All is proceeding according to plan.

Arcturian Group Message 2/28/21 

FEBRUARY 28,2021

Dear readers, welcome to our message that is intended to bring hope and encouragement as well as information into everyone’s increasingly deepening soul journey.

All is proceeding according to plan. Never fear that the Divine plan can be manipulated or stopped by those who wish to do so for there is only One Power and that power is not effected by three dimensional conditioned activities.

These are times of tremendous change in which much that the world is accustomed to will not return in its previous form. Those waiting for everything to once again be exactly as it was will be disappointed. As the collective spiritually evolves through the presence of increasingly more high frequency Light on earth, material expressions in all facets of life will begin to reflect this.

The true essence of everything you see as material is in fact spiritual, but the spiritual reality is seen in the dense energy of the third dimension as material. How it is interpreted depends upon the personal and collective consciousness doing the interpreting which at this time is quickly changing.

Ideas, inventions, and practices in law, medicine, and religion etc. as you have come to know them are based in beliefs of duality and separation. The foundation of many of these things will begin to crumble as people see them from new and higher levels. However, since the underlying idea of them is spiritual, their true essence remains intact, only their old form changes. New and higher forms that reflect earth’s evolving spiritual awareness will soon begin to manifest.

Higher forms of many ideas were given to earth long ago, but have been held back and kept secret from the majority by those who would keep mankind in bondage to control. As ideas like free energy become universally known, life for all will be easier.

We wish to once again speak about love for even though we have often spoken about the absolute truth of love being the interconnecting energy between individuals within the ONE, we have not spoken of love as it is most commonly interpreted in the third dimension. Many struggle with how to translate the reality of love into daily life especially with regard to relationships.

There are three hurtles that all meet on their journey out of three dimensional state of consciousness. They are; 1. Relationships, 2. Money, 3. Power
These three facets of life on earth are solidly ingrained in the consciousness of the majority through having lived many lifetimes in which they represented the power that ruled over everyone’s life and their ability to make personal choices.

Romantic love is an area that continues to confuse many. Sexual attraction to a stranger or to someone who rejects you, the inability to let go of old relationships, and the need to continually seek for a partner all serve to create confusion and psychological pain. The bottom line of which is the belief that one cannot be happy without a partner.

Romance in its three dimensional sense is an concept that arose out of the belief in separation. It has been colored and promoted by society as being a goal necessary for happiness. You have been taught that you are half of a couple and that until you find your other half, your soul mate, the perfect partner, you will be unhappy and incomplete.

Books, film, TV shows, retail, and media in general continue to promote the idea that once a person finds “Mr or Mrs. Right” they will finally feel whole and complete. The world in general continues to buy into these concepts, spending a great deal of time searching, seeking, and game playing unaware that what they seek is already present within them

Needing to find one’s “other half” in reality is a spiritual truth but not in the three dimensional sense. Everyone has a perfect “other half” but it lies within. Women already possess the masculine they seek just as men already possess the feminine that they seek but both seek it outside of themselves.

Everyone is already whole and compete by virtue of their oneness with Source. If a person chooses to share their wholeness with another that is their free will choice, but it is never a need.

Believing that one is half of a couple creates a sense of loneliness that prompts many to spend time and effort searching on the computer or phone, frequenting social places, joining groups, and doing activities in the hope of finding the one special person who will make them feel whole and complete according to their personal concepts of happiness.

Even when Mr. or Mrs. Right is found, there remains that sense of loneliness because the empty spot within is the Soul’s yearning to be recognized and integrated into a state of consciousness that knows it is Source.

Many of you have already released these old concepts and have come into your personal power. Those who have not must release false ideas about relationship if they are to evolve into a consciousness of spiritual wholeness and completeness that will then manifest outwardly as that which represents wholeness and completeness to them.

Completeness and wholeness for one may mean remaining single but for another wholeness and completeness may mean partnership. If so their consciousness will draw to them (alignment) the right partner without a lot of manipulation, thought, and concern. Consciousness is always expressing itself. What do I hold in my consciousness?

