Intuition is heard in Silence.

Arcturian Group Message 6/28/20 via Marilyn Raffaele

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JUNE 28,2020

Welcome dear readers.

We of the Arcturian Group as well as others on this side see you as a Light corp leading the masses and yet most of you believe you are doing nothing. You are leading not with protests and overt actions but simply by the Light of your evolved consciousness which of course goes wherever you go. If receptive (able to align with) a person can be healed or awakened simply by being in the presence of a high resonating consciousness because there is only One Consciousness.

Those who fully embrace duality and separation are only able to express themselves in ways that align with that level of awareness. Do not pass judgement on how things should be playing out as judgement is always based in concepts. All is proceeding according to plan.

Life and even survival was very difficult when duality and separation ruled the thinking of the majority. The energy from intense experiences of pain, suffering, and/or challenges in past lifetimes remains alive and well until cleared. Many of these old energies have been carried from lifetime to lifetime in cellular memory and continue to manifest as problems or disease if activated once again through alignment with some person, place, or thing.

Example; A person who died once or more by falling from a cliff or some height will remain terrified of high places in every lifetime and not know why. All inordinate fear as well as love for certain people, places, or things indicate past life experiences with them. These energies can serve as protection or warning but you have evolved beyond any need to carry around old energy.

As they surface, these old and no longer needed energies often manifest as some intense physical, emotional, or mental issue that seems to have come out of nowhere. Allow the process. If you feel exhausted, lay down or take a break. If you are having pain, address it as best you can without heavy drugs and allow it to move through. If you feel overly anxious for no reason, take time to center and align with your real Self. See a doctor if you are guided to do so but know that nothing is random for the spiritually evolved especially at this time.

Once a person realizes that they are a Divine Being and it becomes their state of consciousness, anything they still carry that is not in alignment with this will continue to surface until recognized. All, not just a few old energies are now surfacing. Even relatively unimportant concepts and beliefs are being swept from the corners of consciousness. Remember you have lived hundreds of lives and accumulated energy from many many experiences.

Some of old concepts and beliefs you may want to keep for in your mind they make life more comfortable and fun but like it or not, when you are spiritually ready your Higher Self will begin the process of moving you forward and beyond some of them if that is what is necessary. Do not make the mistake many religions make in determining that this activity is bad (evil) but this one is good (holy). Everything is spiritual, God is omnipresent. It is a mind conditioned with beliefs of duality and separation that determine some things are “good” and others “bad”.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing other than the One Divine Consciousness. Oneness the bottom line and spiritual key that unlocks all things. Regardless of how pleasant or harmless a false belief may seem, it must be left behind in order for new, higher, and better ones to replace it. The story of the Phoenix gloriously arising out of the ashes is a true story, your story.

The majority does not yet understand about the clearing of old energy and believes that the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences are having right now are personally their problems to “fix”. The only qualities that are or ever can be personally yours are those of Divine Consciousness. Never claim error of any sort as personally yours, for all error is impersonal–a collective belief in separation from God.

Those of you who are drawn to these messages no longer live under the shadow of the old. You have evolved beyond your previous “seeking” state of consciousness and must now begin to trust that everything is as it needs to be both personally and globally. Do not resist or go into fear but rather rejoice in the realization that the world is experiencing a turning point.

Present times do not feel familiar or comfortable as they did in the past but know that being here at this time is the reason you chose to incarnate. You are being presented with opportunities to live the truth you integrated through many lifetimes of searching and study. You are learning to love yourself and others through your ability to see through appearances to the spiritual reality underlying them which in turn is serving to open and lift the collective.

Be patient for events must unfold gradually in order to be seen, acknowledged, and replaced in a higher form. Current forms of law, government medicine, education, religion and all things based in concepts of duality and separation must eventually dissolve because the energy that formed them will no longer exist when higher frequencies become dominant in the collective.

Within the next few months you will witness some interesting events and changes. By letting go of any remaining concepts of what these changes or results must be or look like, you become a silent witness to the subtle and not so subtle energies now flowing into world consciousness.

Most humans live in a dream, hypnotized by beliefs of duality and separation. The dreams are sometimes good and at other times are nightmares but always they remain dreams having no law to support, sustain, or maintain them. Much of the world is awakening out of this dream state, but for many it is difficult to leave behind that which is familiar and has been accepted as reality throughout all other lifetimes.

