Forecast from Our Sources

October 11, 2020 by Steve Beckow

The storm rages outside.  What’s the 20/20 forecast from our sources?

Adamu pointed to the rude shock coming to those who see others as responsible for their ills.

“Those of you who have been watching carefully, those of you who have been using alternative media sources, will know that the last four years of the present Presidency have really been about putting everything in place, preparation for a seismic shift in the political landscape, in what has been happening in American politics, because there has been so much dirty business and all of this is going to be brought to the surface.

“It’s going to be quite a shock for many, for those who have been attached to their other-responsible position. We see what is coming is that, if you [i.e., society at large] stay in the self-responsible timeline, [there will be] a big shock for the other-responsibles, an opportunity for grand awakening and they may take it or they may not.

“It will be interesting.” (1)

When Mike was channeling SaLuSa, he predicted a time of separation many times.  (2) This may be that time.

The Federation of Light also talks about the same “seismic shift.”

Federation of Light: an Announcement is to come soon that is to shock.

Blossom: Ok … deep breath … be bold Blossom … Is this to come BEFORE the elections?

FoL: Indeed, it is. …


B: So is the announcement or the lockdown the start of Phase Two?

FoL: The lockdown. …

We did not say that each Phase would be worse.

B: Well, you said things are to get a lot more Topsy Turvy.

FoL: And they are … yet, perhaps that is just for Phases two and three. (3)

So Phase Four brings a return to calm? And the beginning of the unfoldment of an era of peace and love?  Mike Quinsey thinks it does:

“The future is not yours to see at present but as unlikely it seems you have a glorious future ahead of you. In a manner of speaking you are setting the seeds for it as you go along even if it is not apparent to you. So try to look ahead with the expectation of some very acceptable changes, as slowly but surely the ‘rubbish’ will be swept away and the many positive changes that await you will come into being.” (4)

There you have it in capsule. Rough and stormy seas ahead followed by increasing calm and, gradually, gradually our destination hoves into view. Not our final destination perhaps but the beginning of the more pleasurable side of our Ascension.


(1) “Adamu Speaks: Coronavirus (Part 4) – a Time of Choosing…,” October 9, 2020, at

(2) “The battle on Earth would seem far from over, but in reality the Light has established itself sufficiently to create its own path to Ascension. The dark are losing their ability to prevent you from discovering your true Self, and instead of separating you from your Light, will find that it is you who separate from them.” (SaLuSa, April 13, 2009.)

“Keep your sights ever on your upliftment, and know that what is around you will have little effect unless you allow it to be so. The world is slipping into two realities, and the division will take place in accordance with the Law of Attraction.” (SaLuSa, Sept. 7, 2009.)

“As you have been informed a number of times when the vibrations have reached a certain high point, those souls who have been unable to reach the same level will of necessity move to a different path to continue their evolution and those who can continue lifting up, will then go all of the way to Ascension. It is a natural progression that enables you to enjoy complete freedom in a vibration that is so pure that only the truth can exist. Meantime you will gradually change at each stage of upliftment, and progress will be unhindered as previously when you had to experience the presence of those of lower vibrations.” (Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self, May 25, 2018.)

(3) The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, Oct. 11, 2020, October 11, 2020, at

(4) “Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, October 09, 2020,” October 11, 2020, at

The Alliance’s October Global Lockdown .

