You already know that with your intent to ascend you are given guidance and help to keep you on the right path.

12th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Extract from “KRYON – NEW PLANET EARTH”.

Multi-Dimensional Physics.

Anti-War. Physics create Multi-Dimensional Fields that will not begin to touch consciousness or biology, they will be completely blind to these fields because they are isolated and specifically for one purpose – to keep an explosion from happening through controlling the mass of an object.

It means no more war. End of organised religion. Because you have consciousness you will not need your physical body. You will always have free choice and wisdom. Over 90% of people will take the path to enlightenment. Everyone will think alike. Life span will triple and more. Leaders will create a new doctrine.

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12th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Being given details of what is happening in the broader picture is largely for the need to keep certain activities as secret as possible to protect the Forces of Light. Much is happening that you are unaware of and protecting you from the activities of the dark Ones is a priority. They may have been weakened by your activities to arrest many of them, but they still pose a threat as they have no regard for Universal Law and your lives. In this respect we protect you as far as possible and we are gradually depleting their forces. In the ultimate there will only be one winner as the Forces of Light will reign supreme.

For so long we have been waiting for an opportunity to openly meet you, but as you know for our safety and more so yours we need a situation where we can be confident that our plan will not endanger you. The dark Ones are by no means as powerful as they were largely due to our presence, but even a few can present a danger to great numbers of you. We take no risks and have the patience to wait for the right opportunity to overcome them which is inevitable. It has taken a long time to get this far, and we have no intention of rushing matters when we are so near to a great victory.

You too are on the path to achieving a great success, even though you are presently in a confusing situation wondering if you will ever get back to something like “normal” – yet you will even though it is going to be much different to what you have been used to. Even now you are beginning to see that great opportunities are arising out of the changes forced upon you. When you can go forwards there is no gain in going back to the old ways, they are finished and served their purposes very well.

The future is not clear to you but you may rest assured that it is very bright by bringing you a peaceful future that has no place for wars and similar activities. The Kryon extract you have been given tells you why we can be positive about such matters and how we can ensure peace without using weaponry ourselves, because that is not our way as Keepers of the Peace. So all of your efforts to see this period through will be rewarded much more than you could imagine. Stay calm in the face of many restrictions that are imposed upon you, they will not last too long and if you follow them the pandemic will be over in good time.

What happens in the USA is the key to the future and major changes are imminent that will set the scene for a great leap forward. You will undoubtedly be very surprised but not when you understand the implications of what has happened and also see the potential for making that country great again. There is so much wrong with it at present and the changes have to start somewhere, and our hope is that it will be very soon. So all in all there is much to look forward to even if you are unaware of their nature. Know that there are greater powers than those on Earth who hold the key to your future, it is destined to be a Golden Time in your history.

Can you feel the new energies beginning to bring peace to your planet because they are already starting to make a difference. They will continue to do so and take you all the way to Ascension. Many changes are still to take place and all will be part of the reshaping of your societies to a more manageable size. Big is no longer beautiful or suited to your needs as you have already seen. Dear Ones you will be part of history and people will look back in admiration at that period and wonder how you ever managed to come through it. Unlike the past, this time history will reflect accurately what happened and how you successfully came through it.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it shines brightly and is growing all of the time. It couldn’t be any other way as your path has already been laid down. It may twist and turn but whatever happens you are assured of reaching your goal. So think positively about your future regardless of what is still to come, as everything will work out as planned. Yes, you still have freewill and hopefully you will still find your way to the finishing line. You already know that with your intent to ascend you are given guidance and help to keep you on the right path. Indeed as time progresses many friends from other planets will land on Mother Earth when she is at peace and they will be joyful occasions.

You are in times when you have so many people dreading the future because of financial and personal problems, and they need assurance that all will work out well even if it takes a little time. It is worth reminding you that you were aware that this incarnation would be demanding and call upon all of your skills to get through it. Necessity often draws people together and these times are no exception, as many souls volunteered to incarnate at this time because they felt they had a lot to offer those who would be in need. It brings out the best in people and with so many Lightworkers on Earth at this time aid is not far away. Bless you Dear Ones you make such a difference to so many people’s lives.

