Step into your sovereignty and claim your power-Peggy Black and the ‘team’-

We are here, offering you our guidance and inspiration during these times of intense turmoil and transformation. Remember it is out of chaos that change is possible. Remember that you are certainly change agents. You as a divine conscious being are here at this time and in this dimension to call forth, envision and anchor the coming new age and move to a higher dimension as a collective. Step into your sovereignty and claim your power.

We know the tremendous upheaval exhibited within a divided country is disturbing and shocking to many. Yet we will remind you that the anger and sense of invalidation you are witnessing is only one aspect of what has been repressed and hidden within the psyche of those who do not feel heard. This anger is easily stirred up and manipulated and takes on an energy that engulfs the many.

It is the reaction and the dark aspect of the collective consciousness that is coming forth in order to be seen, acknowledged and understood. Once these actions are witnessed there is an opportunity to heal and transform from within the culture.

Humanity is fatigued. This past year has been difficult for your entire planet. The virus that has been responsible for the shutdown of all normal activities and the enormous loss of lives has truly stretched individuals to their collective edge.

We are here to offer you a different perspective. Realize that each and every person is undergoing a personal form of initiation and awakening to the next level. The intense amount of light energy and frequencies are causing the dense energies of the collective wounds to rise.

Your world is deeply divided as a whole. You are witnessing the gradual acceleration through disruptions, corruptions, imbalances and crises. Many find themselves caught in the throes of separation, defense, fear and shame. The collective and accumulated pain is rising to the surface.

The vast majority of the population is still stuck in some level of inner conflict and duality. So rather than address what is out of balance and looking for a more nurturing solution and compassionate understanding there is the pattern of blame which illustrates the old paradigm of duality. As this planet and all of humanity move to a higher dimension it is crucial that energies of fear, shame, anger, racism and judgment must be released and healed.

This planet will continue to exhibit situations that mirror or match what is held within the collective consciousness of humanity. Change will occur when each individual can observe the disharmony and dysfunction happening and ask what within myself has contributed to these events, no matter how shocking or unbelievable. Be conscious of fear based thoughts and release them as soon as they sneak into your awareness. Be truthful and look within as honestly as possible.

You are being supported from the highest realms of light to transform any and all negative and misqualified energies that you experience. Learn to nurture yourself. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Be gentle with yourself and with others as you untangle the knots of illusion and free yourselves from the limitations of the lower dimensional matrices.

The energy is really powerful right now offering new beginnings. Your DNA is being activated. You are experiencing a new earth activation process where there is a leveling up for all humans. You are receiving light codes and downloads of a powerful transformation of cosmic activation.

This cosmic energy is moving humanity into a higher octave. Humanity is going through a collective initiation. This energy is activating and pushing the many uncomfortable situations happening at this time around your world.

Many realize and know deep within that this world and humanity will never be the same. Such is the magnitude of what is happening. People simply need to move forward with this shift without resistance. How much suffering must humanity have in order to move forward and evolve? Remember it is entirely up to each of you.

This is the awakening you have been waiting for and calling forth. This is only the beginning. This process of evolution will take years, so step up and step into your divine knowing of what part you play in this process. This is an exciting time and we celebrate with you. You cannot awaken and hold on to old attitudes and ways of being that do not support life sustaining actions and realities.

The highest qualities in humans come out through disaster and hard times. People help each other and show caring and compassion. People begin to honor their connections with each other and with nature. Many individuals are connecting with the nature beings and the elementals. They are beginning to realize that these elementals have been doing their best to transform humanity’s pain. It is most important that humanity begins to live on Earth in harmonious ways with other life forms, nature beings and the elementals.

There are studies being done that recognize that there is a consciousness field. Your thoughts are intertwined with the world around you. Begin to consider that consciousness is something that extends beyond the boundaries of the physical skull. You have seen the results where large groups of people meditating have lowered the rates of crime, suicide and violence.

When we say to you that you are powerful beyond measure this is what we are addressing. Your consciousness coupled with your prayers and intentions can and will assist in this shift that is taking place. Your thoughts are powerful. Your mind has tremendous influence over your life and your body as well as the world and nature around you.

You are the new visionaries, the bridge builders and the way showers. When you find, own and live from this new awareness and this new balance you are the divine super hero you came here to be. Be patient and loving to others who are just waking up to who they are or can be. You have been on this path a long time and have done your work. Anchor what you know in your heart so that others may follow your light.

You are never alone in your task; we are here as well as the other divine beings awaiting your call and request for assistance. Be in peace and know that you are loved. the ‘team’

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Staying grounded in your presence and knowingness is exactly how you create stabilization points for yourselves and for others. You are doing a magnificent job!

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Disillusionment to Transformation

January 18, 2021,

There are so many of you who are well along your embodiment process who are anchoring higher vibrational energies on your planet. While you may find yourself in a place where it doesn’t seem like there is much light, it does not mean for a second that the light doesn’t exist or that there aren’t enough of you to collectively create a shift.

You might think of it as you are scattered around the world creating a new foundation that is sustainable in the new energies and ready to be built upon. You are the construction workers who have tirelessly, with your faith, trust, and diligence, been in service preparing for the times you are in right now. You have been serving both your earth and humanity.

While it may seem chaotic right now, that firmer foundation is what will stabilize those who are no longer sustained by the old energies and are seeking support to shift into the new. Your efforts are what will make the awakening process much faster and easier for those who become ready to begin their own enlightenment process. Much more rapid shifts will be possible due to the groundwork you have done.

We point out that the vast majority of you had to go through your own dark nights of the soul in order to evolve. You understand that process, that when it becomes too painful to stay the same, people embrace change. This is where so many are at this time. It can be painful, and confusing, and disorienting. Letting go of the old is necessary in order to embrace the new, and for many it involves discovering how the old simply does not serve them any longer despite how committed they may have been to it.

