this life is the culmination of your eons of effort…This life is your Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Dear Ones,

It is time to address your fears that your future will be even bleaker than has been true these past few months. That all you hoped for will not come to fruition. For you have been acting on this plan of joyful earth for eons. Only to have your previous earth lives end before you completed the task. Or being punished for trying.

Such are your past memories of what happened to you and other forerunners lifetime after lifetime – until now. For indeed, this life is the culmination of your eons of effort.

You do not quite understand why your current waves of terror are surfacing. You believe such is so because of political, racial, environmental, religious, sexual injustices, or any other fear now displayed throughout the earth. And so it is in terms of your immediate knowledge base. But deep within the recesses of your being are the terrors you experienced lifetime after lifetime of not being able to complete the task you were assigned. Or suffering emotionally or physically for trying to do so.

Those are the fears now surfacing – the fears that stop you from functioning or moving into joy. For deep within, you do not trust that all is progressing far faster than you now imagine. That you will finally live in joy and love while of the earth. Many of you are starting to believe that such might happen, but not in this lifetime. That a joyful life continues to be out there somewhere with promise after promise from the Universes.

Such is so about Universal promises. But what you cannot yet remember is that those promises were, until now, that you would focus on an unattainable earth goal. You have done so for eons despite minimal rewards, fear, and isolation – all for this lifetime of joy.

So it is you have difficulties letting go of those fears – all the while holding your inner breath waiting for the punishment that always occurred when you focussed on this moment, this drive to joy.

You tremble not because of the future, but because of past memories in your inner-being. Finally, you are allowing those deeply hidden fears to surface, knowing within that this life will be that promised life of joy. You hid those fears deeply so you would dare volunteer to be of the earth lifetime after lifetime. Now that you sense the ending will be as you always hoped, you are allowing yourself to access and clear those fears.

The difficulty is you are discovering those hidden fears are attached to the world or local events creating reactions out of proportion to those events. Perhaps you have difficulty breathing, getting out of bed, shake uncontrollably, or your physical body reacts with ailments. Yet, the next hour or day, those fears seem almost trivial until another unfocused wave of fear strikes.

These deeply hidden fears could not be addressed until now, for doing so would have likely stopped you from returning to 3D earth. So it is you volunteered lifetime after lifetime to complete the preparatory tasks necessary for this lifetime.

You can finally see the light at the end of your long, arduous tunnel of skill development and preparation. Perhaps it would be beneficial to imagine yourself as a star athletic perfecting their craft. Star athletes do not initiate their process as a star athlete. They experience failure after failure and physical exhaustion doing so. So it was for you developing the skills you implemented in this lifetime as you helped earth transition beyond 3D.

Maybe you can best address what you have felt the past few days periodically or might experience shortly, as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Allow yourself to know it will be short-lived for just as is true for star athletes, their pain and fear dissipate or disappear once they achieve their goal. So it will be for you.

In this life, you will experience joy, self-love, peace, and loving interactions globally. This is your reward. This life is your Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals. This life is finally allowing you to clear your deeply hidden PTSD.

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You are now at the phase of your transformational journey where tangible results will start to show up, Dear Ones. Keep holding your focus and don’t give up! You are doing a magnificent job and the rewards will be well worth your efforts-AA Gabriel-

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Tangible Results on the Way

September 6, 2020,

We understand it can seem like your consistent efforts are not reaping rewards. Let us reassure you that is not so.

Just like you may decide change is required for your physical body if you have found yourself to be out of shape, the first step is the intention. The next step is the action of perhaps getting yourself a personal trainer, changing your diet, joining a gym, or getting more active on your own.

You will then enter a phase where it seems like you are putting in all the effort but not getting results. You may find it difficult and discouraging. But if you stay with it, slowly but surely you create new habits and start to feel something shifting internally. You might notice more energy and find your mood improving. But outwardly nothing shows.

Then you might start feeling very definite changes in your body. You might even feel muscles forming beneath the surface! You start to feel your internal structure starting to change and operate very differently. You move differently. You are stronger. You have more endurance. But this is still evident only to you.

But if you keep at it you will one day look in the mirror and see change in your body that is unmistakeable, and others will start to notice, too! That gives you even more encouragement to keep going because you finally have tangible proof that your efforts are really paying off.

And if you continue with your focus and dedication before you know it you will have transformed yourself into a brand new version of you that has so many more options and possibilities and much better matches who you want to be.

You are now at the phase of your transformational journey where tangible results will start to show up, Dear Ones. Keep holding your focus and don’t give up! You are doing a magnificent job and the rewards will be well worth your efforts

Building a Future City.Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Ok,so let’s play this game together!

