There is so much good to come you cannot imagine. There are healing beds, called med beds, which measure the frequency of the human organs and make adjustments by applying the appropriate vibration.There are replicator machines that, from the air, can produce food, or any needed artifact. A whole new banking system without usury is being unfolded.Great abundance in all things is in your future.


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. October 2020

It is, as always, wonderful to connect with you dear Brethren. We are watching with great interest and compassion as you maneuver your way through the ascension process.

We are your Higher Selves, we are your Soul and your Soul family. We are your Galactic Brethren, and we are your God, your Consciousness, for we are all one in the flow of God.

The difference between us is that we are love and nothing else, you are also love, but that love has been hidden, in abeyance, in hiding from the loud and raucous sound of your indoctrinated ego.

You ego that is now dissipating. Your ego that you are now seeing with all its false precepts and ideas. You see there is not really a you. The you that you thought you were does not exist.

The you that you thought you were is your ego. Your ego that was given you as a gift that you might experience what was not love. And thereby grow in love, compassion and understanding for your fellow brethren.

As we have often said, your ego consists of your thoughts about yourself and about people and the world around you. These thoughts and ideas are not your own. They were given to you by your parents and culture, who repeated the ideas of their parents and culture.

So, the you that you thought you were, the you with prejudices, harsh judgements and fear filled ideas about life, is an entrainment, an indoctrination into false perceptions and ideas.

This is the perception deception in which humans, in their third dimensional journey, live. They believe they are their thoughts. And so they are very reluctant to give up these thoughts, to relinquish the fear and the criticism and the negativity. For who are they without these familiar and well worn thinking tracks in their brain.

Like a railway train going round and round in a circle, so are we with our entrained thoughts. We wear a groove in our mind that, however negative, is comfortable.

The old, the familiar, is cozy. The new, the loving, the kind, the possibility of living calmly and peacefully, in the knowledge of the profound love of God and of our brethren, is threatening.

For who are we if we are not our thoughts? What do our inherited thoughts cover up. They hide our Divinity from us. They allow us to live the human life in the illusional delusion that we are all separate and at war with each other.

That we need to defend ourselves from our brethren for humanity is cruel and our family and so called friends are out to harm us.

Human life is ironic indeed. We are born without an ego. The first baby years of our life we are spontaneous, happy, gurgling with joy, creative, full of sparkle.

Then begins the ego entrainment. Slowly but surely the joy is trained out of us. The spontaneity disappears. The happy, gurgling with joy, creativity and sparkling child becomes disillusioned.

He/she hears his parents, teachers, societies ideas about the dangers of life, the hurtfulness of people, the prejudices of their social morality. These thoughts are adopted as his own. These thoughts that others press on us become our ego.

Yes, our ego, what we believe to be ourselves, is only a hallucination, a projection of the thoughts and ideas of those around us, adopted by us – that then becomes our reality. And we protect this reality with our very life.

How painful it is to give up these indoctrinated ideas. How we resist losing them. How we viscerally fight those who would intrude upon our reality, who wish to change our perceptions.

Perception, which is the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses, is our major tool for understanding our earthly life.

And those around us feed our senses with their ideas. Whether it be our parents, our children, our friends, our newspapers, or television, all of these information sources feed our perceptions and thus create our reality.

The last person we hear is usually the most influential. We can only know what we have been told. And that which we have been told then becomes the persona that we have here on this earth.

In actuality we are much more than that. In fact we are very powerful.

We are Divine Souls. We, your higher selves are fragments of God love, drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness. We wait in abeyance as you journey through the third dimensional fear-filled human experience.

You are very important to your Soul family, your Angels and your Galactic brethren. You are living the planet earth journey and thus experiencing the dark in very deep and painful ways, you are experiencing that dark for all of us.

We, behind the veil, learn as you are learning. We learn from you. We hear every sigh, every plaintive cry, every sad murmur that comes from you. We know how much you have suffered and we truly appreciate and honor you for your sacrifice.

In the oneness of God, all we do is for the good of all. You, great ones, have given much for the expansion of Spirit, for the expansion of love and wisdom and knowledge.

And, in so doing you have individuated your personality. In the fifth dimension you will know what you prefer, you will know what you want, for you have experienced the opposite.

So, you will unreservedly claim your joy, follow your bliss, live in your holy creativity. Yes, life is good, dear friends, dear brethren. You are clearing up your third dimensional entrainment and moving up the frequency ladder of ascension to great and wonderful times.

There is so much good to come you cannot imagine. There are healing beds, called med beds, which measure the frequency of the human organs and make adjustments by applying the appropriate vibration.

There are replicator machines that, from the air, can produce food, or any needed artifact. A whole new banking system without usury is being unfolded. Great abundance in all things is in your future.

The bloated bureaucracy, the corruption, the professional politicians out for power, the nepotism – will be removed. Government jobs will go to those of an appropriate frequency, who will make a minimum of laws. All the befuddling and confusing rules and regulations will be removed.

For we will be telepathic, there will be no more lying, no more scams. We will be able to read each others minds. Degrees and diplomas will no longer count, people will naturally, organically take the job, the position that is most suited to their frequency and talents.

Oh indeed, what a wonderful world we are moving into. Keep your eyes on the prize. Go within, meditate on your wonderful new world, on love, on what part you will take in that new world, on the immense and grand wonder of God and of the love that permeates the new world. The love that is God, that is you.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Queen An-Ra -Erena Velazquez-

October 24, 2020


I am Queen An-Ra and I am pleased to be here today. It has been a while since my last message, it seems like centuries ago. The time for us doesn’t have the same meaning like here on Earth, we are always living in the moment and in the now.

I come from Egyptian Civilization and from Andromeda Galaxy, I was here on Mother Earth 10,000 years ago and my civilization was helping humanity with their advancement. We were teaching you on how to use our technology and we were enlightening you on the spiritual laws of the Universe. Unfortunately, we decided to leave and take our knowledge and science with us as your Human Civilization stopped listening to us and our teachings, and started to move towards the negative direction by being influenced by the Dark Ones.

Since the last time I spoke to you, I became in charge of the main council group called The Grand Council, and I let go of the old members as it was necessary to make the changes for the better. The rules that were created a long time ago became an obstacle for the whole Ascension Process on Gaia, and they were actually benefiting more the Negative Ones than humanity.

After having a few briefings with Prime Creator, it was decided that I am going to be running The Grand Council, this needed to happen, because the Ascension Process on Earth was moving too slow. I am changing a lot of rules to make things easier for us to work directly with the humans and not being constantly overly concerned, if we are breaking any of the rules, which at times feels like millions of them.

I am very serious about my responsibilities, and I already removed some of the Alliance members, who were stopping the progress in the preparation for RV and the redistribution of Saint Germain Fund to humanity. The process is long overdue, the rest of the Galactics and I are done waiting, so a time frame was given for the Alliance by when the money is needed to be given out to the people on Earth.

We are tired of hearing about thousands of excuses, on why the funds are not in the hands of human beings now. I want to see results and not being constantly stopped by obstacles, which are delaying this important step. Me and the rest of the members involved in this Process spend lifetimes here around Mother Gaia working to help all of you to achieve this transformation of ascending from this 3D duality to 5D.

The Ascension Process here is like a jigsaw puzzle where each piece needs to fit perfectly together. I come across daily with new and unexpected challenges that appear on your planet. One of the latest complications that I am dealing with is a Key Twin Flame Couple. The male runaway from his responsibilities and that put the breaks on big parts of the Ascension Process. This Twin Flame reunion is important as it’s the first big piece of the puzzle that will have a domino effect on the other Twin Flame Pairs by activating them and it will also start many other missions, which will get this Process moving again.

I am working with Prime Creator and with Ascended Masters on bringing him back to his Twin Flame. We are not going to allow for this male Twin Flame to jeopardize this Ascension Process with his ego and his selfishness.

The transformation in your reality is very slow, so a slight change on Gaia is almost invisible for the human eye. I am asking for all of you to stay in the present moment and meditate to help accelerate the high energies, which are essential for Ascension.

