the game is ending โ€“ and Humanity is now winning! -JFK through Losha-

JFK: We Will Prevail!

July 1, 2021

To all my beloved ones who are Keeping the Light on! for Humanity โ€“ I thank you all so very much! You are the Light Keepers โ€“ literally!

I decided not to call you all Patriots today because truthfully, we have all moved beyond labels at this stage of the gameโ€ฆand that is because the game is ending โ€“ and Humanity is now winning! Each one of you has played an important part in bringing Humanity to this most glorious moment! I thank you!

If you look closely enough you can see some of the new future that we are creating: people losing their jobs due to Covid but then finding a way of earning income doing what they are truly passionate about; finding neighbors you never knew before and then all of you coming together as a caring community; finding new ways to do tasks more efficiently, such as using digital means to save time throughout your day.

I do not like to often refer to my past life here because Humanity has moved so far forward from those challenging timesโ€ฆhowever, it will always be helpful to momentarily look back at where we were, so we might appreciate where we are now, and how far we have come! These historical events needed to happen in order to help awaken those who are not yet able to see the evil ways of the cabal.

Since the time when I crossed over, I like to focus on ideas and thoughts which are more positive in nature. This topic of being positive has always been important in how one lives their life, and it is also one reason Losha was chosen to be one of my messengers โ€“ she has always tried to be positive in lifeโ€ฆhowever, recently she has learned there is a more important reason to think positively โ€“ and that is because she is learning about manifestation, and how you manifest whatever you are putting your focus onto.

Now, in the past years (and eons), when the 3rd Dimensional (3D) energies on Earth were denser and not as transparent, it would take years to actually manifest whatever you had been giving your attention to โ€“ and chances are you were completely unaware of the actual manifestation connection. So, it was very difficult to learn any lessons during that time period.

However, over the last few years, the etheric energies have increased in frequency so much that there are now 4D and even 5D energies available here on Earthโ€ฆand available to all.

Now, on the one hand, being able to experience 5D energies is truly a wonderful thing! One experiences feelings of great bliss, feelings of being One with everything, and feeling more peaceful than ever before โ€“ truly exquisite experiences!

On the other hand, those 5D energies can act like the old game of telephone โ€“ where several people are passing along a message, one to another, etc โ€“ and by the time the message reaches the last person in the queue, the message has become very garbled, and the original intent is almost completely absent.

Well, up until now the old 3D energies were causing every thought to be garbled and intent was misunderstood (because of the extreme density). The new 5D energies however, are like having only two people in the telephone queue โ€“ the one who transmits the original message and the one who hears it first hand, loud and clear!

So, whatever messages, or feelings, you are now thinking about โ€“ messages which could even be demeaning to yourself, or messages which are judgmental of others in your lifeโ€ฆthe line is now so direct due to the newer energies here that you will perpetuate those unfortunate thoughts about yourself, and others, unceasinglyโ€ฆuntil you begin becoming more aware of those earlier thoughts and judgments, themselves.

It can be very difficult to notice that direct connection to your thoughts and feelingsโ€ฆhowever once you do, your life will immeasurably change for the good! (although the healing period can still be challenging)

I have already addressed these potential healing methods with Losha, and I now offer the same two Affirmations of Love to all of you, that I offered to her at the time (these specific Affirmations are given to you by our beloved spiritual beings, St. Germain being primary among them). If you will recite these statements of Love several times a day (or more!), I guarantee it will assist you in loving yourself, and others, more.

So, the Affirmations are:

I AM Magnificent!

I Love Myself Infinitely!

When Losha first started reciting these out loud, she began to laughโ€ฆit was a nervous kind of laughter though, because she was so uncomfortable saying anything so positive or loving, about herselfโ€ฆshe just couldnโ€™t believe it! If that happens to any of you, it is a sure-fire indicator that your beautiful soul needs much, much more Loveโ€ฆfrom yourself, first and foremost.

Now that some time has passed since Losha began reciting these Affirmations of Love to herself, she just smiles from ear to ear, because she knows that she now does Love herself โ€“ Infinitely!

Losha is also posting a picture of the card upon which she wrote her affirmations to show her commitment, and she always has it prominently displayed, so she doesnโ€™t forget them!

Losha and I would like to encourage any of you who are resonating with these loving Affirmations and are interested in writing them on a card for yourself to recite, to post an image of your card in the comment section under this post. It is a wonderful way to share!

I truly hope that you feel my Love for you, and that is why I continue to gently urge you to Love yourself!

I am watching over you all โ€“ and loving you all โ€“ Unconditionally.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Our focus throughout July is on Freedom codes…Mastery is not about controlling people or realities. Mastery is being consistently aware of your contribution to the whole, finding your unique skills, and choosing to express every moment as a conduit of Divinity.

