You have only to look around you, and you will find Angels manifested in different forms everywhere, giving love to you.

August 29, 2021,

There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.

If you only knew how much you are loved and cared for, you would see your life in a different light. There are Angels who have been with you since your birth, and some from before your birth who have been with you for eons of time. These Angels are here to bless you, to protect you, to care for you, and to love you as you walk your earthly journey.

You have only to turn within and you will find us. You have only to look around you, and you will find Angels manifested in different forms everywhere, giving love to you.

Open your mind and heart to receive this love and you will find miracles manifesting in your life. It is this willingness to receive that allows miracles to occur for you.

In your darkest hours we have been there. It is not that the Angels are here to take away your pain or your lessons learned through experience. The Angels are here for you to turn to in those hours of need. We are here to assist you so you will have the courage to go on, and find peace within your heart.

You are on this planet to learn and to choose between the darkness and the light. Even if you choose darkness, there are Angels who will neither forsake you nor leave you. However, if you choose darkness you will feel very alone, and life will be a continuous struggle.

If you choose Divine Light, the Angelic voices are raised in magnificent rejoicing and all manner of assistance, seen and unseen, will be there to illuminate your path. Choosing to live in the light can simply mean to turn over your burdens and struggles to a Higher Power, and to ask the Angels to assist you in finding your way to peace, happiness and prosperity. These are the qualities of God in which you are meant to live.

Choosing Light means praying for the Divine Presence to fill you to overflowing with love and peace. It means taking the time to visualize your self filled and surrounded by light, and even drinking in the Divine Light in order to nourish your heart and soul. Not only will this affect your mental and emotional state, but your physical body will also benefit.

The Angels are God’s messengers. We live in the Light. All the forces of good in the Universe are here to assist you. so you too can live in the Light and find peace and happiness within yourself. It is up to you to ask to know this as truth in your life. Open your mind and heart to receive all the love that is here for you right now. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:

There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Gift of Rejection

August 29, 2021,

We were recently asked to speak on the experience of rejection. We would like to address this topic today.

Rejection is a part of the human experience that is energetic in nature. Whether you have rejected someone or something, or been rejected yourself, it is a clear sign that something is not an energetic match for you.

If you have been rejected by a person, it was not in your highest good to stay in relationship with that individual. Chances are, if you really feel into the situation, you will admit there was something about this situation that was not appropriate for you. It was not a true energetic match but you wanted to continue on with it anyway.

There may have been ongoing problems that you weren’t willing to acknowledge with this connection. Perhaps the person wasn’t willing to grow or evolve, or perhaps staying with this person required you to deny your own growth. But rest assured, any rejection is always for your highest good.

If rejection is a continual pattern for you, it would be beneficial to explore how you reject yourself. Do you honour yourself? Are you in touch with your true feelings and needs? Do you love and honour your inner child aspects? Do you berate yourself constantly instead of encouraging yourself forward? Do you have worthiness issues where you find it difficult to receive? Do you have walls up to avoid getting hurt that are keeping everything out including the good?

As with any challenge in your life, being willing to take a higher, observational viewpoint to assess the situation is a good practice. Was it really a match? Was it a healthy connection or was the connection between both person’s unhealed aspects? Did it bring out the best in both parties? Or was it simply playing out a theme you are ready to heal once and for all?

It is empowering to identify the elements you do have the ability to shift, because all internal healing will be reflected in your external experiences. It is also a profound shift when you realize the universe is always, always seeking to serve you and your evolution, and it will do that by sifting out what is not a true match to you (with the complete agreement of your highest self) with wise and loving efficiency. Trust your ability to heal and be led, and you will find your way to your best matches and your energetic peers.

It’s time for great changes on your world, and those great changes start when you are willing to see yourselves as the ones creating, rather than seeing yourselves as the ones being oppressed.

Great Changes in the Remainder of 2021 ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very pleased to be with you as always, and we are very excited about what we see you all creating as you come into this last portion of the calendar year of 2021. We see you stepping into a position of greater power within yourselves, as you have begun to recognize that you really must rely upon the power that you have within you to feel the way that you want to feel and to live the way that you want to live. Anyone who was under the assumption that outside circumstances had to determine how they lived and how they felt have had that belief turned on its head. With the circumstances of your lives right now, living through a global pandemic, you have had to make various adjustments in order to thrive.
You have had a lot of extra time on your hands, as well, to be creators, to be conscious and deliberate about the vibration that you have been sending out to the universe. And as a result, there are many wonderful creations that are out there, waiting to be harmonized with. We see the readiness within you to take command of your lives by taking command of your vibration and your creation, as a result of the offering of that vibration.
It is so wonderful to see how much beauty and wonder lie before you, and we are so happy to be able to help you get to those creations of yours. We know that this is an obvious statement for many of you, but you really do have to follow your feelings in order to sniff your way over to what you have already created. You can begin to feel for the vibrations that your creations give off, because they are literally calling you to them, and it really is a wonderful time for you to be accessing what you have created, since again, it certainly has appeared as though you’ve had limitations placed upon you. In actuality, you have been guided to turn your attention to that place within yourselves where you know who you really are, where you vibrate the fastest and the highest.
It’s time for great changes on your world, and those great changes start when you are willing to see yourselves as the ones creating, rather than seeing yourselves as the ones being oppressed. This is a monumental difference in how you see yourselves and your reality, as well as the others who play their roles in your reality. As awakened as you are, please keep in mind that everyone in your life is there to help you awaken even more to the truth of who you really are and to the application of that truth. You’re moving beyond the time of just knowing who you really are and that you create your reality, and you’re moving into the time of experiencing those truths in your lives and in the entire world that you live in.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

You are a unique being and no longer fit within spiritual activities designed for all.

Dear Ones,

Many of you have mistaken our words. Believing you have to be different instead of looking within to determine how and why you are different.