The Alliance was composed of President Trump, Q (JF Kennedy Jr?), Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pentagon Generals, the National Security Agency, Military leaders across the globe including Interpol, plus around 100 other influential global figures.
During October 2020 various countries were expected to declare public lockdowns while the Alliance finished cleaning up the Cabal Swamp, according to Charlie Ward, Ph.d.
For the last couple of months they have been testing the Emergency Broadcast System so that President Trump could make announcements. The Mass Media was so corrupt that they wouldn’t allow the news to come out. In preparation for a lockdown you were advised to have at least a two week (preferably a month’s) supply of food and essentials on hand for your family and others who may need your help.
With implementation of the Global Financial Quantum Computer, Cabal Central banks around the world got caught stealing from the kitty. A recent bank sting caused stock markets to crash, gold/silver prices to dip and 100 Deutsche Banks to close.
On Fri. 18 Sept. countries throughout Europe went into lockdown, closing their Central Banks and the non-retail side of major banks. The Central Banks of England, Spain, Holland and Germany would remain closed for two weeks. It was felt that this was due to the transition of the Cabal’s old SWIFT system to the new Quantum Financial System (QFS).
Lockdowns were still needed to cover up the rescue of children from underground tunnels across the globe. Alliance Missions in Australia and Israel (which started Sept. 6) that rescued over a million children in Australia alone, have been completed.
According to Ward, “Melbourne is currently under lockdown for purposes which have nothing to do with saving children. The mission in Israel was about getting rid of the Mossad Deep State that has been running Israel on the agenda of perpetual war. The operation should come to an end sometime around 1 Oct. However, there was a possibility that the curfews would remain.”
There were upcoming missions in Portugal and Switzerland. “I don’t know if there will be anything happening above ground like lockdowns and curfews in Portugal, but there will definitely be operations happening in the tunnels. As far as I know there has already been some preliminary work to prepare the groundwork for missions that are going on. There was going to be action in the underground tunnels in Switzerland as well. However, I’m not able to speak about it in too much depth.”
A HUGE FIRE IN OCTOBER “17 Global Changing Events Coming in October” by Light Bringer – 9.20.20 Entry Submitted by Light Bringer at 1:15 AM EDT on September 20, 2020
Dear IDC Readers,
This thread caught my attention and had to share.
Let’s hope this October Surprise preview is right on the money!
Blessings, Light Bringer
17 Global Changing Events Coming in October… Y the Wait?
1) Global Currency RESET switching from a Central Banking petro-dollars to a gold backed paper/digital currency
This will destroy massive global corruption.
2) MASS ARRESTS of BLM/Antifa + Financial Supporters….
3) This will be possible only one way: The Insurrection Act will be invoked By President Trump with Devastating Evidence and all hostile entities will be indicted.
New Temp. Emergency Laws shall be enforced by military personnel deployed quickly throughout the country…15 min
Trump’s last quote was ‘Our Boys could take care of this in 15 minutes. TVS will go black, Internet will go down, and an emergency notification will be on all devices…
4) SIMULTANEOUSLY Military takeover of all MSM outlets, Twitter, Google etc. for election..
ALL TOP SWAMP CREATURES will be SIMULTANEOUSLY Arrested including Hillary, Soros, Generals, CEOs, Pelosi etc.
5) A broadcast will begin, the likes of which we have never seen before
Arrests, exposure MANY Famous people already agreed to do LIVE CONFESSIONS and live arrests?
6) + Internet Blackout for 15 minutes while we take repossession of ICANN, the internet addressing system. They will do an internet reset and restart with a new global internet security repair, eliminating all hostile artificial intelligence & their attack bots. Necessary for QFS
7) Suspension of Congress will occur and cleaned out Mainstream Media will begin the broadcast of massive Military Tribunals
Announcements of recovered stolen assets and the beginning of giving money back to people… and I have heard that its’ a lot of money we are owed
9) Many Beautiful Laws are already prepared for this time.
10) Suspension of all income Taxes, Rules will be applied via emergency laws that are already written and ready to be make law during this time of Martial Law For which feel like a blessing from God
11) Free Health Care
12) MASS ARRESTS OF SEX TRAFFICKERS AND FREEING OF LOST CHILDREN! This will also be broadcast and send a huge message world wide, It will be a show that nobody forgets and won’t cry tears of joyous celebrations while softening sorrow. Suspension of CPS, Planned Parenthood etc.
13) Suspension of All Student Loans and financial defunding of hostile education NGOs and Unions, and arrests. New education laws (all of these temp. laws will be incentive to vote Republican so they can become permanent)
14) Suspension of all COVID Regulations
15) Trump reveals his relationship to Q
16) Trump begins releasing repossessed patents for amazing technologies and makes programs for great new business & employment opportunities
17) Martial Law will continue through the elections in order to secure election integrity & safety. Then We Vote.
And did I mention that similar things will occur globally, That’s why Trump has been so busy cutting contracts with all these countries