Blessings Beloveds ~
Our focus throughout July is on Freedom codes.July Gateways include July 1-9, 12, and 23-29. Solaris is active already, and these stargate openings deliver powerful amplifications for our Ascension.As always, the higher frequencies embedded in these plasma influxes amplify revelation, Divine Truth and right use of life force. The focus of theย Crystalline Convergenceย was preparing us to work in the unified field in a new way, unified with the Crystalline stargates of our Hearts. This is definitely a month to implement everything we have learned, with a big dose of Divine Neutrality as distortions amplify to be revealed, cleared or removed from our realities. These frequencies support the choice of experience (realm division).
Freedom Codes: What, Why and How
Freedom codes, available since July 2019, support this revelation phase of our Ascension.Codes are sequences of frequencies, delivered as harmonics via crystalline plasma and photonic flashing through the stargates. They shift and activate DNA if the vessel is prepared. Globally, they shift magnetics, collective perception, and realign realms into Divine order.Open up to cosmic perspective, and witness the acceleration of global agendas โ€“ positive and distorted โ€“ in the last few years. Quantum free will choice has arrived; choices aligned with proper use of energy, and positive, life-expanding qualified light emanations. In brief, there is full support for your Ascension into a pure Creator Being, using the Golden Race DNA as an instrument for Divine order and Ascension.Freedom Codes dissolve distortions:โ€“ Freedom from old belief systems about how we operate in these realms.
โ€“ Freedom from old stereotypes and expectations of of the Christed Self.
โ€“ Freedom from savior/martyr imprints.
โ€“ Freedom from distortions, control structures, manipulation, and misuse of creative power
โ€“ Freedom from limiting beliefs about abundance, spirituality, worthinessFreedom codes activate:โ€“ Freedom to actualize your Ascension
โ€“ Freedom to self-realize Source-as-Self in the physical.
โ€“ Support the return to fully awakened,consistent conscious creation of our personal and collective journeys.
โ€“ Freedom to embody and express the aligned and pure True Heart, mind, emotions, speech, thoughts, creations
โ€“ Assist in migrating to Golden Race
โ€“ Divine Perfection as the right use of life force energy
โ€“ Aquarian age dynamics of unique-and-unified expression of Self
โ€“ Individual value to serve collective value; pure Christ/Kryst/Unity qualified creations
โ€“ Self-love and Unity Consciousness as end game, crossing the bridge to New Earth

Freedom Codes must be activated by free will choice.

Freedom codes amplify the energetic patterns in your fields. Revelation is ON so we may self-correct in this Now, and create higher outcomes for all. This requires conscious self-correction of everything we put out into the field: thoughts, words, deeds, feelings. Good gets better, Divine gets Blissful, disharmony gets more intense.
Mastery is not about controlling people or realities. Mastery is being consistently aware of your contribution to the whole, finding your unique skills, and choosing to express every moment as a conduit of Divinity.At this stage of Mastery, those embracing the ability to hold these codes and use them properly are creating the bridge to higher realms. Total focus on the desired experience, on behalf of highest outcomes.The old systems of feeding off external sources of energy (complaints, control, judgment, etc.) destroy the vessel. Those are unsustainable sources that do not exist in the new realms. The new ligthbody cannot emerge in those lower frequencies.The Crystalline Heart is self-generating. It is reconnected to eternal Infinite source of creation, as a self- generating source of Divinity.
How to interact and implement these high-frequency Freedom codes:โ€“ Know they are Living Light, and conscious frequencies (as is everything โ€“ embrace your Mastery.)

โ€“ Call them forth and claim them to activate to the highest outcomes for your journey
โ€“ Meditate on highest outcomes. What is freedom to your fractal in this now?
โ€“ Visualize highest outcomes, solutions, creative expansion
โ€“ Most importantly: Use that Stargate of the Heart and FEEL Freedom.
โ€“ ACTION: Take the creative leap, light-ground an activity that feels freeing, make the choice to eliminate what constricts.
โ€“ Be a Responsible Quantum Creator, knowing that everything you do affects the whole. One step can inspire many steps.
โ€“ Speak freedom, flip conversations, show the way. Shine the Freedom codes!During this Stargate opening,ย especially on SUNday July 4ย when freedom codes flow from the Master crystal beds under the USA, implement a physical activity that expresses freedom for you โ€“ what ever that risk, leap of faith, or freeing activity that overrides fear and lights up your heart.Joins us on SUNday July 4 for theย Unity Meditationsย at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight time.ย We will be focused on distributing these codes to all willing hearts. Open up, get into the feeling state of Freedom, and surge the collective with this Divine harmonic.Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

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