Acting silly because it’s fun is different than being silly because you feel you must. Again, shoulds from your society or the Universes are not your path. Shoulds are no more.

Even though you have heard that last statement over and over, most of you applied it to your social milieu. Shoulds also apply to concepts many tout as Universal truths, including meditation, foods, and other forms of connecting with the Universes.

You do not require lessons or shoulds to connect with the Universes. In truth, you never did. But because your 3D fear society was so burdensome, many attempted to lighten that burden with techniques that could connect you to your higher self or the Universes. In fact, techniques that were likely valuable when you initiated your transition.

Those techniques are no longer valid. Just as Ouija boards were once popular, but are no more for the information obtained from Ouija boards is limited and burdensome.

The veils have lifted for you.

What feels comfortable? That is your only guide.

If someone tells you that you must do this to connect to the spiritual realms or yourself, please review that information within your being. If it feels exciting to do so, that is part of your new path. But if it does not, realize that such actions might be perfect for the person suggesting them, but not you. You are a unique being and no longer fit within spiritual activities designed for all.

If a friend or significant other pushes you to try this or that, you might feel guilty for not doing so or wishing to do so. Stop the guilt.

Again, if that spiritual action is appropriate for you, you will complete that action or at least complete as much as feels right. You are no longer part of the group process that was once 3D.

Many connecting with the spiritual realms tout this or that cure – an action that might work wonderfully for them, but not necessarily for you. Listen to your heart, your inner being before taking the time and perhaps financial resources to explore those options.

There is nothing wrong with providing spiritual guidance. The difficulty is when you return to the 3D belief that someone is more wise or skilled than you. Those skills you admire might be important for your role  – or not. Or skills you can obtain without their input. Maybe those skills are unnecessary flim-flam. Or skills necessary for your next step forward. Only you know – not your friends or family.

So do not feel the need to jump from this program to that or, more importantly, feel guilty that you do not. Perhaps those techniques will hinder your personal evolution – or not. Only you know. And the part of you that knows is within.

You no longer need to ask the Universes or humans if they think you need to do something. They are not you and never will be. You are you – with the most appropriate guidance within.

Perhaps you feel a need to pray to the Universes, humans, or others to assist you in a forward movement. That is far different than waiting until they approve for you to do so – forcing you to take this step or meditate in this way – before you are allowed to actualize your dream.

You are the CEO of you. Others can provide information and input, but you and only you make the final decision regarding the correct application of any information from humans, the Universes, or others.

You are you – not to be divided, reported, or directed by anyone but you. Allow that to be. And allow yourself to extinguish any guilt others might apply to encourage you to read this or do that if you wish to be a true earth angel. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page (, and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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A little story about me -Nikos Akrivos-

A little story about me: when i was a child i wanted to become a dancer but since my grand ma was raising me up in Greece and both of my parents had to be abroad to earn a living we had only the necesary to live and could not afford to pay for classes. But in my mind i never stopped seeing myself dancing. I entered medical studies at University , studied for few years only to discover through a chaneller that my Angels had a message for me: Handicaps will dance with you! I quit my studies i didnt really know how to dance professionaly now at 25 and when i took decision i immediately attracted the best dance teachers who showed me.
I danced across the planet for 10 years and became a dj , a reiki therapist, life coach and meditation teacher for another 15 and today in my workshops people are experiencing deep transformation through dancing.
To be continued…

So, the next time you are in the middle of an intense situation, and you are feeling like lashing out in anger or reacting defensively, teach yourself to “Take Three”…to take a three second break in that moment… -Buddha-

golden buddha temple
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Message from Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Through Losha


I am here. I have been here for a long time now. I have been studying from above just as I did when I was below, on Earth. I am pleased to be able to give my message through this one.

It has been many centuries since I was in physical form. Much that is both positive and negative in general has happened since my time. I have been observing all of the many varying “reactions” to the events that are a part of the 3rd dimensional life…and it is those reactions that I would like to address, at this time.

A reaction is a choice…many of you may not agree with that statement; however it is still the truth. Whenever an event in your life results in a specific outcome, it is at that moment that you have a choice as to how you will respond to that outcome.

You can just react right away, with anger, fear, etc, without giving it any thought…or you can pause for a moment and seek your “center” before you speak, or react…and your response will be much more neutral and with less uninhibited emotion. In most cases, when one is able to respond from their center, the situation will not be as charged with intense emotions, and will be able to be resolved in a clearer manner.

I understand that giving pause before you respond is most difficult to do…even I was challenged with that concept in the beginning. However, the rewards for seeking your center first are immense! Your days will be much more joyful and you will feel as if you are “in the moment” more…you will no longer be a slave to your emotions.

Now, of course it is easier to access your center more quickly if you are able to meditate regularly. However, formal meditation does not appeal to everyone, and I have learned that there are many ways to meditate…one can be in a meditative state while doing the gardening they are so passionate about, or when one goes for a walk in nature…this channeler likes to think of it as a form of “active” meditation…doing something that takes you to a higher, more spiritual state…and usually that happens when you are feeling passionate about whatever task thrills you the most…that is when you are in your center, your place that is your sacred space. It is from that space that you will be able to respond to situations from a more neutral perspective, and you will find yourself feeling as if you are “one” with everything!

The primary doctrine of what is called Buddhism is the concept of “non-attachment”…that is very similar to feeling neutral about things that are happening in your lives. If you are able to do that then you are “not attaching” your emotions toward that particular situation. Staying neutral also allows you to be more able to see both sides of the situation, which then allows for a more collaborative discussion instead of an argument.

So, the next time you are in the middle of an intense situation, and you are feeling like lashing out in anger or reacting defensively, teach yourself to “Take Three”…to take a three second break in that moment, so that you may try to respond less emotionally and in a more neutral manner. I would suggest you try to make those three seconds last for as long as you can…possibly by breathing deeply, to allow your emotions to calm down.