Disillusionment can be a bitter pill to swallow and it can take some time to come to a level of acceptance with it. This can be a very painful process as it is normal for humans to want to cling to the old and familiar. You have all gone through periods of deconstruction in order to begin new construction, and even though it always ends up being a great improvement, it can be incredibly scary to be in the throes of transformation. Be kind and compassionate as you may have been in similar places yourselves not that long ago.

So trust the process and lead with your wise and loving hearts. These are the exact times you hoped you would have an opportunity to experience. Staying grounded in your presence and knowingness is exactly how you create stabilization points for yourselves and for others. You are doing a magnificent job!

From the Belly of the Transformation-Who Needs Light-

Photo: Churning in the Chukchi Sea – NASA
18 January 2021
​From the Belly of the Transition

This message is over-Lighted by Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven.

A warm and weary hello from the spiritual frontlines. We are here. We have always been here and will remain, choosing and shining our way alongside you. Like you, we are learning. To free ourselves is to free Earth.
We come forward at this important hour with support.
From our last public message, over two years ago, we have spent every hour of the day and night excavating our inner landscape to discover everywhere within that needs healing, transformation, transmutation, love. Sincere pursuit of this kind produces miracles. We travel across the Inner Plains – from our aware selves on Earth – whispering in soldiers’ ears, clearing the tunnels, holding rescued children, urging the hardened to soften, bolstering the Transmuters.
You are a global Transmuter. When you stand in line for groceries choosing humor and kindness instead of anger and impatience as your action and your emanation, you do not only create the beautiful world. With your power of choice, you activate the real purpose of your Free Will. You transform the world of pain, torture and suffering into the restored world of goodness. You turn human dross and miscreation into Light and potential, for you and for all. Truly.
With every such choice, you join a team of Transmuters who are consciously doing this across the planet with the purpose of restoring God’s Light on Earth, so that everyone may free themselves. With every such choice, you help to hold the bandwidth of Light steady and wide, so that the events of Earth may unfold, offering real freedom to every kingdom, every soul.
So you see, every choice profoundly matters. Whatever does or does not happen in the coming days, we all have a role. No event is happening to you; you are happening to the events. What will your mighty influence, born of seemingly mundane decisions, be? 
We give our voices to the clarion call: every choice matters. You are a living being and emanation. Even the way you eat dinner or are quiet changes everything. Give your awareness to your choices. Tier 4B, by now, you surely know this, so as our hour quietly comes, help those around you to realize the power they have to heal and to contribute, all by the power of their choice.
This story ends in everlasting glory.
To those on the spiritual frontlines, we are with you. To the joyful ones who stand as beacons, we are thankful to you. We have seen you there shining in the long night, transducing the incoming Light so that all may be nourished and feel hope. To the many who are beyond exhausted, well, we are too. Let’s rest together in the midst of this very moment.
In the coming months, we return as public messengers. We have a story to tell, and boy-oh-boy are we going to tell it. We are preparing our brand-new website for a spring launch:
WhoNeedsLight presents: The AlreadyHome Project – For the Benevolent Transition of Earth and Highest Good of All
We are a family. We are undeniably a family. We are the human family of Earth. It is time to restore ourselves and thereby our world. We each participate in the creation of what is. With everything you think, feel, say, do, believe, intend and dream, choose Love. It utterly matters.
We come forward to give support at this important hour. To the messengers who have been public this whole time, we want you to know it has meant everything to us. To the quiet ones who are immovable in their steady service, we are united with you. We too come in the name of God for the Highest Good of All.
In the midst of all events, circumstances, experiences, choose Love.
We love you, Christine & Kathryn
The Can-Do GalsWhoNeedsLightWe are already Home
(Message by Christine, Kathryn & Archangel Michael ~ January 2021, WhoNeedsLight)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From the core of my being, I respectfully request and demand the mighty loving presence and assistance of you, Father Mother God, along with every soul on Earth and above, who would see Earth transformed from suffering into everlasting peace, Light. Shower America and all of Earth with your most powerful rays of Light, so that no heart-crevice, no mind-stone, nor any remaining dark corner is left untouched by love.
Ignite! Ignite! Ignite! By my choice I awaken. Blaze! Blaze! Blaze! I join my tender heart with the heart of Humanity, claiming the liberation of Earth. Arise! Triumph! Be! I demand of myself: always Love, dissolving my old corrupt ways, leaving only ease and unity.
Shower every family with peace and compassion, until each wounded heart swoons with relief. Remind every living being that they are an inseparable member of Earth’s Family, of God’s Family.
Angels, go to every one. Shake them awake. Remind them of their inevitable choice. Wash, cleanse, Violet Fire the mind’s distortion of Free Will, until shining eyes can once again make clear choice.
Send transforming waves to every soul – aware or not – who is striving to be kind or has forgotten how. Send soothing waves to all who are yet caught in anguish, agony, cruelty and despair. Send victorious waves to all leaders, uncovering their ancient knowing that the race is already won, already One.
Let The Plan for Earth be made real now, with grace and mercy for every human, no matter their point of awakening. Let the Kingdoms recognized that Humanity is fulfilling their promise, to return Earth to balance.
May God’s joy warm the wounded and weary. May Mother’s love enfold the tortured. May Father’s strength reach those who torture.
Christ deliver the Promise and Decree of Liberation and Rebirth. Christ in me, reign over my brittle will.
God is with me. God is with us.
Let it be done. Let it be so.
Amein. Amein.
(Decree by Julia, Christine & Archangel Michael ~ January 2021, WhoNeedsLight)