Your isolation is over.

Rejoining the World

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s October 1, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  The 2nd and 3rd waves are ready to initiate the earth’s rebuild. Even though you’re subconsciously passing the baton to them, you worry that they’re not ready. The 2nd and 3rd waves are as prepared as you were for your earth role. It’s time to discover yourself and negate your fears that earth is so chaotic no one can shift it. Take deep breathes – a simple way to shift from fear.

“Giving Away Your Power” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

You wish to have contact with others feeling as if your isolation will last forever. So it is you are beginning to doubt your inner wisdom because you are lonely.

You have likely felt lonely for some time, so this sensation is nothing out of your new ordinary.

You want your life to return as it was before COVID and the current earth chaos.

Such is not to be. Not because it is not possible in the blink of an eye, but because all – including those of 3D – are testing the waters. Determining who they are or what they wish to represent.

So it is all are pulling their ‘harnesses in different directions’ as was sometimes an exhausting truth when farming with horses. It is as if the world is filled with two-year-olds demanding the right to declare their direction, thoughts, and needs as a world priority. Such is not possible for each individual demand negates the other.

In the next few days, individuals will begin finding like-minded beings. You might respond that you already have or are doing something similar. But on closer inspection of that belief, you will find your needs to be unique.

You question that last statement. But have you not been primed for months to be a unique individual with unique thoughts and needs?

And so you were. At the same time, we prophesized you would connect with others when the time was right. That time is now.

Perhaps someone you had a passing interaction with will initiate a conversation that displays facets of their being you were unaware of. And by so doing, you find a like-minded individual you did not know was already part of your life. Of course, the opposite might also happen. But now, it is more about coming together than splitting into individual arenas.

These new interest pods may last for days, weeks, or years – it does not matter. All that matters is that the combination of interests and skills creates a new whole.

So it is you will expand your interests and skills, not by separation, but by joining together. Again, we must advise you that such interactions may or may not be permanent for all are changing so rapidly that what was intriguing yesterday may not matter tomorrow.

You are now butterflies flitting from flower of interest to flower of interest, instead of a caterpillar moving close to the ground. You are no longer in your cocoon of isolation.

Of course, you wonder how such is so given that COVID-19 remains of the earth. When COVID arrived, you might have been frightened or forced into actions because of others’ concerns. Now that COVID has become part of your life, those initial restrictions are more about who you are instead of dictates from others. You are beginning to feel, if you have not already, the need to protect others, as well as yourself. You are moving out of your terrible two needs to do what you want to do in conjunction with others.

So it is you are beginning to think more globally than was true in isolation. Does that last statement mean you must or must not wear a mask? That is your choice. All we are saying is that your choices are now becoming more global. That you have passed through your terrible twos and are about to rejoin society, perhaps physically, but more importantly, within your scope of acceptance and understanding.

You are no longer in self-isolation. So it is you will find other like-minded individuals. You have come out of your cocoon, and you are more than ready to flit from flower to flower. Or more appropriately for this phase of your life, to explore new interactions, to create that which is new for both you and those who wish to participate.

You are no longer alone – whether the connections are physical or via some means of electronic communications. Your isolation is over. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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A few thoughts on our ”Mission as Awakened Beings”.

A few thoughts on our ”Mission as Awakened Beings”.

There is often this heavy feeling related to of having to do something described as mission that i notice in many Light workers blogs.I feel the joy of doing my sacred work in global meditations, when i allow 100% of the the Divine flow to go through me to create a positive outcome individually and collectively. Now,as you have already noticed i am a big fun of Abraham Hicks and i love it when she says :”we are here for the purpose of joy”.Why is it that i have a much better feeling saying i am here for the purpose of joy than saying i am on a mission?Why is it that i have a lighter heart,a playfulness in me being expressed and makes my being instantly going to higher vibrations without feeling the burden of h a v i n g to do something?I do not know if you can relate to this.To me there is a constant search of doing all things that give me joy including participating in mass meditations that are very powerful and keep my vibration high and then again there are other practices that equally serve me being in joy all along my days and nights,which in my terms is the mission.The mission is to be in joy and that’s how i create reality.Not because i have to be in a mission,not because there is a mission i have agreed upon before incarnating in this body but because everything i choose to do is for the purpose of joy.There is a need for me to put the accent on the fact that nothing needs to be taken as serious,even when many hard truths are witnessed, joy is the mission to me of being here in this Ascending body.


Jenny Schiltz ~ Breaking the Hypnotic Spell of Sleep

October 4, 2020,

We’ve been hearing for a while that October promises to be a jam-packed month not only energetically, but out on the world stage. We can already feel the truth of this and the month has only begun!

I was journeying the other day and found myself in a very large meeting of spirit guides, guardians, and higher aspects. Everyone was being coached on what to expect with this upcoming phase and how to support their incarnate.