My channeler here is also trying to process what I am saying, and she knows she could also benefit greatly from the Take Three method. She is going to begin utilizing this approach and I am asking her to report back on what she learned from using it, in the near future, here.

My beloved friends, this journey of yours on Earth is a very challenging one…however, it can also reap great rewards for you if you learn to address your daily life and all its various experiences from your center…the center of your soul. Life is right in front of you for those who want to learn from it, and to continue to evolve themselves, and to also help others to find their center, along the way.

It was my pleasure to speak with you through this channel on this day. May your days be filled with Love.

Your Siddhartha Buddha.

Channeled by Losha.



Patricia Cota-Robles

August 29, 2021
 During the 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination, Awakening Humanity in collaboration with our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven, cocreated the greatest shift of Consciousness ever attempted in any System of Worlds. Now that we have had some time to assimilate this incredible influx of Light, our I AM Presence is standing in readiness to help us perceive just how this shift of Consciousness is affecting each of us personally and all of us collectively. If you have not noticed changes already, all you have to do is ask your I AM Presence for this intuitive revelation. Then, if you pay attention, you will see not only positive changes in your own perceptions and behavior patterns, but you will also see that people, places, conditions and things in your sphere of awareness are gradually shifting in very positive ways. As you objectively observe, without interfering, the positive shifts taking place within the hearts and minds of your Loved Ones as well as the other people in your life, it will be obvious that something dramatic is happening. It is not that everyone is suddenly behaving in ways that are entirely different than their actions were in the past, but your silent observations will reveal that many of the people in your life are now responding in a kinder, gentler and more compassionate way to the people and situations manifesting in their daily lives. The people you are observing may not even be aware that their heart is more open or that for some odd reason they have better ideas and are able to think of more loving ways to handle the challenges that are surfacing in their lives. However, in spite of their lack of awareness, this is occurring because the original intensity of our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love which we were all invested with at our inception when we were first Breathed forth as Sons and Daughters of God, has now been restored to its full Divine Potential. We have not been able to withstand this frequency of our Mother God’s Love since our fall from Grace millions of years ago.
 As Awakening Humanity and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity Cocreated a Quantum Field of Comprehensive Divine Love, our Mother God was able to safely restore this frequency of her Love in every Heart Flame. Then, as she enveloped the I AM Presence of every person, the restoration of this frequency of our Mother God’s Comprehensive Love created the sacred space for the full activation of the Divine Masculine within every person’s Heart Flame. This intensity of our Father God’s Divine Will and Power has been almost dormant since our fall from Grace when we closed our Heart and our Mother God was forced to withdraw her Comprehensive Divine Love. The activation of the Divine Masculine within every person’s Heart Flame was an essential factor in preparing for the next step of the unfolding Divine Plan. Once the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in every Heart Flame were restored to their original balance and intensity, every person’s I AM Presence was able to permanently secure the original Presence of Unity Consciousness within our Heart Flame. This frequency of Unity Consciousness pulsates with the full Divine Potential of Enlightenment and Christ Consciousness the Sons and Daughters of God were invested with when we were first Breathed forth from the Core of Creation by our Father-Mother God. The God Victorious accomplishment of this mighty feat restored every person’s Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame to the original intensity our Father-Mother God Breathed into our heart at our inception. We have experienced small increments of expansion in our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame every now and then over many decades. However, for the very first time since our fall from Grace millions of years ago the full Divine Potential that our Father-Mother God Breathed into our Threefold Flame at our Inception has now been fully restored. When we experience the full magnitude of how this event has changed our life, the Beings of Light said we will perceive it as miraculous. The power and positive influence of this awesome Divine Intervention from our Father-Mother God and the newly empowered Presence of Unity Consciousness cannot be denied, avoided or suppressed by the fragmented and fear-based human ego of even the most recalcitrant or resistant Son or Daughter of God.
 The Company of Heaven said our I AM Presence alone has the ability to influence how this NEW frequency of our Threefold Flame will Transfigure our life and accelerate our Ascension process. Our I AM Presence is One with our Father-Mother God and functions in perfect alignment with God’s Will and our Divine Plan. What has now occurred in every Heart Flame will be a powerful catalyst that will create Life-transforming shifts for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. The Company of Heaven wants us to know that every day as we Breathe our newly Elevated Holy Breath, the integration of our I AM Presence is being amplified within us. Every electron, every atom, every subatomic particle and wave of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies and all the spaces in-between the atoms and molecules of our Earthly Bodies are now receiving and assimilating multidimensional and multifaceted Divine Light through our newly empowered Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame.
 We are One with God and the fullness of our Father-Mother God now abides within us through our fully restored Threefold Flame. With the guidance of our I AM Presence all that we are Called to do, we will now be inspired to do with enthusiasm and happiness for we will know that nothing is too insignificant. With every endeavor we will be embraced in the perfect balance of our Father God’s Power and our Mother God’s Love as well as the full Enlightenment of Christ Consciousness bestowed upon every Son and Daughter of God at our inception. With the amplified integration of our I AM Presence, we are now able to hear our Intuitive Inner Guidance in new ways.  As we focus on this Inner Guidance, we will realize that with the Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence and our newly empowered Threefold Flame we have the ability to liberate our Father-Mother God’s Light in every physical and chemical interaction within our Earthly Bodies. This Light is now Healing and recalibrating all of the energy bonds within atoms and between atoms to the vibrational frequency of God’s Infinite Physical Perfection.
 We are now able to comprehend in brand NEW ways that our Father-Mother God’s Eternal Light pulsates with a Divine Wisdom that contains everything necessary to set straight the orbit, spin and electronic charge of every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth. Through Humanity’s newly Elevated Holy Breath, ALL of the energy bonds within the Atomic Realm are now being accelerated in vibration toward the frequency of the New Earth’s 5th-Dimansional Crystalline Solar Light.
 Through the Luminous Being of Light that is formed by Humanity’s Unified I AM Presences, every person on Earth is now receiving and assimilating the Divine Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge encoded within their own individual I AM Presence, their recently activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA and now their fully restored Threefold Flame. As this occurs, every person’s I AM Presence is liberating the Heart-based patterns encoded within the Divine Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge in our Twelve Solar Strands of 5th-Dimensional DNA. As these Heart-based patterns flood the Earth, they penetrate into every interaction within Humanity and all of the energy bonds therein. These interactions include the relationships of all people, all organizations, all cultures, all races, all religions and all nations.
 All of these interactions are now being liberated into the Harmony of a Higher Order of Being, thus greatly expanding the influence of Humanity’s I AM Presence and our fully restored Threefold Flame on Earth. Through every person’s integrated I AM Presence, our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Strands of DNA and our fully restored Threefold Flame, ALL of us are now able to clearly receive the Divine Promptings, Ideas and Concepts from our Father-Mother God. All we have to do is ask. The Beings of Light have affirmed that as this profound Truth resonates in every person’s Heart Flame, our physical realities will be Transfigured into the Love-based patterns of perfection associated with the New Earth. Dear One, with Eternal Peace and Infinite Gratitude contemplate this information and allow the amplified Divine Energies from your I AM Presence and your fully restored Threefold Flame to be assimilated at a cellular level as you revel in the Bliss of this Knowing. 
 God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace
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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 08/28/2021 • What are you for?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