Those unaware of who and what they really are will continue seeking completeness from outside of themselves through three dimensional tools but will never find it even when their goals are attained because three dimensional concepts are temporary having nothing but belief to support them. Divine wholeness and completeness is infinite, forever, and never changes or ceases.

The belief and promotion of sexual attraction as being love has created more heartbreak among the majority than can be counted. It also sells tickets, promotes films, and keeps a lot of businesses going but the world is ready to move beyond these narrow concepts.

When sex becomes simply a route for self pleasure without regard for the other person it becomes a three dimensional activity devoid of love and can cause a person to become stuck and addicted to old energy patterns. It also results in energetic cords being created between those involved.

Sex, attraction, and the desire to be with another are facets of love but can simply be energetic alignment. There could be a past life connection, or perhaps one person aligns with another’s concept of the perfect partner. Perhaps the other (stranger or friend) holds similar beliefs (alignment) as you. Energetic alignment is not love although it can lead to love and is necessary for a solid partnership.

Sexual encounters are often considered to be simply a pleasant release for those involved. However as with all things, it has a deeper reality. Its true spiritual essence is the joining of the masculine and feminine energies into a powerful ONEness from which a new and evolved consciousness is born.

Those who know the spiritual truth about themselves and their partner bring love and respect to their sexual relationship allowing it to become a spiritual experience rather than just a physical release. Relationships both homosexual and heterosexual entered into at this level of awareness have the potential to lift both into higher awareness. This truth was studied and taught in many of the ancient sacred schools of learning.

Religions have taught that sex is bad and should avoided under pain of sin and damnation until a commitment is made and then it is only for the purpose of creating children. These false and limiting concepts have permeated collective thinking and made natural, healthy, and pleasurable human sexuality into a source of shame, guilt, and fear.

As individuals spiritually evolve, their concepts of romance also evolve. Many relationships that came about through three dimensional concepts of romance and love are either beginning to dissolve or are having problems, leaving both partners wondering what happened to a once happy relationship.

The choice to stay or leave a relationship must be a personal choice, one made from a level of love that and considers the good of all involved. However this never means sacrificing individuality or surrendering personal power to another simply to maintain something that no longer exists or to satisfy the desires and wants of some other person, group, family, or friend. Always trust your intuition in these matters.

Relationships of all kinds are and will continue to change because the collective consciousness is shifting into new and higher levels. The inner is always reflected in the outer which means that when one partner spiritually shifts to a new level and the other does not, the energetic alignment they started with no longer exists in its previous form.

This does not always mean that a relationship must end. If harmony and love are present even when beliefs differ it often means that the alignment has remained intact. Often one of the partners has done the work in a previous lifetime and there is no need to be actively engaged in it now.

True relationships are two individuals both aware of their innate completeness, standing together by choice not need, looking in the same direction.

Partnership with a certain person is often part of a person’s pre-birth plan as being necessary for the completion of some unfinished business from another lifetime. This is why it frequently happens that one or both partners question why they came together in the first place.

Once a person attains a consciousness of their Divine Completeness, partnerships become less desirable and sought after because the person no longer feels the intense desire or need for partnership. They feel complete.

Send light to the world, to those suffering, and to all so called “enemies”. Visualize light within everyone you see or think about. For some you may see just a pin point of light and for others a large brightness but always remember that all hold Divine Light even if it is hidden behind shadows of false concepts and beliefs. This is why you came to earth at this time

Light always extinguishes shadows because shadows have no substance. Shadows are simply the absence of light, appearances formed of duality and separation having no Divine energy of their own to sustain and maintain them.

The secret of personal and global ascension is to stop feeding illusions and allow Reality manifest.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/28/21

None of you are going to get it perfect all of the time.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Shifting Out of Regret

February 27, 2021,

The energy of regret is an indicator of growth. It shows that you tried something and have discovered it isn’t a true energetic match to who you really are or who you wish to be.

