Again, we want you to be happy, peaceful, comfortable, and we want you to want to stay and continue to do the work that you are doing for humanity. We want you to feel worthy of receiving that which you ask for, because you are worthy

Ask The Arcturian Council for What You Want ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are ready for anything that you want to throw at us here in the ninth dimension. We are open to all of your requests, and we seek to give you everything that you need and want because it is important to us that you remain at the very least comfortable, with an eye towards being joyous. We know that we continuously tell you that you create your own reality, but you also get to ask for help, and perhaps you have noticed that in the physical realm, it often works to your advantage as well. If you have the audacity to ask the person at the airline for an upgrade, you might just get it. If you have romantic feelings for someone, it does help for you to express those feelings and ask the person out on a date.

So you see, there is something to be said for the art of asking for what you want and need to continue to be there on Earth and be of service to the collective. All of you who are operating from the light are there in service, regardless of what you do for a living. You are tipping the scales in favor of the positive, and your intentions for everyone to be safe, respected and loved matter. You are needed there on Earth at this time, and there has never been a time in human history where you have been more needed because of the magnitude of what you are going through as you shift your consciousness.

So here is how to ask The Arcturian Council or any other higher-dimensional being or collective for what you want. Say what it is out loud, and then say, ‘Thank you for granting me this request.’ The key is to thank before you receive it, because your faith, your trust, also matter. You don’t have to beg and you don’t have to plead, and you don’t have to explain why you want something, or some condition to change, but you do have to believe, and you have to expect that we answer all of your requests in the affirmative.

Again, we want you to be happy, peaceful, comfortable, and we want you to want to stay and continue to do the work that you are doing for humanity. We want you to feel worthy of receiving that which you ask for, because you are worthy. And again, we have a desire to fulfill your desires. You give us something to do, something to focus on, something to co-create, because then we have to go to work and find the best ways to deliver all that you have asked us for, while working with your higher selves and your guides.

It is so much fun for us, and we are always in a giving mood. We don’t have to wait for your birthday or some other holiday to give you the gifts that we so willingly share. We love you and appreciate you, and it is time for you all to be living happier lives there on planet Earth. We just want to be a part of it; we just want to help.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

A Vision for the Dolphins and Whales

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Dolphins and WhalesThis Vision was inspired from our Intender friend, Isabel Foltin, who sent us a petition regarding the yearly “celebration” for slaughtering the Calderon dolphins on the Faroe Islands in Denmark. We envision a place and time when people are making pilgrimages to the shores of all lands to be in the company of the dolphins and whales, to glean their teachings, and to honor them for the gifts they share with us. Indeed, we see a world where telepathic communication between humans and the dolphins has been restored, and, as a result, humanity now has access to the wondrous knowledge and unconditional love that these amazing Beings embody.

From another point of view, we see compassion and a caring for life having reawakened in humanity after we allowed ourselves to feel the depth of love it took for the dolphins and whales to have suffered and died in the past in order to show us how utterly insane we were to have killed them like we did. Indeed, we see that the people of Faroe Island and all such places have a different and much better source of food sustenance now, one that does not cause harm to animals.

We also envision the ancient secrets of Earth – all that has happened on this planet before “recorded history” began, some 6000 years ago – made known to us through our telepathic link with the whales. As such, the historical containment which held humanity in the dark for eons has been shattered, once and for all, bringing unlimited information to us of past cultures, hidden agendas, cosmic visitors, great inventions, free energy, emotional clearing, physical healing, and true freedom.

Finally, we see all of humanity lifted up because, in great measure, of the loving guidance we continue to receive from the dolphins and the whales. As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.
I Align with this Vision!

repeating the I AM affirming meditations

The only way we can stay in the present moment, in order to manifest new life and new beginnings, we need to be firmly anchored in the Divine, and thus AS ONE with Divinity and as one with Mother Earth.