What are you for? We’re not asking in the generic sense. We’re offering you a tool that you can ask yourself any time you find yourself in the position of feeling that you are against something.

In a culture of complaints, you empower what you are complaining about… simply because you place your strong focus upon it. Right now upon your planet, there are so many people focusing on viruses, and variants, that your pandemic has gone on long past when it could have ended. Focus is focus, whether positive or negative and focus tunes you into a given reality in the field of all possibility.

We understand you have to handle things at a human level. However, if you simply gave your challenges enough attention to realize you need a solution, then tuned into the solution, you’d get there quicker. Your pandemic would end in a week if a sufficient portion of humanity could focus upon well-being!

For example, right now you are given statistics. You are shown how many get sick and how many die every day. What if you were to focus on the vast majority of people that heal, and the billions who are healthy? What if your news was to tell you every day how many people recover from serious illnesses, how many are being helped by loving procedures, how many people are taking charge of their own health and bodies through meditation, intuitive eating, and kind movement? Your world would quickly shift to that reality!

Even if “the” world isn’t going there as fast as you’d like, you can feed yourself a steady stream of positive statistics, and inspiring thoughts. You can focus on well-being. You can take care of your body, send it love, move it how it asks to be moved, and eat what it intuitively guides you to eat. You can focus on the healthy people in the world, the people who are supporting well-being, and all that feels good and wonderful inside of your own body, and in your own life.

So, when you see something you don’t like, ask yourself immediately, “What do I like?” When you see something you are against, ask yourself immediately, “What am I for?”

If you are against war, you are for peace. See if you can create a peaceful heart despite the chaos in the world. Become the change that you seek. Meditate, pray, relax, do something enjoyable. Start there.

If you are against mandates, you are for freedom. Can you free your mind from feeling chained to old habits and bad feelings? Can you look for the good here and now? You are free to think any thought you like. You are free to feel how you want to feel. Begin there. Embrace a vibration of freedom if you truly want more freedom in your world. 

If you are against one political party, what are the ideals you are for? Come from your heart in conversations and speak with enthusiasm about the ideals and ideas you believe in. Do this without trying to convince anyone else – just as a point of sharing your heart – and you will get a much better response.

If you don’t like your squeaky door, you do like things that work well. You can focus on the good feeling of a well-working door and then get it handled.

If you don’t like your squeaky co-worker, you do like people who are more positive and empowered. You can focus on anything good about your co-worked so you are in a positive and empowered vibration?

Dear ones you will never solve your world’s problems or even the simple annoyances in your life by complaining about them, fretting about them, or trying to get others to change. This is a waste of your precious life force. It pinches you off from experiencing the Divine power that creates entire universes –  the power that wants to flow through your very own creative heart when you direct your thoughts with love.

Instead of complaining or trying to get others to change, be the change. Free your mind. Focus on your well-being. Espouse and live according to the ideals you wish others would. Don’t give your power away to circumstances and others dear friends. The Divine lives and breathes in you and when you focus your attention on something you are “for” or something you “love” then you allow the Divine to flow through you and empower this very thing, for the Divine can only empower with love.

As you raise your vibration above complaints, worries, and upsets, and instead point your mind at that which you love, then dear ones, you will be joining with countless others in a higher vibration empowering the world that truly each one of you wishes for in your deepest heart of hearts. Deep down, you all long for a world of peace, a world of love, a world of kindness, a world in which the vast diversity of human ideas and ideals is not seen as a threat but rather a glorious buffet from which to choose, learn, and create.

This, dear ones, is within your reach starting with your very next point of focus and your very next thought.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

if you are finding yourself feeling agitated by the energies, it may help to think of it as you and your dreams are becoming even more refined to give you the purest results that match your intentions.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Clarity of Desire

August 27, 2021,

There is much energetic shifting going on at this time. This is to give you an opportunity to get really
clear about the essence of your desired creations.

Imagine your purest desire is mixed in with all kinds of chunks of density. These chunks of density may come from old belief systems and experiences, or from the churned up energies of the collective. You have to extract your dream from what no longer serves you.

Prospectors will use various methods to separate the treasure from the worthless materials. They may use screens to agitate the dirt to reveal what has value, or they may use gold pans to swirl water over the sediment until they find the gold.

