TRUE ENLIGHTMENT means to be around all people and not being triggered by anyone accepting each and everyone is Divine.The 2nd coming of Christ/Krishna/Buddha is this and you are each Christ/Krishna/Buddha in your ascended Crystal bodies living an immortal life within physicality as we become more telepathic as souls in our Galactic Human bodies with our 12 Solar Chakras and DNA strands getting fully activated every NOW.There is no end to this,just the realisation it ALL has begun and there is no going back to what was.All New All Different All Love.This is Our Destiny and C_O_V_I_D was the official opening which at some point in the future will be celebrated.To my perspective most people left their bodies,not because sick but because they decided so before incarnating.Somebody dies because they stopped making decisions or just decided that they want so.Ascension can be a fun ride if one chooses to be happy instead of being miserable and that takes effort to imagine more and observe less to create more and listen to anybody else less to be more present and do less to be more receptive and less resistant to change to be more a visionary including all and less with personal desires.Divine Mother is in control here,not me,not you.And inner joy defines how aligned one is with The Highest Good For The Self and All Others.Sobeit,Amen & Hallelujah & Hare Krishna Krishna Hare & Om Mane Pad Me Hum



Very soon you will be able to announce Nesara and Gesara -Saint Germain-

Saint Germain Update By Ngari 22.10.2020

Dear friends. I bring you very good news. The Earth Alliance has recently been carrying out a wide cleanup of the swamp, from evil on the planet. 223.000 sealed accusations have already been completed, including the entire Gaia elite. Many have already been subjected to military trials. Others have opted to work for the Light. And many are awaiting trial in Guantanamo. One of the worst dark hats, Joe Biden, is being arrested as we speak, as well as his son Hunter. Thus surely there won’t be any other Democratic candidate in time for the November 3th election. That means there will be no elections on that date. And in my understanding, there won’t be any other close date either, for many reasons. The main one, that possible candidate Hillary Clinton won’t be here either, because her conviction letter was handed over to her and she will surely be under arrest by that date. So Mr Donald Trump is again the President of the United States. And that way, he will continue with his magnificent work of total draining the swamp. Very soon you will be able to announce Nesara and Gesara and 120 days after the official announcement, and only then will there be a new president in the Restored Republic of the United States of America. Don’t be afraid, because that was the best of scenarios. I am your brother Saint Germain who loves you so much, each and every one of you. Thank you Saint Germain!