Go about your daily activities with joy and spread happiness where you can and see the smiles return to their faces. Happiness is catching and helps lift up those who feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening, much of which they find hard to understand and are bewildered.

This message comes through my Higher Self and I leave you with my love and blessings.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.Love, Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself, for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

What is for your highest good is the highest good for all.

February 11, 2021,

Each one of you is loved beyond measure. You may forget it, you may not feel it, you may have been programmed by life to think that love is not for you. Nothing is further from the truth.

Now, let me remind you, in the kindest and most loving way you can imagine, you are not alone. You have a team of beings that work with you constantly, every day and every night. They are here to help you remember – and then embody – your divine creator self.

They have different roles: some assist you in your work, some assist you in awakening to your divine creator self; some provide hunches and ideas about how you may deepen your practice of parent, child, partner, friend, colleague; and some assist you in transforming your 3D work into 5D service.

These beings are known as angels, as galactics, as versions of your higher self, as ascended masters and aspects of the divine. Their label does not matter, their service to you does.

As with all things divine, less is more. The less your ego insists on doing, the more surrender happens. As you surrender – blessing any action and inviting the highest outcome – you create space for your creator self to emerge and for your team to assist you.

The less you complain in your thoughts, the quieter your mind becomes and – almost suddenly! – you begin to hear the soft whispers of your team. Small intuitions, intense knowingness… all this is your team working with you and supporting you.

For anything that brings you down, that feels overwhelming, disappointing or confusing: ask for help. Surrender it – offer it for assistance, blessing the obstacle and knowing that a miraculous insight is your birthright, because it is your divine essence.

Expand your understanding of yourself beyond your (physical) self. You are far greater than you imagine. You have untold assistance to create miracles for your highest good, and what aligns with your highest good aligns with the highest good of all.

Become the detective of your greatness. Find clues that show you that you are greater than your programming or even your physical self. Every day, notice things that are beyond what you imagined were possible. They may be small, but they may also be so huge that you have failed to notice them before.

Begin to put in place, one by one, new ideas that support your greatness, evidence that supports your greatness, so that one day you awaken and you no longer have to convince yourself that you are a divine creator, you Know you are a divine creator.

If you do the small daily steps, your team will meet you; they will assist with miracles and clues, insights and inspirations, all created to reflect your divine creative power.

In spaciousness, your divinity becomes apparent; in spaciousness, your divine creator self is allowed the space to emerge.

Creating spaciousness is possible in any life, regardless of how busy you are. Coming into the present moment; letting go of the endless trains of thought; focusing on just what you are doing right now; surrendering doubt, fear and envy, adopting trust and generosity … these are all ways of creating spaciousness in your life and allowing your divine self to dance with you in your daily life.

You have a team, you have a divine creator self. You are infinitely loved, infinitely loved, infinitely loved.

Negative thoughts?

This is the story of a dear friend on my facebook profile that was trapped in negative thinking just for a while.It can maybe help those around you or yourself : “stupid unnecessary worries which caused me to loose my positive thoughts I normally have…
It weren’t doubts, more frustrations, anger,… A spin of madness thoughts witch came creeping in my mind the past 36 hours and created a negative spin that turned into what I was feeling when creating this post. I then saw what Nikos Akrivos replied, turned of my phone, dimmed the lights, drank some water instead of beer, put on some shamanic sounds, took a candle in my hands, closed my eyes, counted to 17 and experienced the images/thoughts that came in to replace the bad ones. And as a few happy tears started rolling over my cheeks when picturing this beautiful thought, and writing it down as Nikos suggested, my head became lighter again. I remembered a saying from a movie : “you have to select your thoughts every day, like you select the clothes you are going to wear. When you clear tu your mind you create a gateway and than the universe can rush in and fill your mind with more love than you could ever imagine”

That’s exactly what happened.
So, now it’s Friday morning and I am ready to start the weekend with renewed energy and good vibes 🙏💜🎶😊
Thank you Wendy De Schutter for sharing this.