You are in the same process. You are filtering to find your treasure! Each pause and reflection on the way allows you to get clearer about what you wish to create until it is the purest reflection of your energies and the most valuable outcome for you. So if you are finding yourself feeling agitated by the energies, it may help to think of it as you and your dreams are becoming even more refined to give you the purest results that match your intentions.

A Message to Lightworkers – August 27, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective. This week’s Message is an excerpt from the Collective’s book, Earth Life Challenges: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Changes. This is from Chapter 4, “On Facing Earth Troubles and Disasters”:

QUESTION: Planet Earth appears to be going through hell. War, destruction, poverty, starvation, terrorist attacks—these only begin the list of horrors.

Has the time arrived when humanity is able to digest the phenomenal reality of just how simple it could be to shift the Earth’s vibration?

Is it time to enter the next thousand-year cycle? An age foretold, with Peace and Light and beauty?

THE COLLECTIVE: This is one of the greater questions of your age.

For it has to do far less with “When” but “How” Earth and Her beings may rise in vibration to begin experiencing a far higher reality than you have seen in eons of your time.

We would say that one of the reasons you are experiencing the dissatisfaction you feel with how Earth is functioning now, is that you are yourself aware of your own ever-increasing vibration. You have an increasing awareness of how beautiful Earth life could be, if the majority held a higher consciousness.

This extends beyond the current Earth challenges. This issue extends into the entire realm of each person’s soul purpose, and why you are here.

When you move into that issue, as you lift above the chaos that is Earth’s current frequency, you enter a completely different realm.

At that point, you have left behind your attention to What Is, to outer circumstance. You have then reclaimed your magician’s ability to envision, to think in terms of what you will create next.

You are, in fact, asking a far simpler question—one of the few you ever need to ask: What did I come here to do?

How do I serve humanity’s and my own higher good?

How do I naturally live in the energies of Joy, Peace, and Divine Love, so that others pick up on the beauty of that, and aspire to live there also?

Even as you and millions of others are asking those questions, Earth is now entering the next age or cycle on Her timeline, and it is an age that extends very far beyond the thousand years you mention.

And to usher in this beautiful era of the Sat Yuga, as the Hindus call it—a time of unprecedented Peace, prosperity, progression, and beauty—you need not wait for things to improve, or wonder why things are moving so slowly.

We would call upon every heavenly help you could conceivably imagine, as well as your intergalactic brothers and sisters, and require their assistance at levels unknown and unheard of since the Fall of Earth into the third dimension.

And more than that, realize your own connection to these great beings! It is time to come out of the feeling that so many looking to the heavens have sunk into over the eons—this feeling that though you have cried out for help, none is coming to you.

Earth Herself cried out for help when the weight of this form of existence became too heavy, too painful, too damaging for Her to carry out any longer.

And the answer that came from higher realms was you.

You heard Earth’s cries, and you volunteered to step forward and say “Yes,” committing to living yet another Earth life on the most pained and troubled planet in the solar system.

You stepped forward with the mission of anchoring higher Light on the planet, in human consciousness, in this entire quadrant of the galaxy.

All for the purpose of not only establishing Divine Love as the new normal for Earth life, but celebrating it.

This is why we remind Lightworkers (or spiritual seekers, Light Warriors, Starseeds—choose any label you like—they are all too small to hold your true vibration) that you are not passive recipients of what flows before you as you observe life on your planet, any more than you need be passive recipients of what is happening in your own lives.

As co-Creators, you are here to change or influence something that you see has low vibrational purpose and intention.

You are here to realize each time you see a condition, thought, or emotion that is crying out for healing, renewal, or a new life, that you are the one who can lift it to a higher level.

This is why you cannot go it alone, dear ones.

You are in a human body, and the frailty and limits of that existence are considerable.

Everything unlike pure Love is now rising to the surface to be healed or transformed, while you experience cellular, heart-mind, and etheric transformation.

For that journey, and for all Earth journeys, you need supports, encouragements, inspirations. Call out for them, and demand them from your higher self. You will not be abandoned.

You will be led to exactly what you need, if you will only ask for this assistance.

We recommend to many that they listen to inspiring, high vibrational music whenever they feel to be at a low frequency in heart, mind, body, or spirit, or simply as a part of their day.

We recommend reading inspiring books that encourage you to turn your thoughts and energies—your focus and attention—to Abundance, Joy, fulfillment, Love, and living out your life purpose in joyful ways.

The best of these books will hold higher energies that do the job of lifting your outlook to where you see yourself not as the passive receiver of Earth’s current conditions, but as a powerful influencer.

One who helps to set the tone for how the world sees itself, and what it sees as necessary, possible, and real.

Your vibration alone influences thousands of people. You are even now beaming out a transmission of Light and higher energies that reach thousands of miles beyond where you now sit.

If you want to see more Peace in the world, you must exude that vibration as the New Reality.

We strongly suggest that you release all need to watch anything that is not Peaceful—to cease watching any film, television, news reports, videos, music (which often is not music, but chaotic entrainment) that portrays or describes acts of violence, whether between a few people or between whole countries.

Even economic news that takes a downward turn can feel to be a form of violence, as your subconscious will be quietly calculating, as you listen to the news report or commentary, how many thousands or millions of people will be affected by a “sudden downturn in the markets.” There is so much in that one phrase alone, oft-repeated in the media, that is intentionally designed to lower your vibration and set you into anger, hopelessness, and feelings of loss—that is reason enough to no longer listen to news reports.

We are aware that there are alternative news outlets, programs, and reports that are insightful on spiritual levels, and that seek the true nature of that which is being reported in the mainstream media.

Yet carefully watch your vibration as you listen to these—are you heartened by them, or disappointed? Are you feeling empowered, or weakened?