Sean Christopher

My Alchemical Chamber

Note :Do You know why my sunglasses are of violet color? because it reminds me to blaze the Violet Fire wherever i go:Transmute Transmute by the Violet Fire,all causes and cores not of God’s desire!IAM a Being of Violet Fire,IAM the Purity of God’s Desire.IAM a Being of Violet Fire,IAM the Fulfillemt of Mother’s Desire.I repeat and repeat these words in my mind all day long.The Violet Fire assists me in creating my Alchemical Chamber anywhere,whatever i do and with whoever i do it.The Violet fire is my direct connection 1:1 with Saint Germain,with the Angels of Violet Fire ,with the Golden Eyed Dragons of the Violet Fire(only those are of the Unlimited Unconditional Light and Love),with the Amethyst Crystals and AA Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst:these are the Light beings that assist me in relation to the use of this powerful tool i have in my armour, among many others.

And so I go often into my Alchemical Chamber.It is within this space that i create my reality.It is within this space that messages are coming to me guiding me to what feels more joyful.Many years ago,i asked the Divine to show me how to best navigate through the upcoming years and i have created a vision board that was in relation with the way i for-saw my and the collective’s Ascension process.Of course in my visions there were only roses and smiling children and animals and beautiful gardens and nice people celebrating and abundance and prosperity of all good things in life including all material things with excellent well being being the most important of all along Free Energy and Eco-Sustainable Community(-ies).Of course little did i know back then that today i will be talking about living in this body for 1000 years or speaking about the shift of financial systems or even a ‘plandemic’ or even being in someway interested in watching what is happening with politics worldwide.Even as i know now,politics do not have any impact in my life,i feel happy in sharing messages that show that even in these ones,changes are taking place that lead to the highest good for all.As governments of the world are collaborating directly with the Light Beings in bringing about changes that will assist each and everyONE in their Ascension journey with ease,grace and flow.Of course the way we choose to perceive the ride to go there is a personal choice.And since i only saw in my visions,pure joy,this is what i feel and experience in this now,even with all the so called ‘chaos’ happening all around me/us.To me this is even a great cause of celebration and i know before hand that in 100 years from Now as shared by Kryon,this period we are going through will me remembered as a very positive one where all the shifts took place and so many more became awakened!

There is a way to remain in joy 24/7 and the way to do it is by always choosing what feels joyful every now.To participate in global meditations is super powerful way to do this.Not only we are helping the collective and being of service from the comfort of wherever we find ourselves to be AND also absorbing more Light which in turn assists the body receiving and perceiving smoothly all that is happening withIN creating more compassion and Trust and a feeling of Safety/Security/Balance/Harmony/Peace all day long.

Among those global meditations the ones we do on SUNdays are very powerful indeed.I have been doing them since 4 years now and they take place every SUNday at 14h11/17h11 and 20h11 Central European Time.

I vividely invite you to join us and sit with us for 33 minutes for every session and feel what is taking place within you.I vividely invite you to to do this one on a daily basis even for 15′ ,i promise you will feel the well being and clarity filling your being.


Just going into your ‘alchemical chamber’,do the good work and imagines what is that you want and feel into it and the more you feel it,the more your life is/will be so.So simple indeed.

Much Love



Powerful Shift week & Level Up begins Saturday 10-10

Blessings Beloveds ~
We are still feeling the effects of multiple-day geomagnetic storms. This positive veil-lifting, revelatory shift passage affects collective trajectories – for the better. In our personal lives, magnetic fluctuations can cause fatigue, brain fog and deep heart openings to the inevitable Ascension experiences.

Sleep patterns are interrupted since SO much is occurring behind the scenes – this may continue for another week as we are called to be present with Gaia and the Higher Realms upleveling the collective, grids and gateways while the collective is in dreamstate.

