Embrace all of you and know yourself more as a Source Energy Being.

Humanity’s Harmonious Whole ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been getting very excited about the evolution of the human consciousness because you are all so filled with diversity, and the diversity within each one of you is a superpower. As you unlock the diverse energies within you and you begin integrating them into the whole of who you are, there is no telling what you will be capable of doing and becoming. You, there on planet Earth, are very unique, because you have so many different aspects to you.

Because you have traveled throughout the galaxy, incarnating in so many different star systems before coming to Earth, you have so much within you to draw upon as you grow and ascend. Therefore, humanity is perhaps the most unpredictable race of beings in the entire galaxy, and that is exciting. It is exciting because we are talking about unpredictability as it pertains to your growth and evolution, not your volatility. You’ve been getting all of that out of the way. You’ve been making more room inside yourselves to become more of who you really are.

Now, the most diverse being is of course Source Energy, and the more like Source you are, the better. You are more powerful. You are more creative. You are more loving and compassionate when you are more of your true selves, and therefore, it is very important for you to embrace all aspects of who you are now in this lifetime. And we are talking about even those aspects of you that you don’t like to acknowledge or celebrate. You have that which is reptilian and insectoids inside of you, just as you have that which is feline and aquatic inside of you.

You have that which is mantid inside of you, and all of the other beings that you have heard about throughout this galaxy. They’re all inside of you, and certainly like to celebrate that which is avian inside of you, but you tend to ignore or deny the presence of that which is draconian within you. So we are here now to encourage you to see all aspects of yourselves as being equally powerful and contributing to the beauty of that diversity within you.

If all of the beings in the galaxy always got along, then there would be no designation of either good or evil. So if you can manage to be your harmonious whole in the now moment, you can draw upon all of that power, all of that wisdom, and all of the love that exists within each of these beings that you have been in other lifetimes and that you carry the energy of right now in this one. Embrace all of you and know yourself more as a Source Energy Being. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Divine plan that is forever in place and can never be stopped or put aside is the evolution of every individual soul into full awareness of their oneness with God.

Arcturian Group Message 11/8/20

NOVEMBER 8, 2020

Dear readers, we welcome you with love in these times of turmoil, confusion, fear, and uncertainty. Because a great deal of what the un-awakened ones consider as being essential to successful living is changing or actually disappearing, many of them have embraced resistance and futile attempts to keep the status quo.

High vibration frequencies of Light are exposing many long buried low resonating creations formed of false beliefs based in duality and separation. They are surfacing the world over, being seen and recognized for what they really represent by increasingly more people each day. You are witnessing exactly what you came to witness, the dissolution of old energy which in turn will allow the spiritual evolution of the third dimension to unfold.

If you read and feel alignment with these messages, then you are not a spiritual beginner who just happened to get caught on earth during these times. You have attained a state of consciousness capable of holding truth while witnessing appearances of a lower resonance. This is the work. It is what you came to do and is why you chose to incarnate when you did. It is no accident that you happen to be on earth at the very time of her ascension.

Cease believing yourselves to be powerless humans subject to every physical, emotional, and mental belief floating about in the three dimensional collective. You must begin to accept and live as the powerful and spiritually evolved beacons of Light that you are, well prepared to do what you came to do which is to live in the density of a three dimensional world but not be of it.

As of yet, the majority does not realize that they are one with God/Source carrying within themselves everything they have sought and hoped for. These dear ones are meeting world situations the best way they can according to their present state of consciousness which is frequently through some violent form of grasping for what they believe they need or are entitled to, be it peace of mind or material goods.

Remain alert to inadvertently aligning with the lower resonating energies of fear and hopelessness so abundant at this time. “Be in the world, but not of it”. It is very easy to energetically align with what you are presently hearing and seeing. At the same time, do not confuse spiritual detachment with total disregard for those who are suffering. Even though you know the illusory nature of forms of duality and separation, you cannot be the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand. There will be occasions when you will need to somewhat “play the game” in order to assist others in some needed way. Always trust your intuition on these occasions.