If you had all the money of the world to build a city what would you do?

Here is what i would do and i am going to shift this into feelings by putting in front of it the phrase : Wouldn’t it be nice if…feeling into every outcome.As you read,by the way you feel,you assist the whole planet in creating The perfect Cities that work for each and everyONE.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

1.All Children , All Women and Men live in an environment where All Are Safe and Sound?

2.Where everybody Has Basic Universal Income and can choose to work or do other activities according to what brings each and everyONE true Joy?

3.There is a Holistic Health Care System for free for everyONE on the planet with true knowledge of The Ascension process and use of Celestial Chambers/Medbeds that can rejuvenate anyone from 80 to 20 years if he/she so wish and use non invasive technology for healing anything?

4.There is is Free Energy for all uses available to all the planet?

5.There is amazing mobility that respects Mother Earth?

6.All Life,including Animal and Plant kingdom is valued and respected at all times?

7.There is abundance of whole organic foods and clean water for everyONE on the planet?

8.There is Abundance of Vegan and Raw Vegan Restaurants serving High Vibrational Foods that are truly nutritious for each and everyONE?

9.There is open communication with our Galactic Families,having them landing in our backyard or even being able to travel to other planets?

10.Each and everyone is assisted in their Ascension journey so it firmly grounded on the planet?

11.Every city is covered with much more green areas,green verandas and balconies and greener streets where oxygene is abundant for all?

12.People are celebrating in 100% healthy ways,connected each to their God within?

13.if every job or work that everyONE chooses to do is always assisting The Highest Good For All? For example that every bar in town serves only juices and elixirs that are uplifting and non toxic to body,mind and spirit?

14.if everyONE is liberated in having authentic sacred parternship(s) with self or the lover(s) of his/her choice without judgement by any other?

15.If everyone is free to live in the country and home of their choice to travel freely with open borders anywhere and choose their new dream home as he/she is being guided?within in a beautiful community?to become a future city?to become a Light City??? 😉

16.Where all kind of Arts and new ways of expression and playfulness and FUN truly flourish?

One thing is for sure,there is a higher aspect of my Multidimensional Me that is already living this vision 100% in all its glory and the more i do the work to see and feel myself into this the more it becomes my reality living on New Earth in 5D,6D,7D.

What else would you add to this tapestry of Love and Beauty?

How do you like my Feel More Than Fine City so far?


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Rejoice even in the midst of dark events for these things reflect earth’s journey out of density and the processes bringing change.-The Arcturian Collective-


Dear readers, welcome to our message.

All is proceeding according to plan although it may not seem that way when observed with three dimensional eyes and through concepts about how a spiritually evolving universe should look.

Over eons of time, dark energies became deeply embedded allowing them to penetrate every aspect of life on earth. Generation after generation has been and still is being taught that duality and separation are the reality. These energies are gradually surfacing in order to be recognized for what they represent and eventually clear as people cease energetically feeding, maintaining, and sustaining them for this is all that holds them in place.

Most people are experiencing high levels of anxiety at this time. Do not resist these feelings in the false belief that as an awakened person you shouldn’t have these types of emotions. Simply acknowledge them, remember that they are always impersonal, and then move on. Worry and anxiety are not qualities of Source and therefore have no law to support them.

As you evolve, your energy changes and begins to vibrate at a higher frequency causing you to automatically be more sensitive to the energy of people, places, and things. This can result in experiencing emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, etc. that are not yours. Be alert not claim them as yours, but simply allow them to pass through and out with out giving them power.

We are aware of what most of you are feeling during these times and we say to you that all is proceeding according to plan. Do not get involved in the energy of outer appearances but rather stand back as an observer, not denying or trying to change, heal, and correct appearances but rather as a watcher watching from a place of detached awareness, conscious of the reality underlying all things.

Earth is a spiritual universe peopled with children of God and governed by Love. However, the majority are still hypnotized by appearances to the contrary. Try to remember always that everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell are concepts of a spiritual reality that is being translated by the hypnotized collective mind as being good or bad according to current duality and separation belief.


When you find yourself reacting to some thing or some person in a negative way use the occasion to honestly examine your beliefs. Accumulated obsolete three dimensional beliefs often remain unknown and deeply hidden in consciousness until something occurs to activate and bring awareness to them. It is at this point that you simply and with no guilt or resistance, ask yourself; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”

There are no pairs of opposites in Reality, good appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones. Reality is spiritual but most have not yet attained a level of energetic resonance capable of aligning with higher resonating frequencies and so believes they do not exist. This is why a great deal of trust is necessary during these present times. Not a continuing trust in government, organized religion, friends, family, or the so called experts, but a trust in truth, that the reality is and always has been One omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Divine Consciousness manifesting ITself as all that is.

