You are a new being in a new world. It is time for you to dismiss your fear thrills and opt for the new light thrills available to you if you decide to select them…It is up to you – a rough path filled with fear or a superhighway to a new life with new delightful skills and options.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps your latest concerns are that the world you dream of does not nor will ever exist in your lifetime. For the news is gray and heavy. If you are not concerned about COVID, you probably are about politics or vice versa. It does not matter what concerns you the most. All that matters is you cannot see the end of this heavy grayness that seems to be the world at this time.

What you have forgotten is that time is more flexible now that the earth has shifted beyond 3D. Instead of decades, shifts can happen in days, weeks, or even moments. Such a statement has little meaning, for all you can see is what is not happening.

Your view is limited to your media, gossip, and other channels of misinformation. The reality is much different than the images portrayed by your media and gossip circles, for both are based on 3D fears and timelines. Neither of which apply to you or the new earth.

Does that mean a light will arrive from the heavens clearing all your fears? Or does it mean you have little need to fear that which has not happened and will not happen?

You have to decide whether to believe that which has not happened – even in 3D, or your inner vision of light and love. It does not matter which path you take – you will arrive at light and love just because that is what you have decided. But if you believe in the gray possibilities, your path to light and love will be filled with more of the 3D fear that hangs heavy on your new being. 

You have always thought you would automatically select the highest image or path because you are a forerunner. Even though you know your end-point, you have many choices about the road you take to that end-point. There are paths barely visible in the grass, rough rocky paths, gravel roads, and superhighways. All of which will deliver you to your life of light and love.

But why take the barely visible path, the fearful path, hoping against hope that the boogyman will not find you as you traverse that path when you could just as easily find and follow the superhighway filled with travelers of the light? 

The decision is entirely up to you. You have crossed the light rubicon to accept the light. But how are you deciding to live with that light? Are you going to cover that light with muck and fear? Or are you going to decide that all is well in your life and with the world?

Are you of the light or of the fear?

You can easily switch your mode of transportation and path whenever you wish. You are that powerful. For the light has won. And you are one of the forerunners who promoted that light within you and of the earth.

You are filled with that powerful light.

So why do you wish to return to the muck and fear? Is it because you are truly fearful? Or is it because doing so is more fun than believing all is well? You have been trained to relish fear for eons. So fear creates a fun bubble of “maybe this terrible something will happen” within you. Similar to enjoying a horror movie.

What is happening within many is that fear and horror are becoming less exciting, so you need to increase the fear level – like a drug addiction – to prove you are alive and of the earth.

That last thought may seem unlikely given that you have fought so diligently to be of the light. Yet the light seems a bit boring. Look at all the fun fear you can follow and comment about. The light seems bland.

What you have not yet discovered is the mystery and newness of the light. You continue to think deep within you that maybe all this new earth information is about you wearing a white gown, floating in the clouds.

You have negated the possibilities of time travel, dimension, and frequency hopping, creating anew. You are not yet new earth mature enough to see the possibilities. Similar to those of you who wondered if you wanted to attend a university because four or five years seemed like too much time when you were 18. Yet in thinking such, you negated the benefits beyond coursework that would shift your life in many ways, from social interactions to a stepping stone to adult self-care. 

So it is now. You do not understand the benefits available to those who select the superhighway, thinking that doing so will be boring. Where is the excitement, the thrill in a superhighway?

You are a new being in a new world. It is time for you to dismiss your fear thrills and opt for the new light thrills available to you if you decide to select them.

It is up to you – a rough path filled with fear or a superhighway to a new life with new delightful skills and options. Once you choose, we, of the Universes, will ease the way – whether that means the thrill of fear or the excitement of a new life in a new world.