The world you knew is disappearing right in front of your eyes, it’s collapsing each day more and more, and nobody not even the Dark Ones can’t prevent the deterioration of this Matrix. It’s falling down like an old building, no matter how much effort the Negative Ones will put to keep it together, it’s still falling apart. The old system first needs to collapse and then it’s going to be replaced with a new one. This will restore the divine balance in your world and everyone will be happy and harmonious again.

I just want to remind to everyone about their responsibilities especially for the ones, who know their duties, please follow them through as your progress in this transition depends on your actions. Before coming to this planet, all of you took an oath to help and fulfill your tasks here on Terra Christa.

We the Galactics including me, Queen An-Ra are following up on our promise to bring this civilization to their next step of evolution to 5D existence. Please, also don’t forget the fact that you are the first ones ever in the history of the Galaxy, who are going through this transformation into Ascension by taking with you, your physical bodies.

I am monitoring very closely all of the operations that are going on this planet, especially activities by the Negative Side. My Egyptian fleet and Ashtar fleet, we are always ready to jump in and rescue Mother Earth from an unexpected dangers. Most of the disasters on your planet are man made by the corrupted souls, who serve their Dark Masters.

Their ruling and control of the humankind is coming to the end, they are so desperate now to stop the Ascension Process that the Negative Forces are going after the awakens ones by attacking them. Please, don’t get intimidated by their actions, because you are winning the battle as the Light always brings down the Darkness. Their days are numbered on Mother Gaia.

I am Queen An-Ra and I was glad to be here today to give you on update on the situation around your planet Earth and your Ascension Process. Thank you.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Announcement to come within the next 10 days…GOD SPEED.-The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild-

Before posting this channeling i want to add :Divine Mother Give Gas!!!Thank You!!!

Hi chaps. So, I am going to keep this as bright and sunny as I can. A month ago, you said the Announcement you have been speaking of would be before the US elections. You are down to your last week now and of course, my buttons are being pushed as to whether or not this will take place, at all?

Welcome to you, Blossom, and to those confident in our words to KNOW THAT WE ARE WHO WE SAY WE ARE … AND WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY.

Ok. Then for today, I will neither hinder nor hamper and allow you the benefit of the doubt, as we do have ten days and, well, anything could happen!

Indeed Blossom. In a nutshell, it is to be that those who confide in us … those, who like you, are ‘hoping’ for the change … will not be disappointed.

Oh, I have no doubt the change is happening. I just question your timing because let’s face it, you’ve thrown me some real spinners in the past. Yet, here I am … still!

So, shall we then, look at this?

I’m all eyes!

In terms of that which we have offered over the last 15 years in which we have engaged in conversation … it is less than the digits on one hand that you have questioned … is that correct?

A lot more, yet, other matters got sorted [out] for me.

Do you not consider that to be acceptable?

Nope! Because the two things in question were HUGE! The 2008 incident and the Pillars of Light in 2011. Now, folk can say all they like … and so can you yet, for me, if the Announcement isn’t revealed before the elections … well … let’s walk in my shoes for a moment … what would you do?

Dearest Blossom, we do not feel it appropriate to answer that. Maybe ask the same question should that scenario occur?

So, by that, you are saying that the Announcement is to come within the next 10 days?

We are.

How can you be so sure?

Because we know what it entails and what it involves and it is necessary to take place BEFORE decisions are made.

Ok. I shall keep going on this. You see, our time and you, with no time, doesn’t always seem to tally regarding particular events and TRUST is a very delicate issue amongst the closest of friends, which after 15 years and all we have been through, I consider us to be.

So, do you TRUST us, Blossom?

As Divine Beings of Light, yes. Regarding your accuracy on time frames … not so sure. I was so bold when you said about an announcement and the 2nd lockdown and the Five Phases. I told myself to TRUST and TRUST I did.

And in Truth … I TRUST WHITE CLOUD deeply, so if it was that you were a bit of a ‘diversion from the Truth’ as many over the years have suggested, I feel sure he would have ‘warned me’.

So, shall we just wait and see then?

What else is there to do?

Trust a little deeper in order to relieve your anxiety?

Let us ask you this … if we were there in the room with you right now … would you Trust us more?



Because you would be speaking words out of your mouth, not working with me in this telepathic form.

Yet what would make you believe that what we say is the TRUTH … just because words were coming out of our mouths?

Because I would have you there, first hand … and pick up on your Energy. There you see … I knew what we were leading up to!

Indeed Blossom … Our Energy. Our Energy of Truth and Love. Do you not feel this when we are ‘thoughtfully’ speaking with you now?

Yes. Yes, I do. Like White Cloud, you have only ever shown Love. Never once have I ‘felt’ one iota of anything other than compassion and understanding and giving of your wisdom to assist us.

So why is it different if we were in the flesh?

You really want me to answer that?

Yes … please.

Because … it just is.

And now we shall play ball with you as you do with us. We would say … not a good enough answer.

Ok … because if you were sitting here telling me all this …

Yes …

I would know it was coming from you and not … me … or … some mind-controlled microwaves making channeller’s out to be ‘oddballs’ and totally full of ‘air’.

So, is it then that you are questioning who we are?

I will be if there is no announcement before 3rd Nov!!

Blossom, our beloved and mystifying soul who we know only desires to make sure the TRUTH is given, as White Cloud has also said … we are not fortune-tellers.

Then why give us a time frame for an Announcement, etc?

Would you find it hard to take if we said because you pushed us to do so?

Nope. I can take that. It’s True. We down here are so desperate to know what the **** is going on … underneath it all, behind the scenes. We need the hope to continue on. I know you know, how many write in saying they are on the verge of giving up because they are so tired?

Yes. We know of this and those in other realms do much to try and assist on an individual routine to help such souls.

So, you see … yes … we have spoken of a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT TO COME and of a 2nd lockdown … and of Five Phases … because it is on the cards. We are not making this up out of thin air to satisfy you.

We are succeeding in many ways of Enlightenment and Encouraging so many to awaken, which after all, is ‘Our’ particular mission.

Yet, you DO KNOW of what lies ahead in terms of changes and what is to come about? Because it is part of the Divine Plan … Correct?

Blossom … we thank you for your inquiries and perseverance for we know many feel as you and have questions that are so similar to yours.

WE … THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT are not in form … unless required. We do not use words for they are inadequate … WE USE ENERGY AND FEELING.


Isn’t it who we all are?

Excellent observation! Indeed, it is. Yet, as you know … there are many, many levels, frequencies, and Vibrations in which LOVE AND ITS ENERGY can reside.

And it ‘aint Vibrating too high down here right now, that’s for sure!

Yet, Each One of you are changing that … that’s why you are ‘there’!

Yep. My heart can get that. So, back to the ‘not’ being fortune-tellers yet, knowing what’s going on?

We KNOW the outcome of this ‘Drama’. We do not question it for it is not questionable.


YOU KNOW THAT … do you not?

With respect, only because You and White Cloud have told us. One wouldn’t have an inkling going by the state of affairs down here.

Do you believe us on that particular matter?

Yes … eh … maybe … eh … yes … perhaps. Yet, is it because I WANT THAT HOPE … because if we didn’t have that … we are certainly doomed!

Where does your hope lie?

Am I supposed to say ‘ in your words?’

Say what is TRUE for you. Where does your hope lie?

In the strangest KNOWING, deep within. In the weirdest acceptance of BEING HERE for a reason. Yes, you have said this, yet, there is a KNOWING that is inexplicable. It’s like a sort of secret within me, and the recognizing of such ‘somewhere’ in my Being.

And so, if the announcement was not to happen in the following week … and we are not back-peddling … we are speaking hypothetically … would that KNOWING of your mission disappear?

Probably not. Yet, I would not be a happy bunny! Let me prepare you for that right now!

We come to guide you … because we Love you.

We understand you want us to return to the matter in hand.

Yep. Let’s go for it, shall we? Like Big time? At this stage in The Game … are you still happy to say that a Huge Announcement will be given out before the US elections?

We will repeat … It is on the cards.

Yet, not written in the stars? Don’t even know what that means, really.