You can feel the undercurrent – the New Light – pulsating and flowing through these realms. Many of us are holding tremendous space for the next few months, right through the dramatic waves of the December-January Gateway. I weep with gratitude every time I AM shown the effect of that new light. Funny how miraculous it feels after such a tumultuous year, which is always the way of these realms. Darkest before dawn as they say.

Kindwhile, be kind to those who are triggered by or enveloped in the external show. Concerns about *physiological fallout* from these energies has been written about for years. As we witness the amplification of distortions, in order to reveal all which needs to be addressed, corrected, or cleared, remember the core principles of Unity Consciousness. Patience, unconditional love, and kind thoughts, words and prayers are elixirs when anger and judgment are amplified.

Remember the sleight-of-hand aspect to this passage. Things look like one thing, then reveal another. It is purposeful. Pay attention to where your consciousness is being steered to reinforce narratives that may not be in the highest interests of all concerned.  [READ THE FULL UPDATE ONLINE]

LEVEL UP Begins on Saturday 10-10

The Level Up course launches this weekend! This 7- module Master course prepares us for the new light in December and the Ascension unfoldments of 2021. We prepare for our new gifts Now, and learn to utilize the Creator State as our consistent reality. Details in the events section below.

Class Participants:
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– The Level Up course will appear in your class library

SUNday Unity Meditations: Stronger than Ever!

Join the Global #SUNdayUnityMeditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDT (UTC-7).

We hold the Divine intent to amplify the Divine HUman qualities of peace, love and Unity Consciousness. Override and overwrite all distortions through infusions of the Truth of Divine LoveLight in this New Earth Now! Details at

Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


by Blossom GoodchildThe Federation of Light

Hello there. Here we are again … not much changed on the ‘outside’ from last week. Let us Trust much is going on undercover as we wait. I feel a huge shift will be coming soon due to the elections in the USA. You have many followers who feel they want the current chappy to remain and many who call him the vilest, evilest man to walk the Earth. (According to my emails.) What would you say on this?

Welcome, Blossom. Welcome to all upon your Planet who have decided that our words are of resonance for them and continue to walk with us as SO MUCH BEGINS TO FALL INTO PLACE.

We ‘The Federation Of Light’ are not of a political persuasive. This is not within our thoughts … to persuade anyone … one way or another. Yet, we would decidedly say, that the outcome of the elections that are so soon to be upon that country will be for the GREATER GOOD OF ALL.

I did mention in an interview that if this is a ‘Divine Plan’ then what happens HAS to be for the Highest Good of all … and we have to Trust that … especially at this stage in ‘The Game’.

This is correct Blossom and wise words, indeed.

If I was to have a concern, it is that regardless of who ‘wins’ … there will inevitably be uproar from the other party.

Is there not always?

Somehow, I feel this is different, and as I say, I don’t do politics. It doesn’t agree with my digestive system!

We have stated many times that your world is to get far more Topsy Turvy than it is now. We also state, we do not say this to alarm, yet, to prepare you in strength.

Yes, an Announcement is to come soon that is to shock.

Ok … deep breath … be bold Blossom … Is this to come BEFORE the elections?

Indeed, it is.

Oh Lord! That is really putting yourself on the line there Guys and I feel a little concerned about you saying so, yet, I asked! Therefore, I must Trust and wait and see. Is there anything that could prevent this ‘particular’ announcement from taking place?

At this stage, we can see no intervention for it has been kept very ‘Sacred’ and under wraps.


Yes, Blossom. That is the word we are choosing.


We can feel your trepidation?

Yep. You can … that’s quite a statement. Ok. For once, let me behave like an Awakened, Enlightened specimen of the Ground Crew Light Force and ‘go with it’ instead of trying to knock it, just to cover my street cred, once again. So, onwards, please.

In our last communication, we said it would not be long before Phase Two begins … and we hold True to that.

Let us firstly clarify.


So is the announcement or the lockdown the start of Phase Two?

The lockdown.

Many countries are already in lockdown, either dragged on from the first or gone into a second. So, when you say Global, do you mean Global?

