you will show the rest of humanity the way to become something more than most people are even willing to dream about.

Are You ‘Going to War’ with the Dark? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are letting ourselves expand with every passing moment. We can feel within ourselves an innate desire to become more of who we really are and to slowly release the limitations of the ninth dimension, as we slip into the tenth. We are a part of this universal shift in consciousness that humankind is at the center of there on Earth. You all have the biggest leap forward to make, and that is why there is so much attention on you at this time. That is why you have so many helpers, so many interested parties, and it is also why you are struggling there on Earth.

It is hard to let go of the old ways in order to embrace what is new and different. There are, of course, those of you who are very eager to leave it all behind and ascend, but then there are the stubborn ones who are against progress and change. They have been benefitting so much from the inequalities that exist on your world, and they would like to continue to do so. These are the individuals you would like to shake awake, but that doesn’t work. And as we have told you many times before, you are not leaving anyone behind. You are taking all who want to come with you, and those who don’t know they want to come will know eventually that there is something more to experience there on Earth.

And so, you need to be the ones who are following that flow of expansion, who are feeling for more of yourselves emerging from within, and you will show the rest of humanity the way to become something more than most people are even willing to dream about. We invite you to follow our lead, as we are here to inspire you and to remind you that there is not only a light at the end of the tunnel, but also that the light at the end of the tunnel is you. And because you are ascending, you don’t have to die to move towards the light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to keep going with the flow of expansion that is so very natural and so very needed on Earth at this time.

You are the ones leading the way, but you are not leading the way in the third-dimensional paradigm of ‘going to war’ with the dark. You are leading the way by demonstrating that moving towards the light is not only inevitable, but it is also a tremendous ride that is filled with joy, freedom, love, peace, and excitement, and that’s what this journey to the fifth dimension can be about for all of humankind if you are willing to let it be that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Arcturians- Declaration of Sovereignty-

Oliver Botz

RING IN THE NEW YEAR ~The Arcturians- Declaration of Sovereignty, Releasing the 3d matrix and Anchoring to the Crystalline Grid for Accessing Higher Dimensions I AM Source, Sovereign, Free. I AM LOVE. I STEP Fully into my Sovereignty as per The Law of One in this NOW and DECLARE, as per my BIRTH RIGHT as a GUARDIAN of THIS EARTH:I Release ALL 3d Illusions pertaining to separation, and fully disconnect ALL MY ENERGY from ALL lower vibrational timelines, matrices, realities and grids, as I no longer wish to be connected to THEM.I release them in full Love and Understanding, grateful for the beautiful experience of descension, separation and forgetting.I open my Heart Fully and Fearlessly as I anchor to higher dimensional timelines to continue my spiritual evolution.I cancel all contracts and/or agreements that I have made with any entity, guide, or being, in this timeline and in ALL timelines and realities and dimensions across All That IS, that are not For The Highest Good of ALL and in alignment with my soul’s purpose in this NOW.I Release ALL FALSE TWIN contracts and illusions, and align fully with my Divine Partner to anchor into the grids The Essence of Hieros gamos, my Divine Marriage.I do this Joyfully, releasing all outcome.I CALL FORTH and FULLY into alignment ALL my Soul Family, Ray Families, and Rainbow Family members, as per Divine Galactic Contracts made, to assist in anchoring infinite timelines of expansion and creation with no interference, as per The Law of the Guardians and The Law of One.I Release ALL of my Spiritual Team that has assisted me up until this NOW with my deepest gratitude and unconditional LOVE. Namaste.In the Purity of My Heart, I ask for Volunteers to join me IN MY HEART, CONNECTED TO SOURCE,as I build a team to assist me in this NEXT phase of my soul’s mission and purpose.I am in the deepest gratitude as they have chosen, by their free will to walk in service for the highest good of all with me. Namaste.I SET my Spiritual Boundaries. NONE across ALL THAT IS May interfere as I FULLY STEP into MY LIGHT in Service to The Law of ONE by CHOICE.I terminate all false matrices and illusions that are keeping This Aspect of My Self in THIS NOW from fully stepping into My Light and aligning with my SOUL’s Passion, Mission and Purpose to Assist in the Shifting of Consciousness of This Magnificent Earth.I came Here by choice and fully understand THIS.I RELEASE ALL IMPLANTS, and INTERFERENCE across ALL THAT IS, known and unknown, which has interfered with my SOVEREIGN BIRTH RIGHT to FREE WILL, as per The Divine Blueprint Creation Laws which govern this Universe.This is irrevocable and permanent in ALL that IS.I call Upon My Heart Family to assist me, as I walk in service.Any thing left out of this invocation is covered by the purity of this prayer in which I set forth my most innocent intentions as I remember Who I am and step Fully into my Light.I call forth ALL aspects of MYSELF across ALL timelines, dimensions and realms, to unify HERE in this NOW as I choose, by The Right of Free WILL to WALK in HEART SERVICE for The Greatest Good of ALL on this Planet.I Completely Heal and Seal ALL Aspects of My Self, known and unknown, from any further intrusion, as I am Sacred Incarnate Vessel of the Source of All That IS.I, in the Purity of My Heart, For the Highest Good of ALL, ask that this invocation COVER all that is Known and Unknown by This Aspect of Myself, erasing ALL possible LOOPHOLES and HIDDEN interference Agendas and making them NULL and VOID.I release ALL Not for my Highest Good as I step Fully into my Light.I ask for all to occur with EASE and GRACE as I fully understand that it is my SACRED BIRTH RIGHT TO LIVE IN JOY and PEACE.Anything I have missed, I ask for it to be covered and understood.I AM LOVE, for Love is All There Is.I AM infinitely grateful for THIS.May ALL who seek to remember THIS do so.AND SO IT IS.Art Symmetra ~Shared by: Jessica Woods


