Our Earth, and the Universe in which it sits, are a part of a great computer simulation. We humans exist in a controlled, cleverly arranged program. Our experiences are largely controlled by the amount of love light that is poured onto the earth.-Aita-

You are Graduating from the Planet Earth School Room | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. July – 2020

It is a wonderful day dawning on Planet Earth. A wonderful day today and everyday that is to come, for we are entering a whole new era of the Planet Earth experience.

The light has come. The light, high vibration energy of love is being poured onto planet Earth. The measurement of this transformative energy is called the Schuman resonance.

This resonance has been increasing exponentially in recent months. At lower levels of incoming light, the Earth has been in the third dimension. And, at these lower levels fear is predominant for there is not enough light to dissipate it.

However, as the light pours in and the level of the Schuman resonance rises, Earth, and Mankind, are moved higher and higher to the fourth dimension where more light penetrates. And, eventually to the fifth dimension of love.

That is where we are heading, to the fifth dimension, where we leave our worries and fears behind for they are lifted from us by the high vibrating love and light that is increasingly permeating our world.

Our Earth, and the Universe in which it sits, are a part of a great computer simulation. We humans exist in a controlled, cleverly arranged program. Our experiences are largely controlled by the amount of love light that is poured onto the earth.

Low levels of light coming in, that is a low Schuman resonance, leads to endemic feelings of fear. As Earth is lifted higher and higher, the fear recedes and love takes over.

What a wonderful feeling it is to leave our fear behind. To be lifted up from the morass of confused and deep, dark emotions we have been enmeshed in.

Earthly life is so very interesting. The intellect cannot plumb its depths, cannot understand the wonderful, intricate workings of the Human program.

And yet, the Human heart, the Human Soul can feel it, can know deeply that all is well. The details, the how’s and why’s are not important to ascension. It is the revelation of the truth of the Human Experience, that moves us into the light.

Those Humans who have seen the truth of, and the reason for, Man’s Earthly adventure, have freed themselves of the ties that have bound them to fear. And thus they having largely left fears and worries behind. They have risen in vibration to the new and high level that the Schuman resonance allows.

However those Humans that, at a Soul level, have decided not to ascend at this time, have not cleared themselves of their everyday worries and concerns.

They do not see the truth of their Planet Earth experience. They cannot see the big picture of why they are in the Material realm. They do not realize that they are Souls, ensconced in body temples, in order to experience what they are not.

Imagine a room that is all white. The walls, the ceilings, the floor, the furniture, everything is white. And you, in that room are all white yourself and are very much contentedly a part of that white environment.

You feel good there, you feel loved, and you know you are a well loved part of the whiteness around you. But you know of nothing else but that whiteness.

So, your knowledge of yourself, of what you are able to feel and accomplish, is limited. You cannot go beyond the limits of your whiteness, for you know of nothing else.

So now a red spot appears in your room. And, now you realize there is something else. You say to yourself, I know now what contrast is. I know what red is. I know what I am not. I am not red. Are there other colors for me to experience, you ask?

So it is with Mankind. As Spirits, we live blissfully in the whiteness of eternal life. We reveled in the beingness of love and communion with All That Is and, with each other.

Yet we were bound by our whiteness. God, Source Energy, wanted to expand, and for its parts, that is us, the drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness, to expand.

In order to do so, we needed to experience the opposite of what we were. We needed to experience fear. How to do that in our blissful, united state? It was not possible.

And so, the Material Realm, the Galaxy, Planet Earth, and Human Bodies, Human Beings were created. And, we great Spirits sent a part of ourselves, our Soul to inhabit these Human bodies, which then became our body temples to house our Soul.

This physicality allowed us to experience separation from each other. Now we had egos, now we felt alone, now we could challenge each other, argue, fight, war with each other.

And our Soul reveled in our doing this. Our Soul encouraged us at every turn. Our Soul allowed our ego to take over.

We plan our lives before we incarnate on Earth. We, together with our Soul families, plan the major challenges we are to have, the major not preferred incidents we are to overcome.

If we do not overcome them the first time, then the lessons are repeated over and over again, until we do master them. That is why the same kind of events, happen to us repeatedly. And we ask, why is this happening to me over and over again?