We say Global … because we mean it.

So, every country in lockdown all at the same time. That is going to have to be one big announcement!

We choose to move on as to not divulge more … For it is not correct to even ‘suggest’ further possibilities.

Fair enough. I respect your word on that. Let me ask then, if I may … during this Phase Two … are we going to be ‘stunned’ by what is taking place?

Yes. Very much so. For many … there will be immediate transparency displayed and thoughts and discussions as to the next move forward as a WHOLE … as a COMMUNITY OF LIGHT. For others that live in fear, they shall ‘peak’ as such fears become more and more prevalent to them. There shall be much more of a divide than you are encountering at this time. Yet, for all those who are Awakened and for those who are soon to do so … one’s strength in KNOWING shall prevail and there shall be an overall acceptance of the state of play in the KNOWING THAT ALL IS MOVING FORWARD AS IT SHOULD.

We wish to reiterate your earlier statement of wisdom, Blossom.


Ask your Heart if it feels strong and Knowing in that which we speak of?

Here you all are … after so long … right within this transformation … YOU KNOW THIS IS WHY YOU CAME.

Do you find it odd that we doubt sometimes?

Yes, we do. For we know you. We know your dedication. We know why YOU … Each One … were chosen. Within our knowing of ‘who you are’ we find it peculiar that you question at times.

As I have said, come vacation on Planet Earth in human form and see how YOU go.

This you have said before. We are certainly nor undermining you. Yet, because we SEE YOU IN YOUR TRUTH … because we SEE YOU … IN/AS … THE LIGHT OF WHO YOU ARE … it is ‘strange’ for us to pick up when you waiver a little.

We do our best to explain to you how ‘WE SEE IT’. How ‘WE KNOW’ the DIVINE PLAN to be. How ‘WE ARE WATCHING’ it play out.

So, are the results definite? Could it suddenly swing the other way?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Has not White Cloud and ourselves said many times ‘All is not as it seems’?

Many, many times.

Therefore, Blossom and All … Know that ALL IS WELL.

Let us dissect ‘DIVINE PLAN’

… … … … … … … … …

There … we have done so!

Eh? Your point I assume, being there is nothing to dissect? For DIVINE IS OF THE HIGHEST and that is all we need to know, right?


And each one defining God as they choose?

How would you define GOD, Blossom?

LOVE. In all of its facets.

Thank you. We heard your thoughts of, ‘Yet, Love is everything and can Vibrate on low as well as High frequencies’.


Yet, we would suggest your thought pattern change to the fact that ‘THIS PARTICULAR DIVINE PLAN’ has been underway for many, many of your years. Its purpose to bring your Planet from the lower frequencies … from the lower Vibrations … into the HIGHEST that it has known … EVER.

There certainly have been times upon your ‘plane’ when JOY and HONOUR and TRUTH abounded. Times when the Vibration in which one resided was far Higher than that of now, in these current days.

Yet, the Energies that are flowing in … the changes that are to take place … will find you experiencing a Vibrational frequency that your Earth has long forgot.

Hang on to this KNOWING.


I do my best. An old WW2 song has just come into my head ‘There’s a long, long trail unwinding into the land of my dreams’ …

And another?

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile!


And we will … The long, long trail unwinding can be a bit daunting, as you say there are Five Phases … and we are only just about to enter number two!

Yet, we did not say that each Phase would be worse.

Well, you said things are to get a lot more Topsy Turvy.

And they are … yet, perhaps that is just for Phases two and three.

Perhaps. If only you could let us in on the plan.

If we were to do so … the plan would not work out as planned!

Ok. So, if my maths serves me well, there should be a ‘Huge announcement’ (Not a huge, huge, huge announcement) within the next four weeks. We’ve waited this long, another few weeks won’t hurt. We don’t have a choice anyway. Do you know how much my heart is in my mouth?!

We know exactly where your Heart is Blossom … in the right place!

Thank you. We are all doing our best … whether we are having a good, or not so good day! In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.