Now you have a rising consciousness with many more people awakening and preparing to move into the fifth dimension and higher. We can tell you that some people are feeling the difference. We can assure you that the awakening is real and that life as you have known it is changing completely-Mira From The Pleiadian High Council-

We know that change is uncomfortable but it is necessary. The light is drowning out the dark. Soon you’ll understand more of what we mean by this. Please do not try to comprehend everything with your mind but use your hearts to feel the love and the light that are present now on your planet.

A Channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner September 30, 2020

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. You have my full attention from the Earth Council and for the earth.

Much is at stake right now and we are fully committed and involved every step of the way. We are a part of the bigger galactic picture where only the highest good of the earth and life on earth is paramount.

Gateways and doorways are opening so more light can reach those in need to assist with the ascension. We are helping in a myriad of ways. Even though humanity is feeling the push for change, the acceleration of the light, along with time speeding up, are taking precedence.

Some are stumped and are wondering what the strangeness is about. It is part of their awakening. Even though in some areas of the planet there is smoke, please realize that this is a smokescreen and that much is happening behind the scenes.

The landscape is changing and humanity is clearing within, where they live, and along with earth. It is not easy to let go and we are challenged as you are challenged because we feel and know what you are going through. This is a necessary change as difficult as it is.

Humanity must go deeply within to learn about themselves and to create some type of adjustment and awakening about what is occurring on the planet.

From our observation we see that humanity was living a lie. Many peoples’ lives were unsustainable. The earth could not continue the way she was living either.

Now you have a rising consciousness with many more people awakening and preparing to move into the fifth dimension and higher. We can tell you that some people are feeling the difference. We can assure you that the awakening is real and that life as you have known it is changing completely.

We know that change is uncomfortable but it is necessary. The light is drowning out the dark. Soon you’ll understand more of what we mean by this. Please do not try to comprehend everything with your mind but use your hearts to feel the love and the light that are present now on your planet.

Take nothing for granted. Be grateful for all that you have and for what comes to you. Be respectful of yourself and your role in the ascension. Take excellent care of your bodies. Get help when you need it. Have the courage to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Replace fear with faith and love. Respect and honor the process of ascension that you are living through right now. Make light of things that used to seem so important but no longer are because your values are changing.

Thank you for being a part of the ground crew, for your hard work, and for your diligence with the light.

I am Mira with loving confidence in you

The new earth and the new way of living are on the horizon. Think about it! Begin to feel the Golden Age coursing through your veins.-Apollo through Valerie Donner-

Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest information from Apollo: September 30, 2020:

“You have reached the Apex at the end of the old way of living. The new earth and the new way of living are on the horizon. Think about it! Begin to feel the Golden Age coursing through your veins. You are changing. You are experiencing the end times. No longer will earth experience the trials and tribulations of the dark controllers. You are seeing it fall apart before your very eyes. All is well for you to live perfect lives on a perfect planet. Get ready! You have a New World to behold.”

From Valerie:

We could use a more perfect planet right now, don’t you think? The ineptitudes of the third dimension are right before us. What used to work is no longer working. Time is speeding up, which is a good sign that we are going into higher consciousness. (I just heard that this September was like a year in one month. October is supposed to be like six months in one month.) Here in California in the San Francisco Bay area we are having hot weather and smoke from the fires in the Wine Country. Fires started there on September 27. Thousands of people have had to evacuate. As of this writing only about 5% of the fires are contained.

Some of these fires are the result of not-so divine interventions. They are the result of chemical spraying, arson, and other direct assaults on the earth and humanity. The dark forces are relentless and angry as their power and control continue to dissolve. If you controlled all of the money on the planet and had everybody else working for you, most likely you wouldn’t be happy if you were having your game end. That is what is happening. Just watch what is occurring. Please pray for divine prevention and divine protection, along with divine intervention and divine resolution.

What is important is that we keep our vibrations up through prayer and meditation, beautiful music, art, communication with like-minded friends and others, nature, animals and that which brings us joy. We need to stay on the trajectory of light. The light is huge and is getting stronger every day. I had an experience recently at night where a vast amount of light came to me in my heart and in my body. I felt profound love and happiness. These events are happening with other light workers. We are transducing the light and assisting in elevating the consciousness. In my class with Mira on September 22, she gave us a magnificent light acceleration. I told some friends that “I feel like I’m packing light.” This light is being appropriated to us so that we can use it wherever we go and whenever it is needed.

