Go to that place in between your second and third chakras, and feel the combination of peace, love, and joy as one vibration.

A Process for Conjuring a High Vibration ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are here to invite you to a new state of being, a new state of consciousness. We are here to help you to unlock a new vibration within yourselves. We know that it is high time for humanity to experience something brand new, something that will take you to the next level in the evolution of your consciousness. We invite you to feel for the vibration that is a combination of peace, love, and joy.

It is a vibration that all of you can access as you focus on the space in between your solar plexus and sacral chakras. Focus on this part of your physical body right now, and breathe. Breathe into that space with the same focus and intensity that you would use if you were trying to ignite a fire from a very small spark on the edge of a newspaper. Breathe in with the knowing that you can experience all three of these vibrations in combination with each other.

Know that you are there to take what already exists in the fourth dimension and create something new, something never before experienced, never before felt. Go to that place in between your second and third chakras, and feel the combination of peace, love, and joy as one vibration, one experience, one aspect of who you are. Let the feeling fill you up, fill yourself from head to toe with three of the best feeling vibrations combined into one.

And now, let the energy that you have been conjuring up spill out and over into your energy fields. Let yourselves feel surrounded by this beautiful experience, this beautiful energy. Let yourselves feel wrapped in this warm, gooey sensation, and know that you have done this yourselves. We have just coached you through it. We will take no responsibility and none of the credit, and also know that there is so much more where that experience has come from. It’s all inside of you, and it’s time to awaken the very best.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Man waiting for stimulus check finds $8.2 million in bank account.

This is just the beginning of the prosperity funds being activated.

“I went to the ATM at the Family Express and once I withdraw $200 out of my account, I looked at the available balance that was still left in my account. Apparently, my account had $8.2 million in it. I’m like what in the world is going on here?” said Firefighter Charles Calvin.

Read the article here

forgive those who have hurt you, who are hurting you, who have hurt others, and who are hurting others. Once you do the integration of your own darkness, you not only feel more whole and complete, but you also then will have no further need to create that level of darkness on your world. You will have solved the puzzle.

Ascension Requires Less Hunting, More Forgiving ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been integrating so much since the beginning of your calendar year. We are still ascending back into Source, and therefore, we also have integrating to do. We actually are learning from all of you about the darkness in the universe. We are able to integrate through forgiveness the darkness that exists in this universe, and we are able to forgive on your behalf. When we see an injustice there on Earth, we can offer forgiveness to the ones who are playing the role of the dark beings. And once we integrate that aspect of ourselves, we have a non-physical leg to stand on when we ask you to do the same.

There is a lot of hunting going on at this time on Earth, and those who are hunting are looking for bad guys. Now we are talking about this in both a literal and a metaphorical sense. Many who are looking, hunting, scouring the Earth for people who are responsible for all of the bad deeds, are doing so from their homes, and they are doing so because of injustices that are real and some that are imagined. They are doing so because of persecution experienced in this lifetime and persecution experienced in past lives.

That’s the vast majority of you, and once again, we will invite you to forgive those who have hurt you, who are hurting you, who have hurt others, and who are hurting others. Once you do the integration of your own darkness, you not only feel more whole and complete, but you also then will have no further need to create that level of darkness on your world. You will have solved the puzzle.

You will have ascended to the next round, the next level, and as you know, the crimes against humanity that have been exposed are pretty horrific. That means you are doing some serious integration work at this time. The way you do that work is not by finding the bad guys. The way you do that work is by forgiving all who are playing that role of the dark beings on planet Earth and elsewhere in the galaxy.

You can trust that karma will take care of all of the acts that you would call evil, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about anyone going unpunished. But as long as you are hanging on to anger, hatred, and resentment, you will keep creating a world where darkness exists. Until you graduate to the next level, you will continue to see these reports of crimes against children and all of humanity. You have your work cut out for you. We are not giving you an easy assignment here, but we are giving you the keys to your evolution and ascension, as we always do.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

your quest for perfection has nothing to do with the agreement of others or the understanding or support of a 3D world. -AA Gabriel via Shelley Young-


Perfectionism is something many enlightening souls struggle with. This is due to their deep desire to make sure the shift occurs on your planet because many of you are holding the cell memory of times where a shift was possible and was not successful.

Because of this many of you are deeply committed to honouring your soul mission and are very serious about this and agonize over making the right choices. This can get challenging if you are striving to satisfy everyone from a 3D perspective while trying to anchor higher vibrational energies.

You can mistake other’s lack of understanding or differing options as feedback on your mission, which can cause you to stall because you do not wish to make a mistake.

Dear Ones, hear us when we say your quest for perfection has nothing to do with the agreement of others or the understanding or support of a 3D world. That is seeking approval from an energetic layer that simply cannot see you in your truth.

The perfection you are truly seeking comes from always staying true to what your heart and inner wisdom is guiding you towards as a true pioneer of the light. It is from there you know you can never, ever make a mistake and will continue to drive the great shift of consciousness that is occurring on your planet.

~ Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Partial Transcript of this gem from Patricia to fortify our invocations and prayers through the power of the the spoken word

I am my I am presence and I am one with the I am presence of every person on earth through the power of my spoken words I command God’s unformed primal light substance from the core of creation to tangibly manifest my heart based invocations decrees and prayers here and now” after saying that command out loud use the power of your spoken words and state your invocations decrees and prayers out loud…

Transmuting the Loosh Others Create | St. Germain via Sharon Stewart

April 21, 2020

Me: LOL He’s talking to me while I’m watching airplane videos on YouTube. The saint is amazed anyone gets into a plane, never mind pays for the ride. LOL I find most ETs tend to have the same opinion. Ashtar sure does.

He says he’s been talking to me all day because I’m having a bad day. I’d heard him earlier too. He was the one who told me to use the violet flame to transmute the load of negative energy I’d taken on to transmute overnight. And I had some success. Practise makes perfect.

Crazy, I can see an energetic line between the tail fin and the right wing of the plane. I’ve been seeing more of those between objects. Everything is connected.

Me: So, energies are increased and typically, when they go up, my mood tanks. Can you explain this please, St Germaine, for all the other people who are so horribly affected by increases in the Schumann Resonance?

StG: I can! Indeed! You do not understand this process yet. There are many as you are, who have come here to transmute what you call “loosh,” the negative energy that the false “gods” of your planet work so hard to create, the fear energy, the hate, the loneliness, the energy of abandonment, unhappiness, and more. They feed from it. As you may know, many have personal attachments, who steer you into life situations that allow you to create more of this loosh for them. If you are in unhappy circumstances now, you must suspect that you too, have attachments and that they must be removed if you are to move on and further engage ascension. These are energy suckers, the vampires of life energy, the Draculas of your films brought to life.

As the particular favourite flavour of Sharon’s ice cream that she just consumed is chocolate, these energy vampires enjoy the flavour of fear. Love energy elicits indigestion. They enjoy fear, they bathe in it, they revere it, they seek it out and create it wherever possible. And any unwitting human is prey to their manipulations. You must become resistant to this. It is the only way. Resistance is love, nothing else.

So, you woke up in a vile mood and realized that the energies of the earth resonance were increased today. When this in fact happens, what occurs is the negative energy of the collective plus Gaia are then flushed out into receptors and these receptors are the lightworkers who have come to do this job. Rather than feed the dark ones the loosh of their favourite flavour, these receptors – the Indigos particularly – hold the energy within themselves in order to transmute.

I am the chohan of the violet flame, and the Indigos are my concern. Sharon is configured as an Indigo personality, and a blu ray soul. This means that she in fact has the responsibility at a personal, third and fourth dimensional level, to take on negative energy and to transmute it. The soul who resonates at the indigo level takes on the responsibility of transmuting at higher frequencies (dimensions), thusly ensuring that negative thought forms do not reach the surface to be created.

Me: Ahhhh! Awesome!

St Germaine: The Indigo soul is the first line of defense, shall we say, and the Indigo personality is the second line of defense. All negativity is created at the physical/mental/emotional levels, thus third and fourth dimension, and then seeks higher expression in order to be created, whereupon it finds it way back to earth if not halted beforehand.

What does get through, perhaps if the Indigo souls are full to capacity, or have not transmuted for any reason, the Indigo personalities will pick up and work on. So in fact, Ms Sharon, when you are overwhelmed with negativity, then the entire force of transmuters is working to capacity.

Me: Wouldn’t surprise me.

St Germaine: I understand, indeed, that this is not your favourite part of the job. But as you said earlier today, put a positive spin on it and consider it your part in starving out the dark forces whose diabolical deeds you find so heinous. You are disempowering them.

Me: I do. And good for that.

St Germaine: Pain is not pleasant. But tolerance of pain is something that one must acclimate to in your world in order to do the work of transmutation.

Me: I’m still not there, but chocolate ice cream helps.

St Germaine: Ah yes, just like a child.

Me: LOL Call it what you will. Give me some balloons and candy floss too. Have a laugh, I don’t care.

St G: I do not make jest. In fact I point out that your ability to withstand pain has not progressed over your lifetime. It remains childlike as you were taught when you lived with your parents.

Me: Yup. Food is love!

St G: Very well, then. You are happy with your need to repress pain. Perhaps I might offer a better solution.

You understand that words hold more power than chocolate ice cream.

Me: I’m not sure about that!

St G: Now you jest. May I offer an incantation for those transmuters, the Indigos and the others who also carry the task of holding negative energies, because you are all a bit violet at times. Yes? May I proceed?

Me: Of course! You’re the master.

St G: As are you all. Otherwise you would not be here, may I remind you.

Me: True. Okay.

St G: It will go as follows:

We of the violet flame,
In the Love of the Creator’s name,
Hold our Light to this darkness,
To cleanse this pain.

Creator, please remove this ill,
From our minds and from our souls,
With the power of the violet flame,
If it is your will.

I am the Violet Flame.
I am the Violet Flame
I am the Violet Flame

So may it be.

May I suggest you repeat this three times immediately and then as often as necessary afterwards? Yes. This incantation is very powerful, as of course the violet flame is a ray of Godliness, and to use God’s power in the cleansing of your planet’s darkness is very powerful indeed. This is Alchemy.

Me: I get goosebumps and energy chills running through my body when I say the incantation.

St G: And so you experience the effectiveness of it immediately.

Me: Yes.

StG: As I indicated to you today, there is also the question of attachment. Do not attach yourself to this pain. Do not say, “It is my pain,” because it is not your pain alone. Do not ask, “Oh, now, what is wrong?” because nothing is wrong with you. You are not being punished, you are not in the wrong, you did nothing wrong, there is no fault on your part. It is your task to transmute the pain of all others upon this planet as you are all One. This is what your contract is with God. You came to help transmute the pain of others. Should you not do this, your world would be in a sorry state right now. You are literally buoying the expression of others upon this planet, relieving the masses of their pain.

Me: Yes. That makes a lot of sense.

