Even though it might feel counter-intuitive, your basic responsibility now is rest.

Dear Ones,

You are exhausted and perhaps a bit angry. This is not how you anticipated you would feel now or ever again. Even though you are prepared for your new life, you are experiencing a time between.

You are neither of 3D or fully beyond 3D. So your thoughts flow between “I should” to “I don’t want to” to “But if I don’t, will I be alone?” Frightening thoughts for many. Encouraging, even forcing you to make decisions you feel too tired to make.

You have the energy to perform a few tasks around the house or maybe greet a few friends, but not much more. Yet, you push yourself to do more, to be as you once were filled with energy and ideas.

Even though it might feel counter-intuitive, your basic responsibility now is rest. The energies floating about for the next few days will take more of your energy than you thought possible. This last month of your calendar year is a culmination of all that has happened throughout the year. The same has been true in past years – especially since you initiated your transition – but the energies of this December are more forceful and dramatic than any you have experienced while of the earth in any lifetime.

That is not to say you will become ill or leave earth because of these dramatic December energies, but instead that you will not have the energy you expect every year at this time.

Others, not awakening or awake, will pooh-pooh your need for rest. You, the party person, wanting to be home and drinking hot chocolate. You, the giving person, not having the energy to host anyone this year. So, those yet of 3D will try to force you and others into a 3D routine that is comfortable for them – but exhausting for you.

It is time to listen to your heart. Do you have the energy or the need to be the life of the party, the caretaker, the shoulder to cry on, the shopper, the food preparer, the decorator, or money giver as you have in the past? If so, that is wonderful. But if not, honor yourself. Most of all, trust yourself. 

You have transitioned beyond group think UNTIL that group think includes holiday expectations and guilt. For indeed, those used to your holiday preparations and concerns will expect you to comply this year with the added guilt of “We need you to create the bond we are used to because this year has been so uncomfortable.” Many of you will comply. Not because you want to or have the energy to do so, but because those shoulds outweigh your sovereignty, your trust in yourself.

The fear that no one will like you if you do not comply with their needs will reign supreme for many of you. Buying love through the financial or physical draining of your resources will continue until you say, “NO” to yourself and others. You can no longer be partially 3D.

This year, 2020, was your year of discovering you and what you need despite temptations to create what others need as you have done for 3D eons. 

If you continue to fulfill others’ needs before doing so for yourself, you will create emotional and physical barriers for yourself. Catering to others’ needs before yours is now similar to touching a hot stove. You will burn yourself either physically or emotionally. 

Many of you dislike that last paragraph because you believe it means taking away your freedom to be. Instead, it is creating your freedom to be. If it is your role to serve others, you will feel joyous doing so. But if the very thought feels heavy and carrying it out is exhausting or creates some physical ailment, you are, in a sense, touching a hot stove. 

You are different. Allow that thought to be. Then allow that others may also be different. So informing those with expectations of you being the caretaker or party maker may create a divide – or be completely acceptable.

It is your choice. Do you wish to sacrifice your emotional or physical health for others, or do you wish to claim yourself? The last few days of 2020 will clarify that concept for you as 3D expectations clash with your new being. Who are you? Or better yet, who do you wish to be? For this is the dividing line, many thought they would never have to cross.

Some of you are declaring to yourself that you can do holiday preparations a bit at a time and so continue to meet your rest needs and others’ expectations. So you might. But at what cost to you? That is your decision. And this is most definitely decision time. So be it. Amen.

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Do This Meditation at 12:12 for the Next 24 Days starting on 12/12/2020.

The title of this global meditation changed from 12 to 24 days as :This past Tuesday 22 Dec. Our Lady of Guadalupe came once again to speak of the re-opening or the 12:12 portal of completion and miraculous new beginnings.The 12:12 meditation was originally designed to end today December 24th. However, the Lady is asking us to extend our meditation with Her for an additional 12 days – which bring us to January 7th. This would cover Epiphany and the receipt of the gifts of the Magi. The purpose of the extension of our global meditation is to reach out and include all those who may not have had the full opportunity to extend themselves in this new Nova Gaian manner.

Linda Dillon: Our Lady of Guadalupe – The Re-Opening of 12:12 Meditation & Activation

So often you have prayed to have a miracle, so we give you this. But at the same time, beloveds, sons and daughters of my heart, Juan Diego’s of my heart, I remind you that you are my miracle. 

Merry Christmas My Friends – from my heart to yours, all my love, Linda


Greetings, I AM Maria. Yes, I AM Mary of Guadalupe, Mother – your Mother, bringer of change, bringer of completion, bringer of transformation, and yes, sweet angels of light, new beginnings.

So, we begin this day, yes, with the reopening of the floodgates of 12-12. This is a gift from my being to yours. Not all had managed to go through the gateways to the completion of 12-12… yes, like this channel. And so, as a gift of my infinite love, in addition to my roses, I reopen this just as we have reopened the floodgates of the 13th Octave so that the billions can flow through. We reopen, with you, in tandem with you, the gateways the 12-12. But in this, yes, she has spoken of Juan Diego and you are my Juan Diegos, and this is the undertaking I ask of thee, and it is an exercise of faith, of trust, and of action.