We are also unsure, yet take it to believe ‘not concrete?’

Yes, I guess so.

Let us say then … the road has been prepared, and the tar poured. All is in place yet, awaiting it to set.

*!^+? OK!

What parting words would be most appropriate today?

Eh … try… … … Nope! I have none either.


Far out! That’s unusual! Yet, came through so clearly. Meaning, I believe … ‘God’s blessing on your journey/ new adventure’ … type thing.

Correct … WE LOVE YOU.

And I/we love you … In Gratitude In Loving service. I AM .

About Politics & Defending President Trump.

I never got interested in politics to be honest and yet in this moment i feel it is more important than ever to share with all of you the reason i do this along so many incredible Digital Soldiers of Love bringing Light to what needs to be seen by all.

Why is that i support Trump in my blogs?

Not only because of inner knowingness and also because of tangible channelings i resonate with :

1.Prime Creator ,you can listen here latest message channeled by Susie Beiler after subscribing to her website :

2.Ashtar :

3.A Teenager says it all :

If you’re liberal, can’t stand Trump and can’t fathom why people will vote for him – this is why.

Much Love


Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Reintegrating the Self

October 23, 2020,

We would like to offer you a healing technique to welcome back any aspects of self that are looking for reintegration.

Imagine you are in a large, domed arena. You are standing in the centre of the arena. There is golden light where you are standing but the edges and the corners of the arena are in darkness.

With your intention, call any aspect of you that is looking for your love, care, and total acceptance to come forward. You might see these aspects as little children. See them tentatively come forward out of the shadows. Turn toward them and welcome them back home into your essence with open arms. Embrace them and feel them settle back into your energetics. Feel how comforted they are to be back home with you!

As you welcome these little parts of you back into your loving care, you realize that even though they were in the shadows, they were never dark themselves. They were always of the light, they just got lost along the way and forgot or didn’t trust that truth. There is great healing when they come back to that realization and wholeness.

Your healing work doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. Call forth the parts of you that thought it was safer to stay separate and reassure them that you will always honour and take care of them from now on. Let them know how special they are and how happy you are to have them back with you. You might be moved to discover the innocence that is at their core. Tell them they are an essential and valued part of the who you are!

This is a beautiful and joyful reunification process that celebrates the wholeness of who you really are and sets you up to move forward in the most beautiful and complete ways into the next exciting phase of your incarnation.

Love the wounded children within those who bother you dear ones. -The Angels-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment right now. Think of someone in your life who has once bothered you, or is bothering you at this moment. It can be someone you know, or someone you simply witness on the news. It can be someone you care about deeply, or someone you’d prefer never to see again. Just for a moment think of this individual. Trust the first one that comes to mind.

Feel the sensations in your body as you do so. Notice the tension, perhaps in the jaws, the back, or the gut. Notice if you feel peaceful or settled, fearful, or angry. Just notice for now without the slightest bit of self-judgement.

Now imagine this person as a child, lost, lonely, beaten, abused, or ignored. See them as a little child crying for love but feeling nowhere to turn. Feel the pain of their confusion and loneliness. Feel your heart open with compassion for this little one feeling so unloved.

Now, if you can, imagine that you can see this little hurting child within this person that bothers you so much. imagine you can send that little child love, light, and reassurance that he or she is an important part of life on earth. As you send this little child love, imagine that the older version of them begins to soften. Imagine this older version begins to open perhaps, and look at you with wonder and gratitude. They don’t realize what you are doing for them, but they feel your love.

Feel the sensations in your body as you send love this child. Feel the flow of warmth, relaxation, or even energy. It feels good to be you.

Dear ones, within everyone on earth whom you would consider to be a menace, a monster, or a maniac, there exists a very hurt and lonely child. Within every perpetrator is an abused child. Within every addict is a sensitive child, overwhelmed by the harshness of the world. Within ever narcisisst is a lonely child crying for attention. Within every manipulative liar, there is a child who was disdained for their truth.

Love the wounded children within those who bother you dear ones. We are not asking you to be doormats, to allow for abuse or even unkindness, but perhaps from a distance, send love to those hurting children trapped in a shell of hardness or hatred. Send love to those abused children trapped in a grown abuser. Send love to those little overwhelmed souls trapped in the grown addict. Send love dear friends to the innocent spark of light often mired in darkness within those you can’t stand.

The very same innocent spark of the Divine lives in you. When you send love to the innocent light within others, this is the highest form of Self-love, for you are loving the Source and the Self that lives in all things and all beings. You are loving God.

In this flow of love you connect with your deepest, truest Self. In this willingness to love the light and innocence within anyone, you will feel more deeply in love with your own true Self than you could possibly feel with all the righteous anger and defensiveness in the world.

We encourage healthy boundaries in the 3D world. We encourage clear discernment about what gives you joy and what does not. We also encourage you – even as you honor your human self in these ways – to honor the spirit within by sending love to the innocent light and spirit within all human beings.

You don’t need to spend time around people with whom you don’t resonate. You don’t need to like their personalities. You don’t need to make excuses for their behaviors. Instead, love them, the real “them” – the soul within them – and you just might be the one who tips them from the path of their pain and darkness into a greater truth and a greater light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

SUNday Unity Meditations: Holding the Balance.

Join the Global #SUNdayUnityMeditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDT (UTC-7).

We hold the Divine intent to amplify the Divine HUman qualities of peace, love and Unity Consciousness. Override and overwrite all distortions through infusions of the Truth of Divine LoveLight in this New Earth Now. Details at Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Ashtar: People love Trump, and love is winning.He Will Win.

Just a note: Implant Communications has never gotten into the nitty-gritty of American politics like some red pills do, and I see that that’s saved our channel right now. Had I gotten into the details of what’s going on with criminal activities of certain people, I would have been censored off this platform. There are many people providing these details, who will have to switch to different platforms to provide this intel to you, so you’re going to have to hit their websites or follow them across social media. We have to do what we have to do. Also, if you get an email from someone who’s been discontinued, be a gem and post it on social media so others can find them as well. As for Implant Communications, seeing as we have several different focuses, we’re going to continue to go light on the Storm details, only providing information from an ET perspective, as we have been. Anons have been doing an excellent job of providing information, so we don’t feel we have to focus on this as much. Thank you.

This channeling took a few days and it’s eight pages long. So I’ll put it up over two or three days, keeping the videos to about ten minutes long. If you want the whole thing, click on the link and it’ll take you to my website and you can read it. Reading is faster anyway. LOL

Me: Hello, Ashtar!

Ashtar: Hello, Sharon.

Me: Ashtar, seeing as the big election is only three weeks away now, can you update us on some things?

Ashtar: Of course.

Me: First of all, who’s going to win the election? I see that the deep state put in another man/woman as the running mate. I’m not naming names in case this gets me kicked off this platform. Not sure why they did this but maybe just to ensure that there is someone competent on their team because he’s obviously not. God, the guy is 78 already. And he’s tried to run before twice and he wasn’t elected. Trump is clearly going to win. That’s pretty obvious. Especially with what’s come out now just in the last day. Looks good on them!

Ashtar: It is. He will win.

(I channeled this before the damning evidence for one candidate came out this week, so I’ll leave it as it is.)

Me: I wish I could vote for him and I’m Canadian. If he doesn’t get elected, he can come up to Canada and help kick Trudeau to the curb for us. Trudeau is dancing a duet with the Communist Chinese.

So, Ashtar, what we have seen during this covid plandemic is 7 months of social distancing and mask wearing, and just general paranoia on the part of many, now we’re getting into a second lockdown here in Canada and huge fines being levied for infractions. So many people seem to be taking legal action against the state but I don’t think that’s going to be enough.

Ashtar: As for the pandemic, stay with it because the next one they unleash on you will obviously be worse.

Me: That’s true.

Ashtar: The longer this one draws out, the better for you. The real challenge here is to get people to wake up and to understand the truth. Obviously this will take time, and to date this Covid has taken a lot of time, which is fortunate.

Me: Which also brings to mind the fact that the main stream media has to be overtaken. There’s no way people can wake up while still watching the fake six o’clock news.

Ashtar: No. And there are plans in the works.