St G: May I say that the indigo is a pain absorber, and this pain, once absorbed, must be transmuted. The incantation I provided, or whatever one you have a predeliction for, can be used.

Me: Thank you.

St G: And so, you request more information on these rays and why the representatives of the rays are coming to you now.

As you know, Ashtarr Sheran is one of the Indigo group as well, and he too, has come to earth to help it to transform. This is the specialty of the violet flame, purification and transformation. The Blue Ray is about Divine Will, and you work with Archangel Michael on that. Also El Morya has appeared in your life who also reflects this ray. He is the Chohan.

These rays work together and what you then stand for, Ms Sharon is the Divine Power of Transformation. You were made for this. And I see you are helping to transform a legion of followers here upon Youtube.

Me: Yes.

St Germaine: You have also used your divine powers to transform yourself in this lifetime to achieve the mastery that you had upon your birth.

Me: Well, except for chocolate ice cream.

St G. Ah yes. But this will eventually become a perk, and not a necessity. You must focus, as so many of you must, on learning to deal with pain differently. And to do this you must understand that all is divine. When you see your lives from a standpoint of divinity, you see that the pain you have come to bear is not your own, but that of the others who are jailed here in this prison. You have come to take their pain away, literally.

Pain is the great transformer. Without it, nothing would change. When pain halts, then change is no longer necessary.

For those who do not know which rays predominate within you, you are created from them all, yes, but two have predominance. There is one ray for your soul, and one for your personality. Sharon for example is a blue ray soul and an Indigo personality.

You must look to see which you are most drawn to. For example, look to see what your favourite colours are. Yes, that simple. Which of the rays do you find most appealing? Then research to see what they are indicative of and ask if this reflects your character, and at which level, a lower level or a higher soul level? It is that simple.

When you are attracted to a colour, then you are either reflecting that colour, or you are in need of that colour.

For example, Sharon’s favourite colour as a child was green. Now, green is the colour of the heart. She was reflecting that colour but was also in need of it. It was going out but not coming back to her.

In her adulthood, as she began to connect further to her soul, her favourite colour was blue and she is in fact a blue ray.

Me: What about the times I kept saying my favourite colour was black?

StG: Yes, these were not happy times for you. Not at all. Fortunately they did not last long.

See what colours you prefer to dress in, see which colours catch your eye the most. Understand that nature is predominantly green and this is because nature reflects love, the love of God, back to you.

Me: Interesting.

St G: Oh! Of course. But all colours reflect the rays of God and they have meaning.

Me: So why did you come in today to help me, and not Ivo?

St G: He in fact allowed me to. Ivo is a blu ray as well, and he is versed in the way of the violet flame. However, he graciously stepped aside in order to allow this communication with you.

Me: He was probably frustrated. LOL Thanks Saint.

StG: I say, you are most welcome indeed. I bid you adieu.


YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

Evolution through my perspective.

This post, like all other of my posts is not about being right at all cost.Some of you may resonate and some may not.If this doesn’t talk to you then please use your discernment and skip what you don’t resonate with.The absorption of Light in our bodies with our crystalline cells now fully activated happens through the gift of conscious breath practised during meditation state.The more one makes it a habit to go into the sacred space, the easier it becomes for the body to absorb and assimilate light.This is evolution.This is what is taking place within everyone right now.For those that are not aware, it happens with a much slower rhythm, this does not mean they don’t evolve.Everybody is evolving on the planet right now, aware or not.Everybody is a creator and so it is vital to respect each and everyone on their journey even if what we witness is not in agreement with what we believe.The name of the game Radical Acceptance.Everyone has their own needs and only each and everyone one knows for themselves what these needs are.Hydration of the body is vital ,drink at least 6-8 cups of pure filtered water daily.Body needs less food and more light and so it is important to give the body all these green fresh organic foods that contain cloro-phylle. Green juice every morning such Spirulina and Wheatgrass in a glass of juice is awesome for the body.You will feel the well being immediately.Participating in global meditations as for example for eradicating a pandemic is also a powerful way to serve the highest good for all from the comfort of your house.It works and it is a win win situation.Our science is slowly discovering what i am talking about here.When this becomes a common knowledge and medical stuff accepts that every human is electromagnetic being that has the ability to protect the body mind spirit complex through a shield created in their Auric field ,more will become aware that resistance to change is the reason for any disease and when body mind spirt vibrates highs for example when one is aligned with their Higher Self/God within this itself creates a protective field that no low vibrational energies can penetrate name it 5G etc.This is why it is also vital to spend time in nature for at least 1 hour a day, leave your androids/iphones at home walking barefoot & hugging trees for example to truly have authentic connection with nature and hear The song of New Earth with Our Hearts.
Much Love


This new life you are beginning to enter is about your unique needs – as well as the needs of others.

Dear Ones,

It is time to address your need to be right. Your feeling that you know best not only for yourself and the ones you love but the entire world. In truth, you now know less about the needs and wants of others than you ever have.

This is a time of uniqueness that blends into the whole. As if the earth is a huge pot of stew that changes with each additional ingredient into something that pleases the palate.

Instead of one approach to life, this is the time of acceptance. Even though you might not yet agree, your past earth eons have been about fitting within a specific mold or rightness of being. You might have done reasonably well in many lives, but to do so you ignored at least some of your personal needs.

This new life you are beginning to enter is about your unique needs – as well as the needs of others.

Perhaps you remember our discussion about groups of this new world with similar interests working through a common goal. It is unlikely that more than a handful of those goals/groups will be of interest to you in this lifetime. That does not make other groups wrong, merely different. Your attempts to make those groups think and act as you do is no different than any other 3D life you experienced.

Your new world is about freedom. The freedom to think and act as you wish – as is true for all. Likely, you believe that such will create yet another 3D world of haves and have nots. That the wealthy and powerful will make those less powerful succumb to their needs. Such thoughts are so because that is what you have experienced in previous earth lives. Not because you had to, but because you wanted to be of the social milieu of the day.

You no longer have that need.

Once that need is removed, you and all others will have the freedom to create and live as you wish. Perhaps you do not believe such is possible. We remind you that you have no difficulties believing such is true in other dimensions and frequencies.

You continue to create and think with 3D parameters. Such will change as you evolve. The first step is allowing others to become who they wish to be. You are not the great wizard determining how others will live, any more than you want some great wizard telling you what to do. You are all evolving – even those who wish to remain of 3D. And as you do, you will find it less and less comfortable when anyone tries to put you in a box of rightness. The same is true for all.

It is time for you to ignore the wants and needs of others. Not because you are mean or self-serving, but because their needs and desires are different than yours – unless they are of your group. And of course, if they are of your group, you will have no difficulties with their thoughts or actions.

No longer is the earth expected to perform like one as has been true for eons. This new world is about unique individuals creating unique lives under the common umbrella of “we’re one.”

Even though this new direction may seem frightening, such is little different than you deciding to become an engineer instead of a social worker. Both perform important functions, but it is unlikely that the two professions would have much in common in a business conference call. The difference is there will not necessarily be labels for the various groups such as is now true for 3D professional or interest labels.

The actions and creations of the groups are so new that no overarching labels will be probable in your lifetime. You will merely start talking with someone and find that you have a great deal in common. A commonality that will lead to a new creation or activity. Labels or energetic work will not be required, as was true in 3D. It will merely happen. Until that activity is no longer interesting and you discover another group.

So it is you will contribute to this group and that group as will be true of every one of the earth. There are no shoulds or longevity requirements other than interest. For anything you are interested in will be enhanced with your contribution, whether or not you know how you contributed.

This new society is about shared interests instead of certain molds you must fit within. So it is no longer appropriate to vilify those different than you, for they are merely creating something other than what interests you.

Some of you question that thought for you are aware of those who do not care about humanity or the environment, and you believe they are wrong.

Those who seem to be tied to 3D shoulds and beliefs are as much a creator as you. For their beliefs, ensure you will create something different. There is no need to be part of their group for their beliefs are not of interest to you. But because they are so obviously of the old, they are your springboard to the new. Allow them to be, for they are your impetus for new thoughts and actions. Many of you are angry at those seemingly mired in 3D. But in hindsight, you will recognize the vital role they played in your new world.

Allow yourself to follow your joys – and allow the same for others. This is a new world of freedom. Not freedom to have everyone believe and act as you do – you have already tested that mode – but the freedom to be in all their glory whether or not that glory is of interest to you. So be it. Amen.

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We are working with your leaders, your businesses and your financial establishments to bring about GESARA law and humanitarian aid for you all.-Ashtar via Sharon Stewart, April 18th, 2020-

I am Ashtar Sheran, Master of this Universe, here to be of service to you.

Yes, you are in times of great change. Until now, the truth of activities that had been undertaken to prepare your world for its new incarnation as Eden, had been kept from your view. Now we require your participation in greater numbers as the changes to be made affect your daily lives.

Those who have been awake and aware for years have been prepared for the news that is literally coming to the surface now, and you in turn are there to help to convince the others who don’t believe this news, that it is in fact true. Everything adds up. It makes sense, it’s logical, it’s reasonable to view the evidence that’s surfaced, even in small amounts, and to create the bigger picture from it.

We have leaked, if you want to call it, this information to the Light forces here on the surface – and by this I mean you – the new communications system that will overtake the main stream media eventually to provide the real news to the rest of the world. We have trained you, we have watched you as you gallantly took on the forces that sought to oppress you, we have watched you increase your numbers as you shared the Truth with the world. You have fought for the Light, for the Truth to be revealed to your planet, seeking out clues and details, speaking with information givers who work on the classified projects that you need to know about. Your group digs to reveal the secrets being kept from you and in so doing, you are changing the fortunes of your planet. By providing this information to others, you allow them as well, to hold that Light of Truth with you.

And now, one by one, the numbers are increasing daily as the light snaps on in the minds of those who begin to question their reality.

You are creating a human web of Truth and Light. This grid is already shining brightly.

Your reality is changing. What you called “normal” before is now a thing of the past. You have to be prepared to embrace change because that’s what your world is currently immersed in.

The comforts you knew of the past will be taken away, released back to you, and then perhaps removed again. Freedom, as you define it, will change. Events will come about, sometimes large, sometimes small events, that will modify your lives and change your realities.

9/11 was the first of these. People began to question the sanity of their lifestyles when, believing what they saw on television, they realized their lives could be snuffed out in a matter of seconds, and that they were sharing their space with others who did not revere life as they did. The actors who portrayed the skyjackers of 9/11 were in fact depictions of your true reality – they portrayed the Illuminati to those upon your planet. Energies were such at that time that allowed for a mass wake up and it indeed did happen. Some of you are here with this movement now.