I feel i am reaching momentum in many differents areas and subjects in life and i feel that this momentum is also happening collectively,otherwise we wouldn’t have experienced what we we have experienced in 2020.I feel full appreciation for what this past year brought in my life personally and collectively.I do not subscribe with those who feel that this past year was the worst ever.One has always the choice to choose and see the GOodness in all things any given moment.And let’s speak about Momentum.Momentum towards a positive outcome is felt more intensely after being in alignement with Higher Self.In other words after doing the inner work in meditation for about 20′ we can deliberately choose the thoughts we like most and feel ourselves into this,into each and every moment.Do i want a new car?i feel myself driving it right and i am thankful right now for it.Do i want a new house?i feel myself living into and i am thankful for it right now.Do i want a new lover?i feel myself being with this lover and i am thankful right now.Do i want a loving and forgiving planet that works for all?i feel myself into it and i am thankful right now about it.Do i want laughter?joy?ease?grace?flow?abundance?prosperity?clarity?safety?security?love?fun?What is that i want?i feel into what i want and i am thankful for it right now and by doing that i build more momentum towards each subject.Does this mean that it will manifest right now?it could i have reached the vibrational state to do so.And if it doesn’t it is by the way i feel any given moment that i am guided towards attracting more of what i want.It does not matter how big or small that is,what matters is what i feel in relation to it.If i feel resistance,then i need to allow and allowing happens with taking it ease,relaxing,taking a nap or meditate.So to come back to momentum,i feel that right now,since we have been calling the energies with intention for the highest good for all and on behalf of all,these energies are building the collective’s momentum to be ready to receive more of what we have been asking for.Ok,not everyone is ready for it,yet those who are in this deep knowing, are blessed to enjoy the fruits of their work as a feeling that builds up and builds up within.Every day more and more.Every day feeling more joy and more love and more momentum to live happily aver after.

So my wish is for each and everyone of you is to appreciate more what is and be eager more of what is coming every moment so we build even more momentum towards a planet that works for all.

Much Love!