Lunar Eclipse Meditation July 5th(Europe) – 6:00-6.44 CET.

Blessings Beloveds ~
Here we are at the final eclipse of our Triple-Eclipse passage. Energies may make us tired-and-wired. Magnetic shifts are literally pulling apart density and making way for the NEW REALM, which landed last week, to reveal in the physical realms.

Be sure to commune with nature and ask the plants, rocks, animals, water and elementals to express their Crystalline New Earth Self. Feel it, they respond quickly to our heart-based open-conduit of Source radiation.

Remember this is a very mystical few weeks of rapid change. 

Our Divine Empowerment requires learning how to utilize our Creator BEingness, our Creator State. All focus and invocations on the creation of Freedom, within and without. Feel it, command it, create Freedom for all through pure Unity consciousness!
Rewriting HUstory: Last week’s article HERE

The End Game is Love
A gentle re-hearter: Spiritual Disclosure of the Divine HUman and Unity Consciousness is End Game. Ascension is not something you wish, watch, or wait for. We are in a phase of consistent waves, solar flashes, and stargate flows to support an experience. As Gaia said, it’s happening NOW. Many are swayed into choosing sides or saviors, because it gives them comfort with the vivid unknown that is 2020. Let those aspects have their experience, and try not to be disheartened by the dismantling (even your own). Remember you don’t have to watch it burn. You have the Divine Birthright of free will to co-create and have a new experience. This passage is tough on the mental and emotional levels, which is why we focus on balance and stability within, to assist with balance and stability without. Be sure to unplug from the scramble of narratives often; it literally interferes with your coherence, which affects your DNA’s ability to do something new, which affects your reality. Apply uncommon sense. Duality and judgment have a very short shelf life. Remember this year is filled with sleight-of-hand, and many realities need your agreement or verbal reinforcement to manifest (ie: saying *they* are going to do this or that). Choose wisely, dear hearts. We are all learning unity consciousness under global duress.

Only empower the thoughts, words, actions and feelings you desire to see manifested. Forgive those who dishonor life, utilize discernment as you focus on peace. Don’t let social distancing become heart-distancing, or you’ll miss the bigger thing unfolding in this Now.
Freedom Codes in many forms As we regroup to the Divine BEingness of Source that is having this experience, we feel pure Freedom. It has been a year since the Freedom codes activated in the USA. Keeping pulling the codes through the Crystalline New Earth grids, new organic stargates and your own heart. Focus on the Freedom codes through this final eclipse on Saturday, July 4th at 9:29 pm PDT. Put your hands on the ground, connect with Gaia, and say the word Freedom.

The effects of what occurs on July 4th (America’s birthday) will reveal in the weeks afterward, so we are holding focus through the 18th. Let us assist in allowing the highest good to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible.   Global Meditations Eclipse Global Meditation on Saturday July 4th from 9PM – 9:44PM PDT SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDT (UTC -7)

Details and time converters at

Kindwhile, shift moment-by-moment into Infinite Self Mode. Our faith in Divine Love and each other will be more than enough for this transformational passage.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Trust in yourselves and trust in yourselves, and trust in this universe, a universe that wants you to succeed, that wants to see you all getting into those higher-vibrational states and recognizing that you can create anything at all, for yourselves, for your fellow humans, and for all beings and collectives throughout the galaxy and this wondrous universe of ours.