Begin to see and think of yourself as an expression of Divine consciousness rather than a physical body. When problems arise, and they will, acknowledge that you are not one with, but ARE the wisdom, intelligence, harmony, etc. of One Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent God. Examine your belief system as to what you may still hold as truth that is not in alignment with this truth.

Evolution while living in the dense energy of a three dimensional world is a gradual process and one you have been at since the beginning of your earthly sojourns. Every lifetime brings learning and growth to the individual regardless of how useless the life may appear to others. You have done the work and are ready to allow your many lifetimes and experiences to come together as a complete whole.

Trust that all is as it should be through the realization that you are no longer personally in charge. Allowing means allowing the Divine Consciousness you are to be in charge of ITself. Evolution can be delayed through free will but cannot be avoided, because the goal is already fully present simply awaiting recognition.

Many out of habit or fear, continue walking through life with one foot in both worlds long after the time has come for them to place both feet in reality. Many so called spiritual leaders still walk and teach a divided path but you have evolved beyond the need for some guru, priest, minister, teacher in the outer to tell you what to believe.

Those who continue to live divided once they know the truth, will remain in the old energy because there is no unexpressed consciousness and they will be creating this. Duality and separation cannot come with you into a higher state of consciousness. We are not saying you must attempt to live the absolute or that you must forgo the pleasures of life on earth, but rather as we have said many times before, living spiritually is a matter of holding truth foremost in your heart and mind as you go about your ordinary activities which turns even the most mundane of tasks into a spiritual activity.

Look to and trust your intuition, that silent inner “knowing” that flows from within and which will guide you in every aspect of life if allowed. Are you willing to turn away from the distractions that keep you from hearing it? Those who spend every waking moment staring at and checking their phones and who have plugs in their ears most of the time, will not hear their guidance or intuition and then wonder why.

Intuition is heard in Silence. A silence that may be the rustle of wind through trees in a forest, a bird song, a stream bubbling over stones, a baby’s smile or giggle, in quiet acceptance, or in the silence of deep meditation. Examine your present lifestyle and see if you yourself are tuning out the guidance you ask for and believe you never receive.

Guidance occasionally but rarely comes as loud voice but rather comes as a gentle quiet “knowing” that feels right and is often very practical. It may make the right person or company “light” up when you search the Internet or yellow pages. I may stop you in your tracks when you begin stepping out in front of an oncoming car or start walking down an unsafe street. Life lived in alignment with your real Self is not the “pie in the sky” boring holy card image many think it is. The energy of a consciousness of oneness is the energy of peace, harmony, joy, love, and friendships.

The third dimensional world as you have known it is changing and will never return to what is was. We cannot say exactly what is going to happen for you are determining that but know that if you remain locked into the past, positive change will take much longer.

Live, move, and have your being truth. You are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group 6/28/20

Often the leader at the top of any country has two sides he has to answer to. Same as Trump. The dark hats are trying to blackmail him, now a book out written by his relative, and then the white hats (alliance) instructing him on how to go further. Then there is his own sense of what he has to do as well. So it gets complicated, shall we say.-Ashtar-

