This is why you needn’t go looking outside of yourselves for information.

How to Tune Yourselves to Higher Frequencies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are sending you transmissions in every moment of every day. They are energetic transmissions, and so is this. This is an energetic transmission that this channel has been able to pick up and run through his physical body, and now here he is making sense of what we are sending and what he is receiving. You can do this as well. At any time, you can pick up on our transmission.

There are many, many other beings and collectives who want very much for you to pick up on their transmissions. You all have to decide which of us you want to tune yourselves to. And of course, some are not choosing to tune in at all. When someone is not choosing to tune themselves to a higher frequency, they are unknowingly tuning themselves to a medium or low frequency, and they are then getting what they are getting as a result. Most people are walking around, receiving all sorts of information, and because that information is a vibrational match to how they’ve been feeling, it seems real to them. It resonates.

If you’re angry, and there’s a talk radio show host who spends a couple of hours a night screaming into a microphone about how this group or that group is harming America, or whatever country that person is living in, and the angry person who is listening to this show feels as if the host is speaking for them, then the entire broadcast is going to resonate. It’s going to hit home. This is why you needn’t go looking outside of yourselves for information.

Whatever you are vibrating will bring you information, thoughts, experiences, people, and so on, to reflect to you that vibration. This is how the universe works. This is why it’s more important for you to simply sit, go within, breathe, and raise your vibration than it is for you to gather pieces of information that will then inform you about what you should be doing. Instead, we recommend just sitting, opening yourselves up, raising that vibration within you, and then waiting for the inspired thought to come.

We suggest that you tune yourselves to the higher frequency beings and collectives so that you can receive directly what it is that is most appropriate for you to receive. Perhaps it is just a message that says, ‘slow down, or ‘relax,’ or ‘pay attention.’ There are so many small messages that carry so much weight, but you have to tune yourselves to these higher frequencies first, or you’re just going to get the angry talk show host who riles you up.

We are not saying that you have no reasons to be angry. You do, but it is more important for you to process and feel that anger than it is for you to go looking for more reasons to feel it. We want you to feel the love that you are. We want you to feel joy, and then we want you to create more reasons to feel love and joy. Again, that is how this universe works.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Zero Point provides instant manifestation, and that frequency is being used across the realms to provide new experiences. Focus on becoming the true Creator being you are, and SO IT IS.

Blessings Beloveds ~

Sending you integration LoveLight for the reality-shifting waves flowing through Gaia in this Now.

Magnetic shifts are DNA shifts. DNA fields are reconnecting, strands are rebundling to provide a new experience. Many have noted stronger visions, dreams, lightbody expansion and thinning of the veils right now.

Magnetic shifts open us to cosmic forces, objects, and stargate energies. Intentions manifest faster, as well as revealing what impedes your desires. Magnetic Field Shifts are shutting down draining programs and amplifying the Crystalline grid. In the linear, it shows up as Schumann waves, Solar activity and geomagnetic storms.

Bliss, Freedom and Crystalline DNA codes are amplifying. Be acute about where you put your focus. If you focus on problems or negative narratives, you receive stronger problems. Time to shed the energetic support for what you do not desire to experience.

The Crystalline field is getting stronger, which provides a faster feedback loop; a shorter gap between thought – and – experience. Zero Point provides instant manifestation, and that frequency is being used across the realms to provide new experiences. Focus on becoming the true Creator being you are, and SO IT IS.

All focus on the true light and creating the New. Personal and collective discrepancies are resolved through Divine Neutrality and broadcasting the pure Crystalline frequency of the Unified Source-thru-Self.

Kindwhile, a new energy aimed at reality-shifting is coming next month.

Full Moon Saturday February 27 at 12:19AM PST

With deep shifts in progress, be acute in your ceremonies if you have them. As always, Gatekeepers use the global moon focus to bring in Freedom codes and compassionately override manipulations in the field, simply by bringing in the Christed Light frequencies as the autonomous force of Source. This creates balance, then overriding by the higher vibration, migrating the collective to the New Earth realms. Full support for the positive New Earth Crystalline Moon expression. Crystals may want to stay inside for this one.

Embracing a new reality requires releasing the old one.

