Nova Gaia

Nova Gaia 6/8/2020 Dear children, I am Nova Gaia. I embrace you with the fiery light of peace, of joy. My waters are cool and deep, crystal clear, ready for many adventures. My mountains are high with clear views at the summits. From my summits I look across the great divide of time-space and I see you. I see a fading version of me. I see that you are in the process of transmuting on my behalf and I am grateful. (I am seeing a great chasm between a fading earth and a sparkling green and blue Nova Gaia. I am seeing how space-time can bend, like a ribbon, shortening the distance between). Yes, dear. You are shortening this distance, like a bending ribbon, every time you communicate with the higher realms, every time you choose love over not-love. When you do so you are becoming the rainbow bridge for the others to follow. The rainbow bridge is both literal and figurative. It is energetics at its core, as are all things. If it comforts you, know that you are creating the appropriate energetics for this merging from desires unfulfilled to fulfilled. I am Nova Gaia. I am many yet I am one. I see you have questions. Many are wondering if they will exist in many forms across all of my realities. If that is your desire, children. For you are, and will always remain, multi-dimensional. You may be hard at work on a galactic council in the 8th and 9th dimensional realities and yet blissfully in 5D with your twin on ground. You will have access to all of these other parts and pieces of you. That will be the game changer. For the veil between dimensional realities will be lifted and the flow between will be more effortless. The Christ Consciousness is fully rooted here in my form. The Christ dances freely with the Sophia. Energies between the divine masculine and feminine are balanced. Whole. Complete. Those who wish to experience this completeness will be here for they will vibrate at this frequency. Yet, there are still many who are not ready for this experience of wholeness as they are still playing out in the lower realms of isolation and division. They will be allowed to vibrate at that reality as well but in another realm, another place, far from me. For I have ascended. You, dear children reading these words, have likely ascended many times, but this was a unique opportunity to ascend within the physical form, with me. This is a team effort, to be certain. Allow me to help you. Allow me to assist. Ground into this form of me. Wrap around my crystal heart that beats to the rhythm of the higher realms and ways of light, steady, strong. Steady and strong too shall your hearts beat as they become whole in this knowing of surrender to the light and the safety, comfort and supreme joy that this brings to a heart at peace. I am Nova Gaia. You will never be at a lack of things to do, or places to explore. All is whole and complete upon me. For I am risen, as are you rising, so shall we rise as one body, each helping the other bit by bit. My ley lines are my arteries of light and love. Send light and love to me and in turn you shall feel my gift flow back to you many fold. For you are not alone. I am overcome with joy feeling the support of all of the light workers and light lifters who have volunteered to come here to nourish, to support and to ascend with me. Thank you. (I am seeing a massive perfect crystal heart of all colors deep within Gaia, surrounded by a still dark void. I am seeing within her crystal heart there are stunning gems too numerous to count of all shapes and sizes. I see a crystal door appear on the front of her heart and some of these gems start to float out). Dear children, I share my heart with yours. I wish for you to take one of these gems freely offered to you and tuck it into your heart space, so that you feel me near in these upcoming days. In this way you will already have a piece of vibrating, shining Nova Gaia within you and you will hear my love song for you when the time comes and you will vibrate within it. Please, please select a gem, any you like and tuck it within your heart. There! We are even more connected now. I am yours and you are mine in mutual love and understanding, in appreciation and support. Nova Gaia, my body, will divinely support you in your need for further adventures of joy. The days of darkness are well over. No darkness may linger upon me. I see the darkness clearing quickly on your realm, your version of me. That is good. It is time. (I am seeing more gems floating out in a line now, floating between the chasm of Nova Gaia and current Gaia that we are on. I am seeing them multiply into a vast roadway of rainbow light, sparkling like the sun. I am seeing the archangels approach this roadway, standing in massive lines on either side. I am hearing cheering and cries of “Welcome home, to the light workers who are arriving, have arrived and will arrive! Victory to the light! Victory to love! Victory to the new beginnings of the beginning! For the old ways are past, the new ways are to come. Come across the bridge! Come into the light of the new day!” I am seeing crowns of many intricate shapes and colors filled with these beautiful gems from Gaia’s crystal heart. I am seeing Mother and Father God standing at the entrance portal to Nova Gaia, preparing to hand out the crowns to those who walk across. It is very emotional and all are brimming up with tears of joy). I am Nova Gaia. I surround you in my rainbow light. Warriors of the way, Feel my strength. Feel my faith in you! Master Yeshua states that mountains may be moved with faith. I have tremendous faith that you are able to complete this mission. It is time to rise. I anoint you with the oils of my plants and seeds. I wash you with my cool blue waters. I dry your faces with the softest of mosses. Refreshed now, arise and greet this moment in your experience as one who is fully awakened with eyes to see, with ears to hear, and with hearts open in understanding and tremendous wisdom. Glean from your experiences. Command the wisdom of your past to surround your space. All of my planetary memories of all who have lived upon me are within my crystal heart, a storage bank of wisdom. It is made freely available to those with the wisdom to seek it whose hands are pure and clean. I am Nova Gaia. Feel my cool sea breezes and be soothed. We are all welcoming you homeward now. Feel me. We are one. ~ galaxygirl

the United States, it is close to NESARA compliancy. Politics is being fought at the state level versus the feds and these states will fall and become compliant.