9/11 tore away the safety blanket that so many people lived under in the western world. Never having lived through an attack on their home turf, many were cast into the truth of your current reality overnight. Of course, this act was perpetrated by your deep state and the goal of it was not to disturb you as much as it was to send a message to the white hats of the day, who lost their lives in their attempt to release you from this oppression. And so we forged on, with new members stepping in where those who had died had left opportunity. We grew in numbers, and so now we have presidential representation, and higher levels of power.

Now it is time for the people to join us, and to step into their power as well, and these coming events will be opportunities for you to rise to the occasion.

Change is not always comfortable. But you must weigh the pain of change versus the pain of having remained as you were. Had change not taken place already you would have been in a compromised state at this time. Humanity on earth has been saved, and you are now working to continue to save yourselves. We ask for your patience. All will come to good for you. We hear your cries. We understand there are shortages of food, and other necessities being experienced. Please help each other out as much as possible. This is temporary. The financial system is due to change over to the QFS before the end of this year.

The lower astral is all but cleared up. DUMBs are proceeding well. We are eliminating the extraterrestrial population in your lower earth quickly now. Indictments are being formulated, and arrests are already underway. Try as they may to hide it, your main stream media is no match for the sleuths your team has proven to be.

We are working with your leaders, your businesses and your financial establishments to bring about GESARA law and humanitarian aid for you all.

We Are Here With You.

Take comfort.



www.sharonandivo.weebly.com Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

Are You Ready for Eternal Freedom? (Part 1) – Goddess of Liberty & St. Germain (April 19, 2020).


Thank you beloved I AM, St Germain & Goddess of Liberty for being with us here today.

In today’s message, I would love for us to focus more on a subject that is very dear to my heart: Eternal Freedom (in all of its forms), and how to achieve this state of being permanently free from ALL fears, limitations, restrictions or oppression coming from within & without.

In our great desire to claim and experience this Divine Birthright, what message would you like to impart today, especially for the light-workers here who are close to fully embodying the I AM Presence within?

Goddess of Liberty:

Beloved Masters, the time has come for me to come forward and play a much more active part than ever before, in helping you all to fully become the ‘Torchbearer’ of the Violet Flame of Freedom, 24/7, wherever you are.

Of course, this can only occur if this is the higher choice that you wish to make, i.e. the intention that you want to set for your life & for the New Earth that you are in the middle of creating and manifesting.

If it is indeed your intention to create a better life for yourself, and, a planet Earth where Divine Freedom rules, then you need to simply state this intention out loud – right here, right now – for me to hear.

And to these beloved chelas – now that I clearly know what your intentions are – I happily give you all the following promise:

I will personally assist you until, once again, Eternal Divine Freedom becomes a manifested physical reality in ALL aspects of your life, and, a manifested collective physical reality in the world that you inhabit.

And now, to start your journey to the ‘Holy Land of Freedom’, you may wish to simply repeat as often as possible daily, the two ‘Declarations of Readiness’ that Adele’s Higher Self had recommended for you to say, at the beginning of Our previous channeled message titled ‘It’s Time To Choose’.

Your readiness to receive the everlasting freedom that you so rightfully deserve and have just asked for, will be tested even more often from now on, in all of your interactions with the people and the world around you.

Do not ever be afraid of these tests, dear Masters of Light & Love.

After all, these tests are just the means; the ways for the Universe to show you just how much you have grown each day, and how much further you have got to go, to become the full embodiment of your I AM Presence.

The life challenges that may appear in your life path are not there to be used as a comparison/competition, between you and your ‘enemy’ of the moment (e.g. if/when you happen to be thinking thoughts such as “I am more: loving, understanding, compassionate & spiritually awakened than you are at the moment, and thus I’m letting you/your mistakes go”).

Although the forgiving and letting of someone’s mistake is definitely the Road to Peace, Harmony, and Mastery, this line of thinking is something a chela should always avoid having. It has the potential to ensnare you inside a spiritual pitfall where (in your subconscious mind) you have put yourself on a much higher pedestal than another embodied soul.

In other words, adopting this particular energetic stance ‘of being/feeling better than another’ may (in the long run) form a subconscious, new 3D programming within you; within your DNA that states: your mental/emotional/spiritual maturity is much superior than any ‘enemy’ that you have at the moment.

Loved ones, this state of being spiritually superior or, arrogant will, in the end (beyond any doubt), act as another powerful barrier in your sacred journey to fully embodying your I AM Presence.

Instead of adopting such a ‘holier than thou’ perspective, We recommend that you use the life challenges that appear on your path as a powerful indicator, to see for yourself, whether you are often winning, or, losing the ‘battles’ between your old 3D self, and your new 5D Self.

If you are into writing, We would recommend for you to write your daily victories and/or, defeats, against all Ascension-relatedchallenges that you have to face, in a diary.

For each victory, (where you have remained successfully aligned with your I AM Presence – regardless of external provocations) you may wish to give yourself a ‘pat in the back, a hug, or a kiss‘ figuratively speaking. If it’s a big victory, then go ahead and celebrate it in any way that you wish!

And then, for every defeat, you need to simply love yourself more. Never succumb to any arising negative emotion such as anger, disappointment, guilt, or despair. Treat it as if you are now learning to ride a bicycle, and if/when you happen to fall – in your learning process – it does not mean that you are a failure. You need to simply get up, brush yourself off, and keep on trying! Know that your final & complete victory is at hand.

By diarizing your successes and failures in this manner, you are in fact: keeping track of your progress, and at the same time, taking charge of your spiritual awakening journey.

Whenever you are writing in this diary loved ones, your cells; your DNA, will start broadcasting the following message into your Energy Matrix: that you take your spiritual growth and Ascension Goals very seriously, and, you are willing to do whatever it takes, to make sure that you successfully ’cross that Finish Line’ sooner, rather than later.

And with this focused exercise, your spiritual growth will have gained Great Energetic Momentum; propelling you forward towards that Finish Line even faster! More: people, circumstances, tests, challenges as well as magical manifestations will appear in your life more rapidly. The more often you become victorious over your challenges, the faster you will manifest everything that you wish to experience in life.

In time, We have no doubt that you will be able to see plenty of personally-collected evidences of your becoming like the all-powerful, all-loving and all-wise God-Self within!

Loved ones, you will soon find that your successes far outweigh your failures, until one day, you will make the following discovery: that no matter what bad things people do to you; no matter what bad things anyone says about you, or, no matter what bad/shocking events occurring in the world that day – you will manage to easily keep your cool and successfully remain calm, patient, compassionate, kind, loving or even joyful. People around you may soon begin to wonder, and, ask you to share your secrets, on how to remain calm or happy, even when there was complete pandemonium in the world around you.

In the near future, when you have finally completed ALL of your Emotional-Integration processes (i.e. the releasing and healing of all your wounds, scars, traumas and 3D programming/habits), you will find that no one, no situation, and no event happening around you has the power to trigger you anymore.

You will have become free from being emotionally, mentally or physically affected by all external circumstances and, successfully become a bona fide Master of your thoughts and emotions. In other words, you will have gained a powerful capability to not allow the people or the world around you, to affect your thoughts/emotions – your state-of-being.

By that time, you will have realised that happiness, peace, harmony, unity and Freedom, is a constant choice that you have to make, in order to manifest that reality in your life and in your world.

From that moment onwards, you will be able to easily practice the Fine Art of Complete and Total Detachment, whilst at the same time, remaining forever heart-centred and as ONE with your Higher Self – i.e. remaining loving, patient, kind and compassionate, towards the people involved in any 3D drama that may be happening around you.

The visible, countless battles between the factions of Dark and Light on your planet that has been going on for thousands of years, merely mirrored the intense battle going on within the inner psyche; within the Collective Consciousness of Mankind.

The battle between your God-Self vs. your limiting 3D personality.

As within so without.

You had all wanted to experiment and play roles whereby you successfully separated yourself from the God within, throughout so many lifetimes. And these lifetimes where Separation was the major theme; the name of the game, oftentimes felt so intensely ’real’ to you all –> successfully creating endless karmic cycles of your own making that often come from the traumas, fears, wounds that can be found in your own spirit.

Beloved Masters, are you finally ready to end this ‘Separation’ experiment; this inner battle once and for all, and come out of it completely victorious over ALL limiting conditions that had stopped you from enjoying the everlasting Freedom that has always been your Divine Birthright?

Are you ready to stop creating new karma daily, by always adhering to God’s Cosmic Laws – knowing that these Sacred Laws are actually designed to give you Unlimited experiences of Great Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Abundance every day, for the rest of your life?

The time has come for you all to adopt a Higher Perspective, by simply thinking that every negative or undesirable encounter that you may one day have with another human/living being, is actually a Sacred Opportunity provided by the Universe, for you to display your Mastery over your old, limiting 3D personality. With such a perspective, you will be able to easily maintain an attitude of Gratitude, for the appearance of all problems/challenges in your days!

Gratitude, Love and Joy, loved ones, are the energetic frequencies a Master/a powerful Creator always has, when confronted by LIFE.

By maintaining these higher vibrations:

1) you will find it easier to stop making unnecessary 3D drama (i.e. making a mountain out of a molehill), over any challenge/undesirable situation (e.g. the recent ‘toilet roll apocalypse‘) that you may encounter in the future,


2) you will not fail to steer your focus onto: creating and manifesting the solutions that you need! One cannot stay focused on the problems, for the solutions to appear. Your life problems and their permanent solutions, will always exist on different energy frequencies.

Sigmund Freud, in his statement above, had pinpointed the exact reason why people did not really want Freedom in their lives, and in the world around them.

Freedom comes with great personal responsibility. What type of responsibility is it?

The responsibility to: always be the epitome of Compassion, Caring, Gentleness, Kindness and Harmlessness in all of your interactions with yourself, AND, with the world around you.

Thus evolving you into (one day) becoming a person who has mastered and perfected the Art of Unconditional Forgiveness & Unconditional Love.

Eternal Freedom is equivalent to = Be-ing a Master of Love and Light, always.

They come as a set; one goes hand in hand with the other.

One cannot enjoy all the privileges and benefits of any type of Freedom (e.g. financial Freedom, Freedom of speech and self-expression, Freedom from political tyranny, or, Freedom from all illnesses/diseases) without having to give back that same Freedom to others, in equal measure, in the spirit of love, peace, forgiveness, unity and harmony.

It will serve you well to remember loved ones, that the Universe Source has created, is all about Sacred Geometry, Love, Balance & Harmony.

Think of these four as the ‘Programming Language’; the Rules or, the Foundation upon which the physical Universe was built.

When you have deeply understood and fully comprehended the secrets of Sacred Geometry and the powers of Love, you can create, manifest or precipitate anything that you wish using the raw, electronic Source Energy that is ever present in the universe.

When you have learnt and constantly obeyed the rules of Energetic Balance and Harmony – realising without a doubt that maintaining a harmonious environment is supremely important to the ‘Act of Creation’ – that will be the day when the experience of Heaven starts to reveal itself to you, whilst you are still in physicality.

