Please, remember to stay in high vibrations by having trust and faith that good changes are on the way.-Saint Germain-

Greetings my Dear Ones,

I am Saint Germain and I am happy to be here today. As all of you know, many things are happening in your world. Each day is bringing the humankind closer and closer to their liberation from the Dark Ages to the New Age, where there will be no more suffering, hunger and poverty, only joy, harmony and peace.

Yes, my Dear Ones these days are finally coming to this planet. I am aware that humanity has been waiting for a very long time to become free and be reunited with their loved ones from the other side of the veil. Everything is going according to the Divine Plan created by Father, God. This year is going to unveil many unexpected truths and events. Please, get yourself ready for all of the good things that will be coming to you in the future and enjoy the ride of your lifetime.

Earth is going to be free from animal and human abuse, no more torture. All of you had enough of that. The rest of us and I, Saint Germain don’t want to see anymore suffering in this part of the Galaxy. Everything you know and learned here is going to fade away, everyone will be learning the real truth about who they are, where they came from and why they are here.

Your Ascension Process is accelerating as Prime Creator is speeding up time for all of the events to occur globally sooner. Please, remember to stay in high vibrations by having trust and faith that good changes are on the way. The Universal Divine Plan is in the works and nothing can’t stop that. The Negative Side is losing their position daily, no matter how hard they are trying to stay in control, it’s not working anymore as the Light is winning over the Darkness.

Light Warriors and Light Workers prepare yourself to become very busy in the near future as you are an essential part in this transition from 3D to 5D. Everyone’s assignment is going to be disclosed to them when the right time arrives. Your mentors will start revealing themselves to you, and they are going to guide you through your missions. This is very important and crucial period of time on Mother Earth, don’t be afraid, if some turmoil and chaos will appear in your world, that is expected before the new foundation fully replaces the old way of life.

You are very blessed to be here on planet Gaia during this amazing and incredible transformation to a new 5D reality. Many civilizations from different Universes and Galaxies are closely watching and observing on what is occurring in this part of the Galaxy. They are excited for the Human Race and sending their Light and Love to everyone.

I know that all of you have been patiently waiting to be saturated by wealth. Human beings desperately need funds to end all of the misery on Mother Gaia. There is enough money here on this planet to remove all of the hunger and poverty in every country, but it was stolen from humanity, which you are aware of now.

I am working with other beings on the removal of all the corrupted members from Alliance in order to be able redistribute the wealth in a safe and smooth manner without any interruptions. Also, I will be selecting myself on who is going to be helping me with this task. Only the very trusted and pure souls will be part of this process, which is very important and at same time very delicate on how to distribute the funds without creating a huge chaos on your planet.

As you see, I have been very busy with this mission on Earth, and I am very happy that the prosperity is going help everyone live a better life, and it’s going to end all of the pain and suffering here. The Quantum Financial System can’t be hacked or be compromised, as you already heard numerous times about it. Everything is being prepared, so we can start changing this old corrupted reality for a new one, which will be blissful and a happy one in your world.

My dear ones, please, remember I am here to guide and support you in your Ascension Journey on Terra Christa. Anytime, your going through a hard time, you feel lost, lonely or fearful just call my name, and I am going to help you to get through this rough part in your life, so you can see again the Light and feel the Love.

The extreme weather in Texas and in other states was created by the Dark Forces in order to disrupt the Process of Freedom for the Human Civilization. The Texas state will play an important role in the future for humanity.

I am very grateful to able to share with you this information. We will talk soon. I am Saint Germain sending to all of you my Love and Blessings. Thank you.

Channel: Erena Velazquez

Learning to love yourself includes remembering that you are the life of your own party – that others can participate but not direct your party. That is, others can participate at your directive. You are the host, planner, and key party participant forevermore.

Dear Ones,

Even though many of you are concerned about your self-isolation, you also crave it. For you are used to being a social creature – attending parties, joining or creating family gatherings, your work-a-day world. Yet, you are enjoying your alone time, something you find difficult to admit even to yourself.

Such is so because of your 3D social needs. How could you learn your 3D shoulds and have tos if you were not trained in various social situations? In 3D, you so adjusted to certain behaviors and needs that you ignored yourself, your ability to be by yourself. Your popularity depended on friends and social interactions. As a result, you learned how to dress, what to say, how to be the life of the party, or at least, an accepted participant.

But most of you did not learn how to be comfortable with yourself without the entertainment or social interactions indicating you were an accepted part of a 3D group. Such is what you are experiencing now. Some of you with fear or angst. Others with great joy. Being with yourself without expected interactions is a new experience for most. 

Do not berate yourself if such isolation is a difficult adjustment for you. Nor do you need to berate others who are finding the same.

