A Special and Long Overdue Shout-Out to all of the Special Military Forces across the World

A Special and Long Overdue Shout-Out to all of the Special Military Forces across the World who had the horrific mission of rescuing our children in darkness few could ever begin to Imagine!

Thank You for your service to humanity, without ever receiving even a mention, from the rest of the world during this Covert Military Operation to #SaveOurChildren!

You are all heroes, and we must make sure, the proper care, therapy, and recognition is given to each and everyone of you that saved these precious angels, while confronting, and seeing the depths of what hell actually is!


You are the signaler, the tuner, the allower, and therefore the creator of your own personal reality


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It might be hard to imagine, in a world of vastly diverging opinions and perspectives, that you can find harmony. Nonetheless, all of life – including yourself – exists in a beautifully synchronized dance of vibration. Harmony is what you experience when you surrender to the natural impulses that arise within you – when you are in harmony with your own deeper Self.

You will find evidence of this harmony and order In every facet of the natural world. 
Within universes, galaxies, solar systems, ecosystems, and your very own human bodies, the diversity of life and perspectives is beyond human comprehension. Nonetheless, each of these systems operates in a perfectly orchestrated dance that supports both the good of the individual components, as well as the good of the whole.

Breathe. Right now, within your very own body, you have an orchestration of life in a countless, miraculous diversity of form! Trillions of cells are interacting with one another, sending signals via nerve channels. There are millions of chemical reactions in a given moment, and electro-magnetic waves pulsing in unison that your science will someday come to understand.

Within every breath – in every micro-moment – this universe of tiny beings that make up the body that you call “you,” are dancing together in an unimaginable harmony.

Just breathe for a moment.

Contemplate the miracle that is you…

Feel the life within you…

Imagine the trillions of cells, signals, chemicals, and countless other forms of life living within you, comprising you, and keeping you alive…

Feel the diversity of life humming, vibrating, communicating, and dancing within you!

You are a Magnificent, Miraculous, Diverse, and Harmonious collection of beings and interactions with diverse purpose, passion, and perspective!

You are an ecosystem in and of yourself.

You are a universe of life, and a vibrational symphony that pulses and weaves itself throughout all of creation!

Can you feel the miracle of the communities within you? Can you feel their cooperation? Use your imagination at first. You can tune into this harmony in the diversity of life at any time. It lives within you.

If this exercise feels too challenging, look at any ecosystem. Study it. Learn how a fallen tree feeds the fungi, that act as nervous signals beneath the forest floor to help the living trees thrive. Learn about the insects that feed the birds that eat the seeds that fly to new locations and plant new trees. Dear ones your life and all life is an intricately, interwove matrix of miracles – a symphony of diversity operating in a coordinated dance beyond your wildest dreams.

So too, the human race was designed to be infinitely diverse, and to operate in harmony as part of the ecosystem of life upon your planet earth. Just feel that for a moment. Feel the rightness of your place within the whole. Feel the importance of you, here and now. Feel the energetic contribution you are, as you emit varying degrees of love, and feel how those signals weave into the fabric of the vibration of the human race!

You are never, ever without purpose and value. You matter. Your thoughts matter. Your feelings matter. Your desires matter, for these very same desires are the signals that activate the universe to guide your steps in the dance of life itself.

So next time you find yourself disagreeing with anyone – be it with their own actions, their beliefs, their perspectives, even their treatment of you – remind yourself, “I only need to be concerned about my own place in this dance! I only need to signal the universe with my own desires, and follow my own inner compass, and live according to my own heart, and my own feelings, and my own beliefs!”

In so doing you can rest assured that all you have to do is be you, and that everyone else can find their place in the dance according to their own desires. Like a cell signaling the body for help with health and well-being, you can signal the universe that you want health, happiness, joy, abundance, peace, and whatever else you choose to create – no matter what anyone else is doing, thinking, believing, or being!

You are the signaler, the tuner, the allower, and therefore the creator of your own personal reality and as you signal what you desire, tune into what you wish to feel, allow it to come to you be getting out of the way (discarding your fears and doubts and shifting your focus to success), you will experience the reality you wish to experience.

So, we implore you, for the sake of your own joy, your own peace of mind, your own well-being, your own prosperity, become like every other wonderful and beautiful part of nature and live naturally – according to your own inner nature.

You need not think about what action to take next if you act naturally based on your heart’s natural urgings.

You need not worry about how you “should” feel if you allow yourself to feel as you do, and then love yourself through it until you naturally return to love.