Channeling Collectives from Higher Dimensions ∞
The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are interpreting the energies that are coming to us from the higher-dimensional realms in the same way that this channel is interpreting our energy and creating with us these daily transmissions. What we have noticed in our channeling is that the collectives in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensions are very interested in seeing how you all are going to continue to expand and evolve there on planet Earth, and they are also expressing how much love and compassion they have for you all, as well as how much they want to help. You will often ask a collective, or an Archangel, for help, for protection, for a particular manifestation, not even realizing that the help you are asking for is being given to you freely by these higher-dimensional beings, and they are even assisting you in raising your vibration so that you can be a match to what you have been summoning. Now is a very good time for all of you to acknowledge the helpers that you have around you at all times. Remember that we are all in this together, and you do not have to earn the right to receive anything from any being in this beautiful universe of ours. You do need to be open, receptive, and hold a higher vibration in order to actualize what you’ve been summoning in your Earthly life experience, and that is why beings and collectives from all across the universe seek to inform you as to how you can better open up, receive, and raise your vibration to become that conduit for higher frequency energies that you were always meant to be in this lifetime. The old model, the old story, says that you need to earn your way into the good graces of God, or Source. That has never been the case. The truth is that engaging in an act of service, being kind to someone else, naturally puts you in a higher-vibrational state. And when you are in a higher-vibrational state, you are then more likely to receive what you have been asking for. This is the lifetime where you shift from that archaic paradigm to one where you recognize yourselves as co-creators and colleagues with the collectives that exist in the higher dimensions. Now is the time to recognize that you are not separate from them. Therefore, these higher-vibrational beings could never forget you, never leave you out, or not notice when you are calling upon them. But again, you need to do the work, and the work we are referring to is not hard labor. We are talking about meditating, being open and receptive, and putting yourselves into those higher-vibrational states by following your feelings. Trust in yourselves and trust in yourselves, and trust in this universe, a universe that wants you to succeed, that wants to see you all getting into those higher-vibrational states and recognizing that you can create anything at all, for yourselves, for your fellow humans, and for all beings and collectives throughout the galaxy and this wondrous universe of ours. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Be well dear friends, brothers and sisters, for the future is about to more exciting than you can possibly imagine…-AshtaR-

by Davey

Greetings to all of you who are reading or listening to this message. I bid you great tidings, for all is well on the surface of planet earth. Despite how it may look in outer appearances. This is all to do with the way you see things.

It’s important that you cultivate an ability, to see things as your heart does, to live in heart awareness, heart consciousness. To be still. To allow your heart to open, fully open, to the full potential of the consciousness that you truly are.

There are many beings of light around you, that are assisting you at this time, to help you to do this. But it is important that you take the steps and the time to centre yourself daily, to allow yourself to become the still point, the very centre of your heart. In doing so, you will discover aspects of yourself, qualities of yourself, a feeling of yourself, that you have only dreamed of. It is right there for you, it is sitting right in your heart centre, waiting to be tapped into fully, completely, lovingly and openly.

It will become apparent to you as times move forward, just how easy it is to connect to this still point, relax with this, have fun with this, for this is the easiest way to do it, to bring yourself into your still point.

Allow your physical body to loosen, release the tension, let go of your worries, your anxieties, your fears. It is a little, as this one imagines, to holding on and clinging on to the side of a swimming pool, just as you might do in your daily life, in the many actions you take, it feels like you’re constantly clinging on in a certain way, and then when you relax, you feel as if you can release yourself. In truth you are letting go to the very truth that you are, you are surrendering. And imagine if you will, in this analogy, of holding onto the side of a swimming pool, and then allowing yourself to drift, trusting, that you will float, that you will always be supported, you are eternally supported. You are eternally supported by yourself, your higher self. The true fabric of who you really are. And in that state of being, there is nothing to hold onto.

You see, from a very young age, you have all been conditioned, programmed if you will, to grip, to hold on. And by doing so, you take yourselves further out of heart consciousness, and into mental control. This is one of the many things, that the energies coming in right now, are changing for you, and helping you to change. But you must be a willing participant, you must be a conscious participant.

We recommend that you go in daily, to your heart centre, surrender. Allow yourselves to drift freely, into melding into your heart centre. And instead of searching for the still point, allow it to draw you in, surrender to it, surrender to the truth that you are. Much like the analogy of releasing your grip from the side of the pool, in full faith and love and joy, that you are eternally supported and you are absolutely safe dear ones.