Learning to love yourself includes remembering that you are the life of your own party – that others can participate but not direct your party. That is, others can participate at your directive. You are the host, planner, and key party participant forevermore.

A concept so new it is a bit frightening for most. For you proved your 3D social standing by providing a list of friends you told others about. Friends important enough to you that you would dress, act, speak or do the group thought or action of the moment. Group thoughts most often generated by one or two key people. You might even have found yourself doing or saying something that was not you but expected in that group setting. 

In some 3D groups, you might have acted one way and differently in another group. Or you may have honed your group skills to behave much the same in all groups. Even so, in 3D, you made certain your words and actions aligned with the group setting.

You might have sounded or acted differently in a family setting than was true at work or an adult party. Persona after persona, you needed to remember, so the settings did not bleed into one another. As an infant, those delineations were not yet formed, so you cried when you were hungry and laughed when you felt like it. It is only after you were socialized that you learned to function differently in different situations. Never quit allowing yourself to be you throughout your day.

First, the number of children you thought of as friends became important. Then, the number of people attracted to you was paramount as a teen-ager. And that 3D need evolved until you lost yourself in the scramble to be accepted by others.

So it is this current isolation is difficult for many. Learning to be content with your own company is a new concept many are fighting against. They are counting the days until they can return to the social circle of yesterday. Not because they need others to exist, but because they are uncomfortable with themselves.

One by one, you forerunners will learn the dramatic beauty of your inner thoughts and actions. You no longer feel the need to please others at the risk of losing or ignoring you. You are strong enough and wise enough to be by yourself. And when or if you return to social interactions, it will be on a different level. You might enjoy new social interactions or be bored. But that joy or boredom will be on your terms instead of reacting, as indicated by the group leader. 

This is a new world, and you are a new being. Something you are discovering day-by-day.

Those of you forerunners who shifted from needing to be with others to the joys of knowing yourself have completed a large lesson many are just beginning to experience.

Know thyself is the order of the day – a concept COVID has not only allowed but encouraged. So it is each step of your transition journey is pulling you further and further from your 3D center – initially with a great deal of pain that has decreased with each step forward.

You are indeed a new being with new needs and directions. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. Or subscribe via

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Hello everyone, this is my perspective only, it may serve you or not while at the same time it allows me to express out written what i feel is Divinely Right.

in 2012,many of the lightworkers, we were looking into Ascension taking place. Personally, i changed all my life radically , as i have been guided to, left all material possessions behind and started living a nomad life as much possible close to Mother Earth.

We then find out that prosperity funds should have rolled out on 9 September 2001 and that the twin towers in NYC came down to stop this from occuring.

So, to resume very shortly, not only our Ascension has been delayed and also the ability to fund projects that matter in our hearts and also in the current times we are living, the BIG PAUSE of Co_vid in 2020.

For the ones we have been in this journey, it has been a loooooooong journey of feeling good yes and of not seeing tangible results of what we really want to see manifest. Abraham Hicks says :for a while it is just a good feeling , feeling good all of the time and then the Universe has no choice than to bring this forward with which i totally agree…8 years and if i count 2001 it is 20 years of prolonged feeling good that we count and while my Vortex shows me signs of what there is in there all of the time, the tangible physical manifestation is still on the way. The prosperity funds should have been out long time ago, there is so much need on the planet for so many things to be taken care off. Myself i have under the sleeve at least 20 humanitarian projects that need support. And while i know that what belongs to God belongs also to all of Her Sons and Daughters, we are still here on the leading edge in process of allowing this to take may feel a kind of frustration, it is not. It is more eagerness to begin and enthusiasm and love and joy for what is coming.

Our first priority at Feel More Than Fine in projects is that ALL CHILDREN ARE SAFE AND SOUND. You may have heard of how many children are being rescued from DUMBS. You may have heard that Medbeds are being used to save those children and also the traumatized military that are working on that. The deeper we go within the deeper we go without.

We can choose to be in frustration mode or we can choose to be in happy mode as tangible physical results are taking place out there. And allow me to that point to say :Universe, there are many other realities where children need support , when is that we personally get our feet wet and mold the clay in the areas that we know need support?Universe / GOD show me today evidence that confirms that what is YOURS is OURS too. GOD, you know what is in our hearts, You know what we want. Why not get our prosperity funds right now and begin our Hearts song guided by Almighty IAM Presence which is ONE with you GOD and ONE with All Company of Heaven and All Humanity.

Thank You God because I know, You already have given the order for this to take place and it is only human minds in resistance mode that are blocking it.And IAM speaking now to all the higher selves of all those involved in Humanitarian Projects to release resistance and allow for this to take place in this NOW. Feel The Joy, the release, the liberation and the time for action in your bones right now.

It is big time for Balance in all things and The Time is NOW!

Feel More Than Fine!