You need not worry about what anyone else is doing because in your natural state of allowing yourself to think thoughts that feel good, to choose joy when you can – you will be naturally guided to your place, according to your own desires, in this beautiful dance of life.

You were not all meant to interact with everyone else. You were meant to be true to self and in so doing to allow life to sort you into groups of like mind and like heart. Some of you are like organ cells, congregating together for a common purpose. Some of you are like nerve cells, sharing messages between differing perspectives. Some of you are like the catalytic enzymes in the human body. You all have a place in this beautiful dance of life.

Just be you, dear ones. There is no need to over-analyze what that means. Breathe. Relax. What comes naturally, lovingly, kindly to you now? What feels more like love right now? What thoughts feel best to you? You have been trained in ways unnatural to your very being, and yet Love, which is your essence, is always there, rising up within you, and guiding you on the most natural path in a Divinely orchestrated dance of life and love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Soon things are to change dramatically.

February 26, 2021, jennifercrokaert.com


I wish to bring a message of hope. Soon things are to change dramatically. We know you have heard this word far too often and you are understandably weary of this particular word, nonetheless, it is true. There are great changes about to manifest for all humanity.

These changes will present both the best and the worst in humanity, they will require the light workers of all vibrations to model compassion and forgiveness in their daily lives; these times will also bring the presents that have long been held from you.

It is now that you will be called upon to apply all that you have learnt. When in doubt, wait. When unsure what to say, remain silent until you know what you wish to say. When you are about to lash out, condemn or hurt another in any way, remember that it comes back to you more quickly than you imagine. 5D living is not for the faint-hearted! It is for the wise-hearted.

You are coming to your graduation.

It will be as though the party and the exam will occur at the same time; you will need to pace yourself, to move with consideration and thoughtfulness, even when you would wish to ignore the exam and bury yourself in the party. Yes, enjoy your well-deserved party, but those who lose themselves in the party will have shown that they are not yet ready to graduate.

In all things, discernment and balance. Can you remain centred in your compassionate heart even when others around you have lost their centre? That will be your challenge. Many will mistakenly think that the party symbolises an end to process of creating new earth, an end to the practice of being a light worker: your work is truly only beginning.

Up ’til now, you have been developing the virtues of compassion, discernment, detachment, forgiveness, kindness, truthfulness, heart-centred listening, generosity… After graduation, it will become obvious who has mastered these virtues and who is still developing them. There is no judgement in this, it is a clarification; it may help you discern who you wish to collaborate with and in what ways you wish to collaborate.

Great news is to come, news that will lift you all. You have done more magnificently than seemed probable; you have truly demonsrated the transcendent essence of humanity to multiverse.

We are with you in all now moments and we love you unconditionally.