This is important because you see, whatever you can let go of, is not you. And when you let go and allow yourselves to drift and meld into your still point, you become aware of who you really are, you become aware of what you are. You become aware of when you fully let go, when you immerse yourself in your heart centre, you become your true state of being, this is what it is to live in the fifth dimension and above.

These are glorious times, in the unfolding’s that you are moving through at this time.

I thank this channel, for bringing this message through for me. And I will release channel now and bid you farewell. So much is yet to transpire, all of it is of the utmost amazement. Be well dear friends, brothers and sisters, for the future is about to more exciting than you can possibly imagine…

We love you all, farewell for now…

”Now, as more and more of you become aware of the dishonesty and lack of integrity in so many of those who hold positions of the greatest human power and authority, their ability to maintain control is collapsing as they attempt to impose even more stringent restrictions on your divinely given human freedoms in their desperate measures to maintain the status quo. Their time is over. ”-Saul via John Smallman

Saul’s Channel, John Smallman

07/01/2020 by John Smallman

Love Is Always Present

As you wait expectantly for humanity’s awakening, be aware that it is imminent even though that may not appear to be the case as you read and digest the daily global news offerings of pain, suffering, and political disharmony.

These are indeed interesting times, and it is all too easy to become depressed and disillusioned as those in authority continue attempting to withhold your sovereign freedom and persuade or command you to obey rules and regulations that are socially divisive and which tend to lead to conflict among you.

Their desperate attempts to control you all are becoming self-defeating as more and more start to realize that the motives of those in power are almost totally self-serving, and have practically nothing to do with serving humanity’s best interests, despite their claims to the contrary. The time in which the many submit in unquestioning obedience to the few has gone on for far too long and is now reaching its inevitable endpoint.

When major changes – ENORMOUS changes – occur in the way that humanity perceives itself, leading to major alterations in the way that people relate to one another, chaos and confusion arise as well because people are being shaken out of their normal daily routines, intensifying the underlying sense of uncertainty that is a major and unsettling aspect of life in form.

This is precisely what is happening now all across the world. Global confusion is seriously unsettling for humanity, extremely unsettling, and there are very few among you who are not feeling the uncertainty and anxiety, even fear, as you wonder: “What on Earth is going on, and what is going to happen next.”

You have all grown from infancy to adulthood and quite naturally learned to live in uncertainty to a certain extent – what will the weather be like tomorrow, will I have health problems, does my partner really love me, how will the children cope with school, college, the adult world? – but the uncertainty arising now is far more intense and alarming than anything previously experienced.

It seems that things cannot return to what appeared to be ‘normal’ because restrictions on your personal freedom remain in force presently, prohibiting you from meeting with others except in very small groups while maintaining ‘social distancing.’ And maybe you are realizing that you were not as free as you thought you were before the corona-virus, and the restrictions imposed because of it, arrived and changed the way you lived your daily lives.

For most of your recorded history small groups of influential people – royalty, aristocracy, religious organizations, and military leaders – have developed systems of rules to control and direct the lives of the masses, in order to provide themselves with a better and more enjoyable standard of living,while forcing those masses to live lives of back-breaking servitude and poverty.

Now, as more and more of you become aware of the dishonesty and lack of integrity in so many of those who hold positions of the greatest human power and authority, their ability to maintain control is collapsing as they attempt to impose even more stringent restrictions on your divinely given human freedoms in their desperate measures to maintain the status quo. Their time is over. However, during these final moments there will continue to be major disruptions in the short term in many areas, as they try to enforce their desperate measures.

As you have been told so often by so many wise teachers, Love is the path, the only path that can lead you safely and successfully through the areas of human interaction in which intense disagreement divides you, areas in which it seemed that the only practical resource by which to achieve satisfactory results is through force of conflict

However, conflict only leads to further division and suffering for many, as your history demonstrates very clearly. The vast majority have now realized this, and so the will to engage in conflict is failing, and people are looking for more intelligent ways to resolve divisive issues, and are coming to the realization that what the wise ones have been telling them for a very long time is absolutely valid, namely that LOVE alone is the way forward.