The moment one abuses, or, shows a complete lack of appreciation for the Freedom that Life has bestowed upon you, you will (sooner or later, both as an individual and as a Collective) manifest limiting circumstances into your life/world – to the exact, precise degree that you had limited another’s freedom to be/do (in your present/past lives) – for the purposes of Soul Growth and mastering your Mastery.

Every world-famous tyrants/dictators or, despotic members of the ‘Ruling, Priviliged Class’ throughout mankind’s history, had personally learnt, experienced and lived through this natural and inevitable ‘Universal Re-balancing Act’, often to their own detriments.

These rebalancing acts had often come through in a myriad of ways – sometimes in the form of a revolution/rebellion coming from the people that they had oppressed; at other times the ’villains’ turned to become ‘victims’ in the end, by having to personally experience violent deaths at the hands of those they had harmed in the past.

Acquiring/experiencing the state of total & complete Freedom over all fears & over all limiting conditions, is equivalent to having achieved mastery over all lower-vibrational emotions, and, choosing the Higher path of Love and Forgiveness no matter what.

Thus We can conclude, that there are 3 primary (very strong) reasons why Divine Freedom is not a manifested physical reality for ALL living beings on planet Earth.

Let us now address what these three powerful blockages are, that need to be cleared from within your Individual & Collective Consciousness, if Divine Freedom is truly what you wish to manifest for yourself and for the world around you.

Primary Reason No. 1:

A lot of people only wanted SELECTIVE Freedom.

In other words, the vast majority of people on your planet, only wanted/insisted on Freedom for themselves and/or, for their loved ones, but oftentimes they were not willing nor prepared to give the same Freedom to other living beings (i.e. other people, animals, trees, or the planet) around them.

Creating an energetic imbalance that Nature, or, the Universe, will inevitably rectify, on behalf of these living beings.

This is all about ‘the game’ of power and control, loved ones.

You all loved to be in control of: your life, other people’s lives, the lives of animals under your care, your planet etc. This love of power & control often came about from your powerful 3D programming and belief systems based on the feelings of: ’ownership’, ‘responsibility‘ (oftentimes misplaced), or, being ‘right’ about anything that concerned the lives of the living beings that the Universe had placed under your care.

You might have (sometimes, but not always) wished for them to be happy and free, as long as, they continued to obey your will, satisfy you/your conditions, or fulfil your needs (e.g. the need to feel: loved, in control, accepted, important or invaluable, etc.).

In other words, as long as these people (or animals) behaved in a suitable manner, exactly the way that you wanted/needed them to behave, then in exchange for that, you would give them your very much conditional: love/care and/or, limited Free Will to choose what they wanted to do in life.

For example:


You might have created many limits on what your children can or cannot do, under the guise of ‘good parenting’. And if the children ever break your rules, there will often be consequences that they have to pay, e.g. loss of their pocket money; them being grounded/kicked out of the house; parents showing favouritism by not caring/loving for these ‘black sheep’ children as much as those that often obeyed their rules.

Animal Owners:

You might have created limits on what your beloved pets can or cannot do, in exchange for the love and care that you give them. And people who owned animals as livestock, oftentimes gave even less Freedom to these equally-Divine-living beings, by often mistreating them and not giving them the respect, the love or the happy life that they deserved to experience on this planet.

Divine Freedom is oftentimes severely limited or, completely non-existent for these amazing sentient beings – who in fact have always been humanity’s Greatest Teachers and Role Models; always teaching you and exemplifying several of God’s qualities: pure unconditional love, pure joy, and the innate ability to remain anchored in the present, NOW moment.


You created limits on what your employees can or cannot do, according to the organisational rules that you had created for your business. Your employees will ultimately risk losing their jobs; their sources of income if they ever break the rules.

Freedom of Speech/Expression:

This type of Freedom often got extremely skewed/heavily abused, especially in this modern, technologically-advanced era you are living in, when the Internet can give a person the feeling of complete anonymity and a false sense of security, to say/write/do something: bad about, or, potentially harmful to someone else, without having to pay the price for it.

After all, the person that had been affected by your words, feelings and actions normally lived far away from you, and thus the geographical distance between you oftentimes acted as a strong deterrence against possible undesirable consequences that may arise otherwise. This physical distance (or any other natural barrier, e.g. language, the use of alias/fake names) had often effectively prevented the ‘victims’ from taking any (possibly legal) actions against the ‘villains’, to hold them accountable for their harmful actions.

This feeling of anonymity created by the World Wide Web, had given many people the feeling of complete freedom, power or security, to not do the right thing by others, to write whatever mean comments they wished, to take/edit/copy someone else’s work and/or claim it as their own-without permission, or, to do anything else that suited their own purposes (under the guise of Free Will-in-action) —> oftentimes with a feeling of complete disregard about how their words or actions might affect the other parties.

And by so doing, these people had completely forgotten and violated the basic Laws of Life: the Law of Harmony, the Law of Love, or the Law of Karma (i.e. the Law of ONE).

Even if the ‘victims’ didn’t personally take any action to ‘correct the injustices’ done unto them, (e.g. if they didn’t actually know what had happened due to geographical/language barriers), the Universe will never fail to rectify the energetic imbalances that these ’villains’ had created on the ’victims’ lives, with perfect mathematical accuracy.

For example, We had seen numerous occasions when many celebrities, members of royal families, or other famous public figures, had emotionally, mentally or physically suffered from the loss of privacy (under the public’s ‘Right To Know’), intense scrutiny or, the judgmental attitudes coming from the world – through any social media/online channels, or other more traditional mediums of communication on your planet.

Let’s use for example, the famous (often controversial) public figures such as Princess Diana, Eva Perón, Donald Trump or Barack Obama, who had risen to fame; who were greatly admired and/or put on high positions of leadership by the masses.

Oftentimes We (your higher dimensional friends) could clearly see that these famous people ended up ‘suffering’ in silence because of the misunderstandings, judgments, or condemnation coming from the world or coming from the ‘enemies’ around them, especially for their nonconforming/unpopular: opinions/beliefs/actions/decisions that they had outwardly expressed or done, in both their personal and public lives.

In other words, once a person has reached a certain level of fame and become an expert, a leader, or a role model for many, he/she is then expected to conform (in many/all the ways) to the social norms. If they ever stepped out of line, or, did something that was not to many people’s liking, a public outcry would soon ensue.

The same people who had: showered them with love, respect, admiration, or, given them high positions of Leadership, had inevitably created a figurative ‘cage’ or prison, that heavily limited the Freedom (i.e. the Divine Birthright) that these public figures also deserved to have in their lives.

You might perhaps hold the opinions that:

1) if these people could not handle the heat (e.g. when sitting in that ‘hot seat’ of leadership) then they had no business occupying that seat in the first place and should have vacated it as soon as possible, so that another could take their places.

Is this truly the Higher Perspective that a loving, caring, kind and compassionate Master should adopt? As a chela; as a dedicated student to the Ascended Masters, can you not see nor feel the immense struggles of the people around you, e.g. the people that you had chosen as leaders of your communities?

2) the public has the right to know – under Freedom of Information.

Our response to this claim is both: yes and no. Yes, we agree that the public may have the right to know (if the information has the potential to directly/indirectly affects the public’s well-being and/or, if the information is related to their public/leadership roles) and, no, the public does not have the right to know ALL personal information (especially information that does not affect the public’s well-being, i.e. that is none of their business). It will all depend on the type of information you wish to know and the reason why you want to know them.

Try putting yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if every single aspect of your life is on display for the world to see? For most, or all, of you here, it will truly be a hellish kind of existence. If you don’t believe this, simply ask the universe to send you tests/life challenges that will assist you in knowing what it feels like, to have your personal privacy breached.

People’s rights to their Privacy and Freedom need to be respected, for your own rights/freedom to be respected as well. Remember, what you are doing/not doing for others, you are ultimately doing/not doing it for yourself.

There is a strict rule up here in Heaven, that souls can only access other souls’ individual Akashic Records/Soul History/Life Plans if:

1) the information requested was either directly, or, indirectly connected to the souls who have made the request,

2) you have been given permission by their Higher Selves (or by their embodied aspects-of-self) to access the relevant information,

3) there is a need to know, in order for you to do your job; fulfil a mission, or, complete the tasks given to you.

If you were to deliberately set a powerful intention now: that no one but you, can access private energetic information about anything to do with you, then simply rest assured that your I AM Presence and Spirit Team will always respect and honour your wish, without fail. They will ensure that an energetically sensitive person/a psychic cannot at all access any type of vibrational information, without your verbal/written/Higher permission.

In other words, loved ones, to be higher dimensional also means that you have to always value and highly respect the Privacy, the Needs, and, the Free Will of ALL living beings (including your animals, the trees, etc.).

Moreover, these famous public figures oftentimes had to ‘wear masks’, or, present several distinctly different faces/personalities to the world: one that they knew would be acceptable to the public, and other, hidden/private ones that might potentially end or jeopardise their careers, or even endanger their lives, if ever revealed.

Sometimes their good names and reputations were deliberately smeared by their competition/enemies, e.g. those who were jealous of their successes, or by those in power, who did not like the roles/the good works that these souls had been doing behind their backs.

Judge not, loved ones, for only We (your higher dimensional friends who are in charge of Earth’s Ascension) know the complete, entire, Highest Truth about anything to do with the people/the groups/the situations that you had admired/loved/feared/disliked/hated.

We can always see the big picture, from our bird’s eye view, whilst all of you (most of the time) could only see what was currently in front of you and could see nothing much of what had been deliberately hidden from public view (both the good, and the bad).

If you are ever curious enough to find out whether someone belongs to/is playing a role for: the Dark (service-to-self) Faction, or, the Light (service-to-all) Faction, then all you have to do is to place your entire focus on your heart chakra; on this gateway to your Higher Self – to find the Truth.

Do not depend on just the experts, the spiritual leaders, or experienced light-workers to give you all the answers, for this is NOT the way to Mastery. You must all learn to use your intuition and listen to your own inner guidance, for ALL the information/clarity that you have been seeking for (relevant to you) can be found within. Information that is not relevant to you, may not be revealed by your I AM Presence, as explained before.

Be open, ready and willing to accept the Highest Truth, especially if the truth revealed by your Higher Self is completely different to what you had originally believed/expected.

The vibrations of Highest Truth can now no longer be easily hidden from your eyes, as it will always resonate with your entire being –> a resonance that no embodied soul can deny (unless if one is simply not interested in the Truth, or, too stubborn to acknowledge such Truth when it is staring at them in their faces, especially if the Truth doesn’t suit their purposes).

Religious/Political Authorities:

Many of you here had (in past or present lives) been put in high positions of authority before (e.g. religious, spiritual, political or ruling authorities). For those of you who had come to remember some/many of your past lives, how many of you would be able to honestly admit to yourself that you had (on many occasions) abused the privilege, the honour or the trust that the people under your care had given you?

