We wish for you to be furthered in your sexual healing, for this will propel you towards the higher dimensional realities that await you more smoothly. -Venusian High Priestesses of Light via Galaxygirl –

Venusian High Priestesses of Light 9/14/2020

Children of the light, we greet you from the light. We greet you with love from the womb of our planetary mother, Venus. We are known as the planet of love, for that is the dominant vibration here. Love has been so maligned upon your surface world. We say surface for we know that the inner realms of your Gaia are teeming with love and light and the areas that are not are becoming transmuted and transformed.

We are the Venusian High Priestesses of Light. We see many of you longing for love, longing for your twins, longing for partnership. True partnership, we gently remind, begins within. For when one is at war with oneself no harmony can be achieved. The human psyche has been so damaged and programmed that true inner harmony and peace is a rare find, although we see our lightened ones with whom this message resonates are becoming closer and closer to achieving this inner harmony and bliss, which brings us great delight, for we know how you have so longed for it. The discord of the outer is a reflection of the inner. And thus, higher vibrational beings with inner still waters of peace and deep thought dwell in realms where this is reflected outwardly.

We are the Venusian High Priestesses of Light. Many of you have visited our realms of healing in your astral travels. It is not so hard to come here. We offer healing with our yellow skies and purple seas, the beauty here heals many a troubled soul. Many of you rest here in between lifetime sojourns upon earth, for healing, for quiet, for time-space of deep contemplation. We are known here as the goddesses of love, for we work with the frequencies of love. We are aligned. Our chakras are balanced and operate as a steady plasma flow of light. There is no true separation of these chakra systems for we are all united in our energy flow. We wish to invite you to work with us. This need not be sexual in nature. Every chakra, every body system is equally important. All must flow united. We work with the energies. As the infinity symbol the energies flow thusly. (I am seeing a plasma-like infinity symbol running through the body with the nexus points at the heart). In your ancient times and temples many priests and priestesses offered sexual healing through the act of sexual intercourse and alignment of energies. It is quite possible to be aligned. It is quite possible for you. When one’s sacral chakra is free and unhindered, healed and whole, then the energy flow is unhindered, unblocked and the whole system flows better. We see that many of you reading have memories now being rekindled of being such a priest or priestess. In the higher realms there is no perversion, only healing, alignment, discovery, bliss. We wish for you to be able to comprehend the love and alignment within these words. For there is no judgement with sexual union when free will is delightedly observed and honored. We wish for you to be furthered in your sexual healing, for this will propel you towards the higher dimensional realities that await you more smoothly. Imagine a plasma pillar within your trunk of your sacred temple body. Imagine lightening within it. Imagine all of the jagged edges that a lightening strike has. This is how many individual’s energies feel within one’s body when it is not aligned. Now imagine smoothing out the jagged edges of the lightening bolt so that is is a smooth bright pillar of light. Run it through your system. Infuse with colors, balanced, whole. The light transforms the darkness, the jagged edges of bolts that light up the night. (I am seeing a black stormy sky with lightening bolts suddenly become all light). No, this is now a continual moving, living, breathing plasma crystalline pillar within you. Sexual harmony intermingling with harmony of the other systems. This will best prepare you for your twin reunions, which if they have not already occurred are in the process of becoming solid.

