Allow your dreams to get as big and beautiful as they want to be.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Creating Beyond Imagination

December 16, 2020,

Dear Ones, you do not need to know all the precise details of exactly what your dream will look like or the steps required in order to create it. In fact, trying to do so can be constraining to its creation, because you are only able to imagine details within what you already have experienced or think is possible and your highest creations often contain much more than that!

Leave room for the joy of wonder of discovery beyond what you could have possibly imagined. Use broad intentions. Allow your dreams to get as big and beautiful as they want to be. All you ever need to do is connect with the core essence of what you would like to experience and allow the universe to do what it does best – fill in the details for you in ways that are divinely perfect and can only surprise and delight you.

Now is the ideal time to decide what energetic desires mean the most to you before the solstice which will herald in the new energies that will carry you into 2021 and beyond.


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