How many wars had been fought in God’s name throughout mankind’s history?

All the ‘players’ in these wars felt completely justified for their acts of violence/cruelty/oppression towards other living beings because they were fighting for the ‘Right’ cause; the ‘Right’ belief system; because they possessed the ‘Right’ skin colour, or, because they belonged to the right castes/the right groups.

Remember what Portia and Pallas Athena had said, in their message here titled: ‘Right Vs. Wrong, Who Decides?‘:

We, the Lords of Karma, will be able to give clarity to any inquiring soul, as to who was right and who was wrong in any given situation, based upon God’s Sacred, Divine, Universal Laws. Our decision is based only on Pure Truth; the Highest Vibrational Truth that has Love, Harmony, Peace, Oneness at its Core. Ultimately, only the Karmic Board has the last say, the God-given right to ‘judge’ whether you were in the Right, or in the Wrong, for every single scene of your life.

Suffice it to say that whilst you remain in physicality, there should not be a need to decipher who was right and who was wrong in any situation. Needing to decipher who was right or wrong, is not the path of Mastery. It is definitely not the path of Peace nor it is the path of Harmony with your fellowmen. It is simply a third dimensional programmingthat you should continuously strive to eliminate once and for all, as it is no longer in alignment with your sacred goal of full integration with your God-Self. 

What may be true and right for you, may not be true nor right for another person, so what gives you the right to take away, to ignore, or disrespect another person’s Freedom to do, or to be, in all situations?

Loved ones, in any type of war, conflict, debate, disagreement, or even court battles, that you had waged, or, are presently/in the future waging against another (in your quest for Freedom), please remember that God does NOT take sides.

For God will always be on everyone’s side.

Or, more accurately, God will first act as a ‘neutral observer’ to what is happening, and then, will proceed to assist ALL the parties involved, in any of your 3D drama.

The type of assistance given, will always depend on the Divine Higher Will of the souls involved in the event/situation.

Truer and wiser words by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer have never been spoken.

Humanity had created numerous 3D Laws governing people’s behaviour – what was acceptable and not acceptable by society. The rules continued to evolve as time changed; as the people/groups in power changed, and, as the frequency level of your Collective Consciousness changed.

It is a widely-accepted belief that if people were to ‘break the rules/laws’ they will, most of the time, have to pay the price for this non-conforming behaviour.

The price that these rule-breakers have to pay, will sometimes depend on the gravity of the mistakes that were made.

For example, in the olden days, people’s hands could get chopped off as punishment for stealing anything, like a loaf of bread. Nowadays, in this modern age, to atone for this type of minor crime, the guilty party only needs to pay a small fine.

In the olden days, you could easily get away with killing people, but now, modern society had deemed that the killing of another person to be completely unacceptable for whatever reason (unless if it’s been legally sanctioned by the government, e.g. in a war).

And to give you a different type of contrast, during the Golden Age of Lemuria and Atlantis, the people there would never consider killing animals for food. This act would be considered to be a sacrilege; it will be an act that is in complete defiance of the Law of One and thus would never be condoned by society. After the fall of mankind’s consciousness to 3D, the killing of animals for food, recreation or pleasure became a completely acceptable practice up to this very day.

Of course this will soon change loved ones – as your planet and the entire human collective rise to even higher levels of vibration, you will no doubt find that these types of unloving practices (that has caused great suffering in other living beings sharing the planet with you) becoming completely unacceptable.

For you are now in the process of ushering the return of the golden age; of creating and manifesting a utopian society based on Love, Freedom, Peace, Harmony, Unity & Abundance for ALL.

The inconsistency in man-made, 3D laws (i.e. laws that are highly likely to change depending on the ‘trend’ of the day, which time periods you are living in, or, which government is in charge) can never be found in God’s Cosmic Laws.

Remember beloved Masters, that God’s Laws are always Constant and Consistent; for they are the Foundation upon which this entire Physical Universe exists.

Breaking God’s Cosmic Laws – whenever you exercised your Free Will to do so – would instantly put you in an energetic ‘holding space’ until, someday, somewhere, a ‘universal re-balancing act’ naturally occurs. And when it happens, you would undoubtedly experience that which you had previously given/caused others to experience, with precise mathematical accuracy.

The Divine Law of Karma exists not because God wanted to punish you, or, punish the ’villains‘ for all the wrongs that they had committed.

It exists for the sole purpose of achieving a state of perfect energetic balance or equilibrium between: Right vs. Wrong, Light vs. Dark, Lower Frequencies vs. Higher Frequencies, or, Evil vs. Good.

The state of perfect balance/equilibrium is crucial, to maintain the existence of your 3D/4D reality; a reality that is based on Duality & Separation paradigm.

In other words, the Law of Energy/Karmic Balancing plays an important role in maintaining the integrity and the existence of these lower dimensional realities.

Living a 5D physical reality in your own life, is equivalent to living within an environment of Non-Duality & of Oneness paradigm, that can only be brought about and made possible by your complete adherence to Divine Cosmic Laws.

In other words, you cannot continue to vacillate between your old 3D-selves, and your new 5D-selves, if your goal is to successfully ascend and, gain entrance to the highly-coveted 5D environment that your Mother Earth will, very soon, completely become.

The moment-to-moment, daily, choice of whether to act in perfect alignment, or, out of alignment with your God-Self, has always been yours to make.

Please learn to choose wisely, dearly beloveds, especially now as you are preparing to enter a higher dimensional, 5D environment.

It has become even more crucial for you all to master your thoughts, words, emotions and actions, i.e. mastering your mastery. Your ’practice time’ or, this training-period you are in/planet Earth is now in, will not and cannot last forever – forever waiting for you to evolve; to grow more spiritually mature, or to take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions towards self/the world.

There is now a stronger need for you (Our beloved light-workers) to take complete charge of your own Ascension process, and commit to it, all the more fully, every day.

In upper 4D, the speed and velocity of all repercussions coming from your lower, or, higher vibrational thoughts, words, feelings or actions will only increase, until there is zero gap between your ‘Moment-of-Creation’ and your ‘Moment-of-Manifestation’.

One day very soon, you will all receive (e.g. like a boomerang you had thrown at someone, flying back your way not long after) exactly what you have sent out to others/to the Universe, almost instantly.

And when that day arrives, only those who can permanently maintain a 5D vibrational state-of-being can ‘gain entrance’ to New Earth.

Primary Reason No. 2:

Although many embodied souls (throughout thousands of years of mankind‘s history where oppression, slavery, cruelty, and injustice were the norm) had greatly desired and prayed for Freedom, not many had had the courage nor the bravery to take CONSISTENT actions – always following their inner guidance – to create and manifest a reality in their lives/world) where Freedom was the name of the game.

Most of you had been so afraid of creating ‘waves’; of defying authority and thus creating unfavourable/negative consequences in your lives. In some lifetimes, you were also afraid of your own soul powers, or, had become so comfortable in the ‘status quo’ (especially if you had found yourself belonging to the ‘privileged‘ group of people – ruling your nation/kingdom at the time) and thus, you were oftentimes happy with the way things were.

Back then, as a member of the ruling group, in that moment whenever you happened to encounter/witness situations where people (e.g. those belonging to the slave-class) were suffering under the many injustices your group had inflicted upon them, you were in fact receiving a loud ‘wake-up’ call from your soul. Those encounters were designed to activate your heart chakra; inviting you to participate in paving the way for humanity to manifest greater Freedom for your present-time & future generations to enjoy.

However, not many embodied souls had listened and acted in the direction their Higher Self was asking them to do – because for them to follow their inner guidance in this manner, oftentimes means having to brave great danger, disapproval or rejection, from their loved ones, from the world, or, from the authorities-in-charge at the time.

The people who had dared to be different were mostly souls who (pre-birth) had come here with a specific higher mission to anchor, blaze, and, in their own way, become the ‘Torchbearer’ of God’s Flame of Freedom in your oppressive planet. Oftentimes they had become so famous for their defiance. These highly-evolved souls had let nothing to stop them from pursuing the Freedom that they had greatly desired, even if such Freedom came at a very heavy personal price to themselves.

They had, energetically, paved and opened up the way; planted the seeds of ‘rebellion‘, and awakened many sleeping souls of their time, to the following Highest Truth: that Eternal Freedom is each embodied soul’s Divine Birthright and Innate Nature. In other words, throughout the many physical incarnations these highly-evolved souls had completed on this planet, their primary objective had always remained the same.

They had often chosen to be ‘inserted’ into specific, crucial time periods throughout Earth’s history, to: energetically influence the masses; awaken or, remind many people of their Divine and Direct connection to the Source, or the Freedom within themselves.

These souls came equipped with their ‘computer system’, i.e. their DNA, completely engineered/designed with FREEDOM (oftentimes along with Love, Peace and Harmony) as their programming language, that ’ruled’ or heavily influenced their chosen thoughts, words, feelings and the actions taken. Freedom was so deeply ingrained within these souls’ way-of-being, so much so, that it was THE ONLY way they would and could ever operate from, in most of their interactions with the world around them.

Famous names such as Moses, Yeshua ben Yosef & Mary Magdalene, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Liu Xiaobo, Aung San Suu Kyi, Winston Churchill, Albert Camus, Martin Luther King Jr., Eva Perón, and countless others, were the highly-evolved souls We had sent to Earth, to teach and lead their people/the entire world, how to (peacefully – whenever possible) create a world where Freedom was the name of the game.

Their very existence was often an act of rebellion, against the ruling/religious authorities, or, against the great powers/Cabal influences, of their times. Some of these souls, e.g. Churchill, were born in tumultuous, very dark eras to assist humanity in finding/paving the path, and thus leading the entire world back to a time of greater Peace and Freedom.

They had led (by their very examples) and taught the world how to be and feel free; how to create a reality where their own Divine Freedom reigned supreme, even during the darkest of times when their faiths and their cause were often put to great tests -> that often resulted in: them having to spend many years in prison, the smear campaign marring their good names/reputations, or, their eventual deaths ‘seemingly’ at the hands of their oppressors, etc.

Beloveds, it is precisely due to the Collective efforts of these highly-evolved souls, that humanity as a race, is now able to arrive and stand knocking at the ‘Gate of Eternal Freedom’ today. Their collaborative hard work and dedication to the cause, had successfully brought humanity to this Ascension Timeline, where the Divine Rights of all living beings have now become even more respected than ever before!

And very soon, just like I had promised you all in the previous message, Earth will become a planet ruled by God’s Cosmic Laws, where the Divine Rights of ALL living beings reign supreme.

You don’t have to look very far to see plenty of evidences of my promise being manifested around the planet even as we speak. There are many people on this planet who had gone to great lengths to protect the freedom, the rights & the livelihood of those weaker than them; those without power, or, those without a voice.