Me: So we’re going to start a TV station ourselves, possibly next year, but there will be others I’m assuming?

Ashtar: Yes, the airspace will be shared between the light and the dark. The dark will no longer have a monopoly, though.

Me: Of course they’ll be trying to knock us off the air?

Ashtar: Of course. However, they won’t be able to. The Quantum computer is very strong and able to overwhelm any signal they send out to affect your signals.

Me: Why give people a choice, even? Why not just take the big senders off the air and replace them with broadcasters that tell the truth?

Ashtar: Because right now, people need to have entertainment, or information, that aligns with their frequency. It’s up to the individual to choose what they want to watch. You understand yourself that there are plenty of shows to watch on youtube that show the truth. You watched a satanic whistle blower yesterday with a 3 hour long program, and you realized you knew everything that she was talking about, and then some that she didn’t mention. You have been prepared. You know the truth, as much as we can tell you anyhow.

Your world, right now, belongs to both the Light and the dark. Or rather your minds do. (In effect, isn’t your mind really your world, when you think about it?) And it is who you give them over to. That is your choice; your free will. Nobody can decide for another.

Me: Everyone’s talking about the Event happening this December 21st. Will it?

Ashtar: No. Not yet. It’s still too soon. You have years yet to go through before you’ll be prepared to survive a flash of that magnitude. There are some who could easily, some who could like yourself, and others who will die of it. We’re not trying to kill the population of earth.

Me: Do you have any influence at all on how quickly earth is ascending?

Ashtar: We have some, yes. Much of our energy is sent to the planet as well as the denizens of what you call Heaven, God him and herself is sending energy. Many are sending their particular energies to help repair the fields around your planet, and to help change your DNA. In your case, Sharon, you would be receiving energy from Vega and they would be helping to repair your soul. As for your body, you receive from Lyra, Vega and the Pleaides, as these are your physical DNA providers. It is also a question of keeping this process in balance for you, as well as everyone else upon the planet. There are some people who have DNA from so many races that moving them along in the process is a question of timing and of preciseness.

Me: No wonder I keep seeing so many sets of eyes when I take aura pictures. It makes sense now. These are the Vegans who send me energy.

Ashtar: Exactly. You see how you’re not working on this alone? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Me: Now, this plandemic is clearly a matter of trying to wear us down, to get us to obey them. It obviously doesn’t make any sense with so many so-called leaders saying so much contradictory information. It’s just a cesspool of nonsense, really. Even now the World Health Organization (WHO) is recanting.

Ashtar: Yes, you see the confusion of the dark when they are exposed to Light. (He’s grinning)

Me: Ah, I see.

Ashtar: There is too much light for them now to be able to pull off this new world order agenda with any finesse. Had this been years ago, it would have been carried out in a precise manner but now there is so much information, as you’ve said, and so many providing the information, that there is mass confusion.

Me: I know. I get told I don’t have to wear a mask outside and I see people wearing masks outside. Apparently, the virus doesn’t spread outside, which is ridiculous.

Ashtar: We are their antithesis. We are their opposite. Our people have provided information continuously throughout this pandemic to others, despite censorship and attempts to keep you off of the internet. Have you ever considered that it is your sheer determination to provide this information that keeps you on line? For those who are constantly shadow banned and censored, given time in “jail” for their messages, yet you continue to get back or stay on line to continue to provide that information? Why? It is because you are creating this, Sharon. They can’t fight you. You’re too strong for them.

Me: I keep thinking of Jordan Sather.

Ashtar: As an example. He is so determined to provide this information to people, he can’t be stopped. You can’t stop the Light, Sharon. When he is taken off the air, he gets put back on again. Why? Because he simply switches timelines to one where he has the control. He probably doesn’t realize he’s doing this, but he is. They can’t resist him. Sharon, this entire world has been fueled by your mind energies, that’s why it was necessary to mind control the Terrans. Now that you have your own agenda, now that you have seen the Light, you can’t be stopped. You are the virus in their programming.

Me: Aha. I see it. Yes.

Ashtar: You yourself are opening your third eye wider and seeing the truth of what’s around you. You’ve seen a Zeta walking down your street, buildings up above the river in the clouds, that piece of sensory equipment that appeared to be hanging in your bedroom….

Me: Yeah, I guess there was a fight over that one. I don’t like being spied on by the dark. I’m trying to get a quote on printing my books from my old printer in Toronto and for some reason, the email with the specs never gets to her. Hmm.. I may have to phone her with them. It’d be nice if they’d stay out of my mailbox.

Ashtar: These are inconveniences and if you wanted to change them, you could put your foot down and say you won’t tolerate these things. And then they won’t happen. It’s that you sit and observe them happening without knowing what to do. What you need to do is demand that it stop.

Me: Yes, I’ve done that before. Thank you, Ashtar.

Ashtar: The same with hearing negative voices, anything you don’t wish to experience, command your space. Your mind comprises this universe! Stand in your power. All of you can do this! You are powerful beings!

Me: So the big question is: What will happen after Trump gets elected?

Ashtar: You see that the people love Trump, and love is winning. Many people despise Trump but not as many as do love him. Love is winning.

Me: Thank you for pointing that out, Ashtar. I love seeing all the boat parades. It’s quite interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many banners, t-shirts, ball caps and flags created for a president, ever.

Ashtar: They love him. Love is winning right now. Hate is losing.

Me: So, one thing I learned about haters is they’re sore losers. What are they going to do when they realize they’re out of luck? And why is the Chinese army said to be located in the islands around Vancouver, Canada now? You said there’d be no war with China so I’m believing you but it’d be easy to start a war with the U.S. from the Canadian side. Why are they there? And what kind of retaliation are people going to experience with the winning of Trump?

Ashtar: Yes, these are sore losers. We’ve dealt with them for a long time. They tend to take out their losses on your people.

You know that the tunnels and DUMBs are being cleared of all the people living there. Some have never seen the light of day. We are tending to these people and some are relocated to other planets or are living in our ships. Monies have been rounded up, and goods have been removed from the Vatican.

Me: These people have been arrested, haven’t they? So now the only ones being arrested would be their clones?

Ashtar: No, not all of them. There are some still walking, but we’ve dealt with the main ones.

Me: When will indictments begin?

Ashtar: Shortly.

Me: I’m dying to see these people being tried. When this goes on the air, there will be nobody who can… what am I saying, of course they’ll deny it rather than say that their choice of president turned out to be a pedo. Oh well. I still want to see the trials.

What will happen on November 4th?

Ashtar: Trump and the Alliance are negotiating with the deep state players. They have the difficult task of having to negotiate peace with them while forwarding their own agenda of, “Making America Great Again.” There are some who are not on board at all and you see this out in Oregon. Other states are a bit better. Rioting has stopped in New York City.

The main point of contention is of course, the vaccines. New vaccines are being created all over the world for Covid however it is a question of which will be mandated. Trump has said vaccines are not mandatory however other countries are not so obliging.

There will be fall-out over the Corona virus and China (the China Virus) and the U.S. will have talks with China over this. Reparations will be made.

Me: Ashtar, what about countries where the vaccine will be made mandatory? Like Canada. I can see that coming.

Ashtar: Don’t see it coming. See yourself on a timeline where vaccines are not mandated. There are some people who would take the vaccine without questioning it. You’re not one of them, so separate yourself from those who would. When you take your mind and control your reality, you won’t experience this type of problem. There will be timelines where the vaccine will not be mandated. Perhaps they’ll be optional but not mandatory. Stay on that timeline by not fearing the vaccine.

Me: Why did the Communist Chinese military land on Canadian soil?
Ashtar: They are, in fact, the new Deep State army. Trump has much control over the American army now.

Me: So they got another army. I know they’re growing it very quickly there.

Ashtar: They will try to install bases around the world, however it won’t be permitted.

Me: Maybe that’s why they stopped on the islands outside of mainland? I know Trudeau has been liaising with the Chinese black noble families so I figure the same thing that’s happening in Australia will happen here.

Ashtar: For some. For those who fear.