Whatever you decide, you will end up in the same place. Your choice is how you will get there and how long it will take to do so. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. Or subscribe via

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We are seeking World Servers at a grass-roots level. Each and every one of you is needed to help lift and refine the collective consciousness of the masses.-AA Michael via Ronna-

Michael’s Message
Beloved masters, you are currently in the process of integrating the next appropriate level of Creator Light with the assistance of your OverSoul intelligence. Connecting with and integrating the many Facets of your Fifth-Dimensional Self will ultimately result in a new biological Blueprint of Creation.             Your Divine Birthright includes all the gifts, talents, attributes and virtues of Creation. They are free, yours for the taking. However, you must perfect them through your own efforts, and then share your integrated wisdom with those on the Path behind you. The wise ones, the masters of the Earth, and the initiates on the Path have spent countless time and effort to bring forth their talents, and to gain the wisdom they share with everyone who is a seeker of wisdom. Their mission is to make the journey or the task of gaining Self-mastery easier for humanity, and they deserve remuneration for their efforts.             There must always be an abundance exchange of some kind for services rendered. You are to put forth the time and effort to share your wisdom with others, or in some way compensate those who pave the way for you by supplying you with the advanced wisdom teachings of the higher realms. You must strive to lift your ideas and goals to the highest frequencies possible, thereby making them refined ideals which will benefit all humanity.          The awakening process entails moving through the many levels of the emotional Astral Plane. Your goal is to center yourself within the higher Mental Plane of consciousness. As his or her consciousness, wisdom and Light increase, a disciple’s perspective gradually expands to include his or her personal world environment, along with the physical family obligations and responsibilities. Gradually, the aspirant’s influence increases, as does his or her potential to become a World Server.             It takes constant and deliberate effort to tame the ego, and to gain the knowledge and expertise required to become a World Server. You must be an outstanding example, and also have the ability to excite and stimulate desire for spiritual wisdom, in order to serve humanity as a guiding Light. An en-Lighten-ed teacher offers the truth as it has been revealed, and also the opportunity for their students to accept or reject the teachings.             So many of you are having difficulty in discovering your mission or your passion, and so you drift through your days in inertia. You continue to do nothing, making no attempt whatsoever to initiate positive changes in your life. Not everyone is meant to teach the masses or become a world figure. It is those of you who are quietly going about your daily duties, as you make small steady improvements within yourselves while radiating the Love/Light of Creation down into the Earth and out into the world, who are making the most dramatic impact on the earthly negative environment. We are seeking World Servers at a grass-roots level. Each and every one of you is needed to help lift and refine the collective consciousness of the masses.             As you go through the trials, tests and challenges of transformation, we wish to offer encouragement to those of you who are feeling helpless, and fear there is no way out of the dilemma in which you find yourselves. Won’t you open your minds to the possibility that there is help available from the realms of Godly existence, that there is a new way of thinking, and a more refined way of living available to you?             You pray and often beg in desperation for assistance; however, if it does not come in a form you are comfortable with, you deny and reject it. Prayers are always answered; however,  the answer is sometimes “NO,” if you are asking for something that isn’t in alignment with your spiritual destiny. Prayers asking for the greatest good manifest as miracles large and small, and open the path for a life of ease and grace.             Prayers of the ego desire-body are answered by allowing you to seek your own solutions, which are manifested from your misconceptions and inappropriate actions. The lessons of life are learned by experiencing what you have created. The ego attracts disharmony and dissatisfaction, and it causes the seeker to look outside of Self for solutions and gratification. You must learn to pray with the purity of your heart and with intentions of the highest order. As you raise your Light quotient, you will increase the magnetic attraction of the heart. You must learn to receive the abundance bestowed upon you with thanksgiving and a grateful heart.             Why not start your Mission Statement by listing the negative things in your life you would like to change? Begin with several small changes in your life, and remember, you must begin with yourself. We assure you that if you make a concerted effort and use the tools we have given you, you will begin to see dramatic changes in your life. We ask you to put us to the test. With an open mind, study some of the basic concepts we have given, and slowly but faithfully, implement into your daily life those that you resonate with most strongly. Give us permission to guide and inspire you, and by doing so, you will have the forces of Heaven behind you. You can only fail if you give up, beloveds.             