Breathe. Imagine. Feel.

Lion’s Gate Upgrades For Humanity

Something powerful happened during the Lion’s Gate this year. Photon Gamma light beams blasting earth straight through the central sun, bathing our planet in unconditional love frequency. Those who were ready to integrate these light codes made massive shifts.
We can feel it and yet, we are not sure what it is. The integration of these new light codes has facilitated an important upgrade in conscious awareness.
The new high vibrations accelerate the manifestation process. The higher you vibrate the faster things manifest.
This was one of those most precious kinds of shifts when you get a super upgrade from the universe.
Trust that what is meant to be will be. You are going through the greatest change in the history of humanity. That which no longer serves your highest good is falling apart.
Fear not, even if you’re losing your job, friends, or if your relationship fails. Light alters frequency and that which does not resonate with your higher frequency will vibrate out of your life to make space for your divine life purpose.
You have been through the dark night of the soul for a long time and you are ready to enter mastery level now.
You have worked on your frequency for a long time. You have looked at your pain, studied it, examined it and you have learned to transmute lower emotions. Instead, you could have watched TV and eaten fast food. But you faced your fears and you slayed some dragons.
Meanwhile, the universe has been working in preparation to match your new frequency.
The Lion’s Gate Energies are now allowing the universe to bring your desires to fruition.
New friendships, relationships, and partnerships that fully resonate with your frequency and serve your highest good are being forged now.
Keep a journal of gratitude.
Write about your desires, wishes, and goals. Whether you draw or describe them, abundantly add color and character. Give it life.
Think about names you like, the sound of a voice, the feeling when you hold something, or someone. Your favorite kind of scent. Food. Music. Etc.
Whatever it is you may desire, you must imagine it with all your mind and feel it with all your heart.
And you must imagine that you already have it now here. It must feel the exact same way it would feel if it was really there, right now. In your heart.
Take a deep breath in, close your eyes, and allow yourself to picture and put into words all your heartfelt wishes.
Take as long as you need to continue this practice.
Breathe. Imagine. Feel.
When you’re done or when you think you’re done because you may be done for the day but you might come back the next to add to your list and to your imagery, then you speak the following words:
“I fully let go of all third dimensional lower vibrations.
Acknowledging the teaching and the teacher, I have evolved in gratitude.
I am now ready to embody the highest version of myself.
I invite that which serves my highest good into my life now.”
You are the ones who create new earth.
I love you.

Aurora Ray

Artist: unknown

Free Will and Divine Will

How do i know that my will is aligned with Divine Will?

The answer is simple:how i feel in every now defines how close my will is to Divine will.And the fastest train to be totally aware of how i feel is either getting a nap if i really feel tired or/and getting into meditation for about 15-20 calming the mind and getting into the spaciousness as Source Energy Being.Many paths to go here from doing simple breathing techniques to participating in mass meditations it all works.That is the beauty of our current times.Even the so called pandemic is actually a blessing and a messenger as to take the time to go within,reflect and release resistance.Resistance is the cause of all sicknesses and diseases.The global pandemic proves the global resistance of allowing the changes to happen with ease and grace.We came here for the purpose of joy,this is the way i prefer to see and this is the way that anyone has the free will choice to see the world,this is what i know Source/God/Universe wants for me,for us.

And so to feel the joy emanating from within,authentically without the need of any exterior stimuli allows me to know that my free will choice in every now is aligned with Divine Will.This is what i intend 24/7.Intention to feel joyful from within out to be in celebration from within out is what alings my Will with Divine Will.Simple.All i need to do out of free will choice is to intend to be The Joy that i know IAM.

Nikos Akrivos