The sky was red upon awakening on September 13, 2020. There was no sun all day. It was eerie. It felt like we were on some other planet. It was like nothing any of us had ever experienced. Some thought that we were perhaps in the time of darkness that has been reported to be a part of the null zone of the photon belt. According to Magenta Pixie, who channels the Council of Nine from Sirius, we are in the null zone of the photon belt. She claims it could take a thousand years to get through it.

Dear ones, direct your energy to visualizing Earth immersed in golden white light and let your heart’s mantra be Love one another.

October 1, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As Earth orbits in successively lighter energy planes along her ascension course, feminine energy is moving closer to the masculine energy that for long ages was lopsidedly dominant in your world.

A major characteristic of the latter is aggressively controlling in nature, and that is softened by the gentle, compassionate strength of the former.

For a civilization to live harmoniously and grow in spiritual and conscious awareness, feminine and masculine energies must come into balance, and that is what those energies are doing. This stage of the process is aligning conditions and situations with Gaia’s divine plan for her planetary body and all of its life forms.

On a personal basis, the influx of feminine energy is bringing more clarity to the growing numbers of soul-searchers, or truth-seekers. In a larger, worldwide sense, the influx is motivating the outpouring of compassion and assistance to people and animals affected by catastrophic events in greater measure than ever before in the planet’s history.

On the other side of the energy coin are two global arenas of conflict that show resistance to feminine energy diluting the masculine. One arena is not publicly apparent, the Illuminati’s struggle to hold onto their irremediably tattered remnants of power.

Although some abandoned ship a while back, some are trying to negotiate their way out of prosecution by giving evidence against others, and some are fleeing to other countries, hopeful of avoiding prosecution, those in top ranks and a number of their minions are still in the fray. Before long they, too, will see that their time is up.

In the other arena are three societal issues, and they are indeed apparent. One is the peaceful advocacy movement to end systemic racism in all of its damaging forms that has been taken over by individuals paid by Illuminati to be violent and destructive. (1) The aim is to send that movement to the dust bin. That won’t happen—the end of racism and other bigotry on Earth is preordained.

Another issue is the citizenry in numerous countries rebelling against their oppressive governments, and in some, women trying to throw off the yoke of being men’s possessions. Their respective paths will zigzag for a time as rulers ignore their demands, but ultimately, they will free themselves from dictators, tyrants and cultural subservience.

The third issue also pertains to governance, segments of the populace heading in opposing ideological directions. Always politics has been the root cause of warring, brutality, turmoil and devastation on Earth—the low vibrations of masculine energy enabled the darkness to turn leaders into cruel, greedy powermongers. No political party in any nation ever has been free of self-serving members and external dark influence, but feminine energy’s high vibrations are undergirding efforts to change that. Those efforts also will be successful.

Getting caught up in the drama of partisan harangues and disputed elections is wasted energy. Dear ones, direct your energy to visualizing Earth immersed in golden white light and let your heart’s mantra be Love one another.

Your light radiates the high vibrations that will move the populace toward a world with love as its foundation. You and the millions of other lightworkers who don’t identify themselves as such have the knowledge, inner guidance and spiritual strength to inspire the peoples to unite and move as One in that direction.

It’s not that they don’t have those capacities themselves—they do, those are provinces of the soul—but they don’t know that, so they can’t put them to use. You have traveled the self-discovery journey much, much farther than they—that is why you were chosen and many others who also volunteered to uplift Earth’s civilization, were not. As you navigate bumpy patches in the road ahead, you can do it with confidence and optimism.

What the people who are fighting all forms of unjustness do know they have are courage, perseverance and commitment to their cause. By sending forth light, you help strengthen their movements and all others based in rightness. You don’t have to be in the trenches with them to do that; you simply have to BE who you are.

Now then, mainstream media are keeping “pandemic” top of the news because the responsible individuals know the law of attraction, and they need the energy of collective thoughts and feelings to keep the Covid scourge going.

“Spikes in statistics” and “second wave” frequently are mentioned to hold the world’s attention and evoke fear. Please ignore all Covid “news” and use that universal law to focus on what you want for yourself and all of Earth.