Time is of the essence, for it is very apparent that the fear and anger of the masses, the power of the forces of nature, and the Earth changes and cleansing are accelerating and increasing in intensity every day. There is an intense polarization building between the various factions, not just in isolated places around the world, but in every country, involving every race, culture, religion and political affiliation.             We have told you that the chasm between the Light and the shadowlands is widening, and it is very apparent from both a lofty and Earthly viewpoint. We clearly see the areas that are being bathed in the Living Light, thanks to you, the faithful Sentinels of Light. We also see the swirling whirlwinds of negativity and chaos building in a multitude of countries, provinces, cities, towns, neighborhoods and even among families around the world. If you are caught up in the rhetoric of the worldwide news media, you cannot help but be aware that there is a feeding frenzy of negativity being spewed out into the airways and consciousness of those who are receptive to the distorted messages of sensationalism and separation. Fear of deprivation, anger at rulers, leaders and the government, and an indignant sense of entitlement to goods and services, without personal responsibility, are symptomatic of the intense fear of change that is taking place within every area of the world and within the human consciousness.  It is time for the next step in the Ascension process to begin, and many of the advanced aspirants on the Path are already becoming proficient and engrossed in the procedures. At this time, there is no question that those who are in any way advanced in spiritual consciousness are having their awakening and evolution process hastened as never before in the history of the world. This is so they may act as transmitters and interpreters of Universal Law and Cosmic Truth.  You, the aspirants on the Path, are becoming proficient at building and using multiple Pyramids of Light / Power in the Fifth Dimension, as you slowly but surely become acclimated to a lower Fifth-Dimensional environment. You have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you may gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light. You are also preparing yourselves to interact on a regular basis with the many Facets of your Higher Self and the great Beings of Light. The call of reunification is beginning for many of you, whereby your higher frequency Soul Song is reaching various Facets of your OverSoul/Higher Self. As you refine your vibrational patterns and your Energetic Signature reaches a certain level of harmony, your Soul Song will begin to reverberate throughout the higher Fourth and into the lower Fifth Dimensions. As you study and delve into the mysteries of Cosmic Truth, you will build a reservoir of knowledge that you can draw upon when needed. Also, as you gain more access to your Sacred Mind, it will seem as if you have tapped into a Cosmic source of information. However, in the beginning, it will be your own ancient, extensive past that has been made available to you. You will become increasingly sensitive to ideas, concepts and complex information, and you will gain the ability to tap into this rich storehouse of information at will. It is also time for an amazing transfer of wisdom and historical experiences for those of you who are in the final stages of returning to balance and harmony within the higher frequency levels of the Fourth Dimension. At the appropriate time, you are programmed to exchange Memory Seed Atoms of Consciousness with of some of your Higher Self Soul Fragments. Each of you will be gifted with some of the unique higher frequency experiences your Soul Sparks have experienced, and you will gift them with yours. This is all a part of the Ascension process that is now in progress.  For some of you this information will be confusing; however, many of you are experiencing this process in varying degrees during your nightly sojourns or in meditation. Therefore, we wish to give you a basic understanding of what is taking place at the various levels of Ascension. As you evolve and become skillful at sharing your wisdom with others, you will become increasingly sensitive to the subtle messages, concepts and ideas from your guides, teachers, angelic helpers, and the en-Lighten-ed masters from the higher realms. When you have turned the information you have garnered into wisdom, and have become a living example of each new, advanced level of consciousness, you will then be qualified to teach the concepts to others. You must experience that which you teach and become a shining example, which is the most effective way to get the attention of others. Remember, my brave ones, in every era and major cycle, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. Submission to the Will of our Father/Mother God means adherence to the Universal Laws as they are revealed to you. A Self-master always strives to make the highest choices, has a burning desire to serve others, and is always responsible for their own actions. A true channel of Power and Light in the material world is a conscious embodiment of divinity—a custodian of Divine Principle.  Call on us and allow us to Light the way as you journey forth into the future. You are loved most profoundly.  I AM Archangel Michael. TRANSMITTED THROUGH RONNA VEZANE * STAR*QUEST*  