Why the 6 divorces, why the 5 traffic tickets, why the 3 jail terms and so on? Until the lesson the Soul wishes to learn, the feelings the Soul wishes to feel, are complete, the lesson is repeated.

And so, this is the big picture of Human experience. Souls come to Earth to feel fear, to live through contrast, to know what they are not and thus refine their talents, preferences and abilities. To truly come to know themselves as love and light.

And who provides the contrast? The dark ones do? When we plan our life with our Spirit Guides and Soul family, it is decided who will play the light and who will play the dark.

We have had many, many incarnations. We have all played the kind and the cruel, the wicked and the loving, the caretaker and the prison guard.

For, we need to know ourselves in every aspect of our Humanity before we can ascend back to the love and light Spirit we really are. And, above the fray of Humanity is the illuminati or deep state. The earth was, in a sense, hijacked. Negative beings with no heart were allowed to come to Earth to give more darkness to the Human experience.

Earth is something of an experiment in the Heavenly realm. Mankind is very loving, very obedient, very compliant and very easily trainable. Repetition and words are the control mechanisms.

And these deep state individuals, or dark controllers, knew that. So, they put into place governments, religions, national borders, racial, ethnic and sexual prohibitions and all kinds of divisive rules and regulations.

The deep state players truly are not Human for they have no heart, no consideration of, or caring for man’s suffering. They are as cats playing with mice, as wolves herding sheep.

And so, here we are on Planet Earth in this great time of ascension. The time for Souls in Human bodies to ascend from their fear entrainment, to graduate from the computer simulation training program is at hand.

Those Souls that have completed their learning assignment are moving back into the light. The universal computer is turning up the vibration to allow this. The Schuman resonance is increasing.

You, Dear LIghtworkers, Starseeds are ascending along with that resonance. You and the proportion of mankind, whose Souls are ready to do so, are leaving the Earthly entrainment behind.

The truth has set you free. The truth of the Human life experience, and the reason for that experience, must be seen before it can be overcome.

Those who are not ready to ascend will not see this truth. They will continue along in their deception perception, under their illusional delusion, until such time as their Soul is ready to leave. Be of good cheer Dear Ones. All is well on Planet Earth today. All is proceeding as is intended for the Divine is in charge.

You, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, are graduating from the Earthly experience. You have taken part in the Earthly fear entrainment and are leaving it with honors. Congratulations. Now, live, love, laugh to the full. Live in the joy, the bliss the deep abiding love that you truly are.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Wouldn’t be nice if ?

Reposting a message from ‘stillness’ i got through email a great way to practice deliberate creation for your highest good=our highest good.