Hold to center in each now moment, never forgetting that God is the only power, the only reality, the only cause and therefore the only effect in spite of what you may see. When you feel yourself getting sucked into lower resonating energies, stop, re-center, and focus on the truth of “I am”. “I am Divine Being who has chosen to temporarily experience the dense energies of the third dimension” keeping in mind always that this is true also of every person.

It helps to do mini meditations during the day that keep you centered and remind you of who and what you are–at the stop light, while waiting for someone, in the bathroom, at your desk, folding laundry. Just a blink, a second that indicates your intention to align with the reality of your being–I AM.

Send Light often through frequent eyes open mini-meditations. Visualize earth surrounded with bright white/gold Light while holding no intention other than to send love and Light. There is no need to tell the Light what to do because Light is high vibration energy as it is perceived by the human mind and when you send it, you are sending unconditional love, Divine energy. You may see colors change or become something new.

You have all lived many many lifetimes under the influence of the third dimensional belief system. Some of these lives were short and some long. Some were happy and some were miserable even to the extent of being tortured to death. However, the accumulated experiences from these many lifetimes have brought you to the level of spiritual awareness you now have.

During these lifetimes your energy field integrated and stored some lower resonating energies from that particular time. Disease, fear, frustration, lack, expressing as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain remain alive and well until the particular energy maintaining them is cleared and no longer a part of consciousness. Remember, consciousness is the substance of form.

You have already cleared a great deal of old energy simply through allowing higher levels of truth to become your state of consciousness as well as through dreams. Trust that your Higher Self will allow each new step to unfold as you are ready. When dense physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues surface it means they are presenting to be recognized and cleared because you are ready. You are no longer beginners subject to the random accidents and events that often occur to those living fully in three dimensional energy.

Some evolved individuals question and believe that they have somehow spiritually failed when one or more negative issue suddenly appears in their usually harmonious lives. No dear ones, you can never fail, rather you are graduating, finally prepared to release and move beyond whatever remaining false concepts and beliefs you may still hold. Trust that you indeed have the tools with which to meet every situation.

Most of you are no longer clearing in a major way but rather are in the process of integrating higher frequencies of Light. The integration process can be difficult for the physical body because every organ and function is changing its vibration. The mind frequently translates the “ascension symptoms” that accompany energy integration as disease or a problem. New meridians are being formed to carry the higher resonating energies, DNA is changing, and all systems are upgrading. Allow the process.

We have stated that there is a Divine Plan, but there has been some confusion with this. The Divine plan is not a three dimensional plan where this will happen at this time and then that will happen at that time. The Divine plan that is forever in place and can never be stopped or put aside is the evolution of every individual soul into full awareness of their oneness with God. Many continue holding three dimensional concepts of what the Divine plan should look like not realizing that the people themselves are interpreting and creating the Divine Plan.

Keep this in mind when you are tempted to give power to officials, elections, government, or anything in the outer scene for none of these things can stop the Divine Plan. It really doesn’t matter who wins elections. Nothing can deter the Divine Plan. The spiritual awakening of every soul is ordained by Divine Law simply because Oneness is the reality. It can be delayed through free will but never stopped. Keep your focus on this and not outer appearances. Stop feeding the illusions.

There is no puppet master in the sky with strings attached to every person. It is time to accept that every person is their own puppet master. For those of you who are spiritually awake, the time is long gone for seeking outwardly to people, places, or things to “save” you. Governments, experts, family, or religious doctrines and practices served as tools along the way, but you no longer need them. Everything in the outer can rise no higher than the state of consciousness from which it springs and placing trust and dependence on them simply aligns you with that state of consciousness.

Earth has reached a point of readiness for new and higher experiences as per the Divine Plan. Personal and global evolution will continue to express though outer events that may not appear to be very spiritual.

The incarnation of many, many evolved souls capable of lifting collective energy to where change could begin to manifest was necessary and you volunteered. Know that you are qualified to do this work. It is why you came, dear holders of Light.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/8/20

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The Great Awakening – A message from the future


Light Is pouring on the world right now, the darkness is being exposed for us to see. 