Ivo of Vega – Where is Your Perspective?

by Sharon Stewart

Ivo: You have a choice as to how you see current events on your planet. Great progress has been made for 3 of the world’s largest economies (countries): the United States, Russia and China.

Russia’s ascension began years ago, of course when Eastern Germany was freed, the iron curtain countries became independent and the USSR was downsized to what is now Russia. They have gone through much transition.

With China it is a question of Hong Kong and Tibet being freed. They are in the hands of the Communist Illuminati at the moment.

As for the United States, it is close to NESARA compliancy. Politics is being fought at the state level versus the feds and these states will fall and become compliant.

For the individual, you live in your particular country for a reason. You have always brought light to this country, you have been a part of its collective karma for your lifetime.Now you have the choice, as you always did, of how you wish to see what is going on. Many of you are more activated in your higher chakras, so you have more information available to you to guide you to view your country’s progress at whichever level you wish to.

Level 1 – the physical level – this is a level which is devoid of emotion and intellect, yet there are some who continue to view life at this level, considering only the physical circumstances that might befall them. For example, the person who fears only the loss of property, but does not consider the loss of family or friends in any transaction.

Me: This sounds kind of weird but it also sounds like some people I know. I know even my father was more concerned about the car after the accident I got into instead of me and how I was faring.

Ivo: And this is my point, my love. When one represses the emotions and the intellect is strictly controlled through mind control, this is how a human will respond at the lowest level: materially.

Me: Interesting.

Ivo: Level 2: Emotionally. This of course relates to the second chakra. While emotionally considering the circumstances one sees, the respond might be of how this would affect the country as a whole emotionally, or how one’s emotions are being torn apart by viewing what they are viewing.

Level 3 – Intellectually. This relates to seeing circumstances with a purely thought out perspective, not considering the emotional consequences or perhaps even the physical consequences of current events in your country. This comes across as rather “dry” and unemotional. And you will notice that many statements given by your leaders express the intellectual response. This is indicative of how your world runs: intellectually.

Me: Yes, I can relate to that too. Thought out with perspective on what it to come, also from an intellectual standpoint.
So then, Ivo, what happens when the heart is opened to consider current circumstances?

Ivo: Ah, yes. This changes everything because the heart is the seat of the higher perspective. When higher perspective is considered rather than lower physical, emotional and intellectual perspectives, this indicates involvement of the soul in earthly matters, which is the goal of ascension. You are in the fourth dimension and for many they are working on issues of the heart in an attempt to keep it open in order to always achieve the soul-based energies and to stay out of the lower domain of the intellect, emotion and the material/physical perspective.

When the heart is opened, the soul is connected.

When one has a heart-based perspective, on seeing the protesters, looting, and response by your leaders, the heart will see the love that lies behind all the behaviours and their responses. The heart of those rioters who embraced the policemen as they kneeled before them, and asked them to, “Walk with us,” “Join us!” This is heart. This is soul. The souls of the policemen and the souls of the protesters connecting. This has seldom happened before. But you are in a higher dimension now.
When the protesters protected the lone policeman from other protesters. When the protesters pointed out the Antifa people, when the bricks were photographed and spread across social media – this is heart. This is the heart that tells you not to fall for these tricks. It is not the mind. Your lower minds are very controlled – your heart and higher minds are not. They see clearly. The third eye sees clearly.

Level 5 – the throat chakra. This is the chakra of expression and there are many on your social media whose aim it is simply to spread the truth. This is the function of the throat chakra, which is your soul spreading the truth. Not all are spreading truth, and these are not throat chakra activated people. Their intent lies in the lower chakras which are imbalanced at best.

The soul of the people is being shown now. Yes, they are rioting. They are buying guns to protect their homes and their families. This is fear.
You have a choice now to fear or not to fear.

As I have pointed out to Sharon so many times before (Me : LOL), how you choose to react indicates what you will experience. How many people have experienced getting out of bed to a problem, then decided it was going to be a bad day. And the situations worsened as the day wore on. You are creating this. Because you fear having a bad day, you create it.