Pay attention to any nudging’s you feel, creative ideas, or thoughts that come in. Your spirit team is working to help you receive all you can from this incoming energy. It is a great time to focus on how You receive communication from the spirit realm and begin to trust and act on it.

It was explained that the influxes of light on the Earth plane right now are different than they’ve been before. What was shown was an energy coming to the Earth that is very slight…gentle even in its approach, but the effects are huge.

This will awaken and enliven all beings as it helps to break the spell of sleep. It will crack open the heart space revealing what needs to be healed while simultaneously introducing us to all that we are. This energy is a wake-up call, a shake that is designed to shift all of us from whatever level of sleep we still find ourselves, regardless of perceived consciousness.

Those connected with the Earth will feel this shift more deeply than those who are not. It is beneficial for us to make a concerted effort to spend time outside and remove ourselves from electronics as much as possible over the next few months.

The subtle energy coming in can absolutely be disrupted and/or masked by our technology. I was shown a vicious loop. Some will receive the frequency and begin to awaken only to then become wrapped up again in the hypnotic sleep program.

Awareness of the hypnosis and a declaration of empowerment such as ~ “I do not consent to hypnosis technology or any artificially induced states.” will absolutely assist. It is about us taking charge of what we do and do not allow into our subtle bodies.

I asked one of my team for further clarification and was told:

“Those that are able to utilize this frequency, this gift, will find that they are quite held by the energies. They may begin to perceive greater consciousness in everything around them: the animals, plants, people, and yes even what is called inanimate objects. This is a heart-opening frequency that will assist one in honing their discernment and finding the path to truth, to Source. In the ever-increasing noise of your reality, this is more important than ever.

This may look like the unveiling of what was hidden. One may be able to see deeper into their patterns, their beliefs, the deep inner knowing and knowledge accumulated through countless lifetimes. This energy is not the same one that is received as the Schumann Resonance rises. While it may look the same it is of a different octave, a different frequency. This is one that has not been experienced within your current lifetime.”

The most important thing that they shared was how this energy will begin to break down the barriers of reality and expose what has been hidden. This can be larger things in our reality but what is most important is that it helps to expose our limiting patterns, beliefs and programming.

Looking at where we have attached ourselves to an identity is crucial. Where have we put ourselves or others in a box based on our own belief systems? The attachment to a particular belief or understanding can lead us to have expectations of self or others and this leaves us open to great disappointment as our assumptions are not met.

Each belief we hold is a distinct frequency that we are wrapping ourselves in, like a cloak. It is time to pay attention to what we are wearing.

It is time that we question everything. It is our job to step in to Divine neutral observation of self. In this space the ego is not able to be triggered. We can observe our thoughts, reactions, idiosyncrasies, and even question where a belief originated without getting stuck in emotions that may cause us to double down on a belief system.

It is through Divine neutral observation of self that we can find our truth. When we observe ourselves without neutrality we may get lost in emotions such as shame, anger, or blame that can cause us to shut down our exploration of our layered existence.

This energy that is coming into our world will help us with uncovering and discovering our true self if we allow it to do its work. We can assist ourselves by staying present, lessening the distractions and dropping into neutral observation of self.

Physically we may find ourselves feeling wired/tired. As we open up and purge what is no longer needed from our belief systems, we may experience intense emotions and a detox on every level. For those that hear distinct tones, you may have noticed a different quality to the tones lately. I am finding that they alternate ears and sometimes cause a brief earache.

Many will feel energetically overloaded with all that is taking place. I am noticing that my grandbabies are not sleeping and are appearing overstimulated when they are not. Grass time has become essential. Pay attention to how you feel when engaging with technology. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, visualize a warm gold wave coming over/into your form and clearing out any distortions in your field and then flowing into the Earth for purification.

This morning, I was working on this blog and felt a call to hop onto Instagram. The very first post I see made me hoot for joy! The dogs were quite alarmed at my excitement. It was the confirmation I was asking for.

Duncan Alexander ( posted a picture of the Schumann Resonance. He highlighted and enlarged the graphs from October 2nd and 3rd and flipped it vertically. When he did he saw how it resembled written light language. I have shared this image with his full permission.

We are absolutely being communicated with, assisted and guided on our Ascension Journey. It is such an amazing time. One that we have prepared lifetimes for.

I hope that this blog finds you well and in full awe of the changes taking place. Thank you so much to all who share and support this blog. Social media is blocking information like this more and more. I appreciate all of you. Sending you all lots of love.

Jenny Schiltz

The release of fear is a small price to pay for the ecstasy of full merging with the Divine.

October 4, 2020,

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week ~ The release of fear is a small price to pay for the ecstasy of full merging with the Divine.

This is an example of Angelic humor. When Archangel Gabriel suggested that the “release of fear is a small price to pay,” he was pointing out my old propensity for holding on to what is uncomfortable but familiar. It also is a gentle chiding to help me notice what might be my experience if I were ready to trust enough to release the fear and open up to new possibilities for my life.