All the feelings are going on right now but know,

The light has already won. 

This year is not something bad that has happened, but something really good to the vibrational asking of so many.

Earth is going through a re-birthing process, we are literally creating a new world.  

So these old paradigms, systems, those 3 dimensional realities are falling apart. 

As humans we are evolving, and we have awakened to the point that it cannot be stopped

So what we are experiencing right now is a play out of many different timelines. 

We have people that are awake and know what is going on and just want the process to speed up, and then we have people who are dragging their feet clinging to their comfort zone, no matter how deceiving it may be.

The old systems in government, financial, sick care, big food, and pharma, HAVE to be exposed so that they can be dismantled for new systems to be put into place. 

For those of us who already know, because we’ve been playing in this arena for a while, it’s important to remember to hold space for those who are not yet there. There are going to be people who are not going to embody the bigger picture because they are vibrationally still in alignment with the old system.

The old system supports manipulation, control, and division. When people are programmed to think like victims it’s easy to sell them entitlement programs. Your power is easily given up to an outside source.

When we are participating in the lower vibrations such as fear, hate, shame, and division, our mind is constantly contracting and our perception of reality gets smaller so that we are more likely to accept what we are told, fed, shown, and battle those around us because we take things personally. So, people who are thinking differently appear to be a threat, only because in those lower vibrations we are so closed minded. 

When we start to evolve and CHOOSE to challenge our current thought patterns, we ask things like:

  • Am I willing to entertain that the opposite of what I believe, could be true?
  • Does someone gain something through me believing something to be true?
  • Does what I believe, support me in continuing to grow in my self leadership + freedom? Or does it support  a system that is not working?
  • Why does someone that believes the opposite of me, have that belief?
  • What do I notice about the energy or character of those who hold this belief?

When we are able to step back and challenge our own thinking, we enter into expansion.

Remember, Light is information and darkness is the absence of it. 

So as this awakening process happens, hold the light for those who, instead of trying to battle you, will be looking to you for guidance. 

When we play a part in the new systems, we come from a place of compassion, love, and freedom- the HIGHEST vibrations. Which is nearly impossible to explain to anyone who has never experienced the source of it within themselves, first. The only way to explain, is to embody it ourselves and lead by example.

As humans we are CREATORS. And, I am someone who does not even bother spending my energy fighting the old or what is happening in this moment. I am an activator, someone who jumps into the future and starts creating and living in the reality that I want before it’s the popular thing to do. I show up from that space, and in doing that comes with a lot of backlash and being misunderstood. 

The visionaries, the lightworkers, the awakened, the truth seekers and those that are open, who as a collective bring forth the NEW for humanity. Which is why those of us in that place, are calm during the chaos, we already feel the outcome because we created it.

Because of this, I have let go long ago, the fear of being judged, rejected, and criticized, which holds us in those low vibrations, and stalls us from moving forward with the awakening process. 

Some resist this process to the full degree because they resist the change that needs to occur within themselves, resulting in blaming outside forces for their problems, and giving their power to an outside authority when it comes to finding solutions. Self advocacy is recognized as unethical from this view point.

Change can be painful, change can be scary. Especially for those who have not already been living in the reality that is coming forth. This is why it is important to hold space for those along the way, compassion and forgiveness are key components.

Ones that are resisting at all measures, are fighting a battle externally that needs to be won within themselves first, in order to see things through a clear perspective free from layers of pain and trauma. The chaos is in invitation to free yourself from the layers.

“There is a lot invested in you not powering up right now. Be a disruptor and do the thing they aren’t anticipating you to do.” – Ange Peters

Most people can’t even handle the truth that needs to be found within themselves, let alone seek it out in the world…or accept it no matter how obvious.  Which keeps them trapped in the system of lower vibrations.

They keep their narrative alive by continuously trying to drag down people who share light and cause them to question, into their level of thinking and feeling.