Since God/Divine Consciousness is all that is, IT is and always has been the only cause and therefore the only effect. Ponder this.

Awakening to truth does not mean you suddenly stop living your life. You are on earth at this time to evolve into enlightenment while in physical form, not to deny, hate, or try and avoid humanhood as some religions teach. The days of convents and monasteries with rigid rules and regulations regarding spirituality are long past. Mankind is ready to learn how to be in the world, but not of it.

Enlightenment simply means living each day from your highest attained level of awareness which then allows more truth to unfold. Do what needs to be done–go to work, cook dinner, wash dishes, mow the lawn, perform surgery, teach, repair cars or do absolutely nothing…but do it conscious of the fact that all activity is spiritual, with none being more spiritual than another. Yes, we realize that many activities have become perverted by human minds, but the reality is that activity is how individuals express the innate qualities of Source that lie within them.

There will always be some people you dislike which frequently comes as the result of some past life interaction having nothing to do with the present. Other times it is because certain individuals seem totally out of sync with your belief system. Do not judge yourself or them as bad or un-spiritual but rather bring to mind that no one is good or evil in and of themselves since God is the reality of every individual. Know that they are hypnotized and acting out from impersonal false beliefs based in duality and separation regarding themselves and others.

This does not mean you try to be best friends, or ignore what may be troublesome or hurtful actions on their part but rather means that after you remember the truth about them, you then take whatever human footsteps may be required. Being a loving and spiritually empowered person never means being another’s doormat, nor does it mean “walking on eggs” in order to keep a false sense of peace. Silently greet every person you meet as the Christ, and send Light to those far or near in the realization that they “know not what they do”.

The need for laws and jails will exist for awhile yet, but the collective is becoming increasingly aware that actions and solutions based in unconditional love serve to rehabilitate and heal better than force and aggression.

It is a powerful time to be on earth because the ascension process now taking place is allowing souls to heal and complete issues that they may have been carrying though lifetimes. Many wanted to come but were not permitted for some reason or another. Much is yet to come that will awaken increasingly more individuals and give credence to what we are saying.

Many are and more will yet suffer and even die during this process, but know that most are volunteers who lovingly chose to assist in awakening the people of earth. For some, their experiences were karmic completions chosen to be done publicly for others to see and learn from. For others it is a personal choice as to how they can best serve the ascension process, but all are helping in their way to bring universal consciousness out of the dark ages and into the Light.

Those in the higher dimensions are observing and sending high fives to all even as appearances on earth would testify to total failure. Know that things are not as they appear to be. All is proceeding according to plan. Rejoice even in the midst of dark events for these things reflect earth’s journey out of density and the processes bringing change.

Many continue to awaken out of the hypnotized sleep of erroneous belief in spite of continuing attempts by some to keep mankind locked in old energy. Remain alert and aligned with your intuition when you read channels, watch the news, or observe the actions of others for much of it is not what it seems to be.

Opening to higher levels of awareness is inevitable and cannot be avoided. Put off yes, but never avoided for every person is a Divine Being, an expression of God whether they like it or not. This is a fact that can never change regardless of how many lifetimes a person spends in denial.

Be at peace dear ones, rest in your heart, and meditate often. Meditation need not be the rigid structured process that most of you were taught when learning to meditate. These methods were and are necessary for those unable to relax or allow themselves to be silent without the help of structure. The purpose of meditation is nothing more than to reach a place of silent and secret alignment with the “still small voice” within. The process of getting there is what all the structured guidelines have been about.

Resting in “I and the father are one” can be done anyplace and at any time with eyes open or shut–a pause at your desk, a trip to the bathroom, stopping for a red light, sitting under a tree, walking down a busy street, or being at the bedside of someone who is ill. Every activity of daily living offers an opportunity to center, align with, and silently realize; “I am Divine Consciousness”. Eventually and without conscious effort, you begin to live meditation 24/7 and it becomes no longer something you do, but something you are.

Be not afraid dear ones, for you are exactly where you planned to be before incarnating. The planet is becoming increasingly filled with awakened souls who have chosen to assist in earth’s transition to a higher frequency. What you are witnessing is a world that is experiencing the strong and painful labor pains necessary for birthing a new world consciousness based in love and truth.

Allow the process dear ones. Allow the process and hold your Light in spite of any and all personal or global appearances for Light is the only reality.

We are the Arcturian Group

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