Changes will come quickly that will be intended to lift you up, and make you ready for greater events that will bring great hope and the intention to leave the old behind that has already served its purpose.

26th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

You must know by now that nothing happens by chance and therefore the Lockdown caused by Covid19 that has resulted in a virtual standstill of your normal activities. It is a worldwide phenomenon during which you have had more than ample time to consider better ways of conducting yourselves and living in peace. There are many matters that affect your way of life and how you relate to others, so that instead of being separated you could come together in mutual respect and understanding. After all you are One yet many, who could come together as brothers and sisters on a human journey where your goals are the same. All of you who have awakened to your divine self are seeking the truth, and no matter what name you have for God there is but the one Universal Prime Creator.

Your beliefs and traditions may be different but ultimately all of you will find yourselves on the same path. Since Ascension is expected to take place by the year 2030, clearly there will be a gradual coming together as any remaining prejudice and erroneous beliefs will be overcome. When each soul realises that all of you have had experiences of the different religions it will become clear that you are all travelling along the same path. It would therefore seem logical that you would all come to the same spiritual conclusions and truth. There have been many advanced souls that have come to Earth especially to guide you ever onwards, and each religion has a leading soul with great knowledge and understanding to impart to you. The truth will always come to the surface and permanently remain where anything less will fall away.

Always have an open mind and be ready to learn a new understanding, as religion has at times been more of the Word of Man rather than God. When you have reached the stage of being an old soul you will be much more aware and understanding of the truth, and intuitively sense when teachings are not completely true. Teachings from spirit are almost certainly true but nevertheless still need careful consideration. The most recent teaching of the “God Inside” a soul is the result of you passing the marker in 2012, showing a readiness to receive a greater one. We take care not to give you a greater truth until we are sure you are ready for it. This teaching tells you that all souls have the same God, and that knowledge alone should draw you closer together. There has to come a time when you realise that one religion on its own cannot hold the complete truth.

To hold to one religion serves its purpose when you are in the early stages of understanding. However, as you move from one to another you begin to understand the true teachings that will always surface no matter how long it takes. We do not rush you into new teachings as all things come in good time when you ready for them. Even atheists have a belief system and when they realise there is something more to life, they will begin to search for a truth that satisfies them. You cannot help but feel that there is something more than simply life on Earth. Even by looking at nature with its seasons and the yearly return of growth after the seeming end of each period when you get re-birth again.

Even, man himself can have the experience of remembering events of a past life. Recognising places upon a first visit, and in a similar way to strongly feel that you already know someone you are meeting for the first time. Sometimes a person will pick up an object and “feel” the energy given to it by a previous owner, that illustrates how someone has transmitted their energy to it. Quite clearly if you want proof of past lives there is much evidence to support it, and the physical body is a mine of information about the soul who resides in it and this energy can be passed on to physical objects. It is evident by those physic souls who can handle objects and “read” facts from it about its owners life. So there is much evidence that all objects seem capable of transmitting energy carried within.

Man is not his physical body and although some do not recognise that they have a soul, the fact is that they do. It is not unusual for some people to leave their bodies and be able to look down and recognise it as such, and it shows that the soul can have an out of the body experience. The examples are endless and it goes to prove that you are not just your bodies and for some it proves that life continues after the death of it. Some souls have vivid dreams where they meet family or friends who have already passed on and they prove very real, simply because they are. All of this proves that there is no death and that the soul lives on and reincarnation occurs. This opens another chapter in your lives as to how you are to carry on with its life plan and reincarnate again.

There is so much more to life than most people realise until they reach that point where they start to seek more understanding as to the meaning of it. Without one it naturally seems without true purpose and even pointless. However, there would certainly be arranged events in their life that would awaken them providing they took an interest in it. It is not that there is any urgency as there can be unending lifetimes that allow for experiences that will eventually awaken the soul. Understand that the soul will often accept that they are destined to carry on re-incarnating without questioning the purpose of life. Fortunately there will inevitably come a time when a soul begins to realise that there must be more than the continual cycle of reincarnation.