Even though the New Earth is already here and ascending, we need to be firmly rooted in her as well. Otherwise we will tend to float somewhere in between.

Every morning I make it may business, to not only do my early morning meditations and indeed prayers, which truly uplift me, as the Divine moves within me, but also to, when I busy dressing and getting ready for my daily work, to affirm life in all its aspects.

I even do this when first awakening, with my daily protection routine. Even before I get out of bed, I am affirming my day ahead, with I AM affirmations!

In this way I am already affirming my day, and all the goodness which will be coming into my day, filling it with awe and wonder, joy and beauty. It is a positive and uplifting way to start the day, and it lasts.

If during the day, something happens to disturb my equilibrium, as the old Earth will make itself felt still, in some form or another, I will immediately get myself back on track, by repeating the I AM affirming meditations, or even just moments where I again anchor myself in, and even ask for help in doing so, should I still be perturbed in some form or another.

More than this, I call in Cosmic Help if I need it. We are never left without assistance to call upon, nor is the Divine ever absent – indeed the Divine lives within you!

Once you start doing this and disciplining yourself in being vigilant and indeed understand that you are in charge of your own life and indeed the way you wish to co-create on a daily basis, you will start doing this automatically.

You will start being present more and more and indeed firmly ground your highest soul calling and purpose into the New Earth, with great Love.

The more you do this, the higher your vibrational frequency will become, and indeed the more you will experience unity and harmony within, and this is what will keep you steady, even if the whole world is seemingly chaotic outside. You will not be moved unless you allow yourself to be.

Judith Kusel

The Company of Heaven wants us all to realize the significance of the Olympic Games being held in Japan this year.

