Republic gets Restored.

Why Trump fenced off DC and why he moved out and is never going back to the White House.And why there will be a NEW capital elsewhere.
Occupying a foreign land.The act of 1871 was a seditious act by the (corporate) US government. The (fiction-at-law, straw man/straw women, corporate representative, persons) secretly re-wrote the united States (common law) constitution from “We the people” (by changing the capitalization on the document to all caps) which changed its legal binding meaning, which transferred the power from “We the people” to the CORPORATION of America, which was centered in Washington DC.
 Washington DC is a FOREIGN ENTITY (a fiction-at-law only “living” on paper agreements) but physically appearing on American soil of sovereign states. The United States of America, Incorporated was established through a loan from the Vatican when DC was transferred into a city-state, and this corporate entity then ruled over the people. Citizen’s rights got taken from them. Nobody realized this.You can see the presence of the fictitious Corporate entity in each city.  Look at the signs that say Now Entering Corporate Limits (with your city’s name.) This is part of the trickery. Nobody taught you this in public school because the public school system is an indoctrination school of what the Corporation leaders want you to believe and accept.  Public schools are NOT institutions of free-thinking.  They do not encourage you to feel comfortable as an individual.  They teach collectivism!  One size fits all because it costs less to the Corporate Machine to run their game.When the secret US Corporation PTB (Powers That Be) did the Vatican Loan brokering deal (via Bank of London) to get the loan, the surety for the loan was human labor.  YOU, the human being, have secretly been enslaved (used) as the surety (collateral) for the loan.  The Corporate PTB players transferred all of the property in DC Columbia to the ownership and control to the Corporate entity of DC.Regarding President Trump  (the master chess player strategic moves to restore the Republic), in 2018 he signed an Executive Order on election fraud, outlining how corporate assets would be seized.Wednesday, 20 January 2021, you saw the first seizure being made with the fenced containment area around the Capitol. The military has SEIZED CONTROL OF A FOREIGN COUNTRY, DC. That EO was primarily directed at Washington DC!President Trump must move from the White House (also called Castle Lock) because he can’t rule a sovereign nation from a foreign land. Once Trump exited the White House, the castle was locked because it’s not possible for a foreign ruler to rule over a sovereign country. The foreign country must be locked out. That means Joseph Biden was locked out. We are literally watching the reclamation of the real country.There is a difference between the term “legal” and “lawful.” Legal is corporate. Lawful is common law. Sovereigns are ruled by common law not Corporate law.  The Corporation has made laws to legally rule over us.  According to the Corporate game, if you break one of the Corporate Laws, you have to pay a fine or go to jail to the Corporation.Courts are banks.  People become prisoners as established by the Corporate Courts. When a human being goes to prison, they act as collateral (the surety) associated with the bond connected to the Corporate Person (straw man or straw woman) who allegedly committed crimes against the Corporation.  The Corporate Person is NOT the same thing as a human being!  But you’ve been deceived into believing you MUST pay money for the privilege of “being” on free land. That driver’s license fee you pay to the Corporate state?  That traffic ticket you pay?  That dog license fee you pay?  Those are all for the “privilege” of getting Corporate “benefits” as a Corporate Citizen.  Sick, right?  Don’t believe this is all true? This is part of the education being shared now as the Republic gets restored!

there is nothing that can stop your visions from becoming a reality now.

KaRa of the Pleiades: Operation of Compression Breakthrough

by James McConnell

I am KaRa. I appreciate these times that I can come and be with you, and be able to open up and share. Share what we know. Share what we see with our eyes from our ships as we look down, and what was said within the meditation:  we see the beauty everywhere.

Just think about the beauty of this planet:  the rushing waters, the oceans, the waterfalls, the fields and streams, the great meadows, the majestic mountains, and the peaceful valleys everywhere across the planet.  So much of this planet that you have not even yet seen, for many of you have found yourselves within the environments of where you grew up, where you were born.

Some of you have ventured out.  Some of you have seen parts of the world, yes.  But there is so much yet to see and appreciate.  But beyond this planet there are worlds, vistas that you haven’t even begun to dream of yet that are there, and that you will be able to visit when you are ready.