Presently you are in a confusing period when the purpose of life seems to elude you. The comfort of the old ways has gone and the future is uncertain, except you must by now realise that changes are imminent indeed inevitable. The changes that will take place are all intended to lead you towards a new Age of great meaning that takes you away from the turmoil and uncertainty of the present time. Changes will come quickly that will be intended to lift you up, and make you ready for greater events that will bring great hope and the intention to leave the old behind that has already served its purpose. Your new reality will clearly show you that there are good times ahead when eventually the dark Ones will be left behind to experience their own demise. From thereon you will experience true peace with harmony and love, and you will know that the lower vibrations can no longer interfere with your lives.

This message comes through my Higher Self my Godself that all of you also have as Beings of Light.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey. Love,Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Become grateful for what you already have, for food, for a bed to sleep on, even the smallest thing, and you will find doors open where you never knew they existed.

Judith Kusel: On a Soul Level.

“You are an immense beautiful and illumined soul, and you have all the tools and knowledge and inspiration and love within you.

Yet, you first need to believe yourself worthy of wealth and worthy of owning a home, and worthy of managing and growing money wisely and worthy of loving yourself so much that you will forgive yourself totally, and let go of all shame, blame and guilt.

It was almost like you were withholding your own powers, and when you were on the crest, you tended to self-sabotage. Yet know that all were but soul lessons in mastery.

You failed at nothing!

If you look closely you will find that you have gained a lot of insight, knowledge and wisdom from all these experiences and more than this, through going through this all, you will be able to assist so many souls, especially at this moment in time, to also get past their own struggles and to understand that abundance, in truth is but a state of mind. It is not what you possess, what you have, who you perceive yourself to be, in worldly terms, but rather that you know yourself at SOUL levels and reconnect with the deepest Divine Source Self within, and then to understand that you now have the opportunity to start a totally new life, with new beginnings, and with great love. Wiser, and more loving and more empowered than ever before.

Yet that forgiveness of self needs to come from deep within.

It means to truly let go of all shame, blame and guilt in whatever form and the same applies to others.

Love yourself into your deepest shadow and into your highest light and then do the same of others.

Go deep within and find the Divine Source within and become so ATONE and in UNITY with the Divine, that you will find yourself shifting in octaves of being, and then open your arms to receive support in all and every form and receive graciously and gratefully all the abundance the Universe is offering you.

Become grateful for what you already have, for food, for a bed to sleep on, even the smallest thing, and you will find doors open where you never knew they existed.

Indeed, the Divine wishes to bless you and fill you and shower you with blessings. All you need do is being open to ask and being open to let go of all you ever were before – everything of the past.

Indeed, it can be scary to let go of everything, even the ego and the sense of self.

Yet it is the only way one can move into the highest dimensional state and be reinvented and reborn into the Truth of Who and What you Are at soul level and the Illumined and Powerful soul you are in truth!

Indeed, nothing is missing! All is perfect right here and right now!”

You are absolutely capable of becoming your own loving guide, parent, and best friend. Treat the parts of you that are unsure or afraid with the love and encouragement you would give a beloved, innocent child.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Replacing Unwanted Habits

February 25, 2021,

Being critical of yourself is a habit that is prevalent in many enlightening human beings. The core of this is wishing to be diligent, to not miss anything that you need to heal or evolve beyond. While the intention is good, you cannot heal or evolve if you are constantly being critical of yourself because your criticism and resistance to self will only keep aggravating the core wound that is looking to be healed.

This is simply a habit, and you can change any unwanted habit by replacing it with one that better serves you. The next time you identify something you feel is less than ideal about yourself, rather than berating yourself or wrestling with it, why not connect with that aspect of self and ask it what it needs? What can you give it right now? Why is it behaving in that way? What did it need before that it never got but you can give it today? How can you love and shepherd those aspects of self forward with your love, acceptance, and guidance? Can you commit to doing that as many times as required so that wounded aspect of self can settle into the experience of safe attachment with you?

You are absolutely capable of becoming your own loving guide, parent, and best friend. Treat the parts of you that are unsure or afraid with the love and encouragement you would give a beloved, innocent child. Your self encouragement will get you so much farther than your self criticism ever could. And the beautiful thing is, once you commit to consistently embracing and reassuring those aspects of self with love, they will all settle in to being one cooperative unit with you which will make your growth and forward movement so much easier. Not only that, it will profoundly shift what you align with because you are guiding yourself forward with the energies of love, compassion, and unity.