It does take courage, in a world where the power of force has ruled for so long, to choose to engage only lovingly with whatever arises, but those who have started to do that are finding that it most definitely does work.

Going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, if you allow yourselves the time to relax there quietly, and be undisturbed by others or by your communication devices, will bring you respite from the concerns and anxieties of your daily human lives.

With respite established Love can flow into your hearts demonstrating to you Its effectiveness as your anxieties and concerns become less intense. If you can maintain a regular unbroken or uninterrupted practice of going to that quiet inner space for about three weeks – every day for just 21 days – you will find that you are more at peace with yourselves, less disturbed by unexpected and troubling events or interactions, and you will find yourselves dealing far more calmly and satisfactorily with the everyday issues with which life as a human presents you.

Love is the energy field of Life, of Consciousness, of Source, within which all that has been created has its eternal existence. There is nowhere and nothing else.

What you are experiencing as humans in form is an unreal state of existence, an idea or concept that you collectively chose to establish purely to experience the unreal and make it appear totally real. The unreal is a state of separation from Love – even though it is impossible to be separated from Love – in which that which is in opposition to or not in alignment with Love appears to be utterly real. It is, as you are well aware, extremely convincing when you are living lives in form, but form itself is unreal, there is only energy – LOVE.

An enormous cognizant awareness of the infinite power of Love is arising within humanity, an awareness that It truly is the only power, and that all other power is unreal and dissolves, disintegrates, fails, when you open yourselves to allow and invite Love to enter.

When people choose – everyone has free will and is making choices all the time – to engage with anger, resentment, hatred, judgment, and other unloving feelings or emotions, they are blocking Love from their hearts.

It has not gone anywhere, because It is always Present, being the life force that maintains your eternal existence, and by holding onto or clinging to those feelings a person is choosing not to acknowledge let alone welcome Love into their life, into their awareness. 

While people engage with what is unloving, Love waits patiently for as long as it takes for them to change their minds. All will change their minds and choose to remember that Love is their true and eternal nature, because that is the divine Will and, therefore, the will of every sentient being but, being free, they are free to choose when that will be.

Collectively most have chosen to remember their true nature, and that is why so much change is now occurring worldwide. For those who have chosen to awaken – and many are as yet unaware that that is a choice that only they can make for themselves and is indeed one that they have already made – awakening is very close.

In these momentous times it is vital that you make sure to set the intent at least once daily to be loving, and only loving whatever arises, and by so doing you most effectively play your own essential and individual part in the wakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.

Little Update from My Perspective & Observation:

What do outdoor kiosks sell mostly in Greece?only healthy thing to consume:water,if not added fluoride in it.All else sugar,salt & cigarettes & some toys.Now if one considers that most supermarkets work the same way one can realize how much of toxic substances go into the bodies of those consumers without them being aware of it,including children.And so,no wonder the rise of frequencies on the planet behooves all those that do not wish to face their soul’s call.First one needs to set the intention to clean body from all toxicities.Then one needs to move forward and do inner work in silence for at least 15-20 daily to find peace within so to be able to remain peaceful and loving in all circumstances.And the light coming in is now forcing the way so to speak as there is no coming back to what it was.While the current structures are doing the best they can to keep up the status quo,they are doomed to fail as we begin to see with the taking down of vatican for example.But this is only on the surface,as there is war also underground.Know that we are not alone in this and at this moment .The Galactic Federation of Light with all their ships are so densely patterned around our planet and solar system that if we were to see how many ships and craft there are, we would almost not see the sky.

We Keep up prayers in gratitude for already receiving what WE want and living in the now allowing the energies do the work for us.