When you get out of bed to see that the dog has eaten your slipper overnight and you say, “It is going to be a bad day!” You set yourself up for that. Instead of saying, “I have enough money to buy new slippers,” or, “I’m glad the dog enjoyed himself overnight, I slept very well too,” or, “I love my dog. Sometimes he does things I don’t like, but I love him and could never think of living without him, so what’s one slipper?” You look at what you call the bad and you focus on creating more.
The same is happening now. Collectively many are focusing on the bad, and yes, the media complies by putting it on the TV (fear porn), and so you create more problems than need be. The Cabal knows it has your attention with the Antifa fighters, so it will put more out there. This is backfiring because of the citizen reporters who are showing this is being done and alerting others.

The ones in the know must alert those who are ignorant.

However, everyone is functioning at their own predominant chakra level, some with the wisdom of soul and others without.

You are a collective. You have the capability of calming others within the collective by infusing calming energies into your collective unconscious. There are calls for meditations to do exactly that, and at prime times within the lunar and galactic cycles to increase effectiveness.

How do you wish to see your life?

At the physical level where you worry about the destruction of your house?

At the emotional level where you fear that your life will be irrevocably changed and you will suffer pain?

At the intellectual level where you stand back to draw conclusions that are devoid of the whole picture?

At the heart level where you see the love being exchanged between parties that otherwise would have been warring?

At the throat level where you express the truth and reveal the deceptions? You spread the word as an act of love for the people of your country and your world.

At the third eye level where you see all clearly from a soul perspective? And in so doing, you do not fear and thus do not need to attract any adversity to yourself or your family. You hold higher light within the collective to support those who are still learning.

At the crown level where you see the ramifications of this war on the rest of the universe and of consciousness. Where you see the wholeness of the One being returned to your planet, because you see people uniting, overlooking petty problems in order to unify your country and to restore peace. You see the rest of the universe working with you to restore the Oneness of Eden to earth again.

At this perspective you are untouchable. But you came to earth, so you came to give back, to hold the consciousness together in anticipation of the day that you can let it go again, and it will not break into pieces.

You came to be the glue, you came to be the one who holds the higher vibration to help those who do not.

This is a fourth dimensional perspective on the war going on on your planet now.

There are many metaphysical ramifications for the soul, the monad and the whole of consciousness. There are no enemies. The only reality is love. Anything that is not of love was never real, thus it should never be feared.

It is all for the learning. All for the teaching. All for the loving.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are my only partner for eternity. We are One.

#FeelMoreThanFine Update June 2020.

Our Universe is composed from 352 Levels and each Level has its own dimensions.We speak of these past years of the evolution of our planet and humanity and all life forms living on the surface from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension.The 4th dimension is the dimension we are right now,(while 3d exists simultaneously), it plays between what we dream when we go to sleep, what we choose to visualise or feel and what we choose to believe and it also called astral dreaming:the dream becomes reality and the reality becomes a dream and in so many ways this reality that we realise through our 5 senses is not what truly there is.Let me explain in the best of my abilities in the here and now:Without labelling anything as bad or good, some beings who were more evolved than humanity or if we dig deeper that purposely manipulated human DNA to enslave humanity through the course of thousands of years which also guaranteed that the experience of separation from Source and from one another can be successful(something WE as Souls agreed upon before choosing to live in our bodies and this for the course of hundreds of lifetimes) are the cause and reason of the 3rd dimensional matrix that we all have and are experiencing in this now moment while the Freedom codes of Love and Light coming from the Central Galactic Sun/Supreme Creator are activating our DNA to come back to its original perfected state.It is of course for that reason ,that if one wants to take full control of their life as creator to allow these codes to flow within with ease ,one must do their best daily to intergrate daily habits of going within of meditation ,of connecting with nature of eating high vibrational foods and of drinking plenty of water.With the past full moon and one eclipse in June and 2 more coming on Solstice and July 4th, there is an avalanche of energies pummelling the planet that one must do the best they can to receive these energies without resistance.Cause resistance can only make one’s life difficult and one may get very angry.Those who have manipulated our DNA know this and would love to have as many as possible to delay our process as a collective.And so when we take responsibility of our self, loving ourself and doing the Good work for our Highest Good and The Highest Good For All we are rising instantly into the 5th dimension where we become untouchable.To remain in this dimension one must remain at all times in a unconditional love and peace and full forgiveness to self and all others.This 5th dimension is already here right now achievable by simply intending and saying :IAM a 5th Dimensional Being.IAM The Love,IAM The Light,IAM The Truth.The 5th dimension is a state of bliss and true joy emanating from within continually.And from here one can choose to visit any other dimensions in all 352 levels any time and feel into them.This is why you have certainly heard that there is no time, there is only NOW.Where we choose to focus our attention, this is what becomes our Truth.And everyone is different from another as vibration.Yes we can vibrate in same frequency for a while but not for ever.This is why we come together as friends or as a collective.We attract each other because we vibrate on same frequency.This is what defines liking or not liking something or someone.Vibration.The possibilities of creation are infinite.IN 5D there is no lack of anything.There is only abundance of everything at all times.How long can one remain in this state defines one’s quality of a Fulfilling Lighthearted Life.
ps.if you wish to know more about the 352 levels please go here

Nikos Akrivos

You Are a Multi-Dimensional Being by the Celestial White Beings

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

352 Levels of the Creator’s Universe, all of awakening, active and developing frequencies of the Creator. Each level expresses a unique vibration and embodiment of the Creator while encapsulating all that is the Creator at the same time. Every level is whole and complete and yet the Universe of the Creator is only whole and complete with the 352 levels. Each level may hold hundreds and even millions of layers, levels, and dimensions, creating a vast and expansive space for all aspects of the Creator to explore and evolve.

