Linda’s Vision for Our World

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Linda’s Vision for Our World

The following Vision was posted on our Highest Light Holders blog by our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, at the request of long time Pagosa Springs, CO Intender, Linda LoCastro. Thank you, Linda!  

Says Linda, “A peaceful tactic to begin manifesting a new world is to visualize the world we would like to live in . . . doing this every day for five to fifteen minutes. As many of you are aware, this is a powerful “action” to take “together”. Or, if you feel comfortable just reading these manifestations once or twice a day, that “action” will still help create a resonant energy field with others; that energy field will create changes in the world. Here is my list – you may add your own thoughts to it if you like.”  Humanity has awakened to the higher consciousness of the Power and Frequency of Love, Light and Truth. Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy, Goodwill, Prosperity and Abundance have manifested for all.  The world has become “green” again and is flourishing…..there is sacred reverence for all life. All women and girls have taken their places to bring about Peace in the world and sacred reverence for all. They are  influencing the men and boys in their lives so we all work in cooperation to maintain a peaceful, loving, compassionate, co-operative, co-creative world. The children coming into the world and those who are already here are empowered to fulfill their purposes of bringing forth Peace, Love and Compassion.  Leaders in all areas of society have heart, are caring and compassionate, are spiritually aware, are visionaries, yet, are grounded, and make decisions for the good of all the people. Governments exist for the good of all the people. Businesses everywhere are ethically and morally owned and managed…safeguards are in place in all areas of hazardous working conditions…when and if accidents occur, retribution is made without question or hesitation for the good of all.  Healthcare is available to all. All forms of healthcare and healing are recognized and respected and are offered as choices of treatment. Our rights and the farmer’s rights to produce food for consumption is protected. Organic food and herbal remedies are commonplace. All celebrities, those in the public eye, as well as those with a following, are utilizing their positions and resources for the betterment of humanity. All movie writers, producers, actors, and actresses are making positive, uplifting movies that continue to raise humanity’s consciousness. All news reporting agencies have been re-oriented to bring forth positive, inspiring stories. Accuracy in news reporting has been brought to new heights. The conditions that led people to commit crimes have been alleviated so there are no prisons. Diversity is embraced. Peaceful co-existence exists. The Peace Corps has been re-instituted. Departments of Peace have been established throughout the world. As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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We Can All See Now (latest intel received)

We can all see now that as the people ask for justice, ‘magically’ floods appear middle of the summer justifying it as “cli-mate cha_nge” , when in fact it is the last attempts of corrupt beings so people won’t be able to testify the apocalypse of more truths coming out in this order : c_ov_i_d , USA elections, kidnapped children, 6000 technologies to be released for healing, mobility, free energy etc. And while MSM try to keep things under control another fact is that : the higher and middle ranks of corrupt people/aliens have already been taken care off, now the lower ones are being exposed and taken care of too.(arrests happening as we speak) (been told some of those are clones, i guess we ll discover soon more)
I invite you to do your best in keeping spirits high for yourself as when you do that everybody else around receives the message too through vibrational resonance : higher vibration always uplifts all others.


Q-The Strorm :

WATCH THE WATERS was a double meaning message from Q /…./in one way Q knew the Deep State was going to use HAARP to kill people and bring in Climate Change through CHAOS and destruction through weather >> [DS] FINAL CARDS>keep charade going_ cover up pandemic/EXPOSER of stolen election>>CONFUSION<//_On the the other hand Q knew flooding the tunnels was essential and kept the OPS. CONTROLLED with no Innocent civilians killed/or minimal.>When [DS] used HAARP and weather modification weapons ( FLOODS) they killed intentionality in their black OPS. for maximum effect and destroyed innocent lives, homes and communities.. But at the same [THEY] were putting them selves in jeopardy in the hands of crime/CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Each event created by the CABAL deep state brought out the SLEEPERS/AGENTS/crooked politicians ,military INTEL, scientist, ext.ect in all countries across the world/EXPOSURE<<Shining light in the dark_ (WHITE HATS MILITARY/watched( documented) and see the crimes committed)_the last part of WATCH the Waters is a NUCLEAR _EVENT<<< NK>>> SCARE NECESSARYStay vigilant PATRIOTS/ANONS/FRIENDS)FAM>>.>INCOMING>>SHIPPING/CARGO/>>MAJOR DISRUPTIONS>> HALT ⚠️

German Spoken report/radio broadcast:Close to 600 Baby corpses washed up in Bad Neuenahr/Ahrweiler Germanyabout 600 baby and child corpses, which are supposed to be laid out in a gymnasium. This process is supposed to have remained hidden from the public. The children and babies are unidentified.”

The sad INTEL i didn’t want to share//but it makes sense now to share since the German broadcast of the 600 dead babies is being talked about._Last year in Five_Finger lakes in the U.S. where a larger portion of underground tunnels and Sub-tunnels are located that run thru the East Coast Into Canadian territories …a large Military operation took place in October… And some 200 hundred Soldiers were killed fighting in the underground tunnels>> Black hats trapped the soldiers and exploded the underground base and Tunnel line in the different areas connecting to Five-finder lakesD U.M.B.s_ since this event last year… The current operations have been destroying the TUNNELS at a faster and massive unprecedented levels. MOST of the NEW operations don’t go into the tunnels but give WARNINGs through robotics that travel the TUNNELS….>> and word is if the [DS] bases and commands don’t surrender, there is no second chance for surrender and everything is DESTROYED .>Gene Decode also gave hints to this operation where several good (200he said also) soldiers died… Several other leaks talk about this sad event that happened and changed the way Operations are approached now.