If you are feeling anything that is not positive and strengthening to you, do as any sensible parent would do, if your child was watching something that showed violence or some form of struggle without resolution in sight—you would turn it off immediately.

We say this not to discourage you from knowing what is happening in the world, but to limit your intake of that information (and you live in information-obsessed times), so that you are mainly taking in only that which feeds you on a soul level, not that which depletes you.

Dense or negative news will have a harder time wearing you down if you are in the habit of not listening any further than the first few sentences that introduce what is going to be announced or discussed.

That is often all you need to grasp the basics of a situation. And often, even that is more than you are truly interested in.

You have simply been mentally programmed to “need” to know what is happening everywhere, and to sink yourself into the hyper-emotional stance of most news reports.

That is the sort of holding-your-breath-and-wondering-what-will-happen-next unhealthy excitement—a concentration on the low vibrational—that we would like you to step away from.

It is vital—not just a nice idea, but vital—that you take time every week and in a smaller way, every day, to steep yourself in that which, for you, describes the New Earth.

Go out of your way to find beautiful and inspiring pieces of music or artwork, inspiring films, quiet and replenishing time spent in Nature, time with loved ones, reading inspiring stories, or laughing at comedies or a life situation, getting your diaphragm engaged in the process of expunging the deep emotions that lie buried there.

Just as it is vital to step away from consuming meat and dairy products, which come from violent industries that are harming your planetary climate and well-being, it is also necessary to step away from the toxicity of the digital environment.

This means moving away from both the devices themselves, and the content on them. And to stop allowing them to define your daily life.

We assure you, despite the appearance of the violence and chaos the planet has been steeped in for millennia, on the whole, this is a planet experiencing more well-being than disruption.

The question is, Where will you place your attention, powerful co-Creator?

What story will you choose to concentrate on, as representative of the New Earth that you and millions of other Light Beings are busy making?

Will you allow the old power structure to not only continue to train your mind and expectations, but to control your emotions and your highly defined beliefs and expectations of the world?

Or will you strike out on your own and decide Who you are, remember what it is you came here to do, and concentrate on—increase, in other words—those Earth experiences you would prefer existed everywhere.

We encourage all Light Beings (and you are all such) to realize your incredible co-Creative power, which lives within you at all times.

It is impossible that you would consistently look at your checking account balance or spreadsheet, and give thanks and bless and praise that “reality,” without seeing it improve in a short amount of time.

Never mind that your logical mind is saying, “But we’ve only got a small amount of money in there!”

You have chosen to see the Abundance that is within everything, and therefore, also within the open co-Creative field that is your accounts, your wallet, and your everyday life.

You have chosen to work with the energetic reality that is constantly open to being molded into some outer form, or renewed into a higher form.

In your Universe, what you focus on and call Reality can only increase. It promulgates, grows, extends to greater heights (or depths). It awaits your labeling of it and your feelings about it, before taking off in exactly the direction you have indicated it should pursue.

Yes, you are that powerful.

And if only two or three people in an entire city determine (particularly if they combine their focus and intention in a group effort) that pollution, crime, inequality, fraud, and toxicities of all kinds are now going to dwindle to record-low numbers in their town—this has a powerful effect.

Experiments have been conducted over the past few decades that prove that exact idea. As does your own life.

And so, take your eyes off of what you cannot stand—you are not assisting others or taking full responsibility for your inner life by allowing your vibration to fall. If there is a situation you hear of that you would like to actively help or send Light to, then do so.

But if a thing feels bigger than you, or feels unsolvable, let it go.

Hand it over to your soul, the Angelic legions, Creator God/Goddess, and say, “I give this to you. And I send healing Light, that your Divine solution be made manifest in this situation, now and always. I give thanks!”

Then go back to being a positive human being who inspires everyone they meet.

Go back to singing your song, and doing what is joyful to you, for Earth’s sake.

For this you came.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Thank you.

You needed that oppression to stay in the fourth and third dimensions long enough to have a collective event that will be the ascension of all of humanity that is present on Earth.

Ascending in Spite of Your Oppressors ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been witnessing the struggle that humanity has endured with being oppressed, and we understand why so many of you are angry about this oppression. We understand why you are angry with government officials, cabals, and negatively-oriented extra-terrestrials, and we feel compassion for you for what you have endured there on Earth. We do believe, however, that we can help to alleviate some of the suffering that you’ve experienced by reminding you that you are very powerful beings and that you do create your own reality.

So all of the oppression that you have experienced has been necessary to give you the third and fourth-dimensional experiences that you have been able to have there on Earth. Were it not for the oppression, you would have moved through the third dimension very fast, and many of you would have shifted to the fifth dimension before the rest of humanity was ready. We saw this happen with the Mayans, for example, where many of the Mayans ascended because they were simply ready to. Now if this had continued on Earth, you would have had civilization after civilization ascending, and those who were not so fortunate to have chosen to incarnate in an advanced civilization would have endured even more suffering and even more oppression.

So those of you who have been holding the space for all of humanity and holding the higher vibration that you do for your collective have created a balance there, and that balance was necessary to give all of you the numerous experiences that you wanted to have before shifting. Remember that everything is a choice on some level. Just because you don’t remember making the choice to incarnate there and be oppressed doesn’t make it any less of a choice. Now that most of you who are awake have also become aware of your oppressors, you feel a great deal of anger and you want justice. You want to them to be taken down, imprisoned, and some of you even look for their deaths as a necessary punishment for what they have done.

But this is not how you evolve and ascend. You evolve and ascend through forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love. And that forgiveness is made possible by this understanding that you needed them to play the role of the bad guys, the dark ones. You needed that oppression to stay in the fourth and third dimensions long enough to have a collective event that will be the ascension of all of humanity that is present on Earth. So look for that knowing within yourselves, process your angry feelings, and get to the place of forgiveness and compassion for those who chose to play their roles, and we can assure you that those roles are not as good feeling as you might suspect.