Some of you experience regret and end up getting stuck there, unable to shift out of the resulting energies of guilt and shame. This actually stalls your own growth and expansion. This amounts to choosing to stay in lower vibrating energies as some form of penance which serves absolutely no one.

If you regret an action, we suggest you apologize in a simple and heartfelt manner, showing that you truly have learned from the experience. Then we encourage you to allow the experience to serve your evolution by moving forward and expressing yourself through your newest level of consciousness.

None of you are going to get it perfect all of the time. That is part of being a human being. You are ever-evolving explorers, trying things, learning, and then trying again. By applying the lessons you have learned through changed choices and behaviours, you are doing exactly what you came into the body to do, and that, Dear Ones, is exactly what is driving the shift of consciousness you are all participating in on your beloved planet.

Many over the last year decided to feel more of their Truth. Many awoke to their Truth from a long deep sleep…IT FEELS GOOD BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH.

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, Feb. 28, 2021

Hello to you. Well, something shifted in my energy last Sunday. I’d heard an energy Light boost was coming in (someone had sent me the info) and to be honest, I take everything with a pinch of salt these days.

Yet, for me, and others I know … it happened … something that was said actually happened! A definite lift of my energy … as if an ‘attachment’ had been removed, type of feeling. Just feeling so much Lighter. Any thoughts?

Dearest Blossom and all souls who partake in the upliftment of The Whole. Yes, indeed, a Planetary shift occurred. We would not say it was on a massive scale for all to notice … not this one! Yet, indeed, a clearing of sorts took place due to the High level of Energy that was pouring in.

We are aware that so much at this time upon your Planet is appearing to be bleak, yet, this is not so. Shifts of great proportion are taking place and much cleansing also. There are many ‘Off Planet’ who are assisting in this project and timing is of the essence.

What do you mean?

All that is taking place is of the Divine Plan, as you know. The change over from darkness into Glory is forever working towards its final goal.

Many over the last year decided to feel more of their Truth. Many awoke to their Truth from a long deep sleep. In doing so, there came with it an increase of Light. Much strength from awakened souls is now able to not only anchor the Light but also, send out Light on a much greater scale.

Do you feel, Blossom, more of that which we have spoken of, regarding having strength to do what you came to do?

In this last week, yes! I feel so much more ‘on top of things’ and … well, ready.

There are many who are feeling the same.

And for those who do not?

They will! It is a bit like a flick of a switch.

That’s certainly what it felt like for me. I just woke up feeling different … and my good mood has remained ever since. God, it feels good! It’s been so long! So, is this flick of a switch a type of activation … envelopes opening, etc?

No. It is that the Energy coming in was received and absorbed and transmuted much heaviness within many.

Why some and not others?

Depending on their placement … it affects some … before/earlier … than others.

Placement of residence?

No. Placement within themselves. Do not misunderstand, Blossom. This is not about first come first served. This is about ‘One’s own timing’. It is not for one to feel ‘left out’, yet, to understand that if they have not experienced the Lightness ‘back’ within themselves … they will do, when ‘they’ are ready.

This Strength shall continue to be felt and absorbed. It was not just a one-day affair, so to speak.

This is the time now when ‘action’ is to take place on many, many levels.

We would call it ‘a turnaround’ … for the ‘general public’ have had enough of the lies and the deceit and are picking up on the calling from within to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

There is an inner … Awakening/Strength … that is stirring within souls who would normally remain quietly in the corner. There is a call for human rights to be heard and acted upon.

Dearest Souls … as you say the Mantra over and over … can you hear the millions of voices that are in chorus with you? Can you feel that gathering within your soul?

Close your eyes for a moment and ‘hear’ the voice of ONE becoming louder and louder.

Imagine souls all over your Globe as if marching in one block, repeating, with swords of Light raised to the skies





Feel that imagination. Allow it to stir deep within you in the KNOWING that the POWER that you now know yourself to be, is anchored deep within and nothing and no one is able to stop this marching forward.



Can you feel the excitement now?