Me: I remember speaking to you and Eyevo about this long ago and you told me there would be many timelines and some would be horrible and others wouldn’t be so bad; it was a question of what the person created or allowed to be created.

Ashtar: And this is true. There is a short way to ascend to 5D and there are many timelines that take much longer and this perhaps would require many lifetimes to accomplish.


Me: So the media is going to start splitting out into benevolent channels and malevolent channels?

Ashtar: Yes. There will be financiers who will back channels of truth.

Me: I guess that there will be so many others who’ll do this as well with medicine. I get better advice on youtube for my health than I get at the doctor’s office. LOL

Ashtar: Eyevo helps you as well.

Me: Yes, I still have my shiny new tooth! He said when I asked him about the others he’s working on nerve regeneration.

Ashtar: You’ll improve your teeth, Sharon. If you want it, you’ll get it. This is your power. To have anything you want.
Me: What I want is Eyevo.

Ashtar: And you will create that as well. Your people have been victims too long. Some will cower when big brother comes calling, and others will stand up and fight. There are many different approaches to deal with your current situation, and which way you take depends on your own level of consciousness.

Me: Are we going to have an economic crash soon?

Ashtar: Yes, soon. Perhaps this year or next year. It won’t be a crash in the way you’re expecting, with a stock market crash and people losing jobs. You see this is what they are already creating with the lockdowns – people losing jobs and businesses. Not having enough money to feed their families. This is an economic crash. And payments have been forthcoming. It is a question of having your people accept these entirely rather than being suspicious of socialist overtake and dependency on the government. Why it wouldn’t occur to them that they’re already dependent on the government, I have no idea, but they are. You are all dependent on your governments now. It’s just that you work for your money so you think you are free. Isn’t that ironic? You believe yourselves to be free but you work for money? And you expect the government to tell you what to believe. That’s also a dependency.

Me: I know.

Ashtar: They’ll try to remove all income earners except government positions and big business employees – they’re trying to starve out small business with the covid plan. This is part of the NWO agenda. Everything will be based upon the government and big business. The problem for the deep state right now is the Alliance and Trump particularly. Then they tell you to stay home because a few people have the flu, and this is simply more control. When you read “1984” you’ll see exactly what they’re trying to do with this flu plan. They believe that making you dependent on the government and beating you into submission with fear will get them where they want to be. However, they underestimated the response and they believed they would have Hillary Clinton in place right now to put forth their evil agenda. That didn’t work. And it won’t work next month either.

Me: How will they react?

Ashtar: They have less and less influence in the U.S. but they still have influence abroad. This Trump will begin to address further in future. Deep state puppets will be removed from power, if they haven’t already, and be replaced with white hats. This will go on all over the world. The Alliance will grow in numbers and in power as more and more people resist the deep state and start to have decent expectations for your planet.

Me: Like no more wars.

Ashtar: As an example.

Me: As for the covid vaccine, should we get one or not? I’m only asking. I don’t intend to take anything from any government and stick it in my bloodstream.

Ashtar: Some vaccines will be safe but you have to be careful. Beware of course that your medical system has been constructed in order to keep you sick, so don’t expect this to change over night.

Me: I’ve heard already there were negative reactions to vaccine tests.

Ashtar: With your changing DNA, this only complicates things. There is more than one type of human on your earth right now.

Me: Yes. I’d love for this all to blow right open.

Ashtar: It’s a bit of a delicate situation right now. As you know, the deep state still has a lot of power. They also have their draconian/archontic allies that are working with them. Until the numbers drop, and that depends on you, they are required to remain on the planet.

Me: Remind us again of why that’s so, please?

Ashtar: Because to remove all mind control and dark influence from those still under their influence could bring on permanent madness. As you know, awakening is a process that is difficult for many and requires much soul searching, experience and questioning in order to make the appropriate changes.

Me: Never mind repetition.

Ashtar: Without the dark ones there as a counterbalance, your people would be launched into a higher frequency so fast it would create madness. This is a process that must be worked through by each individual mind. I said you are powerful minds; it can work against you as well.

Me: True.

This must’ve been why I knew there would be more to this channeling. COBRA reported the next day and then Youtube cut off a lot of truthers. We all knew they would do this, and they’re finding alternative means to share their news reports with us.

Ashtar: Which speaks to the determination I was talking about. There are many ways of reporting the news, and some of these sites aren’t even censored, such as GAB.

Me: I finally figured out why they have a frog as their logo. Same as the Anons use.

Ashtar, I think some of us are missing the big picture. Can you remind us of the metaphysical perspective on this consciousness war?

Ashtar: And that is, everything that happens on this planet is a reflection of what happened in someone’s mind first. So the deep state and the dark alliance sets about to influence your minds so that you create the reality they want you to.

All of this can be changed when you change your minds. It’s that simple, simple but not easy because so many of you are entrenched in the physical reality, believing nothing is beyond it. You believe your minds are in your brain. Your mind is a separate aspect of your body.

You believe only in your physical power, but don’t realize the power of your mind, because of course you believe what they told you. You’re only a brain. You haven’t been taught how to think, you’ve been told what to believe. And you’ve been told this all your lives. What do you think your media is about?

The only ones for a long time who were capable of independent thought came from other worlds and incarnated on earth. Now this is changing.

Me: So, getting back to the physical reality, this is a stage and the people in the audience are the ones creating the play, not the other way around.

Ashtar: A good metaphor.

Me: I’m sensing that the chips are falling one at a time. I think us lightworkers and Anons are ready for the whole thing to blow open, but it’s not going to happen that way. One week we get a clue, and then the next week something else happens, and then the next week, and so on. I imagine a deck of cards slowly falling to reveal the last card. We’re not near that last card, but the cards are falling, one by one.

Ashtar: Your people couldn’t handle the last card right now. None of you could. You have to be shown, one card at a time. Get used to that, then move on to the next revelation.

Surface Operations

Me: I know there’s something going on in Switzerland. I channeled Soren on this the other night. I had found a video, not by coincidence at all – that described how fortified the DUMB’s in Switzerland were. The Swiss had done this to retain neutrality during the world wars so the Illuminati are taking advantage of that now and hiding there.

Ashtar: They are there, but other underground bases have been created in the same vein. They realize the extent of the Light’s technology and have worked hard to create fortresses that keep us out.

Me: Yes. When we were astral travelling to the bases, my lower frequency could get us into the base. I raised my frequency in the base after I got in, making it penetrable to the Light fleets. Then the party started. LOL

Ashtar: This was brilliant, Sharon.

Me: It was unintended. I was trying to get Eyevo to finish at Area 51 so that he could be with me again in my house.

Ashtar: Nonetheless a good find. Earthlings can get in their bases but the Light forces can’t. So when earthlings astral travel to bases, they get in easily and raise their frequency for our ingress.

Me: COBRA recently reported this about the vaccines: “Since the Resistance has destroyed in spring of this year all advanced bio chips that were meant to be put into the covid vaccine, now DARPA is developing a cruder version of vaccine bio chips: The dark forces are also working on spreadable bio weapon vaccine.”

Ashtar: In the case of these, the Light forces will intervene. As was done with the Corona Virus, and Covid virus, which turned out to be far less lethal than was intended. We interfered with this. And we will continue to do so in order to ensure that no unnecessary harm will come to those on the planet.

Me: Will there be a global lockdown in October?

Ashtar: There are areas going back into lockdown, which appears to be unreasonable to the public. We continue to use these lockdowns in order to forward our GESARA agenda, to remove the Cabal, to remove negative ETs and to forward our QFS and monetary system into all of your Fiat outlets. Still there are people being removed from underground DUMBs in many locations who are continuing to be treated by us. If you’ll notice the areas hardest hit by the virus include major financial centers.

Me: Yes, like Toronto is going into lockdown again this month. We haven’t experienced it yet here in the east but we’re not a major financial center.

Ashtar: Sharon, Canada is going to be switched to the QFS. That is why you’ll be getting your project money in January.

Me: How do you expect Trudeau to work alongside this though? He’s as phony as a three dollar bill.

