A Vision for Heroes

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Heroes

We see a world where our heroes and heroines are everywhere; where they are everyday people who are kind and caring for one another; where they are honored, celebrated, and chosen to positions of leadership because they are gentle, helpful, resourceful, caring, kind, and forgiving.  We see our heroes and heroines in the movies being the ones who have put away their weapons and set examples for our youth by being compassionate, courageous, and creative; where our inventors and artists are using their talents to help bring humanity into its highest calling; where our spiritual leaders are enlightened, awakened, and truly lined up with the Highest Good. And we envision all people, everywhere, seeing themselves as a hero or heroine to their family and friends because they show up, make themselves available, and help others whenever and wherever they are needed.

You are tipping the scales with your belief in yourselves. Every time one of you decides that you want to explore a different future, a better future, and you sit and close your eyes to imagine and feel into that future, you make it happen.

Arcturian Support for Humanity’s New Future ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very curious about the next steps you are going to take as a human collective. We can see many positive possibilities for you as you ride the wave of positive energies that have been coming in to support you at this time. We have noticed that more and more people are stepping up to be a part of a positive future for humanity, in spite of all of the predictions that make it seem like your future is out of your control. And we know that those of you who receive these messages are a big enough group to make a difference there on Earth and to bring so many more people with you on a positive timeline, one that includes baby steps forward, without cataclysms, without massive numbers of deaths.

You are tipping the scales with your belief in yourselves. Every time one of you decides that you want to explore a different future, a better future, and you sit and close your eyes to imagine and feel into that future, you make it happen. And now, we are coming in with more Arcturian support because we know that those of you who have focused on these realities, these timelines, will need support in maintaining that focus. There are so many who either intentionally or unintentionally would throw you off with their fear, their worry, their unprocessed trauma from past lives.

There are so many different ways that people are not taking responsibility for their own creations, and those of you who do are not going to wake them up with your words. You are not going to wake them up by telling them something that they have known but have forgotten. You are going to be of greatest service by maintaining your vision for the future of humanity, and as you do hold to that vision, you invite others to it by the vibrations that you give off.

You are able to attract more flies with honey, as the expression goes, except you’re not looking to catch the flies in this case. You are looking to nonverbally guide them to their own power, to their own ability to focus and feel their way into a better timeline, a timeline where everyone has a chance to shift their consciousness. That’s all you can do is give your fellow humans a chance, and you do that by holding the space for them and by maintaining your focus on the future that is a beautiful experience for all.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Join the Ascending Tribe for more ease, grace and flow in your life.

These are times, we are asked more than ever to allow the flow or to be the flow aligned with Source as much as possible as this is the only way we can feel true authentic joy from within which means we are on the good path of our existence. From a personal point of view and while i remain aware of the events taking place, i really feel that i am already giving my best in keeping the vibrations high and hence already doing my service for the highest good for all. This might sound selfish and yet i feel that i don’t have to lift up my small finger for anything else ,except be the open door for the energies to flow , which is already a work of itself in the sense that i will take the time to go within and uplift myself and participate in a much as possible global meditations where i know this is the true good work to be done. We might not agree and i am ok with that and yet there is such tremendous value in the work we are doing in this now for those of us dedicating our time to this as we know this is truly authentic joy. So yes ,there is the direct award of feeling good, of feeling more than fine everytime of doing this, of going within and feel the gratitude coming directly from Source as immediate effect. And so with this, once again i want to invite you to join us in our global Sunday meditations taking place at 3/6/9 pm for 30 minutes each session .There is nothing that can be compare to this feeling in the now 5 years i am practising those. Beginner or not, what do you have to loose to try this out? Sitting for 30 minutes, breathing consciously and receiving the ever increasing energies arriving from Suns beyond Suns , pure Love and Light indeed!