Psychological Warfare via Sharon

June 27, 2020
Me: Ashtar, can you please take me to your ship? I need a moment’s sanity!
Ashtar: Reading the news again, Sharon?
Me: LOL Trudeau is saying we can’t let China intimidate us into releasing the two people Canada took into custody, while a few weeks ago he sold off all our gold to China.
Ashtar: It depends on which China he’s dealing with – the communists or the white hats.
Me: Who’s asking for the release of these people then?
Ashtar: The White Hats.
Me: That explains it. Who’s in charge of that country anyway?
Ashtar: There’s a mix. Often the leader at the top of any country has two sides he has to answer to. Same as Trump. The dark hats are trying to blackmail him, now a book out written by his relative, and then the white hats (alliance) instructing him on how to go further. Then there is his own sense of what he has to do as well. So it gets complicated, shall we say.
For many world leaders, it’s a question of who threatens the least and holds out the most money. Each political faction holds sway with the other. Sometimes they compromise for the sake of gaining ground elsewhere, and sometimes they just pay the other faction their price in order to further their agenda. Obviously, the white hats can be more stubborn but other times they’ll take a compromise to further their gains in the future. Sometimes, what looks like a good move for the Deep State is in fact their future undoing. You know that policies were created by the Obama and Bush governments that are now leading to their arrests.
Me: Yes. What’s going on in Turkey now? They’re trying to take over the Middle East? LOL When are the people of the Middle East going to join together and say they’ve had enough? They need to make themselves one solidified state and tell the rest of the world to bug out, but of course they’re all fighting with each other.
Ashtar: Which is by design. Their leaders know what’s at stake. The Middle East is a prized area because of otherworldly resources. It’s not that much about oil as you’ve been led to believe although that can be part of it. It’s who’s living in the Middle East and how they’re trying to connect with the galaxy that there is warring over.
Me: So there isn’t really any unified government running a country, is there?
Ashtar: No, not really and this is advantageous now because then you’ll see more clearly who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. In the States it’s divided into 52 pieces.
Washington, New York and Los Angeles are still in dark hat hands. These states are the major leaders in the U.S. economy, and they have been doing negotiating of their own as well as banding together to fight Trump.
We all know California has been trying to split from the rest of the States and has been doing some negotiating at a world level already. The more resources each state holds, the more it can provide to world markets, the more likely it is that they can split off and form their own territory or even country. For California, this is why the focus on exposing the pedophile rings, because this way the rest of the world will be mortified and California will lose its global appeal.
Me: Ah. What about New York?
Ashtar: Antifa has been active in New York and is making the state and the capital look unappealing to tourists, that is to say, those who are even considering traveling now at this time of uncertainty. It would stand to reason that many tourists would skip a large city like NYC for the very fact that the potential of receiving the virus would be greater there. And New York has been one of the worst hit spots in the country.
Me: So why try to kill off your own state’s economy, how does that…. oh yeah, of course. New World Order economy. They’re trying to bring in the one world economy by bringing down the individual economies of each state and then each country.
Ashtar: Yes. Larger areas of the states, and that is to say larger economic regions, are hardest hit. These states primarily are Deep State run, so the more states swing to Republican run states, the healthier they will become.
Unfortunately, there is still the rioting. When the world’s people realize that everyone matters, not just separate groups, but every person, then the Cabal will have met its match.
This is not to make light of the situation of African Americans, it’s been of terrible oppression, but when you all learn to treat each other with humanitarian values, instead of the values you have been taught by the Deep State, Secret Military and the Dark Ones, you’ll be far better off.
Suffice it to say, there is more coming down the pipes. Those states who do swing to Republican will experience further attack by the Deep State. This could look like any number of ways. False flags, radiation spills, further lockdowns, even viruses released into the drinking water.
Me: Great.
Ashtar: The deep state runs and has always run, by intimidation. They use a mafia-style approach to controlling their subjects. Most have been oblivious to this because it hasn’t come down to the deep state losing its power over the people, but this is what is going on now. They’re losing. And they don’t like it.
Watch the news carefully to understand which states are in the headlines. These are the possible target states before the election. If a state swings over, then trouble may well start there.
This is psychological warfare.
Me: Yeah, there was a state that got a new governor, I think, who is a Republican and Q follower, instead of the Democrat who was in there previously. That might be one they would target as retribution for their loss.
Ashtar: For example.
You also noticed that after a few days of extreme heat that the “Global Warming” headlines started again. People have to realize how manipulated they are. First of all, the Deep State controls the weather and they can make it as hot or as cold as they like; and then they produce the headlines to get people panicking. That’s the last thing you need to do. Don’t panic.
The other thing that everyone has to realize is what they think is only part of the truth. Even for those who we have informed, the keyboard warriors, the Anons, only know part of the truth. There is more going on in the background and it tends to be revealed when either the deep state forces our hand, or we need to release the information to you so that you will hold that idea in your minds. Then you’ll help us create that timeline. That’s how it works.