You are a magnificent and key part of the Universe of the Creator, as is every expression of the Creator. You have the opportunity to exist within many or all of the 352 levels and dimensions of the Creator’s universe, you also embody all 352 levels as well. This means you are a Multi-Dimensional being. You have access to experiencing all dimensions and all dimensions reside within you, being expressed through you.

Imagine the wealth of knowledge and wisdom held within the 352 levels of the Creator’s Universe. Take a moment to contemplate this. Then acknowledge that the same volume of wisdom and knowledge exists within you, as you and can be expressed through you. What awakens or is revealed within you from this understanding?

You are more than you could possibly imagine yourself to be. You are more than the personality, body, and reality you recognise yourself as on the Earth. There is so much going on for you as if behind the scenes. The expression of yourself you experience on the Earth is such a small percentage of who you really are, and yet it is integral aspect of living on the Earth. There is a need to value your earthly self as a powerful and profound anchor of the Creator into the physical reality.

Multi-Dimensional Ascension

Currently, on the Earth, a Multi-Dimensional Shift is taking place. Each person is being united with and reminded of their Multi-Dimensional Self as well as realising major shifts are happening across the entire Universe of the Creator. A treasure chest is being revealed to you as your Multi – Dimensional Self realigns with your being. Everything within the Universe of the Creator is available for you to access. You have everything you need there is simply a need for you to access the energy and bring it into manifestation. Your purpose and mission at this time of ascension is to make everything larger, your expression, experience, embodiment, manifestations, and connection. It is time to think, feel, act, and create from a space of expansion, infinity, and endless possibilities. Recognising yourself in this way allows you to further access the energy of your Multi-Dimensional Self. It can be difficult to access the space of expansion, infinity, and endless possibilities within your being when you live in a physical reality seemingly so rigid, solid, and challenging. It is within the love and peace of the Creator found within your being you can access your Multi-Dimensional Self, awakening the natural existence within you of expansion, infinity, and endless possibilities. The more you recognise the presence of the Creator within you, the more you will realise the presence of your Multi-Dimensional Self and the 352 levels of the Creator’s Universe.

Dimension Connection

It is unlikely to connect with, understand and experience all 352 dimensions and levels of the Creator’s Universe at the same time, unless you experience an overall energy or summary. Your soul and being will attract and engage with the dimensions which most support your current ascension and experiences on the Earth. Each dimension has a specific purpose and will promote an awakening within your being, creating a manifestation in your life. This often occurs without you realising, your soul coordinates the download of energies from specific dimensions to ensure you receive all you need and require.

To further develop your awareness of the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe and your Multi-Dimensional Self, you can ask to become aware of the dimensions anchoring, activating and awakening within your being to support your existence on the Earth.

‘Celestial White Beings, please support me in recognising and becoming aware of the dimensions and levels anchoring, activating, and awakening within my being. Allow me to become aware of each dimension as an individual, recognising its energy, influence, and the wisdom it has to share with me, as well as how the dimension will assist me in my life. I am ready to receive, understand, and embody all that is needed. Thank you.’

Take time to exist in meditation, breathing deeply, be aware of your senses, and the energies moving through your being. Do not try to make anything happen, simply be open to receive all that is necessary and appropriate. You may recognise a dimension as a number, colour, sensation, symbol or in another way. You may recognise the dimensions following to you as multiple strands of light or as one by one. The key to this practice is to understand the way the dimensions communicate with you and through you. Once you realise how they communicate with you it is far easier to recognise their presence and any message or inspiration they wish to share. Even understand the reason and purpose of anchoring into your being. Examples of purposes, to bring more confidence, to develop your teaching ability, to assist a change of career, to develop a new relationship, to deepen your meditation, or to bring forth healing.

When you access even a glimpse of the dimensions working within and through your being, you experience a deeper connection with your Multi-Dimensional Self, the aspect of yourself that exists on all 352 levels of the Creator’s Universe.

In a time when numerous shifts are taking place within and around you, understanding the dimensions anchoring into your being may offer some clarity and guidance as to your pathway forth, the support you are receiving and what to bring into manifestation.

With the deepest support and love,

The Celestial White Beings

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