you are only possible with deep and complete emotional transparency and intimacy. While many attempts to explore sexuality in profound and intimate ways with multiple partners, from our perspective this is more of a stumbling block than an asset. Deep and complete bonds of telepathic communication are potential between sexual partners that can only be built with deep trust and constant companionship and focus. This need not mean that you are always in their presence, sharing space with your partner, but that you are continually energetically aware of your partner and in this way may develop a strong psychic sense of exactly what is occurring in your partner’s vibration whether they are downstairs in the kitchen or across the planet in another country. This deep level of telepathic connection is the basis through which other telepathic connections may be extenuated and taken to deeper levels of integration.
Self-pleasure and imagination are great tools that may lay the foundation for you to begin to practice these deeper experiences of sexuality if you do not yet have a partner to share these experiences with presently. Whether or not you have a partner you may use your voice and tone and express your pleasure and emotions and move the energy of your sexuality up through your chakras. As the energy reaches the top of your head, visualize great streams and geometries of white and golden light reaching from your crown through your sun and into the center of the galaxy, the Great Central Sun. All the energy you consciously transmit to the Great Central Sun will always be returned to you greatly amplified. The Great Central Sun is the heart of the entire galaxy, and the energy you transmit to it is much like the blood of the galaxy. You always receive from and broadcast to this heart of the galaxy massive streams of energy, and the more focus and intent you bring to the energy you transmit to the galaxy’s heart the more you may notice the ways in which the galaxy responds to your every transmission in perfect synchronization.
Sexual manipulation and suppression are the greatest tools used in your world to control and divide people. When you empower and fine-tune your awareness of the sexual energy you open your consciousness to massive expansions, that openness is felt by those around you on subtle levels. One of the greatest gifts you may share with your world now is bringing your great intent to heal and transform in accelerated ways into your sexuality, and to let that desire be known to the world around you according to your own discernment. In this way, you may attract those who will match your frequency in healing the planet from the control and sexual trauma and the non-physical energies that feed on that vibration and shift your world ever closer to joining the Galactic Federation in deeper more pronounced ways. We do thank you very deeply for receiving our transmission at this time and ask you to contemplate and share what you have received from this transmission. As you allow your imagination to drift, we as well as your own personal allies in higher dimensions will help you craft your own personal understanding of such information in a way that is more deeply relevant for you.
Channel for Era of Light: Dante ko
Artist: Alison Johnson