These days there are so many groups, organisations, charities, or foundations formed with the sole purpose of becoming the hope, the love or the light for those in need – e.g. animal welfare groups, children welfare charities, etc. The emergence of these groups is a modern-day ’trend’ that used to be non-existent, in as little as 50 years ago.

This ‘Freedom Movement’ will only grow even more intense in the next few years, loved ones, as more and more embodied souls are awakening to the realisation that they have never been separate from one another – that you are ONE with ALL That Is Seen and Unseen.

Primary Reason No. 3:

People are quite used, and, occasionally more than happy, to give away their Freedom to choose, to someone else.

People are inclined to believe more in the experts, mentors, leaders or authorities (in the fields that they are interested in) and oftentimes, they would leave the decision whether to do something, or not to do something, for someone else to decide (e.g their parents, their spouse, their best friend, etc.).

This way, if later on in the future, something were to go wrong with the choice that they had made, they will then be free to place the blame on the shoulders of the people who had previously made the decisions on their behalf.

Please be honest to yourself and find out, how many times have you (in the past) blamed your parents, or your loved ones, for the decisions that they had made on your behalf, or, for the decisions that you had personally made (under the caring influences of the people around you)?

You may also wish to simply observe how people on Earth generally react when they become uncertain about: what to do, which path to take, or, what decision to make.

Instead of searching for the clarity; for the answers to their questions internally – thereby aligning themselves with the wisdom of their Omniscient God-Self, people are so used to going externally for said guidance.

They are either totally: forgetting that they have constant, 24/7 access to this expert advice from within, or, unable to trust any guidance coming from within themselves (because they have not been trained since birth to do so, i.e. they are very much out of practice).

To give you all an example, Adele occasionally received emails from potential clients asking her whether she can assist them with their specific problems, if they were to book a session with her. And Adele, in her usual empowering manner, always responds back by saying to them that they will, unfortunately, have to decide that for themselves.

As someone whose Soul Origin is from the Violet Ray, Adele is naturally all about Freedom, and thus she will never persuade, convince, influence, nor pressure anyone to book a session with her. When asked for details, she will only present factual information and provide an explanation on the kind of assistance that she provides.

And thus, if people were to go ahead and book a session with her, they have to do so with an inner knowing; with a feeling of certainty/confidence that comes from following their own inner GPS, and not because of her/someone else’s persuasive advice.

By asking Adele such a question, those people were in fact, unintentionally, putting the inherent risk; the ‘burden of responsibility‘ of their future choice unfairly on Adele. So that if something were to go wrong, or, if they (in the future) were to decide that the energy healing treatment/reading session hasn’t met their expectations, they will then feel completely free to place the full blame on Adele – for not meeting said expectations.

And therein lies one of biggest problems that has effectively prevented Mankind from successfully ascending to the higher dimensions sooner.

How can anyone master their Mastery; become as One with their Higher Self and successfully ascend to 5D, if one cannot, or, is not willing to be completely responsible and take ownership for all the choices that they have to make in life?

Loved ones, if you are truly serious about experiencing Divine Freedom in every single aspect of your life, please take however much time you need, to deeply ponder and process everything that We had explained here today in this message.

For every single aspect of your life that is currently not working out for you, you may wish to then take the time to ask your I AM Presence for clarity, to find out which particular Primary Reason Number 1, 2, or 3 as mentioned above, is currently the biggest barrier to your experiencing greater Freedom in that aspect (e.g. financial aspect, relationship aspect, health/well-being aspect, etc.).

Adele and us have not been able to fully cover everything that We wanted to share with you in this message. And so there will be a Part 2 (and maybe Part 3 as well) of this Freedom-related Higher-Dimensional Discourse, that We had worked so hard together to give you here today.

A lot of the things disclosed here in Part 1 also need to be explained in greater details, so simply stay tuned for Our next installment.

Your individual and collective futures will be so very exciting, loved ones.

Simply make it your daily intention to always remain anchored, in the Light and in the Power of your I AM Presence, and by doing so, you will no doubt safely reach the ‘Holy Land where Eternal Freedom lies’, at a pace that is perfectly suited for you!

Recognise, loved ones, that in truth, your Divine Freedom has never been taken away from you.

It might occasionally appear to be that way, but all that had occurred in your present and past lives, had occurred always with your Higher Consent – ultimately following your own Divine Free Will to choose for yourself, the physical life experiences that you wish to have on Earth (always for the purpose of greater self-love and soul growth).

Only from this state of Complete Knowing and Acceptance of this Truth, you can then easily re-claim your Divine Birthright, and manifest a reality where you can always feel perfectly free, no matter what is happening around you.

With all our Love and Devotion,

Goddess of Liberty & St. Germain.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2020.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for always respecting this request. Namaste. www.raphaelshealingspace.com.au


CHANNELER’S NOTE – April 19th, 2020.

Hello dear friends,

I hoped you had all enjoyed reading the above message coming from our beloved God of Freedom and Goddess of Liberty.

This had been the most challenging but also the most rewarding channeled message I had ever written, on behalf of the Divine. The topic of Freedom is very dear to my heart as all of my closest friends will be able to tell you.

Everything that I had learnt and experienced in this lifetime (especially the ‘hell’ that I had gone through in the last 12 months, and, in numerous past lives), was so that I could finally write this series of Freedom-related channeled messages for you, and for the world.

This series marked the culmination of many lifetimes’ worth of struggles that my soul had personally experienced, in our numerous efforts to anchor the energies of Freedom on Earth.

As I was writing this message, I could often feel powerful Light & Love healing energies constantly swirling from within me and within the planet – working hard to clear, purge, release and heal all Freedom-related traumas/scars/wounds that were present not only within my soul, but also from my ancestral lines, and, from the entire human collective as well.

And now, I am feeling completely exhausted, but also really happy and much lighter at the same time.

Although I had partially written Part 2, up to about 15 minutes’ worth of reading time, I will no longer provide any estimate as to when the next message will be posted.

It will be posted only when ready.

I hoped you had all been enjoying reading the many precious gifts of love that you can find on this website.

Lastly, I would like to close today’s message by sharing the following amazing song with you all. It was written and sung by a wonderful light-worker friend, AnnKristin Torp, and the song is shared here with permission.

Happy listening!

With love & light.


Song Title: Freedom


Freedom in my soul and freedom in my heart

Leave this prison tower- let go the painful past

Standing in my pillar of divine light

Living my compassion – ready to take flight

May all secret dreams I hide – soon be out there in the open

Cause I know – there are no limitations

Take a wild ride with me – on the cyklon of my life-force

With the power of love – and be free!

Freedom in my soul and freedom in my heart

Leave this prison tower – let go the painful past

Standing in my pillar of divine light

Living my compassion – ready to take flight

To be honest – to be real – is the path I wanna follow

To honour how I feel – the lightness and the sorrow

And allow it to be – See the braking down of ego

To journey with joy – and be free!


I can see a new dawn

I‘m the lady of the rising sun

I‘ll embrace it all

Time to blow bubbles, time to laugh, to dance and have fun

With freedom in my soul…

Lyrics & Melody: AnnKristin Torp.

Created in: August 2017.

Copyright 2020 – AnnKristin Torp.


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The Latest Energy Update | Adama of Telos via Asara Adams

Adama of Telos:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

Dear Ones, the recent global unity meditation had a profound effect on Earth and the Cosmos.

It created a powerful energy grid and atmosphere around the planet.

It is an atmosphere of the higher dimensions that is shifting the ascension of Earth into the next gear.

Now, the call goes out to all the lightworkers to continue to add your love and light to it.

This will continue the momentum of your powerful collaboration.

Whenever you meditate, we invite you to do the following:


Breathe deeply…

Imagine a golden warm light in your heart center… (your I AM presence)

Imagine for this golden warm light to expand into your body…

Imagine for this golden warm light to expand into your aura…

Imagina for this golden warm light to expand into your room…

Now, imagine in the center of your heart a pink light of Divine Love…

Make it stronger…

Now, expand this pink light of Divine Love into your body, your aura, your room, into your world…

Then, connect this pink light to the new atmosphere of Earth and all the lightworkers around the Earth…

Imagine all the faces smiling in wellbeing…

Imagine the world in wellbeing…

Imagine the New Earth…

Feel it…

Hold this feeling for as long as you can.

When you feel complete, return back to this now moment.


Welcome back!

We champion your victory in the Light!

Welcome Home!

We send you all so much love…

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.”



Thank You, Adama!
~Asara~ Adams
Founder of The Telos Channel
Trance-channel for
Adama of Telos
Archangel Michael and
The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light

We would advise that you use these times to your advantage which does not mean sitting and meditating all day, but does mean becoming aware of your reactions and responses to everything that is going on both within and without…You are Divine Beings, full expressions of God and embodying all the qualities and gifts thereof. Trust that your Higher Self is always guiding as you become ready for your next step toward full consciousness.

APRIL 19, 2020

Dear Readers, understand that you are presently engaged in one facet of earth’s ascension process and that something much bigger than disease is taking place. As you witness chaos keep in mind that these times are bringing change to many universally accepted but false three dimensional concepts.

Solutions to world problems of all sorts have up to now always been based in solving the problem on the level of the problem which simply does not work. New, higher, and better ways of addressing all issues will emerge from this. Do not become impatient with the process for present times are just the beginning. You are the ones who must bring about change while being fully supported from the other side.

Ascension energy began long ago but has largely gone unnoticed by most. Evolution is the ongoing and unstoppable process of awakening into the reality of Divine Oneness. Many are now beginning to open to a new sense of oneness as all experience current events at the same time.

Today’s spiritually powerful times are guiding increasingly more individuals to question some generally accepted activities, beliefs, laws, and traditions. This in turn is opening them to examine what they hold as truth in their own consciousness be it be religious doctrine, political opinion, words from broadcast news, family/ racial tradition, or other commonly accepted group consciousness beliefs.

Many are experiencing internal struggle as they are forced to cease their normal pursuit for more, bigger, and better in the belief that these things represent success. We are not referring to small businesses who are indeed facing issues of survival during these times but rather are referring to those who have based their lives on the acquisition of increasingly more in the hope that it will bring them happiness.

As more individuals begin to examine the commonly accepted concept of more is better, they will open to understanding that the accumulation of material things or success in the outer scene can and will never make someone more acceptable and loveable than he/she already is, leading them to question; “What then really does make one acceptable/loveable?”

Nothing outside of self can or will ever bring about fulfillment for it does not exist in the outer scene. Adulation of the rich, beautiful, and famous through emulating their actions, dress, and appearance simply indicates the spiritual un-awareness of those who believe themselves separate from and “less than” those few who have fulfilled the some three dimensional concept of success.

This is not to say that the talented and gifted or those who have seriously spent their lives in service to others should not be recognized and appreciated, but rather than with blind adoration based in some concept of success or worthiness, let it be the recognition and acknowledgement of those Divine qualities manifesting in, as, and through the person.

