Your Path to Manifesting a Bigger Financial Income

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. Amidst the spray of the surf!

And so, today we are speaking on something that has been difficult for many people, particularly over the past year or so, when many found that their jobs were gone, perhaps their industry badly impacted.

And perhaps, even for those who are still employed, whether self-employed or otherwise, you are feeling, “I would still like to require the Universe to flow greater Abundance to me, because I know that the Universe is never out of Abundance material. “It’s never out of the Divine Substance from which all fine things are created.” And that includes money, even though money has been trapped in a very dark system for centuries. Nevertheless, this planet is evolving beyond those old systems.

And money has signaled their wonderful interest and enthusiasm and consent for moving into NESARA currency.

So, all right—let’s look at it that way. Let’s look at it as pure Divine Light—not as this stuff that wants to make you miserable! Because that was never its intent. So looking at money that way—as a friend, as someone who co-Creates with you, and as someone who respects and honors your dreams and your values and your ethics— Looking at money that way, if you want to take a moment, or if you want to close your eyes, or as you’re looking at the waves, just concentrate on their beautiful movement.

You notice, as we pointed out in other videos, that there are the peaks and the troughs. There’s the ebb and the flow.

See if you can mimic some of this in your own body. See if you can take a moment for yourself where you’re just rocking gently forward and back, ever so slightly.

If you’re lying down as you listen to this, you can do it with your hands and feet.

If you’re sitting or standing, you can do it with the rest of the body. Just slowly rocking back and forth very rhythmically, like the waves.

And notice how the body is always willing to recuperate and come back.

It’s always willing to come forward again [after moving back], and that there doesn’t seem to be any separation in the movement.

And something you could say right now to your finances, might be something like, “I allow you your ebb and flow! I honor that, as I honor it in all Nature.”

So you’re not really so much feeling lost [financially during the “ebb” times], as understanding that there will be times when money comes in a bit more [or less] than it has at other times, and you’re all right with that.

And you’re allowing this beautiful back-and-forth motion. You’re blessing the back-and-forth motion. And now you’re even giving thanks for it!

Now you want to say to money, and to the Universe: “Can you increase the flow toward me—without increasing the outgo. Because perhaps somewhere in my subconscious is the expectation that once more money comes in, more has to go out. And I know that that is not necessarily true!”

So if you can, get this feeling of more energy flowing in toward you . . .

As each wave you’re watching flows toward you, notice how powerful it is.

Image your income as a great wave of energy flowing into you now.

And it’s coming in through different channels. It doesn’t only come in from one place. And that is wonderful!

It doesn’t matter how you see it. Just notice your current flow—get an image of that—and then double it, triple it, quadruple it. Take it times 10 if you’d like!

But get an image of that flow of energy flowing into you, coming into your being, your heart-space. Welcome it into the heart-space! You’re going to receive everything that the Universe has to give in through the heart-mind. Through the high heart.

And you’re helping money to release this left-brain dominance, this sort of masculine predominance that it’s been given [via the old financial system] in its energies.

You’re helping it move beyond that.

And just feel the gentleness of this flow. And allow that some of this will, absolutely, be going out.

Can you release it joyfully? Can you bless it, as some of it releases?

And can you bless the fact that more of it is staying with you! You’re able to save more. You’re able to dissolve debt more easily now.

Can you accept that?

Now we’re going to work with your subconscious for a moment to remove energy blockages. And what we would love for you to do, is to think of the specific amount you would love to bring in every year or every month—probably a monthly amount is a good idea, particularly if you are self-employed.

Just hold that idea, and again, see this beautiful huge rush of energy pouring in to you, whether it’s sparkling Light or a rush of ocean water. Just pouring in, and your whole body is just taking it in, and you’re releasing some of it back into the Universe. Now, a lot of people will give 10 percent of what they receive—they give that back.

That is actually a beautiful Abundance principle, because 10 is the number of increase. It’s exponential in nature. It’s a beautiful number!

And some will save 10 percent. And some will do both.

And that is fine! You’re giving, either way.

And think of all the money you release every week or every month, and bless it.

And say, “I bless you! Thank you for coming to me! I’m paying you out now—I’m paying someone else. And I’m giving thanks that you have flowed through me, traveled through me, and now you’re moving on to someone else, in perfect ways! And so I bless you, and I thank you.”

Every single cent you get, you put your hand on that check or that electronic transfer indication, or that cash, and you say: “Thank you! Thank you for coming to me! I bless you and multiply you by 10! “I give of you. I save you. I honor you. And I lift you to the vibration of NESARA currency now! “Thank you, Universe! Thank you, Money, and Thank You, Universe!”

You want to keep a Thankfulness Journal every day—this is very powerful!—and thank the spirit of Money itself.