‘What If’
Okay, let’s have a lot of Fun…and some wonderful Hope…and great Excitement today!
What if – there is a great change to everything by the end of the year.
What if – we begin to now live in a world that works for everyone.
What if – all people and races live in peace and harmony, together as one!
What if – there is the global and public proclamation of a global jubilee or debt forgiveness…and universal reset of planetary earth/humanity back to a universal system of common governance in transparent good standing with other member beings of the Galactic Federation.
What if – there is the Implementation of GESARA as a universal constitutional framework for global governance in all 209 sovereign nations per the signed 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, starting with the – restored Republic of the United States.
What if – there is a Mass human disclosure of both non-humanoid (extra-terrestrial) life in existence on the surface of this planet and throughout our shared galaxy.
What if – there is no general USA presidential election on November 3rd.
What if – Trump withdraws himself from the presidential election arena soon.
What if – both the Republican and Democratic parties – begin to see the need to abolish themselves – as all they do is create divisiveness anyway.
What if – Trump enacts the NESARA in the USA and GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reform Act) – and it becomes activated.
What if – all billions of the human population will benefit from GESARA.
What if – all the Earth will finally be free to experience itself as the abundant planet it was created to be.
What if – everyone will have a “Replicator” machine that instantly produces anything you want, be it food, clothes or whatever.
What if – there will be no hospitals, no vaccines, not even sickness. Because when the Med Beds (Holographic Medical Pods) are released to the public, in a matter of minutes, they will heal all and any illness or disease or cancer. Every human being will regain their freedom and live a prosperous, rich and happy life.
What if – there is equality for all peoples of Planet Earth.
What if – a New Generation of Governments without Corruption…Banks with Low Interest Rates…No Hunger…and Global Peace. It will be a way to give back to the people what has been robbed from them all their lives.
What if – there is a Global Prosperity Program for everyone and every citizen will have more than enough – a roof over their head, food on the table and health for everyone. Whether or not you have a job, there will always be money in your account.
What if – all debts of credit cards, mortgages and other bank debts are canceled – due to the illegal and corrupt form of banking and government activity around the world.
What if – the IRS would be dismantled and replaced with a national sales tax – thus, income tax will be abolished as well, as GESARA will make personal taxes monetarily unnecessary.
What if – a new 14% -17% single rate tax on new non-core items – which will provide the sustainable revenue stream for all national governments after GESARA.
What if – there will now be greater benefits for the elderly and children after GESARA.
What if – now anyone can participate in this great humanitarian project of prosperity – according to their individual gifts and talents.
What if – everyone will experience honor, prosperity and justice.
What if – a new Presidential and Congressional elections are established within 120 days of GESARA’s announcement.
What if – the USA has a newly elected Lady President of the Republic of the United States near the beginning of 2021.
What if – the interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return the us back to constitutional law.
What if – the Federal Reserve System is eliminated.
What if – there is a release of unprecedented sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
What if – there is the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public…including free energy devices…anti-gravity….and sonic healing machines.
What if – water, light, and heating accounts – will be removed due to opening of free energy patents.
What if – all love warriors of the white light – now put an end to cabal deceit as well as re-institute universal truth and justice without further delay or negotiation.
What if – those who are corrupt and their helpers are removed.
What if – real change cannot happen until cabal governments have been ousted and replaced by honest people-controlled administrations.
What if – people are shocked by the number of well-known elites who will soon be exposed for their heinous crimes.
What if – there is the removal of all members of the US Congress and Senate (old guard) from their positions – due to their continuous unconstitutional actions and further in-actions of do nothings.
What if – the new Republic Congress is to implement the natural Constitutional Line of Succession.
What if – those, who had deliberately acted outside the Constitution of the Republic, and had committed treason, it will be required the physical and permanent removal from their government positions of all those, who were treasonous.
What if – all US military troop intervention – are immediately removed from all sovereign nations.
What if – there will be no more wars on Earth – which includes an international armistice.
What if – there is a required ceasefire – for all aggressive, government military actions worldwide – including the Middle East.
What if – any attempt at a third world war is eliminated, because the Galactics have neutralized all of Earth’s atomic arsenal.
What if – there is a single currency, backed by real wealth. And it will be digital, because it will be part of the Quantum Financial System (QFS).
What if – a new UST coin has been created which can only be minted by the United States Treasury ((UST) with headquarters in Reno, Nevada. Thus, eliminating the power of the Rothschild’s privately-held Federal Reserve (The FED) which issued money as they pleased.
What if – Quantum computers are being used. They are equipped with Alienigen Technology, unknown on Earth, moved by plasma and tachyon energy, as well as possessing controllable Artificial Intelligence. The dark cabal will never be able to hack the QFS system, nor promote money laundering operations, or steal from citizens. You will all have you own account, and you can access that account freely.
Because the quantum computer detects immediately, and in real time, any attempted fraud or theft, and automatically blocks the requested transaction.
What if – we all to start celebrating the freedom of “BEING” and the Victory of the Strength of the Light, from now on! Wake up to that new and wonderful life of freedom that awaits everyone.
What if – we all – Be Happy! – Give up fear and replace it with Love.
What if – we accept that it is Prime Creator Source to stop and reverse the momentum of this rebellious and blatant dark cabal, and put an end to its deceit and to help humanity and Mother Earth (Gaia) bring into alignment the goals of The Great Shift in Consciousness.
What if – we understand that This prosperity will be due largely to the endurance of our Earthly Allies and the brilliant strategies set in motion, many centuries ago, by the Ascended Masters, such as Count St Germaine, Master Hilarion, Seraphis Bey and Saint Paul the Venetian…and many others.
What if – we expect to see the Galactics on national TV and prior to that, friendly global lightship shows will be on display for everyone to see.
What if – people can and will travel to other planets and worlds – that are presently already inhabited with human or other alien life.
Please feel free to add your own thoughts to this list.