Sometimes truth is simple. You are loved. You are love…Your world needs your peace right now. -The Angels-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Peace, dear ones is within your grasp this very moment. Peace is available no matter what your world is going through. Peace can be found even in the midst of disease, debt, division, and disruption. Lasting peace can never be guaranteed by your outer world. There will always be waves at the surface of the ocean, and turbulence as you look outward, into your world. Lasting peace can only be found by diving within.

Take a few moments each day to sit in silence, and breathe. It is the easiest thing to do. If you cannot quiet your mind in silence, then put on some beautiful music, or watch a video of beautiful nature. Walk slowly and with awareness. Lay on a blanket and watch the clouds. Cook with full awareness on each movement, each texture, each smell. Look into the eyes of a loved one, hold hands in silence, and breathe together. Whatever you do, take a few minutes each day in silence or beauty and just breathe.

The storms of bottled up emotions are raging upon your planet earth. They are coming in rapid and tumultuous waves. Nonetheless, beneath it all there exists a peaceful presence of Love that each and every one of you is attempting to find – first for yourselves, and then for your world. Just as one can dive deep beneath the waves on a stormy sea to find the sweet, and gentle currents of the ocean, so too, you can dive within and find the sweet and gentle currents of Divine love. No matter what the world is doing, you can choose to dive inward and find the peace that surpasses all understanding.

You are not shirking your duties as a human being when you dive inward to find peace. You are becoming more humane. You are not avoiding social ills when you dive inward to find peace. You are starting to heal them at the vibrational, root level. Systems can only be healed when every part within them is working at its best and human systems can only find peace when the human beings within them do their part from a vibration of peace.

Far from avoiding your responsibilities, diving within offers you the mental balance, stability, clarity, and guidance that you require to be effective in your outer world. Diving within resets and re-balances your body so you can remain strong and healthy. Diving within calms the emotional storms so you can respond to life as a mature spiritual being rather than reacting a wounded child.

Sometimes truth is simple. You are loved. You are love. You are made of nothing less than the Divine that chose to experience itself in all forms. You are God loving God or hating God. You are Love expanding Love or blocking Love. You are Divinity embodied in diversity. You are Source seeking a harmonious dance within all parts of Self. You are not separate. You never have been. When a wave relaxes into the gentle movements of the ocean rather than being buffeted by the storms above, it finds peace. When you relax into the depths of your very Source, through simply breathing with awareness, then you too will find peace instead of being buffeted by the storms of your outer world

Dear ones, you breathe because God breathes life into you and through you. When you sit, breathe, and receive, you are simply allowing yourself to feel who and what you truly are. You are allowing yourself to feel the Source within you that says, “No matter what you witness in your world, there is always love attempting to emerge in every human heart.”

To the degree this love is blocked, there is chaos, illness, violence, hatred, and upset. To the degree each soul allows this love there is peace, health, unity, love, and contentment. Love one another by all means, but also we implore you from the heavens, love yourselves enough to dedicate a few moments of your time each day to diving inward, to being present to beauty or embracing silence as you simply breathe.

Your world needs your peace right now. As you take a few moments to detach from the chaos and embrace a greater truth – that you are all loved and held in the heart of the Divine – you will become the ones whose light shines forth in this world. You will be the ones to speak with a voice of loving reason. You will be the ones strong enough to inspire others. You will be the ones that embody the truth of your very being, loving yourselves first, then spreading that love and peace as it spirals outwards through you into your families, your communities, and ultimately your world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Ann Albers

it is unity and harmony that shall be the building blocks of the new Earth and YOU are the builders!-The White Winged Collective Consciousness Of Nine-

June 18, 2020

Humanity’s Call (Solstice, Ring of Fire Eclipse) 20th, 21st, 22nd June 2020

From a FaceBook post of June 16 ~

During your Solstice moment, Solar Eclipse ring of fire throughout 20th, 21st and 22nd June 2020, there will be a continuous call put out to fifth-dimensional and higher harmonic fourth-dimensional individuals across your globe and throughout space and time.

For the psychic battle and spiritual war begins for the ‘Final Showdown’ in respect to the control of consciousness and timeline creation. Whilst the light has ‘already won’ if you will – you are called to draw this pre-matter blueprint into your physical reality and create that which has been created.

Pre-matter remains pre-matter until it is drawn down by the holders of magic in physical incarnation. This, through focused negative intention can be inverted into an illusory, false and opposing presentation when service-to-self magic is performed and this is the plan and plot for your Solstice, Solar Eclipse three days of the New Dawn, New Earth seeding of 20th, 21st and 22nd June 2020.

The call is for all those with Christed, Kryst connections across the board to join in telepathic union to deliver the counteracting force and thus the antidote to the negative, inverted intention magic. Christians, Buddhists, Pagans alike – all religions and those who follow no religion but stand for truth, harmony, sovereignty and honour, you are called to action on these days.

Hold joy in your hearts (we realise this is most challenging at this time in your current nexus moment yet you have the tools to do so when reactionary to inner realities taking precedence over outer until the outer harmony templates root themselves upon your planet) – so hold joy, togetherness, unity and in your minds you hold one another, you draw one another close through unconditional love for your fellow man and you rejoice.

For they would separate you through fear and terror and your antidote is unity within love and safety. For your cheers of success, your relief at your freedom and liberation and your unconditional love of one another is that which creates this within the physical.

Therefore we say love and act as if the reality you seek has already happened. Wake with joy each morning for the richness, healing and abundance that the New Earth offers. Even whilst this may not have actually occurred within your physical reality – you live as though it has.

You exist holding the emotions as though it has already happened for this is global and collective manifestation through the power of the law of magnetic attraction. During these three days, this is the consciousness template you are being called to hold.

These are unity templates with tangible seeds of alchemical unification within. True and tangible alchemy on Earth. The unity templates hold the harmony templates within as holographic containers. For it is unity and harmony that shall be the building blocks of the new Earth and YOU are the builders!

Starseeds, awake and enlightened individuals and all those who stand for truth, you are thus called. 20th, 21st and 22nd June 2020 – Your Solstice point, Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire….New Earth Creations.

~ We Are The White Winged Collective Consciousness Of Nine 💙💙💙💜💜💜💙💙💙