Having all of that power and all of that money is meaningless without love. And some of these beings who have been your oppressors have even come to that conclusion through the lives that they have lived, and they will need ones like you who are awake to forgive them. And this is what we believe is necessary as well for the ascension of all of humanity.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Why do 1st Wave Ascension Light Workers don’t live yet 100% the lives they desire and are worthy for?

It is true. As a first wave Ascension, i have already done my work to shift the planet. And at times i just don’t get it why i don’t get to live the life i desire free and independent because my work has been accomplished and i know it. Well, for all those of you who are into the same wave The Arcturians share with us that : You needed that oppression to stay in the fourth and third dimensions long enough to have a collective event that will be the ascension of all of humanity that is present on Earth. It is true that in 2012, i left everything behind to propel myself forward into The Ascending energies thinking that was what i needed to do as my soul’s call, only to find in 2020 that there is always something that does not allow me, allow us to move forward as i/we intend to and that includes the restoration of the planet :Free Energy and Many more projects in line.

Truth is is this journey has been much longer than originally planned and that i thought it would be when i signed to incarnate into this life. I might not remember all details, yet it makes sense that i can get angry with myself for not choosing to get into it in a more smooth way whereas i have a more comfortable life because living in discomfort, oui c’est moi these past 33 years of my life.

Yet no matter what i always find the way to feel good in every moment and to accept and to truth and have faith. And my sharing this part of my story is to let you know that there has been a lot of work to be where we are today, not just from us the boots on the ground and all Ascended Masters, Elementals, Angels , Archangels and Mother Father God and i remain eternally grateful for my gift of life . This does not mean i won’t express my anger. Because Angry I Am and accept my emotion as it is.



On the Current Energies

Jenny Schiltz ~ Message from the Arcturians

August 26, 2021,

Quick update on what is happening energetically. We are being hit with solar winds and Coronal mass ejections (CME). These injections hold incredible amounts of amazing plasma.

Plasma in the human body is known to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to parts of the physical body that need it. The plasma that’s coming in from our sun is bringing activations and codes to our energetic bodies. Once it is in our energetic bodies then it begins to interact with the physical body.

The CME’s create geomagnetic storms that affect and weaken our magnetic shield on the earth and it affects our aura the same.

Many people experience headaches and sinus pressure, nausea, and dizziness. There can be body aches, bloating particularly around the rib cage/solar plexus area. Often this energy will bring about a deep purge, so you may be experiencing stomach upset. Ear ringing tends to be heightened during these events as well as dreams.

When I tapped into my Arcturian team during today’s Aura Cleanse they wanted to give a message:

“Your world is being bombarded with awakening codes. These are designed to clear the cobwebs of sleep and activate what has yet to be connected.

It matters not where one is in regards to their awakening process. All matter is affected in some way. The information coming in affects everything at the atomic level.

All is awakening, all is changing and we urge each of you to look at all around you with fresh eyes.

Ask that the lens and filters in which you perceive the world be updated and cleared of any distortions. It is this lens and filters that often keep souls consistently recreating what was, instead of what can be.

Through these energy bursts, all is shifting and awakening. For some, it will be monumental shifts and for others, it will be minute. It is through the shifting within that more will begin to remember their connection to All That Is and their place within creation.

This is an immensely exciting time, as many are seeing through the paradoxical nature of your reality. Seeing into the illusion will give the opportunity for what is not truth to collapse.

These changes being made within have greater potential to bring about healing, connection, and greater awakening when they are interacted with. Will all those not interacting still receive the coding? Yes of course. Yet as you know the minute something is observed the outcome changes.

What do you think the change will be if these energies are welcomed into the form with joy, excitement, and appreciation versus disdain, frustration, and a desire for it to stop?

One can be exhausted and still joyous. One can be in pain and still excited about the changes taking place. We see this much like a human’s labor. It is indeed painful for most, yet gone through with anticipation and joy. This is because the outcome is known and wanted.

You too want the outcome from all that is taking place, yet because it cannot be seen nor quantified, it is natural to lose sight of what is being birthed.

We say to you: Keep going, Keep growing and receiving, Keep opening. What you have been working lifetimes for is here to be accessed, the time is NOW.”

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world.


We have made it! -Judith Kusel-

Super Quantum shifts have now pulled us into the way of no return!

We have made it!

We are in the New Earth zone now totally!

Embarking on totally new territory in the Unknown!

There is much celebration, as the Universe was holding its breath and indeed because of the Lightworkers managing to expand their consciousness and vibrational energy fields in the last few months, and especially during the Lion Portal, we have are now lifted into the New Earth fully!

It is therefore essential that you ask that ALL of you, and all that you indeed are, and what you interact with and what is yours be lifted into the highest vibrational frequencies of the New Earth too.

Indeed this this is unprecedented – we have made it back into 5th totally, and now the next is to rise fully into the 7th and even the 9th for those who are ready!


We have arrived!

Judith Kusel

The way forward is to be yourselves!- Saul via John-

08/26/2021 by John Smallman

As you all – humans all over the world – move powerfully forward in your awakening process, open yourselves to the awareness that we in the spiritual or non physical realms are most enthusiastically supporting you and cheering you on.

You have made enormous progress during the last few decades, just as you all intended when you chose to incarnate and be present now in human form on Planet Earth to participate in this momentous event – humanity’s awakening from the dream or illusion of unreality.

It is approaching the moment of fruition far more rapidly than you can imagine, because, as the chaos and confusion that has arisen and is continuing to arise in many places has encouraged you to listen to your egos and doubt and disbelieve in God’s divine plan for you, you find it difficult not to focus your attention on reports from the MSM instead of on your trust in Mother/Father/God.