For some reason, our culture seems to think that the responsible thing for us to do is to focus on our fears, as if worrying about the future is the preparation we need to make good things happen. We know from the study of magnetism that this attitude is exactly opposite from what is the truth in our lives.

Our spiritual journey is a path of surrendering our thoughts of fear and allowing them to be replaced by the infinitely creative intelligence of the Universe. When we are engrossed in thoughts that are fear-based, it overshadows the possibilities that also exist at the same time.

We live in a field of Pure Potential. There is so much opportunity waiting for us to claim and acknowledge, but we cannot see clearly until we are willing to open the door to the possibilities for Creative Solutions. It becomes simply our focus of attention.

Full merging with the Divine means I align myself with the spaciousness of Infinite Intelligence where miracles occur. To do this, I need to create a dedicated space where I can go to pray and have a quiet time to focus on the spiritual truths that exist beyond appearances. It does not have to be elaborate, but it does require my commitment to take the time to raise my vibrational frequencies so I can begin to see from a heightened perspective.

This meditation time soothes my nervous system; my calm deep breathing centers me, and the Infinite Wisdom within my heart begins to feed me with new ideas and Creative Solutions. I am demonstrating a new willingness to ask for what I truly want to experience and invite the support of those beings of Light who are always with me. This is called prayer. Prayer can help us acknowledge and accept our experience, while creating a focus on new possibilities and miraculous outcomes. Here is my prayer for today:

Divine Presence,

Please release me from this fear that clouds the truth of my being. I am willing to open my mind and trust that I am always divinely inspired and guided in every moment. I am grateful to know that when I open my heart to love, I allow new life to spring from within me, creating new beginnings on every level.

I dedicate to you my talents and abilities that they be used as service for the highest good. I am open to full merging with my most illumined and exalted inner being.

I turn my concerns over to the Angels of Divine Light and trust in this process to bring me the clarity I need to see Creative Solutions in every area of my life. I open the way to receive miracles in my way of thinking, behaving and belief system.

Please help me to remember that I am not alone, that I can dwell in Well-Being, and to allow myself to feel surrounded by Wings of Pure Love always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

Dear One,

Having come to a time of decision, you want to make the right one. You know that what you decide will carry on and you are concerned and even fearful of the “what ifs.” The only way you can truly make decisions that will best serve you now and in your future is to come to a place of peace and calm within. And this means being in harmony with your Higher Self.

It is from this place that you will make decisions that are for the highest good of all concerned. When you bring fear into your decision-making process, it limits you by preventing the full expansiveness of the Divine Mind from working within your conscious mind. It is this merging with God which enables you to feel free, whole and open enough to receive that which is right and true for your life at this time.

No matter how difficult it seems, it is very important that you learn to release the fear that constricts your thinking and actions. Where your attention goes, energy flows. When you focus on the fears, problems and the “what ifs” of your future life, this focused energy magnifies your fearful state. It becomes ever more powerful and can even take over your world — if you allow it to do so. Instead, put your energy into the creation of that wondrous state of being that will best serve you.

The first step in doing this is to breathe deeply and know in your heart that you are being divinely guided at this moment and at every moment in your life. Prayer is also helpful in adjusting your attitude and opening yourself to truth. You can say, “I surrender this fear to God, and I allow the Divine Mind to work in all my decisions.”

Even if you still have the feeling of fear in the pit of your stomach, the simple act of praying for release will start you on the path to right action and thoughts that will open you to your highest good. Yet often it takes a short while for the physical body to catch up with the mental processes, so it is important to give yourself sufficient time to come to a point of relaxation and expansion before actually making your decisions.


Take several relaxing, balanced breaths. As you sit in this peaceful moment, allow your exhaled breath to drop heavily like a stone, down below your feet, into the depths of the earth. This will take the frantic energy from your mind and give you greater clarity.

Place your hand on your heart. As you inhale, see yourself expanding with the pure light of God. See it clearing your mind and calming your heart as you connect with your Divine Presence. Now replace the fearful thoughts that so pervade your worldly consciousness with images of what you really want in your personal and professional life — images of radiant health, harmony in relationships, abundant cash flow, peace within your heart and on Earth. Allow these images of your greater good to permeate your being. Then give thanks for receiving them into your life.

Because you have been trained to be fearful and to worry, even though it is not productive, it takes practice to release the fear and to merge with your true Divine nature. The Angels are here to help you do this, enfolding you in wings of pure light and guiding your way to peaceful living.

So ask and you will receive. Allow yourself to be open to the Divine Goodness within all things, and be receptive to all the beauty and truth within and around you, so that this good can begin to manifest and work throughout your world. If the bounty of the universe is what you want in your life, all you have to do is to let go of the fear that limits you, and allow the grace of God to work for you. After all:

The release of fear is a small price to pay for the ecstasy of full merging with the Divine.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel