24 QUESTIONS, with Sydney

24 QUESTIONS – New Project
What if there are people who are having similar energetic experiences as you? 
And what if you could peek into their soul for a couple of minutes?
You can now 🙂

Even though I started writing about my experiences publicly, it took me some time to really feel comfortable expressing the naturalness of my psychic abilities.What I found to be of most value during the discovery process are safe spaces to read, talk about and express our experiences. Plus, being inspired by people who are walking their talk is one of the things that keep me REAL.This brings us to 24 QUESTIONS.

Through this series of interviews, you’ll have the chance to be rejuvenated by the essence of souls, standing in their unique truth.

You’ll be able to see what they are creating and they will reveal their worldviews for you to ponder. 
Fascinating and Inspiring!

Without further ado, let’s welcome Sydney:

Sydney expresses herself as an aerialist, artist, chef, and her message is one of rare clarity.
I invite you to immerse yourself in her world.

Let us know in the comments if you feel like adding your own views on some of the subjects the touches. 


1. What’s your name?


2. Where do you live?

Laguna Beach

3. Do you consider yourself a creator? Of what in particular? What do you feel is your gift?

Artist, flow artist, aerialist, fire dancer, chef

4. When were you aware the first time of the fact that you were gifted? And how did this impact you or your relationships at the time?

Since my earliest memories from being less than a year old, I’ve always had very vivid dreams & could recall them easily. I was also good at picking up on people’s energies since I was young. I always knew someone’s intentions from the moment I met them. This has helped me navigate through life & choose to be around people with a positive influence.

5. Do you prepare yourself before you step into the process of bringing forth your gifts?

The process of me bringing forth my gifts is a natural process & doesn’t exactly need to have any preparation. My gifts naturally flow through me at the right moment, it can never be forced.

6. Why are you here at this time on the planet?

I am here to emit my unique frequency & bring forth the brilliance of source through each of my gifts. I’m here to invite all beings to ramember who they are. I am here to be an inspiration for all.

7. Do you think you will be doing the work you are doing now for the rest of your life? Why?

Absolutely! It brings me joy & others joy. I feel that as my life goes on, I will discover more gifts to share & express.

8. Do you feel any particular transformation happening within you now? If yes, in what area of your life?

On all levels, especially independence. I’m almost 24 & my partner almost 26. We are both getting ready & closer to being completely independent & starting our life together with no assistance from our families. We are getting closer to our dreams goals & aspirations.

9. What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship means being your complete self around someone. It means being a space of unconditional love & no judgement. It means loyalty & standing up for them & supporting them. It means being able to see the divine within being reflected outward. It’s a mirror.

10. What do you wish was different in your life?

Absolutely nothing. Everything I’ve been through has been perfect for my unique & specific evolution. Everything I’ve experienced has gotten me to where I am now & im grateful for it all.

11. Do you have a life partner? If yes, how do you transform the challenges into gifts?

Yes I do! All challenges that come up between us we are able to openly communicate through & listen to each other. We utilize each other’s strengths to build a solid foundation in the relationship without judging or trying to change each other.

12 .Do you believe in Death?

No, I believe in eternal life.

13. What are thoughts made of? Where do thoughts come from?

Thoughts are usually not our own, they can come from external influence, past experiences, or the collective consciousness. Our thoughts are not always our own. They’re kind of like experiences, they come & go.

14. What is energy?

Energy what everything is made of. It’s light, sound, tone, vibration, oscillation, & frequency. All is made of energy.

15. Do you have a regular health practice or spiritual hygiene routine you swear by ?

Yes. I start my day with breath work & prayer. Then I do some toning & vocal harmonics accompanied with crystal singing bowl frequencies. I sing the psonns from MCEO teachings. All of this clears my field & creates a protective bubble around my field at all times.

16. Do you have any psychic abilities you are aware of? If yes, how do they enrich your life or work?

Yes. I get premonitions through dreams or sometimes in my thoughts before something happens. I can also do visualization techniques & remote viewing. I allow my intuition to guide me & it’s never been wrong. My abilities enable me to be in harmony with what I do & create.

17. Do you think free energy devices exist? If yes, what kinds and how do they work according to your perception? You can be creative or intuitive in your answer.

I believe that all things organic & natural are energy “devices” or better yet, generators. I’m not really sure how I feel about devices or technologies extracting energy from a source of energy. To me this seems rather parasitic. It would be cool if there was a free energy device that recycles energy kinda like orgonite technology.

18. What do you think creation is?

I believe there is organic creation & artificial creation. Organic creation follows the natural krystic flows & codes with pure loving intention & it is eternal. Artificial creation attempts to copy or mimic the eternal creation but it’s intention is deadly & malicious. It attempts to go against the natural laws of the universe which creates disharmony & destruction, making it a finite system.

19. Why do you share your creation with the world?

I share my eternal creation codes with the world because I feel it is crucial & important to be a beacon of light in this realm where many are stuck in illusion & trapped in their minds. I wish for all beings to free themselves & return to eternal life creation.

20. What other creations by others have changed your life?

Drawings, performances, poems, divine messages, plant based food, exercise programs, breath work

21. What do you love most about the creational process?

I love how it naturally flows through me without force

22. Imagine someone came to you for mentoring. Would you accept? If yes, what would you want them to realize, or what would be the focus of your mentorship?

Yes I would. I would love for them to realize that I am only here to remind them of their potential. I am not a guru or a savior, just a space of compassion & a mirror. I can show you the tools but you must learn how to use them on your own.

23. What are your plans for the future? What do you envision for yourself and/or the world?

My plan is to build as much as I can so that I can give back to the world. I don’t want money for materials, I want it so I can feed the world, build sustainable communities, gardens, biodynamic farming. I want to help return this earth to its natural organic flow state. I envision my partner & I traveling the world assisting as many communities as possible.

24. If you could choose to send these questions to anyone in the world, who would you send them to?

Instagram: @peaceful.human.advancement, Krys 🙂

Thank you so much Sydney, for sharing your inner world and creations with us.

We wish you a beautiful journey and it will be a joy to witness your unique way of moving and speaking with such clarity.


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The very future of the Earth and its people totally depends on the outcome of present events, but have no fear because they are in the hands of the higher Forces of Light.

2nd April 2021. Mike Quinsey.

There is so much going on behind the scenes that cannot yet be made public knowledge, but it should be sufficient to say that all progresses well. The size of the tasks ahead would be beyond your imagination, they involve many thousands of people working for the Light who are gradually dismantling the web of control that the dark Ones have built over a great period of time. It has taken years of planning to build up to the point where the Light has achieved its power, not to just match the Cabal but to overpower them. However, it is not as simple or easy as it may appear to be because the dark Ones will stop at nothing in their efforts to maintain their position, and hold onto the power that gives them so much control over the Earth and its people.

Many times the Light has had victory in their grasp only to have to concede their position to them, so as to avoid threats to annihilate millions of the world’s population in retaliation. So over a long period of time the Light has arranged matters so that they could achieve their objective in a more subtle manner, keeping the dark Ones in check whilst weakening their methods of control. The Light now has great support that includes the armed forces who have been very active during the lockdown. The very future of the Earth and its people totally depends on the outcome of present events, but have no fear because they are in the hands of the higher Forces of Light.

The dark Ones cannot accept that they are now losing the battle for the Earth, and are at their most dangerous as like a wounded animal they will hit out at whatever stands in their way. However, it is too late for them to turn the tables, and they will not leave quietly but cause as much trouble as they can even at the risk of their own lives. They are prepared to die for their cause believing in a distorted way that they are the “Chosen Ones” and will be rewarded. It is inevitable that the Forces Of Light will have to make sacrifices in winning this battle but that is unavoidable in the circumstances. It is reassuring to know that they are fighting the last battle upon Earth, following which there will be a great period of cleansing and a rapid move into the New Age and all of the benefits that come with it.

Bear in mind the future that lies ahead of you is going to be so different to what you are experiencing now. It hardly bears any resemblance to what you are used to and is a totally different form of existence, notably that you will become so much more independent. Since you will be able to provide for all of your needs by using your power of pure thought, clearly you will have become much more independent and not depend on others for your well-being. It is by your reckoning quite a long way off but you can bring it into manifestation more quickly through your power of thought. Your consciousness is expanding much more quickly now as you head towards becoming a more evolved being, and so it will continue as you raise your vibrations.

Forgetting your immediate problems for a moment, you should be able to visualize the coming period of Light. It puts power into your hands because you will have reached a point where you have risen above the negative energies that will no longer have any influence upon you. Many of you have already been able to do so and have full control over your thoughts and actions. It is very testing in the present times but can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Life becomes more acceptable and your confidence grows in your ability to keep calm in all circumstances, regardless of what is going on all around you. Stay calm  and forgive yourself if you should be overcome by the circumstances around you. Learn from your lapses and you will be well on your path to success and Ascension.

In general terms there is a possibility that you will now find life returning to normal where you have freedom to plan your own experiences. That does not however mean it will be exactly the same as too much has happened that has brought about changes that will continue. They have given you an opportunity to re-access what you want out of life, and there are some things that have changed for the better that you will want to keep. Personal relationships have been under pressure simply because you would not normally be able to spend so much time together. As a result many have realised that they need to change their way of life and for some that means continuing to give their family more of their time.

The Illuminati are behind the Covid19 virus but where they intended it should decimate the population, the Forces of Light have so to say watered it down so that it is not as effective as intended. It is often the case that events that were intended to have a serious effect on the people have been altered in such a way as to lose their planned effects. However, Universal Law is at work and in a freewill civilisation certain protocols have to be followed that prevent outright interference. Through his actions and thoughts Man has always had a hand in creating his own future, but will inevitably find that events will always end up by keeping to the plan for his future development.

All experience is of value for each individual and helps their spiritual growth regardless of their life plan. The whole issue is so complex as too many factors are involved that without having a wider understanding of how things operate it is difficult to understand at your level because you will not have the full story. It is sufficient to say that when you are ready to comprehend the greater picture, it will be possible because you will have acquired a greater level of consciousness. It is already happening to some of the more evolved souls who have the ability and understanding to help others make progress.

Be assured that you will be all the greater for your experiences and well prepared to help those who follow in your footsteps. It is only natural that those who have achieved a higher level of consciousness reach out to those who are on the same path. So you are never left to flounder without help but remember that it should be called for as it is never forced onto another soul without their agreement. The system works very well and has been tried and tested over many millennia. You may not be aware of the loving help that is freely given but all benefit from it and the truth will be revealed in good time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.



You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Its quite possible things are going to turn out far better than you can imagine.


There is no doubt, that the things taking place behind the scenes will excite humanity and bring everyone to a place of elation. SO much good is to come, that humanity will most likely be in disbelief of what they have been living in for some time.

Its important during this time to remember, light is information, and darkness is the absence of it. Our entire lives we have BEEN kept in the dark, and given only the information on all outlets that is approved by 6 people in the entire world to ensure humanity did not rise in consciousness. Its mind blowing for some to think that up until very recently, 6 people decide what the world has access to.

However, as clever of a deceptive controlling plan as that may had been, and yes worked for so long.. is no longer working. Humans naturally gravitate toward believing anything negative, over anything positive. This is simply from conditioning.

But, as sovereign humans, when we nurture our natural state, we vibrate at a high frequency and have little negativity in our lives. This creates peace, tranquility, and joy, which is something that when recognized and implemented by the masses, can totally disrupt the plan to keep everyone in the dark, and they could never let that happen.

Yet, here we are witnessing humanity seeking out the light, and completely disrupting and dismantling the plan for good.

For millennia, we have been conditioned to not dream, we have been put on a production line in schools and society to become employees and listen to what a “boss” tells us to do. In school, you are ridiculed and penalized for daydreaming. In society, you are looked at as “a crazy person” or “a rebel” for following your own path. You are conditioned to be on autopilot to slave away for money, to think joy is for the irresponsible, to expect little to nothing good to happen, and to always view the cup half empty. So it is no surprise, that right now, humanity is skeptical of anything good coming from this earthly situation.

Humanity’s perception of things has overall been purposely suppressed. But just because the perception has been suppressed for so long, does not mean that there are not amazing things happening behind the scenes that will prove opposite to the current narrative. They are just not obvious to everyone yet, and that is what people are having a hard time with. So as those things are being prepared for us, de-programming from the matrix and reprogramming our minds to go within and feel the truth in our heart and soul, is an essential thing that has to take place, and it is happening on a global scale, one step at a time.

Think about it this way, if we are sitting on opposite sides of the table, and there is a bowl of fruit in the middle, you have grapes and strawberries on your side and I have apples and oranges on my side, just because I can not see your grapes and oranges on your side of the bowl from where I am sitting, does NOT mean they are not there right? And just because you can not see my apples and oranges from where you are sitting does not mean they are not there either.

Now when we apply the same theory to the earthly situation, we are dealing with quantum physics, the creation of timelines, and multi-dimensional situations all playing out. This is far more complex than a bowl of fruit, BUT you get the point. There is far more to what is happening than the conditioned reality readily available to us at any given moment, and once you access it you can immediately sense the illusionary world that IS in fact falling away.