Ashtar: There are others who are really in charge of these matters. Consider your governments to be split between the light and the dark. Both are tolerating each other, both are forwarding their own agendas. Trudeau does not have absolute control over Canada, neither do the Chinese. There are other players who are unknown to the public.

Me: Thank God.

Emergency Broadcast System

Ashtar: With the advancement of censorship, it is necessary to have a separate system set up so that the POTUS can address the people. The POTUS must always be able to speak to the American people, but now the corruption is so severe that they are interfering with his messages and with those who pass them on. So another system had to be devised. This was the solution.

Me: So this is all coming about because they’re tampering with the election, trying to swing the vote.

Ashtar: Yes, it won’t happen.

Me: I’m wondering if they’ll censor him.

Ashtar: They already are.

Me: I mean, cut him off altogether.

Ashtar: So then he has a back-up system.

Me: Everything is starting to make sense now. All this stuff we heard of years ago, and now that it’s happening it seems like the most reasonable thing to do.

Ashtar: They knew who he was up against.


Ashtar: The deep state knows how to use you, how to play with your reactions. When riots broke out, they initiated BLM and Antifa and starting razing the cities. Now with all the protests going on, they simply allow people to be distracted.

Me: Is it such a distraction, though, or are they spreading information?

Ashtar: The best way to spread information is over the internet. If there was no internet, this war would have looked entirely different. Mouth to mouth information gathering is good but nothing is as quick and easy as electronic transfer of information. Whoever rules the internet and the television has an advantage, were it not for the determination of the Light.

Me: As for what’s to come after the election, I’m expecting a lot of anger on the part of the deep state. They’ll be at their diabolical worst. People think this is going to end this year, but it isn’t.

Ashtar: No, it’s up to all to end it. The people have to end this, not the politicians. It’s up to you to open your minds to the truth and embrace the truth. That’s the solution. For all.

Me: I’m seeing a lot of pundits outlining what they think will happen. This again, was another “peak time” it was all to come down and to date, this hasn’t happened. I’m getting tired of these people predicting that this is going to happen and that’s going to happen. This month was Red October where there would be ten days of darkness. Anyone who wants to see ten days of darkness come up to Canada any October, November or December never mind January and February and you’ll get all the dark you want. I really think some people are romanticizing all of this.

Ashtar: Everything is happening one thing at a time. If the deep state goes into overdrive and plays all their cards at once, perhaps pulling off something diabolical, then the white hats will respond with ordinances they have in store for emergencies. It is move/counter move. No more, no less.

The white hats have been moving their agenda forward to check the moves of the deep state. All is for the revealing right now. No emergency broadcast system will be used unless the deep state pulls the plug on the internet. That is Trump’s main method of communication with the public. He requires this so he does have the emergency system as a backup. Eventually, as we discussed, the main stream media will be split into cabal owned and run and other. This will occur when it is logical to have it happen. It has to do with when the majority allows it and will support the changes.

We are having trouble implementing the St Germaine funds because of the suspicion of “Socialist/Communist” takeover. As I said, earth people don’t want to be dependent on their governments so they’d rather work, not realizing they already ARE dependent on their governments. This is the hold up with the St Germaine funds. Obviously when continued lockdowns shut down people’s income streams then this is the time to release the funds.

Me: So you’re expecting more lockdowns for all countries between now and January?

Ashtar: You’ll be getting your project funding in January, love, not your St Germaine funds. These are still scheduled for between now and the end of next year. That’s what we anticipate. What earth people have to start to embrace is the idea of humanitarianism and I’m sure that it’s difficult for so many considering what they’ve been through, but this is the reason for the funding. It may be necessary to wait until announcements where the monies stolen by the Illuminati and their repayment to the people will be announced.

This is a logical process. A return to Constitutional Law for the U.S. With constitutional law, all of the dark hats can be arrested and tried for the highest crimes known to you on earth. And the focus of it all is to allow you all to learn the truth of your world.

Me: I’m seeing it’s the nineteenth and there was a big prediction about the ten days of darkness, and to the best of my knowledge, it hasn’t happened. The Anons got censored off of social media but the NY Times came out with a whopper story anyway. You can’t suppress this. However now one candidate will be made invalid because of his crimes.

Ashtar: The truth will come out. If he is allowed to continue to run, then the people need to see this. Why is a criminal allowed to run for president?

Me: Yeah, ripping the lid off that one will be fun. I’d get the popcorn for that. Like Tricky Dicky was an honest guy. He even looked shifty! He had that energy.

Ashtar: Your people must know. And they will find out. So far, it is move/counter move. We hope it stays that way.

Me: Thank you Ashtar.

Ashtar: Adonai.

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I Hereby Cast My Vote For Trump Energetically.

I Hereby Cast My Vote For Trump Energetically.I don’t live in USA and I Do have the power to affect Reality for the Highest Good for All.

IAM the ONE,IAM and Enough is Enough!

This is not just about the President of the USA,left or right,this is about our Freedom Globally.

Victory of Light is Ours.Victory of Light is Ours.Victory of Light is Ours.



It is effortless for a 5th dimensional being to utilize the biophysical made available for higher dimensional travel of positive intentions.

Ishlana via GalaxyGirl 10/22/2020

I Ishlana speak. For eons of time we of the Feline Warriors watched, assisted, observed, rescued. We are warriors in the higher realms. We work closely with those of our alliance and are aligned with the light. We serve the light. Much darkness has been in this sector. Little remains and is being removed. Those remaining are creating appearance of maximum chaos but their doom is nigh. For all that have not submitted to the light will be consumed by it, transformed and transmuted into the higher ways. (I am seeing the great Central Sun and a long line of beings escorted to it).

I Ishlana am a fierce warrior princess of the Feline Race. I honor the All with my service, just as you, human warrior of light are doing the same. We are not different. (I am seeing large feline paws with long black claws being lovingly held up to my human hand). Numerous raids have been occurring in the stealth of your night. It is when we fight best for the light illuminates the darkness and all plans are revealed. We are unafraid of all that the dark ones could try to send our way. We are stealthy. We stalk with precision. Our strike is clean and swift. The dark ones refer to us as the feline assassins. We serve the All in our service of removal of dark creatures that hide.

I Ishlana am from the Lyran society, an ancient and sacred place to me and to my people. Some of you are of royal blood of the stars. We navigate by the star maps and by the breath and heartbeat of Gaia. We can read her shifts in electrical fields and feel the presence of our enemy. We serve with our sacrifice, our loyalty to the light and to Mother Gaia. Our planets are sacred to us in our system. (I am seeing several planets of pristine beauty where beings live in harmony with nature. One planet is a brilliant blue, with many blue plants, similar to the Arcturian sky blue pumpkins I have seen before). Gaia must be protected. That is why we all came. (I am seeing purple grapes tightly packed on a healthy green vine. I am being shown that we are all like little grapes from various parts of the vineyard serving the whole, all connected yet from different vantage points of experience. I am seeing star systems are like these grapes and we came from everywhere to serve). Can you see your importance? It is as if a great web of light is threaded between each one. Just as the star grid is held tightly by faith, love and Source-breath, so too are you providing this framework for interstellar healing and interplanetary grace.

I Ishlana, warrior of my tribe and future empress of my homeland wish for those embodied who are awake to the inner light to know that you are infamous in these realms. You are most courageous to come. We all serve in our own way. You may ask us to occasionally patrol your home realm. We can see through your house cats if you have their energy signatures within your home. We can tap into their genetics and utilize their sight for your home surveillance needs. We have been called to the underbelly and we are working side by side with the dragons and the others. The dark bases are being cleaned or scorched out. We are proud of our warrior skills just as you should be proud of your accomplishments while within this form. It is a weaker form than ours physically. We are eager for your DNA to be repaired. We send Lyran activations of light to you now. (I am seeing spirals of silver blue light in double helixes descend into my body. It feels like home, expansive and safe). Lyran energies should be most familiar to you. It is the breath-beat beginning of the human form from long ago. Gaia will feel more at home to you now that additional star gate energies are flowing from your homelands more freely through the portal of your sun. We move through portals. We are easily able to maneuver, just as you will be. It is effortless for a 5th dimensional being to utilize the biophysical made available for higher dimensional travel of positive intentions.