Because everything on the Earth has an etheric value. Has an etheric presence, an essence. So remember to give Thanks to money as well. Everything you want to experience more of, you give Thanks for! You don’t go into this sort of, very unhappy, “Oh, gosh—there’s not enough . . . ” You just say, “Thank you so much, that there is always more than enough!” And will you feel as if you’re lying or making it up? Yes, of course! But are you? Considering that you are a part of this astounding Universe! If it created this sea, it can create plenty of beautiful, healthy, joyful wealth for you and your loved ones. So we give thanks for all you do, dear ones, and send much Love. Namaste!

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We invite you to be ever mindful when you are feeling uncomfortable about some situation in your life or in the news, to pause and take a deep breath…We are inviting you to be bold with your thoughts and your imagination.

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Levels of Consciousness

We are here, honored to offer our love and our words of guidance and encouragement. These are intense times for humanity. You know this and are witnessing the shifts taking place in your reality. You are witnessing the dismantling of all that is old and stale the old illusory reality, the old programming, and the old limitations.

This energy coming upon your planet from the cosmic offerings is certainly triggering the personal limitations, and the old patterns and behaviors within each earthwalker. This energy can and often does feel uncomfortable. We have observed that when it feels uncomfortable, humans project those feelings onto others or onto conditions in their reality.

Be aware when you do this and stop yourself.

This is a time and a period of the dissolving the old structures, the dismantling of all that is out of integrity and harmony of the whole.

We invite you to be ever mindful when you are feeling uncomfortable about some situation in your life or in the news, to pause and take a deep breath. Realize that the energies that are triggering these feelings within are actually supporting and encouraging you to create and welcome a new reality.

We are inviting you to be bold with your thoughts and your imagination. This is truly the time for you to step into your power and remember that it is your thoughts and intentions that create and welcome this higher dimension.

Continue to ask yourself, what do I want to create and have manifest in my life and in the world?

Welcome these cosmic energies however they come upon you and saturate your life. Welcome this energy as the true gift that it is. Know in your heart of hearts that you are here to anchor this cosmic energy. Sit quietly, eyes closed and imagine energy pouring gently into your crown. Just allow this galactic gift to infuse you with personal remembering of who you are as a divine multidimensional being. Know that you carry divine consciousness within. Never doubt that. Realize that if you have created and animated a physical body in this reality, there is nothing that you cannot create.

We realize that your physical body allows you to interface with your reality.

  • Your body allows you to feel sensations and emotions.
  • Your physical body appears to be solid and locked into this third dimension.
  • You are becoming more aware of the limitations of your physical body.
  • You are becoming aware of the limited programs that your mind and ego honors.
  • You are becoming aware that this primitive viewpoint maintains your limitations of not seeing beyond this dimension.

Take a moment to pause in your busyness and acknowledge that perhaps there is a possibility that you could shift and welcome the idea of stepping into the fifth dimension awareness. It is the simple task of remembering. The dimensions are levels of consciousness.

Our purpose here today with our message is to encourage and remind you that you are a galactic being and made of pure divine energy. You are in your physical body here on this planet to remember how to create…especially how to create in an energy field of unconscious limitation.

Unfortunately, you use your gifts of being empathic, of being sensitive ~ and you match the energy of this field and believe in these limitations. You become the victim of all the negative and misqualified energies you experience or witness.

We are here to tell you that you can step out of these patterns. You can claim your personal power as a divine creator and begin to create a new reality. You can honor this truth and allow yourself to recall who you really are. You can allow yourself to remember that there is a higher frequency consciousness inside your physical body.

You are a galactic being here at this time to anchor this cosmic energy, and transduce this energy into a form that other earthwalkers will be triggered to remember as truth as well. You are the game changer. You are here to assist your beloved planet and her citizens with the ascension process.

Remember that your imagination is your superpower. We invite you to begin to imagine the energy of the fifth dimension, the energy field in which your thoughts and feelings manifest for the highest good for all.

  • Imagine a world that is in harmony within itself.
  • Imagine a world in which there is wholeness and health for everyone.
  • Imagine a world that honors one another and all of nature.
  • Imagine a world in which there is clean air and clean water.
  • Imagine a world in which there is peace within the communities and the countries.

You can travel to the fifth dimension by expanding your consciousness. You can experience the energy of the fifth dimension with its infinite possibilities and ideas. You can bring that energy and those ideas into this third dimension as a transducer, and then offer them to the collective. Others will pick up these ideas of how to clear your waters or your environment and be able to execute them for the good of all.

Remember that you are powerful beyond measure. Remember that you are sacred. Remember that everyone is also sacred. Remember that everyone is a divine multidimensional being who has forgotten this truth and is living with limitations, wounds and fear.

It is powerful, as this divine being, to remember to create with love and compassion. It is these higher vibrations of harmony, love, forgiveness and peace expressed in your words, thoughts and actions that transform your reality. It is this powerful conscious energy that is destined to be successful.

So, be bold and be clear about who you are at this time. Be courageous as you step into your power as the magnificent divine creator that you are. We are honored to be your witness and your support as you continue to make a difference in your reality. Invite us always to join you as you do this work, and invite us to join you as you play.

~ the ‘team’

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