We are the Venusian High Priestesses of Light. (I am being surrounded by lotus blossoms). The lotus comes in many colors. There are many petals, there is much light within this flower that grows from mud and blossoms in beauty. It transforms its environment into beauty. Such is what is occurring on your surface world now as the light workers become more light, more aligned, as the light workers shine their light in their cities, in their work places, their homes. This pillar of light that you have activated is very powerful, very potent. Feel the alignment within. All pain is transmuted within it. An aligned body assists an aligned spirit, and blesses an aligned heart. You are a mighty being of Source light having an earthy sojourn. Do not lose sight of the importance of your own healing amidst the game. For your healing heals Gaia. Sexually aware and awake beings, balanced, healed. This is how we see you in this now moment. There is tremendous alchemy within the sexual act but it need not wait for twin reunion. You as aspects of your own twin can have this feeling of balance, of yin and yang in this now moment. This is why this one saw the infinity symbol for we utilize it. We are fully balanced aspects of ourselves and in so doing fully bless our twin as well. Breathe in the light. Become whole. Become freed from the bonds and ideologies of what sex is in a lower dimensional matrix. It is the creation of life. It is the creation of eternal bonds of light, of experience and it is a deep inner balance and peace that can be held deep within the sacral chakra space for a firm foundation of peace, of balance. It is the cornerstone to a balanced life for it grounds you to your other and to yourself. This weight of balance, of sexual energy, is a part of you. You can deny it, you can veil it, you can ignore it, but it remains constant. As an ascending soul these energies are a tremendous assistance. You need not experience sex to work with the energies. They are within you. Envision the infinity symbol deep within your pelvic floor, balanced, strong, healed. Build upon this. Envision the infinity symbol traveling up balancing your male and female halves and aspects, your sequential chakras. Now envision the infinity symbol of what you have experienced to what you wish to experience. You are all masters of experience. You have had so many. You have so much to offer. When you pass through and are able to access all of your akashic memories, it will be overwhelming to observe and re-feel what you have experienced. This is part of your healing. We heal through light, through infinity symbols, through plasma waves. You have access to all of these things through such visualizations. Peace. Be balanced. Be complete in your sexuality. Experience the freedom and joy of one who is balanced and healed.

We are the Venusian High Priestesses of Light. We love you. We are aware there is much to heal from in this area of experience upon Gaia. We are sending colors from our realm, lavender and yellow, to you now. May you be transmuted and ignited. Bring these colors of healing deep into your body and experience the alchemy of one who is balanced in their own power. Longing you need not experience. It is within you. Just as the lotus blossom continually shows a new petal this healing may take some time. Yet another petal of new hope is always being revealed. There is hope all around you for those of you healing from sexual trauma. Lightening rods can power great cities or destroy in an instant. Sexual alchemy is something to be treated with reverence, with great respect and with promise of joy and renewal. We see sexual alchemy as a process of infusing Gaia’s populace with new energies quite literally as more and more higher dimensional spirits wish to take on the form of a human child, as new energies of new life are infused into Nova Gaia. Bodies will be made young again. Family expansion will be a possibility again.

We are the Venusian High Priestess of Light. We fill your body systems with light. Know you have the tools for sexual healing and balance and rest in this space. Every portion of the lotus blossom has a purpose, including the muddy roots. The DNA of the lotus is in the roots as well as the flower. All things work for healing, for beauty. We bring the lotus blossom down now into your sacral chakra. It is now the foundation for the pillar of plasma light within you. Hope, purity, beauty. That is who you are as Source fractals. Remember who you are, dear children of light. Do not be afraid for that is the old way. Be empowered for that is who you are now and who we see you now as Nova Gaians – balanced, strong, sexually renewed and renewed in every capacity.

We are the Venusian High Priestesses of Light. Be at peace in your beauty. You are so beautiful to us, to embark on such a journey into the depths, like the lotus seed that lands deep in the muddy bank, to experience the growth up through the dark waters, ever climbing towards the light of the sunshine on top of the water’s surface, so that the young green vine can stretch towards the sun, reaching ever further for its own glory to be revealed. This is how we see you. We see your inner glory and beauty being revealed to yourselves. We have seen it all the time. We love you. We are the Venusian High Priestesses of light.

~ galaxygirl

I encourage everyone to live your life uniquely and as passionately as possible. All else will be taken care of perfectly. -JFK through Losha-

September 15, 2020

Channeled Message from John F. Kennedy

Hello, I am John F. Kennedy…Jack…as many have called me in the past, and the name I am going by for these purposes.

I am so very glad that I have been able to communicate with you patriots at this time in our world. As you can imagine, I have felt very invested in these times even though I am not physically living in these times at the moment. I hope to convey to you that I am like you, and I am with you, and I am trying to guide those who will listen to my words. I am very intrigued at all that is going on right now in your world…although I feel that it is my world, also.

It is very important that you listen to my words because I have the experience from the past, and also from the future in many ways, given from where I have been perched lately, for so many years. So, I have much knowledge and experience to pass along at this time.