And so, we will do this meditation, and I am asking of you, I am requesting of you, that you will do this meditation at noon, or 12:12, for the next 12 days, through the 24th of December. Because what you are doing… think of it in this way… you are latching the doorway open. You are locking it down in a human/divine partnership for the completion of the completion, and for the beginning of the new.

When I have said to you, through one of my many voices, that this way a year of rebirth, did you really think that rebirth would be indefinite and that you would be in the throes of labor forever? No! That is not my way and it is time for you, each of you, and for all of humanity to also realize you do not need to be stuck in elongated labor pain. You do not need, there is no requirement, to be stuck in the waiting game.

Yes, there is completion but there is only completion… that began, by the way, eons ago… you have completion so that the fresh, the new, can start. Not merely for each of you, but of course, including you. Not merely for humanity, or Gaia, or the kingdoms, for this opening occurs and has impact throughout the galaxies. There are no mistakes and I assure you that when one opening, and closing, completion, occurs, and if it has not been sufficient, or it has not been in my timing and in yours, I bring it again. And that is what we do.

So, you will do this meditation with me, with Gabrielle, and with your golden filaments. And you will do this for 12 days, and then you will hold this energy and you will begin to note, yes, around January 12th, how the synchronicities, what humans tend to think of as coincidences, begin to open.

I open my heart, my gown, my veil to you. I heal the sick. I heal the despondent. I heal those who sit alone in the dark, praying for help. And I bring home many to my side who simply wish to continue from here. This is the choice; it is the balance. Now, during this phase, as I say, many return to me… but let me be extraordinarily clear so there can be no confusion, that does not include any of you. You have already committed to this undertaking when you have said yes to this circle. You are necessary, and you are my partners in this… not merely angels, although you most certainly are, but beautiful humans in form, on the planet, heralds of the new. So, let us begin. I will do this meditation. Continue, sweet angels, to be in your heart.


I want you to allow… this is not about trying, this is not about questioning whether you can or not, you are simply going to allow my white light of love. Tone it however you wish. Perhaps it is tinged with blue or teal. Perhaps it is brilliant. Perhaps it is winter snow-light… it matters not. Allow my white light to simply cover you head to toe externally. Now feel, beloveds, that this white light is quite literally penetrating your skin, seeping in through your pores, into your flesh, your bone, your blood, your organs, your being, from head to toe, and far beyond. We are expanding the definition of you and New You. Allow this to happen.

Now, feel the brilliant golden spiral ascend from the heart of Gaia, coming through your feet, your root. And at the same time, I wish you to engage and feel, allow, my golden spiral, the Father’s golden spiral… we are spiraling down through your crown igniting neural pathways… which you are definitely needing, that is part of my gift to you. Feel, see, imagine, allow these golden spirals coming down and meeting, conjoining, integrating, in your heart. It is not a drill effect; it is a spiral. It is golden filaments and part of the essence of who you are.

Let it happen.

As this is occurring your gateways are opening. What you think of as chakras, or portals, these are gateways and far more than simply inter or multi-dimensional gateways… these are your freedom centers. Feel them fall away as if the ancient bridges that defended the castles have finally simply disintegrated.

From the center of your heart allow the implosion/explosion of your golden filaments as if they are exploding, not only through you but certainly through you, and outside into your expanded field and far beyond. But, let’s start there because we are opening your DNA… these are simply luminous golden fibers. You don’t try, simply allow… I am doing this. Now, allow this to expand further out. Send your golden, luminous, spiraling fibers out, out past your planet, out into the universe. Claim who you really are. Allow who you are, child, to come forth.

Now, locate your favorite City of Light. This does not need to be anywhere near you but, coincidentally, you will find your temple there. Go to your temple, your sacred place where we all await you. And pay attention… who is guarding the door because these are your best friends and protectors. These are the defenders of truth and the bringers of joy. Come within your temple, child. Come to the feast that we have prepared for you. Take your seat at the table. I am there with you. Glance around your table; see who assists you in this journey of opening and securing the 12-12 portal. Yes, through the great conjunction so that all may see and view and be part of the rebirth.

Feel and allow your hands to be held by those sitting next to you around this sacred circle, around this table. Everyone is holding hands, and you are massive, and you are a spark of light in my infinite universe. Open your crown a little wider, and your chakras above your head. Come to me as one. Perceive it as levitating out of your body, shooting out like a meteorite or a shooting star, golden filaments up, up to us, all of you. No one is left behind… none. And join, not merely with us, but with all.

I am not guiding you to re-anchor… not yet. You will be conscious enough to undertake this sacred work that you do today, and that you do every day, and that you will do for the rest of your life, on my behalf, and on behalf of the Father, on behalf of All. But not yet. I want you to attune or adjust to being everywhere in the consciousness and being what you think of as humanly conscious.

You’re the blessed wayshowers of my heart. You are building the temple and it is called Nova Earth. Go with my love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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