This is what sets the truth seekers free from the matrix.

Truth seekers seek to expand while others seek to contract.

They will bring down anyone that disrupts their system internally and the one that supports them externally.

Make sure to observe what is pulling your energy, check in with yourself and settle inward. Observe all outlets and the negative energy you are receiving.  Make sure you’re not responding to the type of energy you no longer want to live in. This will get easier to do as you go, as your dominant vibration rises.

There’s a huge pull forward when we are tapped into our intuition, and it naturally guides us to truth. And in that space we’re able to have the unwavering faith of the world that is being birthed. 

Yes it’s uncomfortable in the now, yes it feels incredibly real. But when you are able to look at your current state from a 5th dimensional perception, it’s not so real. And it’s easy to see the 3D world crumbling. 

Stay focused on being your own leader and accept as much change as you can, cultivate resilience by being open to a higher way of thinking. The faster you shift and open up, the faster you will land in the space of knowing and trust.    

When we operate from our intuition we do not need outside sources to tell us how to think, feel or what to be, do or have. We harness our super power of intuitive knowledge which has been purposely suppressed to fulfill the needs of those who wish to control us through the old system. 

This is why the old system is falling apart.

People who have not yet discovered the light within themselves are having a very hard time believing that there is light in the world right now. There will be those who are still not willing to question anything, especially themselves, and they will continue to align with the lower vibrations. 

No matter how pure, and loving your intentions are by sharing light, some will take it personally. I can promise you debating is not the way to make anything happen, because the argument they are really having is one within themselves, and nothing you say or do is going to solve that. Send them love, and go about your journey, everyone’s wake up call is different. Hold the light.

I’m here to tell you it’s going to be ok. There are many pioneers in the new world that are eager to show the way for those who are excited and ready. 

This a message to hold the highest vibrations of love and light, to bring it forth even faster. This is a message from the future.

Ashley Ulizzi

I am Shaliah, representative of Telos, a beautiful pristine city of many wonders and beauties deep within Gaia under your Mount Shasta.

Shaliah of Telos via Galaxygirl | November 7, 2020

Shaliah 11/7/2020

Greetings brothers and sisters of the surface world, holding the light for so many. I am Shaliah, representative of Telos, a beautiful pristine city of many wonders and beauties deep within Gaia under your Mount Shasta. We have been here for eons since the sinking of Lumeria. We are ancient Lumerians who have continued our ancient practices of healing and honing the light. We listen to the Mother. We work with her energies and we hear her inner heartbeat and internal rhythms. I Shaliah am an aspect of this one. You have many aspects; you are mighty multidimensional beings. I say you, but I myself am a part of this mighty cosmic web of life. We are all connected. I am a crystal worker. I work deep within the crystal caves and red clay caves of Gaia on the outskirts of the city and underneath it. I am at home in the darkness for I bring my own light with me. (I am seeing red clay walls of deep caverns. The crystals are glowing beautiful colors of all hues. She is wearing a glowing crystal necklace and is also using one as lamplight.) We have a vast crystal network. It is an excellent internet upgrade. We are all able to communicate much like your communication systems but unhackable, for it is all based on intention and purity of thought. One thought intended for another will only reach that person’s vibrational match. You will have similar technology abilities and many more wonderful discoveries on Nova Gaia.