by Patricia Cota-Robles 
July 22, 2021
 The Olympic Games have always provided Lightworkers with a powerful opportunity to add to the Light of the World. This is due to the fact that during this 17-day global event it is estimated that between five and six billion people, at one time or another, turn their attention to the Olympic Games. This unified focus of Humanity’s attention creates a Collective Cup of Consciousness through which the Company of Heaven and every person’s I AM Presence can empower the Divine Intent of the Olympics and expand the Light of God on Earth. The Divine Intent of the Olympic Games symbolically represents the Family of Humanity setting aside our differences and coming together in Peace with the goal of reaching our highest level of excellence. This year, when we are on the brink of Cocreating a Quantum Field of Comprehensive Divine Love that will allow the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to permanently sustain the Presence of Unity Consciousness in every Heart Flame, this amazing opportunity has the potential of being life-transforming.
 Today is July 22nd which is Celebrated as Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day. It is also the day the Earth crosses the threshold into the Sun Cycle of Leo which represents the courageous Heart of a Lion. Mary Magdalene is an exponent of our Mother God and she serves with myriad Aspects of the Divine Feminine in the Heavenly Realms. Their collective Divine Mission is to assist our Mother God as she reclaims her rightful position within the Hearts and Minds of Awakening Humanity. The Luminous Presence of Mary Magdalene is enveloping Mother Earth this day and will bathe all Life on this Planet in the full Divine Potential of our Mother God’s Divine Love throughout the Olympic Games. In addition to this Gift from On High, the all-encompassing Light bathing the Earth during the Sun Cycle of Leo will empower the courage of a Lion’s Heart within every person. The Divine Intent of this facet of the Divine Plan is to strengthen every person’s Heart, so that his or her I AM Presence will be able to permanently sustain the Presence of Unity Consciousness which will occur during the 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination to be held Virtually, August 14-19, 2021. The much delayed Summer Olympic Games will begin with the Opening Ceremonies on July 23rd which is the Aquarius Full Moon. The momentum of this Collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness will build in power and might through the Closing Ceremonies which will take place on August 8th. That auspicious date is the apex of the Opening of the Lion’s Gate which occurs every year. This is a Cosmic Moment during which all Life belonging to or serving the Earth at this time will take a quantum leap up the Spiral of Evolution into higher frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light than we have ever been able to safely experience. The Company of Heaven wants us all to realize the significance of the Olympic Games being held in Japan this year when God’s Comprehensive Divine Love and the Presence of Unity Consciousness will once again be established on Earth. This information is being magnetized into your sphere of awareness by your I AM Presence because you have been preparing for lifetimes for the Divine Mission you are being called to participate in during this Cosmic Moment. Pulsating in the Etheric Realms above the sacred Mt. Fuji in Japan is a complex of Temples dedicated to the Violet Flame and the Transmutation of the grossly mutated miscreations of a fallen Humanity. These miscreations have caused unfathomable pain and suffering on Earth since our fall from Grace. Our fallen Sisters and Brothers who have spent lifetimes abusing their power and suppressing and oppressing the masses of Humanity have for millennia used every possible means to prevent the Light from Mt Fuji from setting Humanity FREE. One of their most egregious attempts to block the Light from Mt. Fuji occurred when malevolent scientists hijacked the knowledge of atomic energy and distorted it into the horrific weapons of mass destruction used in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1941 during World War II. Within a few months after that mind boggling event powerful Lightworkers in Japan made a covenant with our Father-Mother God to Create such a powerful Forcefield of Peace that nothing like that could ever occur in Japan or the World again. They committed their Hearts to this Holy Endeavor and formed an organization called “Symphony of Peace Prayers.” Every year they orchestrate a gathering at the foot of Mt. Fiji that draws tens of thousands of people from all over the World.  At that gathering they have a Ceremony that anchors Peace into every country on Earth and honors the flag of each Nation. In addition to the rhythmic influx of Peace that pours through Mt. Fuji through this event every year these selfless Lightworkers have distributed Peace Poles all over the World. Every Peace Pole has printed on it, in several languages, “MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH.” The Company of Heaven has revealed that much of the chaos and the abuse of power that is so prevalent in the outer world at this time is evidence of the fear and panic these wayward souls are experiencing as they realize that they no longer have the ability to prevent Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth from moving forward in the Light. They are fighting tooth and nail to reclaim their power, but our Father-Mother God have assured us that their efforts are in vain.    There is a lot of confusion about the Olympic Games due to Covid-19, but the Collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness has already been formed and nothing can prevent this facet of the Divine Plan from being God Victoriously accomplished. All we have to do is stay focused on the Light and the manifestation of Peace. We are also being asked to invoke the Legions of Light associated with the Violet Flame Temples above Mt. Fuji to Transmute into Light our Human miscreations from all time frames and dimensions both known and unknown. We can accomplish that through this very simple mantra. Please invoke this mantra as often as you feel inspired to do so throughout the day during the Olympic Games.
 KNOW that Cosmic Moments come and Cosmic Moments go. This is a Cosmic Moment. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by. 
Violet Flame Mantra
 In the Name of the Beloved Presence of God I AM I invoke the Beloved Legions of Light associated with the Temples of the Violet Flame above Mt. Fuji to come forth now!
 Transmute, Transmute by the Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God’s Desire. I AM a Being of cause alone; that CAUSE is LOVE, the Sacred Tone.    (Repeat 3 times) And so it is, Beloved I AM.

The 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination 
Dear One, if you are willing to assist Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth by adding your magnificent Light to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan during the 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination, all of the information you need to participate in this FREE Online Virtual Event which will take place August 14th -19th is on our website. The Divine Mission for the 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination will be Cocreated through the unified efforts of our Father-Mother God, the entire Company of Heaven and Awakening Humanity. The Mission for the 35th WCI involves Cocreating an unprecedented Quantum Field of Comprehensive Divine Love that will result in an Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness through which the I AM Presence of every person on Earth will be able to permanently sustain the Presence of Unity Consciousness for Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this Planet.
 TO REGISTER for the 35th WCI just click on the link below: 
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Patricia Cota-Robles
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