Me: There are still some pretty resistant people, I’ve noticed. They think Trump is lying, trying to fool the public. That it’s all a big play on the part of the Cabal and Trump is in on it. They point out he’s a cabalist too.
Ashtar: Don’t underestimate the work of trolls. They’re all over the internet. There are also people who have this mindset, and they still have to be convinced.
Me: So what’s it going to take? How close to the edge do we have to get before these people see the Light?
Ashtar: You’re pretty close now but you’ll get even closer.
Me: Great. I can hear that song, “The eve of destruction,” playing in my head.
Ashtar: Your people are destructive. And they believe that destroying is the solution to everything. If something’s wrong, destroy it with guns. Blow it up. Fight fire with fire. At some point, you’ll see new laws put into place and enacted on by honest citizens in positions of power and your faith in the system will begin to be restored.
The problem is the people all have to be on board, and they’re not. So those who are of high light are still holding the Light for the ones who are chaotic, creating riots and fighting.
Me: When are we going to see announcements?
Ashtar: Within a year. Everything depends on your progress. For now, watch what Trump says. He’s as close to the truth as you’re going to get right now. He and Q.
Me: I think people would feel better if something would happen that would restore their faith in the system but nothing’s happened yet.
Ashtar: Some are getting wage subsidies. You got some.
Me: I did.
Ashtar: These are the beginnings of the St Germain payouts, the RV. Right now will be uncomfortable, but when the market crashes and money is worthless, then the RV will be paid out. When the market crashes, we’ll have arraigned all the dark ones, the deep state, and they won’t be able to control economics anymore.
Me: When do you see that?
Ashtar: My best guess is this year. Some say the economy has already crashed, but it hasn’t. When everything hits zero, that’s what I’m talking about. When it’s impossible to trade shares anymore because you can’t afford to buy them, their prices are so inflated. And when the price of gas dictates you can’t drive anymore. When so many businesses have gone out of business.
Me: I’d say that’s still a way off.
Ashtar: Possibly. But just wait. When Trump gains power again for his second term, then watch the fireworks. At this point, the Deep State will have nothing to lose. They’ll pull out all the stops and try to blame Trump. This entire operation hinges on people waking up, and they are.
Me: I know people who are sewing covid masks and selling them.
Ashtar: Opportunists. The hinge pin of economics.
When people don’t believe their governments anymore, we’ve won.
Me: So why should they believe Trump? He’s still a big rich fat cat.
Ashtar: He is. But he wants to revise the American economy that the Globalists have tried to destroy in the last few years. And it has affected his wealth, so he has a personal investment in making America great again. He’s reversing what they’ve done and will set it back on its feet again. That will install the people’s faith in him. He’s already made progress despite what’s been going on. He fears that his family will lose all the money he has built up over the years as well as the legacy of his forebears, and that his children and grandchildren will live in squalor under a globalist regime, because unless he does this, that is what will happen in America. He understands that short term pain will mean long term freedom for his country.
Me: So that’s another reason they want everyone at home: so they are unemployed.
Ashtar: Yes, they know what Trump is trying to create, and they’re countering so that he can’t create it. Employment is an obvious part of the platform of each candidate and job creation is important to Americans. There are other areas like healthcare, so of course, bring in a virus and destroy healthcare. Government spending, relations with other countries Trump has done well in, especially North Korea. He’s withdrawn financial support from the WHO, and walked away from the United Nations. This sends a big message out. He is taking on the globalists and beginning by withdrawing America’s financial support.
Me: I think they have to be careful because he’s already talking about the Deep State.
Ashtar: Yes, and this is for a reason: to let people know he’s not behind the problems in the economy right now. The fact that he’s said this much is alarming to the Deep State because once they’re completely outed, the people will realize they’ve been taken advantage of.
Me: I think that’s happening. Ricky Gervais’ speech at the academy awards was also another one.
Ashtar: And the news circulated by the Anons to reveal the truth to other people.
Me: I’ve done my part! LOL
Ashtar: Any way you can get the word out and get people to think.
Me: There’s still resistance. People don’t want to be let out of their jail cells. They’re comfortable there. Personally, I still think it’s going to get worse, much worse.
Ashtar: Yes, it might have to, and that’s their decision. However many can be saved.
The last thing I want to point out to you is the exoneration of people like General Flynn, and the failed impeachment of Donald Trump are showing the public who the bad guys are, and who they can trust.
Me: Is that just people who believe Trump, though?
Ashtar: It gives you more people to believe in. Because so many people still trust the system, when they see General Flynn exonerated, then they believe him to be a good man.
Me: Let’s see.
Ashtar: And you are waiting for him to prove himself.
Me: I’m waiting to see if Trump takes Flynn on board and gives him a position of authority. When he does, then I can believe he’s a white hat. I’m still wondering why Dr Jekyll is still up there, but of course the truthers are doing a lot to discredit him.
Ashtar: Which counts as well. He’ll go down.
Me: And he’ll be holding Bill Gates’ hand.
Ashtar: This is a game of proving to the American public, and the world, who’s worth believing in and who isn’t. There are many already who have fallen from the graces of the general public, many actors and other people of influence. You see the decks are being stacked as we speak.
Me: I’m hoping the white hats will just one day all stand up and “come out” to the public.
Thank you Ashtar.
Ashtar: Adonai.