Support of the Universe by Archangel Michael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love I, Archangel Michael, extend to you now. It is an honour to be in your presence as I bring forth the energy, love, and peace of the Angelic Kingdom. May this vibration and frequency download into your being, through your being and into Mother Earth so she may experience the blessings and gifts that we share with you and with all. Today I, Archangel Michael, wish to bring forth an insight. It is a transformation that is taking place now, an energy vibration flowing from the Universe of the Creator, the core of the Creator into your being and it is an ascension process.I, Archangel Michael, invite you to imagine with me now.Allow yourself to observe your physical body, your surroundings and even observe the entire world that surrounds you. As you focus deeper within your being, you will become familiar with your own energy and frequency, connecting into who you are. Allow yourself to acknowledge,Do you feel alone?Do you feel connected to others?You are in existence upon the Earth as the vibration of many and yet with your physical body, you may feel separate. You may feel as if you are an individual and to some extent you are, and yet multiple vibrations of the Creator flow through you. You might liken this to a rainbow but a rainbow that has multiple colours, even colours that you do not recognise. These rainbow colours flow through your being into the Earth, into all beings, and into everything you create. This is your expression of the Creator. The rainbow energy of multiple colours flows throughout your being constantly, it is like a river which cannot be stopped.In your current existence in a physical body upon the Earth you have accepted the purpose of creation. Every moment of your reality is a moment created by you, everything you feel within you, everything around you is an experience created by you, whether it is from beliefs, your subconscious mind, intentions or from the contracts of your soul. You are like a creating machine; you cannot stop creating. You may not understand how you create and yet it is something that is continuous, maybe even automatic. As you imagine with me, Archangel Michael, imagine yourself as this creating machine, there is no on or off switch, there is simply continuous creations, you are continuously creating.
iuImagine with me, Archangel Michael, all around you are beings, physical beings on the Earth and they are the same as you. They have this rainbow light that allows them to express the Creator, they have accepted the purpose of creating. They are like creating machines; they cannot stop creating. Every person on the Earth is constantly creating, sometimes the creations are purposeful, positive, fulfilling, other times they guide you on a journey of understanding and growth. The purpose of this process is so you can firstly understand yourself more fully and begin to fine tune your machine of creating. Secondly so you may understand the Creator more fully, opening yourself up consciously to receive and express the purpose of the Creator through your being. With an understanding of yourself and everyone else achieving their purpose of creation you can recognise that everyone is in sync and connected. You are all the same, your purpose is the same. Therefore, you are a team with everyone on the Earth and this is not only human beings.Imagine yourself as a team with everyone on the Earth, you are supporting everyone, they are supporting you. It is not that you need to create this, as it is the truth, when you create expressing your rainbow light you are being supported by everyone on the Earth and you are supporting everyone on the Earth. There is a team energy, a connection, a co-creation.Imagine there are 352 dimensions to the Creator’s Universe. Within each dimension there are multiple beings, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Star Beings, Angels, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Elementals and so many more beings, all of light. You may say there is darkness as well, everything is created from the Creator, so it is true to say that even the darkness is created from the light and holds a purpose of growth and a journey of understanding.Imagine all these beings of light are expressing the rainbow light of multiple colours through their beings; they are expressing the Creator. They are expressing the purpose of the Creator; therefore, they are looking at you, they are supporting you and everyone on the Earth. Imagine every single being in the entire Universe of the Creator within 352 levels of the Creator’s Universe directing their energy to you. You are a team with everyone in the Universe of the Creator, your energy, your purpose also is directed to them, directed to all beings supporting their creations.Again, imagine you are in existence in a physical body on the Earth, you have the purpose of creating guided by the Creator. Everyone on the Earth is supporting you and assisting you, everyone on the inner planes within the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe is supporting you, sending you energy and love and truth, energising, and amplifying all that you create. Can you imagine this? Millions beyond millions of beings supporting you at this moment, in truth, at every given moment. All of this creates a oneness, a wholeness and that oneness and wholeness is the Creator, so you are a part of an integral oneness and truth of the Creator. As you allow yourself to imagine this you will shift into this perspective, into this reality, into the vibration and so my question to you is simple.
iu-3WITH ALL THIS SUPPORT, WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE TO CREATE NOW?With all this energy, the multiple multi-coloured rainbow light flowing through you, which is the expression of the Creator, what do you choose to focus upon?What do you wish to experience in your reality?What emotions do you wish to experience?What thoughts do you wish to experience?What actions and reactions do you wish to experience?What situations and circumstances do you wish to experience?What type of people do you wish to have in your reality?What do you wish your surroundings to be like?Imagine that you are creating on a fresh and clean canvas, where your past is not influencing your present and you have all the support you need. Whatever you wish to create there are so many beings on the Earth and the inner planes cheering you on, amplifying and magnifying whatever you wish to create.As you imagine this, what is the feeling that emerges from within your being? Is it a feeling of success or fulfilment, deep love or maybe a relaxation and peace? Allow this vibration to fill your entire being, let it flow from your being, send it to all beings on the Earth and the inner planes. As you continue to imagine, I, Archangel Michael, invite you to ask yourself:WHAT IS IT THAT I NEED TO FOCUS ON NOW?What is it that I need to create in co-creation with the Creator, my soul, everyone on the Earth and everyone on the inner planes? What is it that needs to be created and expressed through me now?This is my message to you today. I wish to invite you to imagine, imagine all that I have shared daily. Allow yourself to shift into that co-creation vibration because that co-creation vibration is essential to activating the New Earth Ascension Blueprint already anchored into your being. Allowing you to create, to heal, to experience co-creation, and oneness with the Creator. Please imagine this daily, shift yourself into the vibration of co-creation where you are supported entirely by the Universe of the Creator because it is the truth, it is an important and integral aspect of your ascension now.Please do not worry about creating the wrong thing or trying to get your creation perfect so that you create the right thing. There is no such thing as wrong or right, simply allow yourself to be inspired as the wonderful thing about your creations is that you are always creating. You have so much time to practice, to express what is truly within your heart and your soul.I love you deeply and I am here to support you eternally,In truth and love I thank you,

I am Archangel Michael