Will you allow the resonance of KNOWING this, to drive you onwards?

Collect your thoughts. Release all those that do not serve. Send all negative indoctrinations out into the ethers … and once again …


Do this regularly.

Remember to do this. To close your eyes, breathe deeply and KNOW …







Struth! I can really feel this build up inside me, as you say it. As if ‘Nothing can stop us.’

Blossom, the only thing that can stop you is yourself. No matter your circumstances at this time … no matter what part of the world you live in …



Oh, how I hate to dampen, yet, for many who have been in continual lockdown, they may not agree.

Yet, they may. Have they not got to a point when enough is enough? They may be going through different emotions, different phases of Awakening, yet, it is allowing Each One to walk into their own conclusions.

This façade that is being played out is ‘Dying its own death’, Blossom.

And in its place … RENEWED HOPE.

Ok. Feeling how I feel, I get that. Yet, it certainly is not appearing that way.

Sometimes, that which is dying does not always look as a bed of roses.

We ask that you hold on to the knowing inside you.

Let us ask you all …

Do you know the Light has won?

My answer … Yes.

How do you know this?

My answer … A feeling.

Of what?

My answer … Trusting my knowing. If I didn’t feel things were to change for the better, I don’t know how I would manage to continue. It’s just something inside that knows all this will change.

And again … how does this feeling feel?

My answer … GOOD!

Because, Dearest Souls, who have undertaken this mammoth task …


You usually would say ‘Your Truth’ …

Yet, we have chosen to say ‘THE TRUTH.’

You see, Blossom, with all that is to be … discovered/uncovered … brought into the Light of day … Each One of you that are ready … Each Soul that has been waiting for so long … will command their full presence to be ‘with them’ and this KNOWING of what to do … how to assist … will present itself as one brings in a Higher level of Energy … a Higher representation of one’s individual individuality.

Busy, busy, busy, shall you be. Yet, with a readiness to awaken each new dawn in service … to the/of the … Light that you are.

Be of such Gratitude that you were called upon to be of such Divine Service.

What better reason to be alive than to be of service … to the/for the … Greater Good Of All.


We ask that you be patient … with the soul self. Just KNOW that this gathering of more aspects of self, shall slowly integrate with the aspect of the you that ‘arrived’ to do the groundwork … would we say, and NOW that this is done and in place … and Energies are more conducive … then one’s ‘Team’ can come in and join the party.

This is sounding really hopeful. It makes sense to me, in the sense … of already KNOWING THIS yet, unable to KNOW until this time.

This is what we have spoken of in past conversations Blossom … Of ‘Coming into your own’ … ‘Walking into yourself’ … of the Strength that you shall find when it is most required.

Yet, again, not to dampen the fab uplifting energy here … it is still going to be pretty tough going, is it not?

That would depend on whether you see your glass as half empty or half full.

Yes, indeed, on the one hand … there is much to come out that will shock even the most ‘prepared’ … and yet on the other, one will simply recognize that these ‘uncoverings’ are allowing the darkness to be exposed and that one’s ‘mission to be accomplished’ is to heal, replenish, comfort, understand, accept, soften, explain, and then to repeat all of the above, time and time again.

This is why it has been said, that although one feels they are so very fed up of waiting … make the most of this quiet time … to build your strength … to prepare … for once the whistle blows … there shall be little time for twiddling one’s thumbs.

Bring it on … WE GOT THIS!

This we know.

This we are assured of.

This is why you are here.

This is why you were chosen.

Because you have … YOU HAVE GOT THIS!

Yet, remember to recharge. As we have said before … if you forget to recharge your phone … your day doesn’t go so well. Same as for self. Each night, imagine plugging your cable in from your crown chakra to ‘above’. Switch it on and check it is charging … then allow the peace of sleep to do its thing.



With a smile, we say ‘May the Force be with you.’

With a beaming smile back ‘atcha, I reply ‘WE KNOW IT IS’! In Gratitude, in Loving service. I Am… very hopeful!