Can you imagine a massive world wide call for people to simply look in the eyes of everyone they meet and say, “I love you. I am You. We are One.”-Ann Albers-

This week the Presence came through me with a loving force. As you read the words, I pray you feel the sweet soothing balm of the unconditional love that sources us and breathes life into us all.

Dearest embodiments of my love,

Patiently I wait for all of you to open your hearts. I am working through you to the degree you will allow me, to restore a greater harmony, a more peaceful dance of co-existence, and a loving interchange between you and all of creation.

Within My being I have allowed you the free will to choose how you will live your lives, what you will create, and whether or not you will allow or refuse My love to inspire and move you.

You live within me, and I within you. To the degree you allow yourselves to feel My love – for any love is My love – you feel Me, your Source, your guiding light, and the essence of your very being.

None of you live “outside” of Me. None of you are “evil” for you are sourced only and all from My love. Some of you have forgotten love. Some of you have forgotten Me. Some of you don’t believe I exist even though I am the very breath that keeps you alive. In the forgetting, you feel separate from Love, separate from one another. You feel scared, angry, isolated, and powerless. It is here that humanity falls into hatred, prejudice, and injustice. Hatred says to another, “You threaten me. You make me face my own fears. You make me feel my own darkness. You make me face my illusions. You make me feel powerless.”

When connected to My love you are anything but powerless.

Resist the temptation to fall into hatred. Resist the temptation to fall into fear. Resist the temptation to judge. Turn to Me. Rest in my love. Remember you are one with Me.

Breathe and feel My breath rushing into your lungs. Focus on your heart and know it is My heart that beats within you. Look into your own eyes and pray to see My presence. Look inside of your heart and find the love you truly have for all souls.

Then look into the eyes of every other human being. Look beyond the masks, beyond the flesh, beyond the beliefs, beyond the creed, beyond the color and pray to witness Me and only Me in all things and all beings. There is nothing else.

I am all races, all colors, all creeds. I am in all that you see and all that you can be. What you do to yourself and whatever you do to another, you do unto to me.

I have given you free will so you may do whatever you choose. My deepest desire is that whatever you choose to do, you choose to BE an embodiment of love as you do it.

If you choose to protest, remember you are protesting ignorance and darkness. Call for, and demonstrate a higher consciousness. Raise your voices in a powerful loving awareness, and stand in a light and a loving Presence more powerful than any ignorance.

Can you imagine a massive world wide call for people to simply look in the eyes of everyone they meet and say, “I love you. I am You. We are One.” Do that for a week, dear ones, and your lives, indeed your whole world, would change.

Can you imagine a world wide call for people to pray, all over the globe, in their homes or in gatherings in their cities, or on your social media, out loud, in writing, all in one day, in your own words, with your own hearts open, for peace, justice, and equality and to raise up the hurting, the hateful, the violent, the ungrateful into the light of love?

Can you imagine thousands praying in front of your police departments – for the police, praying in front of your government buildings – for your government, praying in front of your prisons – for the prisoners?

Your world would see massive change very quickly if you were able to do so, for as hearts open in deep and sincere prayer, with loving emotion, you permit My love to rush through you into your world.

Eventually protests will evolve into “Go Tests”– wherein you create resolutions, propose solutions, dialogue, listen with respect, improvise and revise, until you find mutual, peaceful ways to create change.

Hatred is a parasite that destroys human souls and drives them to infect the souls of others. Avoid it at all costs. Choose love over and over and over again. Love does not say, “Your hurtful action is alright.” Love says, “I know who you really are. I bear witness to the light withing you, even if you do not, and I refuse to dignify the darkness!” You don’t want to hate. You don’t want to hurt. You want to heal.

When you feel helpless in the face of the world’s ills, pray to receive my inspiration. I will guide you. When your heart cries in sadness as you feel the world’s pain, ask me to wrap my Love around you and rise up within you. When you feel irritable, intolerant, or upset, pray for me to remove your conflict and restore you to your essence.

Justice is a natural outcome of feeling My love.

Equality is a natural outcome of feeling My love.

Educate, and therefore elevate one another by sharing your hearts – your pain, your hopes, your fears, your dreams, and above all your love.

Ask for My peace, my grace, my inspiration and my loving harmony to fill your hearts and the hearts of all. Love is the force that creates universes. Love is the force that transforms lives and lives transformed lead to systems transformed. Your actions when inspired, motivated, and guided by Love, will create new worlds, news systems, and a more loving and kind dance of humanity upon your earth as well.

I love you. I am you. We are One.

Soon this drama will be over, and you will be on to new and higher things. We will be dancing with you in the stars, in the sky and on the streets.-Mira and the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner | June 1, 2020-

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently serving full-time on the Earth Council.

Many times in the past we have foreseen the chaos that currently exists on your planet. We feel your suffering and your anguish. We feel your despair and your fear.

We know that in your life experience in the US and many other places, you did not anticipate these events. As you know, this is the final battle between the light and the dark. You are being made increasingly aware of the evil that exists and how it wants to destroy whatever it can because it knows its time is done.

Did you ever expect the powers that have been controlling this planet to leave gracefully? Do you understand how desperate they are right now? Can you feel them clawing and fighting to keep what they have? They want to keep you in their clutches with their lies and deceit. However, whatever plans they have to remain in control, will not work. The light is on the planet and has taken charge. Whatever is occurring now is being played out as the very end game.

The way is straight towards the light. You all need a rest and are due many rewards and celebrations. Please rest your mind and your bodies. Don’t try to figure everything out because it is incomprehensible. It is deep and it is wide. It is dark and it is deceptive. It wants only for itself, its own self-interest. We assure you that behind the scenes the light ones are mightily at work. They know exactly what to do and how to make modifications when they are necessary. It is a way of flowing with the energy and you are all learning this too.

We recommend that you stay connected to your inner self and to us. We are in the skies all around you. We are your brothers and sisters. Be strong and vigilant. Be truthful and honest. Know there is a divine plan and trust the plan.

Help each other. Keep your hearts open and welcome in the light and love. Hold that light and love. Discount the fear. Stay connected to Source. Maintain your power by listening within.

Soon this drama will be over, and you will be on to new and higher things. We will be dancing with you in the stars, in the sky and on the streets.

I love you and I am with you. I am Mira.