All that is happening here on this planet has reached its full crescendo.  And it is coming close now.  So that when you have reached that crescendo, that end (although there is never an end, for the end will only lead to a new beginning), and that new beginning has already begun.

It has begun within your minds, within your hearts, within your imagination, your visions of what can be and what will be.  For there is nothing that can stop your visions from becoming a reality now.   Nothing—nothing that the dark forces can put out in front of you, nothing, nothing that they can do that will keep you from your destiny, you, being the ‘collective you,’ from the destiny of this planet.

For once Prime Creator said, “Enough is enough!” everything was put into motion at that point.  And the call went out to so many of us, so many of the civilizations that are beyond this human civilization here on this planet, to come to the aid of Gaia and the people here.

And come in the millions, we have!  All in readiness.  Readiness at a moment’s notice!  Just as your emergency broadcast system is there at a moment’s notice to reach out to the people.  But not only of this country, but of the entire planet, to reach out.

We also are in readiness in the same way for the signal to be given, for us then to move into the next part of our operation.  We have stages within our operations, just as you do on the planet.  To look at it, it’s Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, et cetera.  And also, yes, Plan A, B, C.  that is the way you look at it here on this planet.  We have similar progression as well.

And we are moving now into another stage.  It is imminent at this point.  I cannot tell you exactly what that stage is, although there will be information coming out from various of our sources that will tell of this from our point of view.

And I use this term ‘our point of view’ because I want all of you, we want all of you to begin to think and to look at the Earth and the progression of the Earth, and all of the people here on the planet in the same way that we look at you.

Again, we see the beauty.  We want you to look out and see the beauty everywhere.  For it is a beautiful planet with wonderful resources, enough resources to share with everyone on the planet, where no one should be able to go hungry or thirsty, or without love and caring—not a single one!  That is the new vision of this planet, and for this planet, as you continue to move into the higher vibrations.

Yes, there is tremendous upheaval at this time, here in this country, your United States of America, as well as other countries throughout the planet–great upheaval.  But as you know and have heard many times from many different sources:  first, the old paradigm must come tumbling down, must come crashing down at times.

And you are at that point now, for a great part of the old paradigm is about to fall.  Exactly how that is to be remains for you to see yet.

But know that all is in readiness both here by the Forces of Light on this planet, as well as the Forces of Light above and below the planet.  All is in readiness to begin the Operation of Compression Breakthrough.  And it is an operation.

So as always, and as many different sources continue to guide you, trust in the plan.  For it is the Creator’s plan.  And being the Creator’s plan, nothing, no thing and no one, can interfere with the plan.

Oh yes, they can do things to postpone it, to alter it.  And they have done that.  But we can only do it for so long.  Because they continue to delve back into the same playbook.  But that playbook is at a lower vibration.  A lower vibration of the third-dimensional consciousness and the illusion.

That playbook will not work at the higher vibrations.  And that is about to be shown that it cannot work at the higher vibrations.  So they do everything they can now to reach into the deepest part of that playbook, pull out all stops, as your saying goes.  But all of this will end in their defeat and their demise.

They have all been given.  When I say ‘all,’ I speak now of the dark forces here on this planet, the cabal, the Illuminati, the deep state.  All have been given opportunity to be able to turn to the Light.

But so many have turned away from the Light.  They do not understand what they do.  Just as those that put to death the one known as Yeshua, and he, even on the cross, spoke out to his Father, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  So to all of you now:  would you also be able to do the same and say to the Father, to the Prime Creator, to the Cosmic Source of this universe, “forgive them, for they know not what they do”?

All of you now:  go in peace and love, and sharing of the Christ Consciousness to all that you come in contact with in every given moment.  For in every given moment, you can, if you look for it, find those moments of joy, even within, all of the seeming, and I use that term purposefully, ‘seeming,’ consternation and negative vibrations that surround you at this time.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.  I am KaRa.  I am here in the ships watching over all of you.  Just as there are many of your guides of those that watch over.  And continue to move you in the direction that y0u came to move into.

Peace and love be with all of you.

Focus on the light, focus on your essence.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Focus on the Light

January 21, 2021,

Dear hearts, focus on the light.

Your light is your gift to the Divine. Your light is your gift from the Divine.