Silent, serious, questioning begins to open submerged inner doors long held shut through fear and beliefs based in duality and separation. Increasingly more individuals are beginning to realize how much of what they have accepted as truth was simply handed to and accepted by them from some authority figure. Spiritual evolution is the gradual awakening of personal and collective consciousness into new and higher awareness. The opportunity is here now.

Those firmly established in and benefiting from the third dimensional belief system as it has been known feel no need to question themselves or anything in the world, preferring to maintain the status quo in order to continue benefiting from it. They work to keep everything the same and delay the awakening of collective consciousness to the new through various means meant to promote fear. However, they do not understand that the ascension train has left the station.

Most humans live three dimensional lives that serve them well for many lifetimes. However, there comes a point of readiness in every individual where they find that their lives so longer resonate in the same way and they begin to seek something different. The seeking always begins with what is already known and familiar on the third dimensional level but over time expands as the person begins to understand that what he is seeking simply does not seem to exist where he is looking.

The overuse of drugs, sex, and alcohol as well as suicide abounds hidden but rampant in the world of many who have actually achieved what they set out to achieve according to world standards. Having attained their goals but still feeling unfulfilled, these dear ones often turn to and become dependent upon their chosen “happiness decoy” in an attempt to cover up and quell this unfulfilled longing within, a longing that can never be satisfied through material means no matter how rich, famous, beautiful, or successful the individual.

This deep inner longing is every soul’s awaiting recognition and acknowledgement as individual Divinity and Oneness with God. All must eventually come to understand and accept that they are individualized Divine Consciousness and that they formed for themselves a physical body to use while on earth while working out the lessons and experiences of life lived in the denser energies. No one is or ever has been just a physical body subject to all the beliefs embodied in duality and separation.

You have all lived many lifetimes and are now completing what you put in motion over those lifetimes. It may be the balancing of energies you ignorantly participated in (karma) or it may be to experience something you have not yet experienced but was necessary for your growth and awareness.

You who understand and live from the deeper levels of spiritual truth have completed most of your three dimensional experiences. You have worked hard and balanced old energy and allowed cellular memory to clear. You are now prepared for the next phase of your evolution but in order to do that you must move beyond the familiar but outgrown metaphysical tools that served in the past to bring you to now. Most of these tools are based in seeking and searching for God but you have found Him/Her.

There will be changes to many comfortable aspects of life. Do not expect everything to return to exactly as it was. Long favorite books, films, and activities, medicines, careers, are starting to feel old and no longer interesting because the previous energy alignment has changed. Rather than struggling to keep them the same, step back and allow them to manifest once again in a higher and better form.

As cells integrate new and higher frequencies it automatically dissolves the previous denser energy. Some favorite foods and beverages will become difficult for your body to tolerate. Certain “foods” (GMO, fake, pesticide ridden) will no longer be able to align with the cells holding new and higher frequencies causing digestive issues.

In spite of what you have been told and so many continue to believe, three dimensional energy is the lowest rung of a very high dimensional ladder, dear ones. Earth’s shift to higher dimensional energy is but the beginning of your journey into an ever expanding conscious awareness of oneness with Source.

Free will allows every person to embrace or refuse the choices of these times. Some will choose to continue living as they have in the past, fully embracing illusions of sense based in duality and separation. Others will utilize these times to honestly re-examine personal and global beliefs. Many are choosing it as their exit point. They are tired, their work is complete and they want to go home. which is every individual’s free will choice.

We would advise that you use these times to your advantage which does not mean sitting and meditating all day, but does mean becoming aware of your reactions and responses to everything that is going on both within and without. It means being willing to sweep out the favorite corners of your belief system without feeling a need to defend, justify, or maintain them. It means having the courage to let some of your most satisfying false beliefs go, the ones that may have earned you acceptance and success.

Many know the truth but have not fully accepted it. There comes a point in every person’s spiritual journey where they must make a decision– Is truth simply a nice idea for like minds to ponder in conversation while speculating on its pros and cons or is truth to be accepted, integrated, and lived until it becomes an attained state of consciousness?

Truth must become an attained state of consciousness in order to be experienced because consciousness is the substance of form. An intellectual knowledge of truth is but the first step toward attaining the consciousness of it. There is a bible quote; “Know the truth and the truth will make you free.” Many organized religions, metaphysical groups, as well as those spiritually inclined have forgotten or simply ignore the “Know the truth” part of this statement, falsely relying only on “the truth will make you free” part.

You are Divine Beings, full expressions of God and embodying all the qualities and gifts thereof. Trust that your Higher Self is always guiding as you become ready for your next step toward full consciousness.

“I am ready to allow. To release the control I thought I had to maintain. To get out of my own way through letting go of concepts and beliefs that no longer serve my highest good. To accept that my Real Identity as an expression of Source already exists fully present as my safety and security, abundance, completeness and wholeness, creativity, guidance and direction, solutions, health, and everything embodied in Divine Consciousness.”

“I no longer need to seek for what I already AM but rather allow that which I AM to express ITSelf as me.”

We are the Arcturian Group 4/19/20

Donations are welcomed

The Light is replacing the dark in all corners of your Globe at this time…You are correct in keeping quiet to those who are not yet ready. They will come and find you … Each one of you … when they need to. -The Galactic Federation of Light Via Blossom GOod Child-


Hello to you. Not really sure where to begin, or how best to chat with you today. So, I will hand it over to you … You know what is best for us right now because I sure don’t!

Welcome to you … Each and Every One. Such turmoil, havoc and confusion. Such media hype taking you this way and that. Such obvious misunderstanding from so many and you feel there is no way for you to get through to them.

ALL OF THIS we have spoken to you about. All these things we have said will be ‘in your face’ and much discernment will be needed.

Yet, now do you see? Not only discernment about what you hear and read and watch, yet, discernment in these times, as to what you feel reasonable to say to those who do not understand what is going on.

To be honest, I feel at this time to keep my mouth shut. Just for now. Too many are happy to sit back and do as they are told. I feel the time to share what we know will be a little further down the track, when more has come out into the open.

Meanwhile each one that ‘Knows’ is also having to contend with internal ‘warfare’ on top of everything else.

What do you mean by that exactly? It resonates, yet, I would like you to explain.

Many of you are not only making efforts to keep your ship afloat in your waking hours, yet, during sleeping hours you are ‘out there’ changing the Energies.

There is so much going on right beneath your noses and yet, it is still kept under wraps. That which is taking place is releasing from … that which is/has been … and all such knowledgeable atrocities are being cracked open. Hence, much sadness, anger and all forms of lower vibrational exposé entering into your very air.

This is clean up time, Dearest Ones. And many of you are going to places whilst you ‘think’ you are asleep and working so hard to transform the fear into its natural state of Love.

So much undercover work is being ‘seen through’. This is why so many are finding tiredness of great depth when they awaken.

I could say I am almost depressed. (Although, I have had a damaged shoulder for a fortnight and pain gets one down.)

Yet, we would say too Blossom, that the places you are travelling too whilst asleep are not of the happiest visits by any means.

Although, there is protocol for a soul cleansing before one returns fully into the body, there are also, possibilities of ‘lingering of energies’ from what one had been attending to.

I am saying the mantra so much and it really helps. I say it when going to sleep and if I should wake and then close my eyes. It has become part of me.

It is a great protector and strengthener.

Well, without going into it too deeply, I KNOW I was attacked by dark energies which rendered me flat for three days. My dream literally had a reptile jump down the back of my jumper and paralysed me. The next day I could hardly move for three days. With respect the mantra wasn’t helping much then! Where were you, by the way? I suppose you were out having a knees up with the vicar?

It is because you are who you are Blossom and it is not wanted by some that your words and conversations be out in the throng to assist.

Yet, you said the darkness has gone.

Let us try to explain.



Yet, this doesn’t mean that there are still not attempts to do what they do.

So … it hasn’t gone … completely?

Remnants, Blossom. Remnants.

Ok. If you dont mind, I am going to take this up again when feeling a little Brighter. Cheerho Chaps, for now.

Two days later

Well, Good Morning. Feeling so much better in myself today and ready to receive an encouraging message of Light and Truth from you.

Instant Happy Energies to you Blossom and all. The Light is replacing the dark in all corners of your Globe at this time. With each breath one takes in this Knowing of Joy, another particle of Light enters in and shines down upon and within all that is.

THIS, Dearest Ones, is becoming the most exciting time that you will have ever known.

There is so much to look forward to. So much to take in to your Beingness as you, as an individual take in the understanding on a Higher level of who you are and what you are capable of.

This time, has been, has it not, a time to sort oneself out? A time to reflect on the wants and not wants of one’s Life/livelihood? This in itself, is Lightening up the self and the Planet.

Do you feel the excitement in the air? More and more of the Plan is to unfold yet, we ask of your patience, as too much too soon would not benefit The Whole.

So, are you able to give us a bit of a hint of what is to come?

We already have, so many times Blossom. The world that you have been ‘existing’’ in, is to be replaced by a world in which you LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL.

A world where Joy and Laughter means a great deal more to the soul than it has ever done so before. Because your souls are to be set free.

So much realisation of one’s captivity will come to Light.

Can you elaborate?


In the days ahead you shall FEEL the release within you … as a human Being.

You shall begin to enjoy BEING a Human.

It will be as if you were placed upon another Planet that looks the same yet, feels so different and because it feels so different, it doesn’t quite look the same.

To clarify … we will be remaining on this Planet, it will just ‘feel’ different?

Correct. Nobody is going anywhere. There is no need.

For this beautiful Planet on which you reside will return to her former Glory. No one will want to leave.

Each soul as they too, return to their former Glory, will unite in Love with all that is.

This is the time that you have been waiting for, Dearest Ones. Yet, please understand, as you say in your world … Rome was not built in a day.

This transformation shall take time. There must be precision conducted in the way that ‘stories’ unfold. Too much too soon would not serve well.

And the Topsy -Turviness still has to get a lot worse?

Yes. Due to that which is to ‘come out into the open’. And it will. Little, by little, by little.

You are correct in keeping quiet to those who are not yet ready. They will come and find you … Each one of you … when they need to.

There shall be non-stop opportunities to sooth another’s bewildered soul and your words will be a balm on their troubled and confused minds.

The virus news has completely dominated over everything else and that which SHOULD be in the limelight has so conveniently been swept under the carpet.

For now Blossom, shall we say that much is being deliberately ‘hidden’ in readiness for a time when the carpet shall be removed … little by little.

There is reasoning for these things ‘for now’ to slip through the net. Yet, really, they have not. Would we say they slipped through in order to be ‘contained’ in a deeper net until such time when their ‘trials’ are opened to the public.

Are we going to be witness to everything?

That, we cannot say. For it will be up to the discretion of the ones taking over, as to matters that may well be kept silent forever.

Too much damage to one’s psyche may be caused. These ‘obstacles’ are still very much being discussed … as there is indeed, so much to be considered for the safety of the vulnerable.