Yes, enormous amounts of ‘stuff’ continue to arise into your conscious awareness to be acknowledged, thanked, and released.  This is demanding the fullness of your faith in God’s Love for you, and in the individual strengths that you each possess so that you are not distracted by events that appear to indicate that conflicts and disasters – both locally, and planet-wide – are increasing and intensifying and threatening humanity with extinction.

Truly all is well!  You are not alone.  You are fully supported in every moment, so relax into your holy inner sanctuaries whenever you have a free moment during the day, and invite and allow your support teams in the non-physical realms to most lovingly uplift and inspire you as you connect with your intuition which is, in every moment, showing you the path to your awakening.

The way forward is to be yourselves!

Many of you are still uncomfortable doing just that, you often still feel a need to present yourselves in a less than fully open manner that you believe protects you from the negative judgments of others – but that is just your egos acting out of fear.  So remind yourselves to set the intent to be yourselves, and to be loving in every interaction with others, follow through on it, and you will then find that others will also respond to you in a loving manner.  Simply doing this is following your path, and will, as you become accustomed to doing so, bring you a sense of relaxation and peace.

Peace, of course, is your nature, it is an aspect of Love, but your egos live in fear and cannot be peaceful because they ‘see’ threats to their well-being everywhere they look and so maintain an intense sense of awareness of their environment – the one they create in your minds with thoughts – so that they will be ready to deal with any threatening situation that may arise.

As humans in form you do need your egos, because, being born totally helpless and dependent on your parents or caregivers, you need them to help you adjust to life in form and in learning to use your bodies to interact safely and effectively with others and with your physical environment.

However, as you well know, you are not your egos, you are not your bodies, they are both just artifacts or tools to assist you as you engage with physicality and the sense of separation it provides.

When you live from your hearts they both serve you very well, but when you live from your ‘rational’ minds it seems that they control and direct you.

You have all experienced events or meetings in which your emotions flowed through you very powerfully – maybe flaring up very suddenly – effectively taking control of you, and leading you to say or do something that you later very much regretted.  Therefore it is very important to be consciously aware that emotions will flow through you, possibly flooding your conscious awareness, and to not then react instantly by projecting them out onto others.

Yes, experience them, but do not express them until you have assessed whether that is what Love – your true nature – would choose to do.

This is why it is so important to be mindful.  When you are mindful you can recognize the emotions arising for what they are – moods, like the weather (which can be very violent), that will pass – and choose in the moment, with guidance from your hearts, whether or not it is appropriate to express them.  Your egos always want to express them in the moment, but you know from personal experience that to do so is often unwise.

On the other hand do not attempt to suppress or control your egos or your emotions, to do so is to block part of the life force flowing through you in every moment, thus building up pressure that will have to be released, possibly at a later but inappropriate moment.

Just be mindful of them, and be aware that they do not control you unless you permit them to.  You have all experienced small children explode in anger when they are forbidden or prevented from doing or having something that they believe they need right now.  You have learnt that gently preventing them is far more effective than responding with forceful anger.  Do the same with your own emotions and egos, because you will find that that works, whereas forcing them into submission causes you stress and pressure that you will have to deal with later, and which may well cause you pain.

So the message here is that yes you all have egos, but they are not You, and that engaging with them in judgment or condemnation results in them reacting like willful three year olds – you cannot reason with them.

Recognize them, but do not take them too seriously, when you do that you will often end up smiling to yourselves as realize what has just occurred – your egos tried to direct or control you by getting you to react to thoughts about a situation that had arisen – and you did not get drawn into a game you could never win, because there are no winners.

Be aware, be mindful as your egos seek your attention, and then respond with your hearts’ intelligence to bring Love to the issue.

Love is what You are, Love is your nature, so allow It to express Itself through you in every moment of your daily lives, and enjoy the resulting peace that you experience.

With so very much love, Saul.

you as the awakened collective are the leaders of humanity, and you don’t have to have a huge following on social media, or anywhere else, to lead, because what each and every one of you does in the privacy of your own home, with your eyes closed matters, and it all adds up.

The Human Being, Version 2.0 ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are looking to those of you who are willing and eager to change to bring about the next giant leap forward for humankind in your spiritual evolution. As we have said many times before, you as the awakened collective are the leaders of humanity, and you don’t have to have a huge following on social media, or anywhere else, to lead, because what each and every one of you does in the privacy of your own home, with your eyes closed matters, and it all adds up. You are co-creating the new breed of human. You all are responsible for the co-creation of the human being, version 2.0.

And as we said, you do this work quietly, humbly, and most of you are doing it just because you want to feel better. You are becoming more by virtue of the fact that you exist and this is the time of ascension for humanity, but those of you who know that and who want to do it consciously are making the bigger strides forward, and therefore, you are capable of leading others through your example, through the vibration that you emit and from the templates that you create. You are creating new blueprints for your fellow humans, and again, that is happening regardless of whether any of them know that it is you who is doing this.

You get to take humanity to that next level. It’s a privilege. It’s an honor, and you get to do it in your way. In other words, you don’t have to follow someone else’s owner’s manual for the new human. You get to make it up as you go along. You get to decide what is important in terms of spiritual evolution, but it will always be an inside job. It will always be something that you do by looking within yourselves, by feeling for what is there, and by activating more of what you want to experience. You grow in your ability to forgive, to love, and to feel compassion when you acknowledge that there is something that isn’t quite right, and it isn’t quite right inside of you.

You won’t get there just by saying that someone else over there is the wrong one, the bad one, and the one that needs to be stopped. But look, always, inside of yourself for the next step forward that you are going to take to create that momentum for the human collective, and you will continue to add more to the consciousness of humankind, a consciousness that is ready to move forward, even if many individuals don’t realize that yet. It is going to happen, and if you are already awake, then you are one of the ones leading the way. We suggest that you do so by taking care of business within yourselves first and then emerging from your cocoon to set the bar high for the new version of the human being that you are all co-creating together.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”