We are with you, all of you. We are now so densely patterned around your planet and solar system that if you were to see how many ships and craft there are, you would almost not see the sky!-The Galactic Federation of Light-

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashian: Your Well Being is Crucial Now

July 1, 2020,

J: Ashian, I am here to today to ask what you wish to share.

A: Beloved Jennifer, it is wonderful to share with you as always.

We are with you, all of you. We are now so densely patterned around your planet and solar system that if you were to see how many ships and craft there are, you would almost not see the sky!

J: Really!

A: Surprisingly, yes. Vibrations are rising; great, universe-affecting revelations and changes are about to occur. We are all here, both to witness and to support you.

J: Can you say more about these revelations and changes.

A: They go to the very heart of your power and economic structures. All you have been told is false; you have been programmed to believe the lies and not notice the truth. This is about to end. The lies are now crumbling, soon to take some crashing blows.

J: Like what? Dare I ask!

A: My dearest, you may always ask! We may not always be at liberty to divulge. When the time is ready, you will see it, know it. And more information is to follow then.

Right now, you are in a ‘mini-lull’, a tiny moment of calm. Regroup. Recentre. Use what time you have – for we are aware that this period has brought enormous stress and strain to almost all – to nurture yourselves. We cannot say this often enough or powerfully enough.

J: We matter!

A: You do. Each and every one of you. Your well being determines your vibration. Your vibration determines the speed and ease of the awakening process currently unfolding on Gaia.

J: So loving and caring for ourselves isn’t… selfish?

A: Nooo. Not at all; my dearest hearts, each and every one of you, you are more precious to us than you can ever conceive. Your well being is our paramount focus. Not just because of the ascension process, but because you Are us. What happens to you is felt by us too.

You currently live in a shroud; a veil that prevents you from feeling the interconnection of All That Is. But how could anything exist outside ALL That Is? It is, as the reference point implies, ALL That Is.
Your well being increases your compassion and forgiveness for yourselves and others. That matters at this time because the frequencies of these emotions are what make the difference between riding a formula 1 car or a bicycle.

J: I get the picture! Self love, self care puts us in the faster, easier ride of a formula 1 car. Can you say more about self care? What should, or could, it look like?

A: We laugh with your self correction! There are no shoulds, there are only opportunities for different vibrational pathways.

Self care is anything that makes you feel more centred in your heart, any practice or hobby that leaves you feeling peaceful, content, and energised… There are no shoulds, for each one of you are unique and exquisite beyond measure, so that which replenishes you will also be unique.

J: You were going to say more about compassion and forgiveness…

Yes, these two emotions are powerful when directed inwards, because almost all of you are maintaining blockages due to the unconscious holding back of forgiveness towards yourselves, for things you have done, said or thought, which – now you are wiser – you would have chosen differently.

Free yourselves first. Forgive yourselves first. Let it be ok that who you were then, is not who you are now. It shows how far you have traveled on your journey, and the journey of each soul is sacred to All That Is.

J: Goodness, that feels very powerful coming through me. I hope those who read this channel can experience the enormous wave of acceptance, compassion and forgiveness you are flooding through me as I write.

A: It is not just for you; it is for everyone. There are no corners to All That Is, no pockets, nooks or crannies where the unconditional love of All That Is refuses to flow; you may refuse to accept it and that is your free will, it is honoured by all of us.

However, for All That Is, there is no holding back. There is only the flow of love. You, each one of you, may stop the flow by blocking forgiveness, but pure love is always there, waiting for you to allow it flow through you. You are the love and the light. We are all the love and the light.

We leave you with the guarantee of our deepest compassion for you, you who read these words. Right where you are. Right now. On this in-breath. You are perfection exactly as you are now. Exactly as you have lived every second of your life to this point.

Feel the depth of our unconditional love for you, you are worthy of it. Every. Single. One. Of. You.

J: That was very powerful, thank you Ashian.

A: It is always our pleasure to share and expand the love of All That Is.