We have been asked what happens to people who die due to that manmade disease or any other manmade event. For Earth’s civilization, it is the same as death due to any other reason. It is significantly different for souls who volunteered for an Earth lifetime to help her civilization, but it also applies to death from any cause. They had options, just as you will, so let us speak about your choices when this lifetime ends.

You may go directly to your homeland and resume the life you interrupted. If, on the way, you would like to visit persons in Nirvana who were dear to you in this lifetime, you can do that, and if you decide to stay longer, that’s fine, too. Residents of highly evolved worlds often vacation there because it is known as one of the most beautiful, active and diverse spirit realms in this universe.

Or, you may want to reunite with beloved people in other lifetimes wherever in this universe they are. If going around the galaxy in a spaceship has appeal, you can travel that way, or do it astrally or by the speed of thought. If you would like share your travels with souls in a physical lifetime with whom you have love bonds, they can join you in compatible vibratory levels during their sleeping hours.

Another option is incarnating in a world that offers new experiences and growth opportunities. And, if you feel drawn to help another third-density civilization raise its level of conscious and spiritual awareness, of course you may follow your heart and do that.

You aren’t limited to one choice or two or any number. Beloved brothers and sisters, when your mission on Earth is completed, you may do whatever gives you joy and fulfillment!

Maybe the Illuminati feel Covid isn’t providing enough fear energy to sustain them and that’s why they’re circulating the “rumor,” as one reader termed it, that a sinister civilization is going to invade Earth. For nigh onto a century that has been a last resort item on the Illuminati agenda.

Their original plan was to bring the “Little Greys” from their underground quarters up to the surface, but those beings refused to participate in that deception. [November 20, 2017 message includes why Little Greys came to Earth and still are here.]

Always the Illuminati have alternate plans in case the first doesn’t work as intended, and in this case, Plan B is a holographic production. (2) Nirvana’s monitors of Earth say the Illuminati are in such disarray, they can’t manage an undertaking of that technological scope. However, we know they are desperate enough to try, and if they do, space crews in your skies will assure the attempt fails. Or perhaps they will treat you to a uniquely entertaining spectacle.

“An article I read refers to Earth as a ‘prison planet’ but doesn’t explain why. Please ask Matthew about this.” First we say, Earth is not now a “prison planet,” and we are happy to speak about this important part of your world’s history.

When the civilization spiraled down into deep third density, the low vibrations of that density attracted the dark forces, a powerful force field of negative thought forms that meanders throughout the universe and turns civilizations with minimal spiritual awareness into its puppets.

The planet now called Earth not only was one of God’s favorite places; it has played an essential role in this universe ever since Nirvana became its spirit realm. During the era of ferocious warring between light and dark warriors for universal supremacy, Nirvana and other safe havens were co-created for wounded light warriors to rest and recover. When it no longer was needed for that purpose, Nirvana became a spirit world and so did many of the other sanctuaries.

Because light energy in spirit realms is consistent so as to provide purity, peacefulness, harmony and conscious clarity for residents, the realms are spiritual force fields that serve as grounding points for the universe. The dependable steadiness of their light balances external elements and keeps solar systems revolving at a constant rate of stability.

Puppet civilizations have annihilated planets, and Nirvana’s inseparability from Earth made it imperative to safeguard Gaia’s body from those kinds of civilizations. An electromagnetic grid that space weaponry couldn’t penetrate was constructed around Earth, thereby putting her in a protective “prison.”

But isolation also kept her civilization in the dark insofar as spiritual and conscious awareness, and their brutality to each other and the animals and the fear that produced kept creating negativity. Eventually the amassed negativity dimmed the planet’s light to the point that only a shred of viability remained.

Gaia cried out for help and God authorized mighty civilizations to beam massive amounts of light to save Earth’s life. That light disintegrated the “prison” grid and evolved beings erected a grid around the planet of such light intensity that a dark civilization could not even approach it. Light is anathema to civilizations steeped in darkness just as it is to individuals who become puppets of the darkness.

Dear family, that is how vital light is—keep yours shining brilliantly!

All light beings in this universe honor you and are supporting you with unconditional love every step of your Earth journey.



Suzanne Ward

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