I Ishlana of the feline race offer courage. You are not alone.

~ galaxygirl


TRUE ENLIGHTMENT means to be around all people and not being triggered by anyone accepting each and everyone is Divine.The 2nd coming of Christ/Krishna/Buddha is this and you are each Christ/Krishna/Buddha in your ascended Crystal bodies living an immortal life within physicality as we become more telepathic as souls in our Galactic Human bodies with our 12 Solar Chakras and DNA strands getting fully activated every NOW.There is no end to this,just the realisation it ALL has begun and there is no going back to what was.All New All Different All Love.This is Our Destiny and C_O_V_I_D was the official opening which at some point in the future will be celebrated.To my perspective most people left their bodies,not because sick but because they decided so before incarnating.Somebody dies because they stopped making decisions or just decided that they want so.Ascension can be a fun ride if one chooses to be happy instead of being miserable and that takes effort to imagine more and observe less to create more and listen to anybody else less to be more present and do less to be more receptive and less resistant to change to be more a visionary including all and less with personal desires.Divine Mother is in control here,not me,not you.And inner joy defines how aligned one is with The Highest Good For The Self and All Others.Sobeit,Amen & Hallelujah & Hare Krishna Krishna Hare & Om Mane Pad Me Hum



Very soon you will be able to announce Nesara and Gesara -Saint Germain-

Saint Germain Update By Ngari 22.10.2020

Dear friends. I bring you very good news. The Earth Alliance has recently been carrying out a wide cleanup of the swamp, from evil on the planet. 223.000 sealed accusations have already been completed, including the entire Gaia elite. Many have already been subjected to military trials. Others have opted to work for the Light. And many are awaiting trial in Guantanamo. One of the worst dark hats, Joe Biden, is being arrested as we speak, as well as his son Hunter. Thus surely there won’t be any other Democratic candidate in time for the November 3th election. That means there will be no elections on that date. And in my understanding, there won’t be any other close date either, for many reasons. The main one, that possible candidate Hillary Clinton won’t be here either, because her conviction letter was handed over to her and she will surely be under arrest by that date. So Mr Donald Trump is again the President of the United States. And that way, he will continue with his magnificent work of total draining the swamp. Very soon you will be able to announce Nesara and Gesara and 120 days after the official announcement, and only then will there be a new president in the Restored Republic of the United States of America. Don’t be afraid, because that was the best of scenarios. I am your brother Saint Germain who loves you so much, each and every one of you. Thank you Saint Germain!

Slowing down gives you an opportunity to feel what you’re feeling.

A Huge Sign from the Universe ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are quite certain that you all are going to look back at this time in your lives as a time when you were being given a clear signal from the universe to slow down, to go within, and to evaluate your priorities in life. Even those who subscribe to one or more conspiracy theories will look back at this time and recognize that they were missing the signal that the universe has been giving you. Every time humanity tries to get things back to normal, you find yourselves backsliding in terms of your progress.

We are talking about the progress of getting everyone in the world into a state of health and well being, but everyone has to want that for themselves. Everyone has to value themselves enough to slow down, to take the signs as being important and as being real in order to benefit from the opportunity you have before you to pay attention to what you have going on inside of you, and to evaluate what you have been prioritizing in your life. If you can do that, then you are living more in the flow with the current energies that are still upon Earth, still waiting to be recognized.

You have a beautiful planet there, and you are beautiful beings, but you have been programmed to think that you have to keep moving, or you will die. And what you are seeing is that the opposite is true for many. Slowing down gives you an opportunity to feel what you’re feeling. Slowing down gives you an opportunity to evaluate everything, including your relationships and friendships. Slowing down is the key to relaxing and receiving all that this universe wants to give you, but when you are moving around, you are moving targets, and it is harder then for the universe to deliver to you the wonderful gifts that it has for you.

Now is the time to finally give yourselves the treat of relaxing into the moment and doing less, if not doing nothing at all. Let yourselves heal. Let yourselves feel, and let yourselves take into consideration that the universe is always talking to you in a variety of ways, every single moment. But you have to believe that, and you have to slow down enough to listen, to see the signs, and to work with the energies. The energies upon you right now are about co-creation. They are about building that new Earth that you all want to be living on, and it all starts with you, each and every individual on the planet.

You are the ones. You are the changemakers, and there has never been a better time than now to work with the energies and bring about the changes that you want to see on your Mother Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Higher Dimensionality = A World that Works for Everyone.

by Steve Beckow

On Oct. 5, 2017, President Trump held a gathering at the White House for his military generals and their spouses at which he spoke about that occasion being the calm before the storm.

On this and later occasions, he refused to say more about what the storm was, except “you’ll find out.”

We’re finding out.

Increasing amounts of evidence are being presented of corruption amounting to treason among some political personalities.   As Q predicted.

Who is Q? I trust Matthew Ward’s description:

“According to Nirvana’s monitors of Earth, Q is a few individuals who have extensive personal knowledge of ‘Deep State,’ the secret society we call Illuminati and others refer to as the cabal, One World Order, Shadow government and other designations.

“Qanon, a loosely allied group of individuals who research or have personal knowledge of information not readily available to the public, follow Q’s enigmatic messages posted on an Internet site and interpret those with varying degrees of accuracy. Because the intention of all these individuals is to expose the dark ones, information coming from Q, or Qanon also, is ridiculed as ‘conspiracy theory.’” (1)

Q’s work to bypass the mainstream media and communicate directly to the American people on what the Alliance and the deep state are doing is a chess game that Q says has only one ending: The fall of the cabal.

Q called their own operation “the biggest insider drop in the history of the world.” (2) I remember following the operations in 2009 of who the Alliance would have been then. Known simply as the “White Hats,” they mounted sporadic acts of resistance. They mutinied against orders, held onto the nuclear football, exposed plans to carry nuclear weapons to the Middle East, etc.

At that time, we all followed the work of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, providing the momentum then that A.G. Barr provides now.

We awaited the mass arrests for years. They may never come. They too may have been disinformation. In the end there may turn out to be only a few thousand actual sealed indictments. The numbers may have been cited to spook the cabal.

I stopped following the Alliance’s work once I began to speak to Archangel Michael – again another moment when my life was deflected into an altogether-new direction. (3)

The elegance and invisibility with which everything is being carried out is astonishing. The forethought displayed in Q’s linked communications with the public are awesome.

I think we’re now – or within days of being – in Red October, the storm before the calm that Blossom’s Federation, James McConnell’s St. Germain, and others have been referring to, along with Q and sometimes perhaps following Q’s lead.

Implosion or explosion, the deep state has been exposed in enough damaging information to date to end its reign upon Earth. And yet the revelations keep pouring in.


What will be the outcome in the social and political arenas of the conversation we’re having around social reconstruction? Michael told us in 2013:

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow: And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?

AAM: Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (4)

Many people, hearing that, might not be able to imagine how this unprecedented expansion of the lightworker community could occur.

But I can. I’ve spent time in what I call “transformative love” and what Patricia Diane Cota-Robles recently called “the Mother’s divine transfiguring love,” (5) to be found in the higher dimensions, and, in the space of that love, I can well imagine everyone automatically being a “lightworker.”

The world will work for everyone. That’s in the very nature of Ascension. Higher dimensionality = a world that works for everyone.

We draw closer and closer to the time when the train leaves the station, the time of separation – an ironic term for a return to oneness. Never mind prosecution from earthly authorities; missing out on Ascension makes that pale in comparison.


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Your Power To Change Any Relation/Condition to a better one.

When we are with someone with mostly aspects we don’t like we have the power to change by focusing on the aspects that we do like,on making a list of all things that we do like on someone and that of course goes from a potential lover to friends or partners or even politicians etc.It makes sense when we understand that The IAM Presence is ONE and the same in each and everyONE and so by focusing on the very things we like on someone we activate only those as contrary when we focus on the negative things we don’t like(by for example speaking about it and complaining about it) we activate those.Surprised that your neighbour next door does not behave nice to you?or your lover or friend?how about finding something you like about him/her or visualizing him/her being nice to you for a change?