Let me say, my message is one of hope…it is one of inspiration…it is one of love, and possibly a bit of sadness. I want to primarily however, provide a message that is inspiring and hopeful. So I will say in this moment…you all are doing an amazing job right now in trying to expose the secrets that have been secret for far too long.

I knew about the cabal’s secrets way back when I was on earth, so they have been secret for a long time. There are many, many new patriots who are now waking up, especially because of the virus situation. That is wonderful…we are gathering more and more numbers…greater numbers, and that is exemplary and important…and I wanted to profess to you all, that I wish I was there right now with you all, physically, I truly do. I am actually a bit envious that you are able to experience these transformational times. Although I can experience them somewhat from within my muse, and others of you who feel a strong connection to me…so I appreciate you all very much, all who are open to hearing, and connecting with me.

I have been channeled by many muses…I chose this muse for a series of messages because she and I both are very idealistic and expect the best at all times. The times right now do not seem to be the best, but you who are patriots know that the times are getting better…you can see it, and you can feel it, and I encourage you to hang onto that feeling, as much and as often as possible.

During the times when you don’t feel quite so hopeful and positive, you can send your love out to all others and that will allow you to feel better also…because the love flows through you, from the universe, out to others. So, when you send love to others, you are also sending love to yourself!

I have learned this since I have been gone from earth. I did not understand spirituality back then as well as I do now. I am just adding that because it may seem very strange to others to hear me talk in this way…especially among people who have known me in the past…they may say, “it doesn’t sound like JFK because he didn’t talk about love!”…however, I say he has learned (chuckles) since that time, about love…unconditional love.

So, when you are feeling hopeless, try to concentrate and focus on love…in any of its forms…and hopefully, that will help you.

I am also feeling, not just from my muse here, but from others too, that they are feeling much pressure to educate others about all of the “Disclosure” topics…and there are a myriad of topics, that is the truth!

However, there are so many of you who are feeling such pressure from that particular task, including my muse, and they are allowing it to bring them down. When you are dispirited that much, and that often, it is not good, for anyone. It is not good for you, and when you are in that mode it doesn’t help the people you are trying to educate, truthfully.

The information should be expressed in a pure form when you provide it to others. There are many, many of you who are doing an amazing job at educating others…and I am so very pleased to see your great works! However, I am concerned about those who feel the pressure to educate others, when it might not be their path to be doing so. If they are feeling too much pressure from it, maybe it could be their path to, as my muse says, “hold the light” for society…for humanity, instead…just as an example. All paths are challenging to follow, no matter the form it takes.

Hence, there are those who want to educate others and are able to do it and somehow not become depressed by it. Those are the souls who are on their true path.

My muse here has been diligently trying to educate others because she feels it’s important…as it is…but she gets depressed by it quite a bit. So, she is learning to lessen her involvement on that path, and instead, do things such as this…channeling messages for others…and at this, she excels, and she is also quite passionate about it!

I wanted to impart to you, my beloved patriots, that not everyone has to take the same path as others. Each and every one of you has a unique path…it may be similar to another’s path, but it is still unique.

I have referred to this in other of my messages also…and that is everyone has a unique role to play and bring forth on earth at this time. I am just so blessed to be able to watch you all from above, and to assist some of you, to speak through some of you, and to inspire some of you. I am so very proud of all of you…this is not an easy time to live in, right now. You are doing it though…you are doing amazing things. Even though it seems at times like progress has been slowed, or not moving at all, I hope you know inside yourself that is not accurate…because things are moving forward every moment, even every millisecond of a moment!

We have galactic help, we have spirit help, we have ascended master help, and we have our own humanity helping. The percentage of humanity who is waking up now is growing, moment by moment! I tell you this with no hesitation because I can see it!

So, what you are doing, all of you…whatever unique role you have, and you feel excited about, and passionate about…those things are helping in every moment, to help awaken others. Even if you are not feeling compelled and guided to tweet, or to facebook, find what you are passionate about. Find the way that you want to best help others in this moment.