Regardless of what is happening around you, know that you have won. You have reclaimed your light. It is yours regardless of anything you or any one else may do or say.

For millennia you had forgotten that you were of the light, that you were the light. You know now that you are the light.

It is not a wager, a bet, a debate or even a negotiation. You and the light are one. Nothing can change that or stop it.

The light has a trajectory and that trajectory is expansion and self-knowing. You are always within the light and you are always the expression of that expansion.

Don’t look to the horizon to know where you are: look to the light within. It is the truest compass; it will guide you in times of light and in times of darkness. The light is always true to you.

Focus on the light, focus on your essence. You are of the light. You are the light.

The Light will always return to the Light.

Mbarara Children’s Orphanage Centre in Uganda requests our support.

I received this message today from Keneth:

Hello brother,Greetings from Mbarara children’s orphanage centre,Due to internet and social media shutdown in Uganda 🇺🇬 since 12th this month we have no communication with friends who donate to us and we are totally struggling to feed our kids,We request you kindly to stand with us and to share our message to many whom we are failing to contact,God bless you.

If you wish to support the centre,please send your donations through worldremit here:

Mbarara Orphanage through World Remit :

Uganda,City :Mbarara.

Name :Beinomugisha Keneth,Airtel and Warid Pesa Mobile Money Account.

Tel.+256756334741 Mobile Number and Mobile Account Number

Thank You.

For many it has BEcome a way of life and what a life they have created, together with all Loving GOD.-AA Michael-


“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are sending you Blessings of LOVE and LIGHT, in this NOW Moment, and we invite you to open your Heart to our message for you…
The world is undergoing a Massive Change.
The separation between the “Matrix” (lower vibrational third-dimensional world) and the NEW Divine Earth of the HIGHER Dimension has BEgun.
It is NOW up to each individual in which world you wish to reside.
You have Free Will to choose.
How do you Consciously move towards the world of your choice?
Your Focus and Attention is Reinforcing your Reality.
Your Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Actions are Reinforcing your Reality.
You can choose, which pieces you wish to allow into your Reality and which pieces you wish to leave out.
Perhaps, you might be experiencing a reality that is less enjoyable.
NOW, you can BEgin to choose what you Think, Feel, Read, Watch, and Talk about with others.
Each time you make a choice, you are either moving closer to your desired Reality or further away.
When you BEgin to choose one direction consistently, you will create a Powerful Momentum.
“What about world events?” you might ask.
We would like you to try an experiment to leave the “Matrix”:
For a moment we invite you to imagine a Bubble of LIGHT around you and your immediate world.
What if, you BEgin to focus only on your Bubble of LIGHT and stop reinforcing what is not in your immediate world and not in your control such as world events.
What if you would stop watching the news and social media posts that are designed to keep you in fear and stress?
What if instead, you would Meditate more to turn the power over to GOD? GOD has All the Power, not humans and circumstances…
As long as you are giving all the power to humans and circumstance in your world, you will be disappointed.
But, if instead, you are giving All the power to the Almighty GOD, you are employing Powerful Forces to assist you BEyond BElief…
That takes consistency and after a while, your connection to GOD will BEcome unshakable and your world, humans and circumstances will follow the command of GOD, who is Divine LOVE only.
What if you would do this for just one day?
Would you feel a little bit better?
Would you be a little less anxious and stressed?
Your vibrational Frequencies would BEgin to Raise.
Your Energies would BEgin to BEcome more Positive.
NEW Solutions and Ideas would BE able to enter your world because you would BEgin to BEcome a vibrational match to them.
Before your experiment, you would be a vibrational match to the problems you are interacting with and more problems would be able to enter your reality…
But NOW, you would BE a vibrational match to the solutions, ideas, and the Almighty power of the Loving GOD, to bring you All the Blessings you are asking for.
You can continue this experiment for as long as you wish.
For many it has BEcome a way of life and what a life they have created, together with all Loving GOD…
KNOW That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.
Welcome, Home.
We are walking beside you, every step of the way.
Dear Ones, you are Loved BEyond measure. Always.
I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and I bring you this TRUTH.
Thank you, Archangel Michael!
Channelled through Asara Adams
Artist: unknown