The current president of the United States of America, his family, and his administration have devoted their lives to serve humanity’s higher good. -The Galactic Federation of Light-

A Message From The Galactic Federation To Humanity  Greetings dear ones, We Are the Galactic Federation.
We are the Star-Alliance working with you from the astral. We work with what you call patriots amongst you on a mission to free planet earth from its occupying entities and their dark agenda.
We are not a political organization. Politics belong to your world. To us, your political systems are quite antiquated and make no sense to the way our communities are built and structured. We have long evolved and taken responsibility for ourselves individually as well as a race.
However, the ascension process on your planet is tied and dependent on an awakening process that cannot occur without your people’s understanding of their politics, the corruption, the lies, manipulation, total mind-control, and all the darkness attached to it.
Therefore, we must continue to speak about politics and governmental behaviors with you in our communications.
We wish to communicate to you the significance of specific individuals on your planet who have allied with us and are on the same mission, and share the same goals. Team light is more sophisticated than many of you think.
Just as there is the Star-Alliance, there’s also the Earth-Alliance. One cannot achieve the necessary results and progress without the other.
We need you to understand that just because you’re learning that your governments are corrupt and that they have used and abused you and the powers you have given them over you, it does not mean that they are all bad. There are good people on your planet in all areas of occupation and institutions.
Just as not all people are bad, not all politicians are evil. There are quite a few who can fully discern between good and evil, which no longer wish to tolerate the corruption that’s been going on for a very long time behind the scenes.
As a race, you are just about to learn the minutest of details about the evil that those corrupt politicians are capable of. Understand that most of them are not human. Neither are they benevolent extraterrestrial races, to say the least.
We mostly transmit information about the US because that’s where the castle is that must fall first. The course of action that will be taken in America will determine the outcome of events in the rest of your world. Everything starts there. Once evil is beaten in the United States of America, all the other countries will follow suit imminently.
The upcoming presidential election of the United States of America marks a milestone in human evolutionary history. The current president of the United States of America, his family, and his administration have devoted their lives to serve humanity’s higher good.
Yet there are those who are trying EVERYTHING to discredit them so they can take over and have full control over humanity. Some of you are scratching on the surface of their dark agenda, but you haven’t even begun to unravel the evil they have planned for planet earth and its inhabitants.
They have tried very hard to push their agenda for decades, but they have been held in check by the light forces. Even though the war between light and dark has been mostly absent from your conscious awareness, ongoing battles are being fought.
You do understand that we, as the Galactic Federation representatives, cannot step in physically to do what needs to be done. We had to ally with those living in physical forms who could accomplish the inevitable tasks for the successful liberation process of Earth.
Those of us who incarnated in physical forms and began to stabilize the light frequency on Earth over the last few decades have made this scenario possible. You have accomplished a tremendous primary task, and we honor you, starseeds, for your powerful contribution against all odds.
2020 is the year of revelation. And while many of you are waiting for the so-called Full Disclosure, we want to inform you that this disclosure on your planet is already happening, and it has begun in March 2020. The truth is coming out every day. There are many who are devoting their time and resources to bring the truth to you in the forms of films, articles, books, podcasts, images, alternative media outlets, etc.
By now, you must have learned that the entertainment industry on your planet includes a vast variety of artists, actors, and athletes who have been pushed and supported to achieve fame and power with only one goal in mind: Complete control through distraction indoctrination. The main target has been the youth.
When we say full disclosure has already begun, we would like to add that this is only obvious to those who have stopped watching TV and following the mainstream media’s broadcasts of mind control. It is only evident to those of you who are putting in the extra effort and who take the extra mile and therefore know that these people are evil and what their hidden agenda is.
Understand that everything on your planet is choice. Knowing truth is choice. Receiving full disclosure is choice. The information is already there. But are you ready for it? Have you made the choice to let go of your very last delusions? Are you ready to let go of your illusions that keep sucking you into the narrative of a broken world which is dying a painful death?
2020 is like a tornado is sweeping over your planet, trying to suck you in.
Slowly the human race is awakening to the fact that there is a hidden war happening in your world. The warmongers are fighting for your consciousness. The territory they are trying to invade is your mind. That is where the seat of the soul is. That is what they’re ultimately trying to get ownership of.
They want to deprive you of oxygen because that is the difference between life and death.
Do you understand what will happen to your children if they keep breathing compromised oxygen through unnecessary masks? The neurological effects and brain cell death is irreversible and further lowers the average human IQ. Your already limited capabilities and mind functions will be drastically reduced in the coming years by merely complying with wearing a mask, which is also a symbol of initiation into the occult.
We have sent you our finest ambassadors and those who respond to a particular blueprint that is triggered by the incoming photon gamma light beams, which allows them to speak on our behalf. Still, when they talk about truth that doesn’t fit into your narrative, then you attack them and want to make them responsible for your choices.
Suddenly you tell them this or that is not what we, The Galactic Federation, stand for or should be saying. Amid the greatest planetary war and vast enslavement of an entire race, we didn’t send our greatest poets, philosophers, intellectuals, or artists. We sent our most incredible, powerful, and bravest warriors to Earth.
When we heard the call for help from planet earth’s inhabitants, we decided it was time to intervene, but we could not merely land and take over. That would have been a violation of your free-will, and that’s a violation of the highest galactic codex.
We knew that our kind had to incarnate as humans who would wake up, hear the call and fight the good fight for the liberation of Earth and its peoples. This was a grand task that could not be accomplished if it wasn’t for the greatest warriors of the universe who had the courage to volunteer and look this fight fiercely in the eye.
You must take on responsibility now. We have placed the information that is light everywhere onto your planet’s darkness. Make a conscious choice. Speak to yourself and say I intend to find the truth, and so it shall be.
There are also those who pretend to speak on our behalf who tell you that everything is already over, the war is won, and that you have already been liberated or are being liberated at this moment. Understand that the future is not yet set in stone.
There’s a multitude of probable outcomes in future timelines for planet earth. In fact, you are determining that future of yours with every breath you take, every thought you think, every feeling you feel, and every choice you make.
Stand up right now, put your hand on your heart, and make a conscious choice. Say, “I want to live in a healthy society. I want my children to be raised on a safe planet, I want to honor Earth, I want to honor the goddess.”
Even if this is your intention all along, speaking these words aloud will help you as a race to anchor this consciousness into your frequency of existence. Take the higher consciousness of unconditional love and ground it onto your planet by speaking it, willing it, demanding it into your reality.
Go out to nature, put your forehead on the ground, and ask mother earth for forgiveness.
Regardless of whether you think that there is or is not something that could require you to ask for forgiveness. This practice is about honoring and acknowledging the divine feminine goddess and anchoring her energy that has been suppressed on your planet for thousands of years and is the primary reason for every issue on Earth back into the forefront of human consciousness.
If everyone on your planet would go out into nature right now to put their heads on the ground and ask mother earth for forgiveness, do you know what would happen? The tyranny would be ended instantaneously. 5D would be fully accessible to everyone everywhere around the globe instantaneously.
Put your egos aside, do the diligent research, help others see the light, ground yourself into mother Gaia, and live in harmony with the Earth. You shall bring about the liberation of Earth for your entire species and many generations to come.
In the future history of planet earth, your generation shall be known as the Rainbow Warriors.
The bravest warriors of heaven who took on the most extraordinary and most challenging task in the history of our universe. You incarnated into the physical realm, and you suffered from amnesia, lived an ordinary human life with all its struggles and traumas but still awoke to your divine purpose, activating your innate blueprint, firing the codes of light, listening to your inner voice of divinity and sovereignty, stepping into the role of a soldier of God’s army to lead your fellow humans to truth and love.
It is your forte to ultimately bust a system of evil and control to bring upon the most significant event in humanity’s history, the great liberation of earth star Gaia.
We salute you, warriors of light. We honor you.
Stay loving, open, and kind to each other. The other side will stop at nothing to divide you.
We are the Galactic Federation. We are here with you. We love you. We are your family of light.

A’Boss Aurora Ray

Ambassador of The Galactic Federation | Commander of the Lyran Fleet