There are the digital soldiers,there are those that are seen doing their best for the highest good of all humanity in mind,there are soldiers rescuing children in underground bases and there are those that are working in the silence.Now the first and second ones are seen and appreciated for what they do.I send my love to all and specifically to the soldiers in DUMBS and the ones that work silently,the ones that nobody knows,the ones that meditate and pray knowing fully their power as Source Energy Beings and doing the work in their ‘caves’.I specifically send my Love to you.And as you know you are never alone even if you are a loner.And yes there are all the Light beings assisting in the invisible that we indeed feel more and more,as you already know.You are doing extremely well,you are a champion,you are the best of the best,you are a multidimensional hooligan and this DJ Set is dedicated to you.Soon enough we will gather,soon enough we will get to know each other,soon enough we will celebrate.We Got This.We are Legion!Be empowered.I Love You.


Treat yourself like a tree-Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young-

April 6, 2021, trinityesoterics.com


If things become a little overwhelming, we have some very simple advice for you. Treat yourself like a tree.

Imagine your roots going into the earth below you. Face the sun and absorb the loving sustenance it provides. Hydrate yourself, not just a bit, but to the level you know is for your optimal wellness. Allow the wind to move over you, to caress and cleanse you. You might even want to hug yourself!

These basics will adjust your energy beautifully and provide you everything you need to ground into your Now moment with your ancient wisdom and self care, while embodying the energy of receiving and becoming one with the whole through your beingness. When you don’t know what to do, treat yourself like a tree.