As my angels have constantly reminded me, there is so much happening behind the scenes that will be of great benefit in the near future. And this past year has caused unpreceded amounts of people to start seeking out the light- and sharing it with the world. Which is exactly why censorship has been so heavy.

The amazing things that will serve humanity are available for anyone to start researching, medbeds, QFS, Nesara/Gesara, healing technologies, quantum education, free energy, and so much more. TRUE philanthropists and humanitarians (Not evil pretend ones like Bill Gates), are working and getting ready to bring the true gifts to the forefront for humanity. And humanity is about to advance quickly.

Have you ever thought about a better world? Most people have, and there is a reason those thoughts and visions are in your heart- it is no accident why we desire a world with no suffering and only peace. Suffering is not natural to us, peace is. Can you envision a world where there is no disease, healing modalities are readily available in everyone’s home, current cancer can be cured in 3 minutes, no more toxic vaxxs and “treatments”. Only organic-healthy-nutritious food is abundant and available for everyone, no more GMOs and toxic chemical laced food. Large corporations are now nationalized and limited, and business that benefit humanity are the dominate source for the economy. Work days are shorter and more time with friends and loved ones is encouraged because of the advancements we now have access to that can easily take care of most tasks. Abundance of wealth is available to all humanity, there is absolutely no lack and everyone’s needs are met. Children are safe, and educated in a way that expands their minds instead of contracts them. Day dreaming is encouraged and creativity thrives in leading humanity to greater heights. Governments now work for the people and must comply with sovereignty. Travel is easier and more efficient. Earth is thriving, as everything that has been kept away for so long is now restored and functioning in the highest fashion to uplift humanity. This is the new world being unveiled.

The show we are watching playout on earth is to wake up those who have been in a deep mind-controlled sleep for so long, so for those who have came here awakened, or have been awakened to be apart of what is happening on the other side of the veil, we know that it is not only quite possible, but assured things are turning out far better than we could have ever imagined.

Tides are turning, I invite you to continue to seek out the light.


Ashley Ulizzi

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council April 1, 2021


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and the Earth Council. I speak to you today to honor our ground crew and to also motivate you in your work with the light. Every thought you think and action that you take is part of the great awakening. When you act with conscious intention and place your power behind these intentions you can literally move mountains. This is the kind of energy we need from you. When you assert yourselves with the light, we can back you up and amplify the light. We are working together towards the same end.

Wake up every day and welcome the Golden Age into your life and onto your planet. Be grateful for your ability to participate in the Shift of the Ages. This magnifies the energies even further. Fill your heart with the greatest amount of light and love that you can as you project the light to its destination. 

We are involved in a profound creative process that requires brilliance on every level. This is a monumental group process from multiple dimensions and gifted beings from all of creation. It is God driven not ego driven. This means that all of creation will be served by the outcome of what happens on the earth. It is that important!

Right now, there is too much suffering on the earth. This needs to stop! The planet is polarized and needs unification. The ground crew must be unified and powered up with the light of creation to neutralize the destruction. You have endured long enough and now it is time to bring in the energies of heaven to the earth. This is the main focus!

You can observe by how quickly time is going that you are living more in higher consciousness where time is just the now moment. This should be a good sign for you that linear time will be ceasing to exist. You will join higher consciousness civilizations and rise along with them in your ascension. We are waiting for the earth to join us again to be our friends and family. We want you to visit us and for us to have the opportunity to visit you. 

Soon you will begin to see an increase in our visits in the sky and amongst you. We have a lot to learn from you and plenty to share with you. It is our joy and our responsibility to provide you with what you need to live in a higher dimension. Your lives will become more abundant and easier. You will be walking away from what is beginning to appear as a nightmare and moving into your dreams for a better world.


I am Mira sending you love, courage, and strength as we move into the new world together.

The entire drama is nearly complete and you will have much to celebrate-Apollo-


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest message from Apollo from March 30, 2021. “In the whole scheme of things, it appears that your anticipation of what is to come has not been met. This is not so. It has already been achieved and you are at the ending of darkness on the earth. Cradle yourselves in the heart of the Creator and don’t let your thoughts wander into something you are afraid of or do not want. Keep raising your vibrational states so that you are living in the 5th dimension or higher. Let the lower dimensional energies play themselves out while you observe. The entire drama is nearly complete and you will have much to celebrate. We are with you. Bless the material world for what you have learned and achieved. Move onward and upward. We are one.”