After I crossed over, I was amazed at the world I saw…not down here, but the world in which I then found myself…and it is an amazing world…well, it is more of a dimension, I would say. However let me just say this…that dimension clued me in to many, many new ways of thinking, and everyone should be open to changing their ways of thinking…if it is truthful and feels right in your soul. That is what it did to me…my soul learned many new things after I crossed over…and that is why some of the things I am saying now do not sound like the “old Jack”…but I guarantee you, I am Jack…a new and improved Jack, let us say! (smiles)

So, I guess we will just leave the message as it is right now. Hopefully, I provided inspiration to some of you. My muse and I are trying to get the word out about certain aspects of the world right now…and the most important aspects of the world. Truthfully, the United States, is the world, right now. No offense to any other countries…they are all beautiful, the people are all beautiful…everyone is beautiful on planet earth. Right now, however, the events that are happening, are all about the United States right now…and Trump. I will get more into Trump next time, I promise that.

For this time, I will say I love each and every one of you with all of my heart. I am watching over you, and trying to assist in any way I can…and I will be back soon with another message through my muse. I encourage everyone to live your life uniquely and as passionately as possible. All else will be taken care of perfectly.

With unconditional love…I love you all.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha


Some of you may be feeling very detached and rather emotionally removed. Please don’t let this make you think you have suddenly become a very unkind or uncaring creature! -AA Gabriel-

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ On Feeling Detached

September 15, 2020, trinityesoterics.com


Some of you may be feeling very detached and rather emotionally removed. Please don’t let this make you think you have suddenly become a very unkind or uncaring creature! If you know in your heart that you care deeply about others and your planet and are normally very empathic and energetically sensitive, it can be a sign you are being of a certain kind of service.

Let us reassure you ~ detachment often indicates shifting into a different vibration in order to hold the space and act as a stabilizer, and that role is very important during turbulent times.

Love can be expressed in many different ways, and holding the space is one of them. A parent lovingly staying calm and ensuring safety while a child throws a tantrum is a wonderful example of that. A certain level of detachment is required in order to fulfill that role to the best of their ability. If they lose their balance the situation only accelerates, is prolonged, and opportunities for growth and change can be missed.

If you know your intention is one to assist the whole, trust that whatever is presenting is doing just that. You have spent far too long cultivating your compassion and love to suddenly not care at this point. Trust in who you really are, Dear Ones, and know that the many ways you serve are making a difference.

You Don’t Need to Reverse Engineer UFOs ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

You Don’t Need to Reverse Engineer UFOs ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are fully surprised by humanity all the time. We never cease to be amazed by what you are able to create on your own. We know that many of you are aware that humans are routinely helped by extra-terrestrials when it comes to technology and making advancements in various fields. But you are far more creative when you are putting a paintbrush to a canvas, writing a song, or crafting a screenplay that will become a movie.

And your creativity doesn’t stop there. You have made so much with so little since the beginning of time that we know you would’ve gotten to all of those technological advances on your own if you had never reverse engineered a fallen UFO, and if you had never received any help from any extra-terrestrial beings. You are magnificent creator beings on a path of ascension, and it is a path that you have been on since the day that humanity was born.

You don’t need help, but we and others like us love helping. We love giving you that nudge, showing you how we did something, and we know that you will always put your own unique spin on whatever you are given, because that’s how creative you are. You are souls seeking experience. You have gone way past survival, and you are exploring the vastness of your own consciousness. That’s when beings and collectives in higher-dimensional planes get really excited, because then we see ourselves in you.

We want you to know that all of the downloads and information that you receive is coming from you. You’re just getting it from another aspect of you with some help from your guides, with some help from collectives like us. But there is no separation, so even when you receive from a collective from another star system, it is still you that is giving the download, that is giving the information. You cannot possibly reach outside of yourselves, but you can reach. You can go beyond the ego. You can go beyond what others have done before you, and that’s what you are doing every time you set out to create something new.

And that’s when we get excited, surprised, and amazed by the will of the human spirit, the creative force coming through a person living on Earth at this time. This is why you all are the greatest show going on in the galaxy, and why there are so many e.t.s tuning in to see what you will do and what you will create next with all that energy that you are being given on a consistent basis from higher-dimensionals, like ourselves.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”