I am Shaliah. My message today is one of hope. There is always hope. Do not lose it amidst the swirling storm of chaos created by the few to affect the many. Do not let it affect your vibration. We can see your lights from the surface. We can see how brightly you are glowing and it assists with our inner earth energy work as well, for it creates harmonic grids of energy that we are able to utilize to stabilize various key regions of interest. We can stabilize and shut down portals from within. We work closely with the Ley lines, harnessing the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and of Gaia’s hidden mysteries. She trusts us and we work in harmony with her body. We have been assisting and intending for this ascension process since the fall or our beloved Lumeria, which was such a tragedy to personally experience. You all have also experienced numerous tragedies in your surface world lives. You have had so much pain. I see this. We all do. You are not suffering alone. It is because of this suffering that your lights will shine brighter. I do not mean to sound trite. But it is because of the suffering of Gaia and all that she has endured that this mission has the attention of so many to ensure a positive outcome. It is because of your own sufferings that your inner light has been your priority to find. It is in the longing for peace that the wise one finds it. There is tremendous peace in these crystal caves under Telos. They are one of the major planetary chakra hubs. It is essential that Gaia’s energy bodies remain balanced. (She is planting glowing crystals from her sachel into the red cool earth of the cave floor. The surrounding crystals glow in soft colorful lights. She is creating an earth map of her chakras and drawing the Ley lines in the dirt. She is showing how these connect to the major surface cities and how these Ley lines have been tampered with.) Yes, but this will all change. As the surface world energies grow and expand the Ley lines are activated further by these positive vibrations. The dark empire is being dismantled energetically. This is an energetic war, you would refer to as WWIII but in truth this planet has seen much war for so long, it is impossible to number them. Lumeria was such a beautiful pristine paradise. It was my home. It is my home. I feel very aligned with Nova Gaia for she is ancient Lumeria reborn. I was high priestess in my lifetimes on Lumeria. I continue the energy blessings and work with my own practice of crystal work. I work with many of you on the surface who are aligned with the energies of Lumeria and are crystal keepers of the surface. Many of you live near massive crystal veins that your energy practices of meditation activate. It allows a unique multidimensional partnership between your work and mine. Together we are uplifting the massive crystalline grid that infuses Gaia with higher dimensional light. (She is getting up and dusting off her blue knees and walking down a long corridor, holding her crystal like a lantern for light.)

It is so peaceful in the caves. I love doing my meditations as I work, for it is very meditative work. I feel at one with Gaia. We have been old friends for a very long time. Sometimes I feel as old as she is! There are many like me who do this inner work and clearing for the city. We are the ancient priests and priestesses. Our skin has turned bluish turquoise from the mineral rich waters here. I was not always blue but I don’t mind it. It helps me feel more connected to Gaia. The minerals also increase our vibration. Everything is in balance here. (Suddenly it is bright and we have reached an inner garden just outside of the cave. There are many gardeners who look like Shaliah with her bright red hair and others with dark hair. All have blue skin and wear simple clothing. They are laughing and talking, eating fruit as they work. It is a paradise of color and fragrances.) We are able to work with her energies to infuse more love into our foods. This helps improve our longevity. We have numerous ways to renew our bodies. We do not age unless by choice. We have all we need. These gardening and farming techniques are easily reproduced on your surface. There is plenty here. (I am seeing acres and acres as far as I can see of fields and gardens that support the city’s populace.) We will teach and we will serve in this way. Hydroponics upgraded utilizing the inner energies of the crystals will infuse your fruits and vegetables with more life force, thus healing and sustaining many with less. Many joys are to come. It will be with joyful tears that we reunite.

(She is painting my face with red and yellow clay.) Be brave dear light workers. You are the light lifters of many. You are the hope of this mission. Be strong in this time. Feel your own connection to Gaia. Work with the crystals and send the energy of an awakened human deep into the grid and we will see you and will be able to communicate. The outer is rising to match the inner. Those which do not resonate are unable to withstand change. We honor you for your service. We too serve all in our own way. Humanity is to be saved. The Christed light has come. Lumeria rises within the hearts of the awakened ones and will rise again becoming the Nova Gaia that we all long for. You will finally feel at home again. Feel this vibration of home and know that it already exists all around you. We are all working to achieve the same end of planetary peace. The inner will finally match the outer.

I am Shaliah. (We are returning to the cave entrance with the glowing crystals on the walls.) Although I love the sunlight and the gardens I feel most at home in the caves. (She is touching a green crystal.) This connects me to the giant green crystal under Arkansas. It is a very effective communication system. I can speak to the crystal workers there who may need more information. When it is time, teleportation systems can be enabled but it has been shut down for some time for safety. We too long for more freedom of movement. It shall come.

I am Shaliah. I love you. You may meditate and walk with me in these crystal caves when you need space for contemplation. We always welcome a surface bother and sister who is aligned with the light and inner mysteries. (I am seeing that underneath the crystals on the walls are all very technical fluid plasma screens with unknown symbols. Although this appears to be primitive it is anything but!) Yes, we have had thousands of years to hone our crystalline technology. I do not need to touch the rocks to do my work but it brings me joy to communicate with them in this way. (She is showing me a hologram of earth in front of us delineating the inner working of the planet, showing the crystalline network of communication. It shows where all of the inner earth colonies are, the crystal network, the large water reservoirs, bases.) Gaia withholds nothing from us for we are the keepers. So too shall humanity understand the gravity of this task and embrace it fully. Serving is the higher way. I am Shaliah. I serve with you. You are well loved. I honor you for your service to the light and to Gaia.

~ galaxygirl

Someone’s illustrious career is going to fall. The truth about him is being revealed. When people know the truth, the separation and hatred of the other person will go away for the most part. This will allow for unity with people in the whole.

Straight from the Heart


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest message from Apollo on November 3, 2020: “Someone’s illustrious career is going to fall. The truth about him is being revealed. When people know the truth, the separation and hatred of the other person will go away for the most part. This will allow for unity with people in the whole. The planet is going through chaos and turmoil to find out the truth. It is a grinding and churning of life’s desire to be free. Little did most realize the state of darkness in which they have been living. The word is cesspool. The great awakening means the darkness is being cleansed and cleared. The light will bring the stability and cleansing for a healthy and heart centered paradise planet. Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence and devotion to the light.  The divine plan it is playing out. We are with you always.”

How are you doing, ground crew? We know that many of you are exhausted from this unusual and elongated election. It is aggravating, confusing, uncertain, possibly frightening, and a mess. We knew that 2020 was not going to be a year when anything was going to be normal. This one takes the cake!

What is important to know in all of this is that the light has already won. It is like the end of the reel of a movie where we are waiting for the finale. I assure you that the finale is almost here. This is the great awakening and humanity has to find out what has really been going on. They have to decide whether they want to be controlled and live in an energy like China or have the freedom to choose for oneself. Some people like being told what to do so they can feel like they are good boys and girls. Others prefer to follow their hearts, to be creative, and to live natural, normal lives. Remember that feeling? We used to be able to hug, smile at each other, meet new people, see our families and friends, go to the movies and to the gym, and eat in restaurants inside. We took it for granted for little did we anticipate that these could be taken away from us. 

Living with rules like wearing masks, social distancing and keeping us from being connected with the earth and each other, is not human and not natural. Yes, there is a sickening agent out there but we have been misled about most of it. Fear and the need to control us is behind it.

Are we victims or are we the spiritual warriors that we came here to be? Are we ready to stand in the strength and the courage of the light that we are? It is why we are here now.

There is a large amount of censorship going on with social media and the high-tech companies. There must be something that they don’t want most people to know. However, the light is shining on the darkness, and there will be no more secrets. When humanity finds out what has happened to the children, millions of children, most likely they will cry their hearts out.

Remember we are rising in consciousness. The planet is ascending and so are we. What served us in the third dimension will not serve us in the fifth dimension and higher consciousness. In the long run, this temporary discomfort will disappear and we will be living in the Golden Age. We will have technology that will heal us, free energy, ways to heal cancer and other diseases, abundance for all, and a different form of government that is based on councils rather than this type of service to self-government. Taxes will disappear. There will be a new financial system that is based on gold. We will be doing the work from our hearts and souls that we came here to do.

Please do not despair for that which is fading away. You have a glorious future so let go of what no longer serves you. It is superior to anything that you could have imagined.

You are going through a major ascension and transformation.-Mira of the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, Nov. 6, 2020-

A channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council November 6, 2020 through Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you today, to lift your spirits, and to invite you to move more into being your galactic selves. Can you feel the connection?

As you continue to be displeased with what is occurring on your planet right now, you are reaching for the stars, for more of your true home. I assure you that this is where you are headed. You are going through a major ascension and transformation.

This can only occur with your help and your energy on the earth. It is why are you incarnated at this time. You are the light and your energy is needed. The Ascension process would not have progressed this much without you, for this we honor and we thank you! We are doing this together because this is what it takes. It takes brilliant light and brilliant minds and hearts to transform such darkness back into the light.

I can confirm that with all of my work with the ascension of many other planets, this one is the most dramatic and far-fetched that I have ever seen. There is much at stake. History is in the making. What happens on the earth affects all of creation and that’s why we are all here focusing with you on the earth.

My planetary system, the Pleiades, assists planets regularly who are ascending. We are indeed sorry there is such suffering, fear, deceit, lack, illness, treachery, and greed. The darkness has done much damage to the planet and to all of life. By heavenly decree, this can no longer be tolerated!

Soon you’ll begin to see the spoilers being returned to their spoil. Their energy is simply no longer allowed on the earth and they are aware of this fact. It is why they are behaving so poorly since they have never lost before so why should it happen now??? This should make you all more convinced that the light has taken reign and their defeat is imminent.

What you are experiencing now is the final battle between the light and the dark. Know that you are being looked after no matter what! You shall have everything that you need.

The ascension is progressing well. Please remain calm, balanced and centered. Trust the brilliance of the unfolding plan and know that all will be well.

I am Mira and I am sending you an abundance of life.

Imagine & Feel New Earth Creations.

This is an invitation to focus together on what truly matters.And this is the Rebuilding of New Earth.This is where we choose place our focus as to how can we can best serve to assist each and everyone on their Ascension Journey so it is firmly grounded on the planet.What i/we imagine is already true.So please dance with me here and now 🙂

What are our intentions at Feel More Than Fine?

1.Basic Universal Income for everyONE.Imagine what Freedom will do in people’s lives.

2.Celestial Chambers for everyone on the planet as part of the program for Universal Medicare,Pharma Care and Dental Care.Imagine that everyONE can get healthy and rejuvenated in less than 3 minutes.Picture elders being astonished to discover this reality.

3.All Children Safe and Sound on the Planet:We have 1 project in Dakar to assist children and from there expand in more African Countries :Feel More Than Fine Africa leading to Universal Elder Care, Child care, and Single-parent care. (1) Picture children being happy and feeling fulfilled in their daily activities.

4.Support and Creation of Eco Sustainable Communities leading to The Venus Project.

5.Free Energy and Awesome Mobility that respects Mother Earth.

6.The Cleaning of Oceans and Rivers and Reforestation of all lands and cities.

Light Workers we will come together and take things in our hands in Local and Worldwide Gatherings Conferences to bring forward solutions that make this planet work for each and everyone.It is all happening and it is beautifully unfolding as we are observing now in the U.S.A. elections.It is not what we see.What we see is the dismantling of what does not work.The implementation of NESARA/GESARA is happening and GODSPEED for this as this is what will lead to Divine Governments on our Ascending Earth From Human to Galactic before being able to use replicators and other technologies that will make the use of money obsolete as no-one of our Galactic Families needs to use this.It is a gradual process and Divine Mother’s has already decreed and Her plan is unfolding and for this reason,the next months will be quite a ride.There is no turning back.We are blessed to be living in these times.And i wish you all the best in your discovery of how you will be best be of service on New Earth.

Much Love




The Six Point Plan

One, universal basic income covering all normal living expenses for every person living in that country, lesser for young children (under twelve). Everyone has their basic expenses in life covered and can choose to work on top of that.

Two, universal (free) medicare, pharmacare, and dental care. Public health of excellent standards available to all people living in the country, without distinction.

Three, universal accessibility to all levels of gender-equal education (K-Ph.D.) for all people living in that country.

Four, universal elder care, child care, and single-parent care.

Five, the elimination of personal debt.

Six, the elimination of the national debt.