Gaia is being cleansed/Timing is everything-Mira and Ashtar

I am Mira, working full time on behalf of humanity. Our technologies are quite advanced which will be beneficial for your world systems in many ways. The AI web has been manipulated against humanity. Humanity is to be returned unto itself so that war and division are no longer the norm.I am Mira. I serve in my fullest capacity. We are aware of the challenges that many of you are facing in this now. Know that we are working full time. The dark does not give up its prize easily, but this does not matter for the light is transmuting, always in the process of transmuting it.  You have been busy transmuting on multidimensional points, as many realities converge to heighten and hone the energies. Gaia is being cleansed of the darkness that has permeated. This is a multidimensional war involving energies from this universe. It is no easy fight but Creator has decreed that the light has won and so it will. And so it has. It is not apparent yet upon your physical reality that you are temporarily immersed within as you are awake. It is apparent when you are in the higher dimensional realms when you sleep or when you meditate.We encourage you to tap into the vast network of Pleiadian healing energies that we are streaming through your skies, your ionosphere to assist with transmuting the AI web of lower dimensional control frequencies. We encourage you to breathe fresh air and to feel the sun on your face and to ground to your planetary mother, who is full of joy and healing frequencies for you.I am Mira. I offer to you today encouragement that you can keep going, and you will, for we need you to and you are more than well qualified. And hope because it is written in the stars and on the spoken breath of Creator that this victory is for the light. Our Pleiadian technology, our love, our hearts are ever in service to the ascending ones of humanity, and to healing Gaia. It is with the greatest of joys that I send you this message of love and light today. I am Mira.
Greetings, friends of the light! I am Ashtar. Your planet is well loved from every corner of the galaxy. Emissaries from other realms and worlds are present to offer their assistance and service to the light. Your skies and underground are brimming with higher dimensional beings. I tell you this because you are not going to hear it  in your news media, that is still propaganda for the dark in many ways.I tell you this so that you can feel the support that is quite literally all around you, just a dimension or two up. Also it is imperative that you continue to keep holding the higher frequencies of light as it is assisting us with our missions to serve you further, as well as greatly enhancing the speed of your ascension. You should know, ground team, how breathtakingly beautiful you are to us. Your stamina and tenacity is tip-top and we salute you. You are not alone! We are here side you, serving and soon we shall meet. Soon, in fact, your world will change.(I am seeing pancakes sizzling on a frying pan and the pancake being flipped). I am showing you this, galaxygirl , not because you are hungry but for an illustration. The sizzling batter in the pan is aware it is being cooked. The flipping over of the pancake determines how good it will taste. If you flip it too fast and under cook it, the batter is runny, isn’t it? And it kind of falls apart in the pan. But if you wait just until the right moment and flip it, both sides will be golden brown.Timing is everything, to pancakes and to this mission. The batter, the dark, is being cooked by the light. All that is not right shall become right and pure and good. Hold on to this knowing and feel the truth. The celebrations will be worthy of the wait. You are grounding the heat of these light frequencies. The light workers are much like the frying pan itself. You are providing a grounding platform for the heat to cook the batter. And so you feel the heat. You feel the sizzle, and you are exhausted. But without you, we couldn’t cook the pancake. It would run over the stove, it would not have a framework for change. You are creating this framework for change and in so doing your bodies are receiving an upgrade and you are providing a tremendous service to the universe. Tremendous service! Thank you! The pancake flipping, the great unveiling, the timing, is all coming down to the moment. Thank you for holding the light, and in this case, the heat. Feel our energies soothe and comfort, and  bring a gentle breeze of joy. I am Ashtar. I have not talked about pancakes before, this was quite exciting. Perhaps humorous too but I hope I have made my point. Pancakes all around!(I am seeing light workers all over the globe unite, we are strategically, energetically placed. I see dark, sludgy grids in the atmosphere and beneath the ground. I am seeing plasma light being honed and beamed down from the Pleiadian ships in the skies, increasing the frequencies. We ground these frequencies, allowing the energies above and below us to be transmuted. I am seeing astral levels melting, smoky cities and mist being transmuted into light. We are doing so much more than we know. Continue on, my friends. Continue on.)