Yet, I thought you said that ‘all will be revealed’ and it will shock and abhor.

You are correct, we did say that. Yet, now it is being discussed as to whether that would be the best way forward.

For know, that when we say … that which you WILL hear will blow the senses … that which many have already heard, has been absorbed and that is of a very dark level … and you will hear of ‘games’ that go into a greater darkness than that. Yet, how far one will go to bring out Truth is still to be determined.

A bit confused as again I say, you said The Truth will be revealed?

And it shall Blossom. What we are determining, is once a certain level of Truth has been revealed, that may be as far as some need to know. For know this also … that which will have Light shined upon it, shall be more than enough for many to bare.

I can imagine. I have heard stuff that churns my entire Being into utter disbelief yet, somehow I know it has taken place.

So, let us now in this moment, change the focus of the more downcast … and lift our eyes and thoughts … into /up to … that which we KNOW is to come in the way of NEWNESS.

Keep Feeling in your Hearts the Knowing of that which you Know.

For that which you Know is to come … is of TRUTH.

I can feel that you are speaking of THE EVENT are you not?

Yes … we are.

Thought so. It’s not that I don’t believe it. It’s just it is way down the track and people then get despondent when it doesn’t happen.

Yet, it will happen. It is to happen … And we keep mentioning it because it is necessary to keep it in the forefront of your minds.





Do you follow? Are you keeping up?

What a scenario!

Firstly, the World of Light that you live in, is to BE EXACTLY THAT. For the darkness that has ruled is well and Truly over. Yes, there is a lot of mess to clean up and the fall out from that will be quite severe … as we have spoken of, regarding shock and disbelief.

Yet, then comes the Relief. One will already feel so much Lighter within as this is taking place.

Everything will seem to have a newness about it


So sorry to keep contradicting. Yet, I am sure either you or maybe white Cloud said that The Event would take place when one felt we could not take any more Topsy Turviness … not when we feel things couldn’t get any better?

Blossom, you will see what we mean. We are more than happy for you to question when you feel the need to do so.

We have also said that within these times as the darkness lifts, that amongst the turmoil you would be discovering ‘gifts’ that fill your Heart with song.

Well, words to that effect, I believe.

So know … that for so many of you that are already securely IN YOUR LIGHT, you will be experiencing such Highs … because you have known this was to come. You KNOW what is around the corner … You are experiencing more and more of the real you.

Yet, of course , there will be others … So many that are still reeling in shock according to their soul’s disposition of that which has been brought to Light.

These words ‘Topsy Turvy’ have many aspects to them!

Yet, KNOW this, Dearest Ones’s of Light ad Love …and you do KNOW it …











We honour you.

We have the Greatest Respect for that which you are.

We must add before we depart this day … make it, if you so desire .. that you repeat with feeling … the mantra …


It really does assist YOU and THE WHOLE … in more ways than you can imagine.

We are in Gratitude to you for your attention to our offering of words.

And ‘we’ are in Gratitude to you for offering them!

In Gratitude, in Loving service. I AM.

I am being reminded to share this link once again with you. It seems more poignant as each year passes.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: To all My Children in Abusive Situations


My blessed, beautiful child, it is easy to believe that you are at fault, that there is something you should have done better or differently. Yet you could be nowhere other than where you are now, and the person who has to help you first will always be you.

You are your own hero, but not in the way that you may think.

Violence and abuse are oozing to the surface in ways never anticipated and on a scale never imagined or seen before. All violence and abuse is born of two factors: the broken heart of a child in this lifetime and experience of violence in previous lives. These two factors are coming together in ways that were designed for this to manifest in this lifetime.

The good news is that despite all the pain, this is the moment for breakthroughs, even if you feel that it is the last thing that is possible for you right now.

The meeting point of past life violence and a child’s broken heart in this lifetime create a low energy connection is extremely visible to low vibrational energies and entities. The energies find these ‘node points’ – people who carry this energetic signature – as the low energy signature matches their low energy.

Imagine a football match with two equal teams; one team is the inner voice of the good that seeks to love and respect others. The other team is the inner voice of the broken, wounded violence, which wants to lash out and hurt others in order to make the intense inner pain they are suffering ease even for just a moment.

When there is no one in the stadium for the match, both teams appear relatively equal. Now imagine that hundreds low vibration energies and entities come to cheer for the side that is broken. The teams are no longer even. The violent team is fuelled by the energy of support, it is glorying in being dominant and powerful.

The other team is crushed by the weight of the opponent; even if the person on the other team it is not a big person, the weight of their energy seems overwhelming. It feels as though all is lost, as though there is no escape, like a caged animal that is being hurt for pleasure.

This is where I, the Divine Mother, come in. My pure, blessed, sweet child, you are not alone.

I see you suffer and I feel your pain as clearly as my own pain. When you are in pain, we both suffer. You may feel like you are lost, like you are unseen, invisible and unworthy; nothing could be further from the truth.

And there is a way out, even while you feel you must share a cage with your enemy. Much violence is caused by these ‘low energy connections.’ Consider a dark room, if you open a door, the light dissolves the darkness; the dark does not absorb the light. Light is more powerful than darkness.

I will help you bring that light into your dark room. My prayer is that you turn to me. You are not alone. Call on your loving mother who sits with you, cradling you in every moment, most especially when you feel as though you are completely alone and abandoned.

Calling on me is a prayer. Calling on me is bringing light to the darkness. Calling on me is bringing supporters to cheer your team in that football match. As you call upon me, you deepen your prayer and you intensify the light around you, which gradually weakens the darkness.

I am not saying that this will create miracles from the first prayer. I am saying that you will be building a light force, an energy of light that will become increasingly powerful, helping to give you true inner strength, helping you find courage where you thought you had none, helping you discover peace where you thought it had died, helping you expand compassion and grace beyond the limits of what you imagined.

In ordinary times, the advice is to never stay in an abusive relationship. Even in ordinary times, that advice can seem impossible to follow; you feel that you have no strength, you fear there is nowhere safe for you to escape, no one who will accept you, and you have no resources to survive.

In this extraordinary times, that advice is even harder to action. I see many of my dearest children feel utterly trapped and lost, hidden and worthless.

So I invite you this very moment, in your heart, for you and me alone: talk to me. Tell me everything in your heart: rage at me, cry at me, hurt me, let it all out. Let it all out as many times as you want to… repeat yourself as often as you have to… write it out, draw it out, dance it out, sing it out, I don’t mind how you express yourself, I ask only that you communicate with me.

Then, when you have left it all out, feel your chest expand as my peace and love flood into you.
You have done it! You have taken the first steps towards bringing in the light; you have opened the door. Now, let us strengthen the light together.

You are my physical incarnation; I cannot do this without your physical presence and without your assistance.

We are on the same team, increasing the light in a room where there was once only darkness. We will carry on together, because we are one, you and me. I am you. You are me. We are one. Together, we will nourish your heart and your soul, we will make you feel stronger and more resilient. We will relight the embers of your hope; hope for yourself, hope for you situation and hope for your loved ones.

We are together in this, let me help you as much as I can, let me strengthen you, so that when the time is right, you will have the self-love to take your life in a new direction, trusting that I will be there with you, helping you every breath of the way.

You are me. I am You. We are one. We are love.

After the many lives you have had to reach this point you rest assured we are present to ensure you enjoy a satisfactory conclusion.

17th April 2020. Mike Quinsey.

The testing period you are in is going to make a big impression, so much so that things, many things that you take for granted are going to change. It is hoped that you will seize the opportunity to lay before you a path to Ascension that will reflect the needs that will arise as a result. Your focus should be entirely upon it as you have much to do in preparation for it.

We feel that your present experiences will result in a more cooperative feeling amongst nations, who will recognize the Oneness of mankind regardless of color or creed and realise that there is a greater need for a coming together, if you are to make world peace for once and for all time.

Currently you are seeing the outworking of the last time events will touch upon war between nations. The time for such actions is no longer acceptable and differences can be settled amicably if those concerned put their minds to it. You could make much quicker progress if you adopted peaceful attitudes and put an end to petty squabbles. The people of the Earth are One, and the ego must be set aside so as to allow good sense to prevail so that you can advance in a unified manner.

Look ahead and set a path that allows all countries to come together. The days of continual warring are finished and ended with the coming of the New Age. It has barely commenced but already there is a new feeling amongst people, who realise that the way forward is through peace and goodwill.

Politics are also changing inasmuch that there is less showmanship and deceit and instead a move to an honest relationship where all are treated with respect. Inequality has often resulted in difficult relationships where those holding the power have laid down the rules. The need for honesty and openness is needed to create good relationships that have been seriously lacking in recent times.

It will improve as the “right” people take positions of authority and ensure fairness in all transactions. The truth has often been scarce but times are changing as more responsible and honest people move into the top positions. It may take time for people to realise how much things have changed for the better, but once the last vestiges of war have been removed, it will be obvious that a new era has commenced.

The population of Earth has tired of the continual wars and conflicts, having realised that they have been orchestrated, deliberated, and started by members of the Illuminati. Peace has never been their objective and even now they try to create situations that lead to wars, however greater powers than theirs have the authority to prevent their actions, as an end to them has now been decreed. There may still be minor skirmishes, but nothing of any importance.

The changes taking place are irreversible and will eventually lead to peace on Earth. It will be seen as a prelude to permanent peace and allow great strides to be taken towards open contact with the Galactic Beings who patiently await the right opportunity to make themselves known to you. They have been following your progress for a long time, and are pleased that they can now help Humanity to achieve its goal of a One Nation of Peace. Their experience will be invaluable as you leave the old totally behind for an entirely new life.

There is so much waiting to be carried out once the vibrations have reached a point from where peace will reign. You cannot imagine how excited the Galactics are, knowing that the time is approaching when they can openly come amongst you. Their role will be to show you the way forward and help you speed up your activities. You have never really experienced what it feels like to rest in peace knowing that there is no threat against it.

Understand that the higher vibrations will affect all living forms in a manner that you have not yet seen and would find it hard to visualize. You will get the idea from the promise that “the Lion would lay down with the Lamb.” There have of course been times when the harmony upon Earth reached new heights, but they have only been momentary. Just for a few moments you have been lifted up and experienced that peace and love that seems as though it could last for an eternity. It is a sign of things to come that are assured as you rise higher and higher into new levels of vibration.

The beauty and love as you rise up is something you have yet to experience, but it will eventually come your way. What you do during this time of change will set the system up for the remaining period up to Ascension. There is no need to panic as in fact you have more than ample time to put into place systems that will adequately cover your needs. In some respects you are in a critical time when changes are going to come quickly into place. It will be for the betterment of you all so that you will be fully prepared to take the necessary steps to keep you on track for the final changes. Initially it will seem chaotic, but as they take place so will your designated path become clearer.

Be assured as always help is on hand to guide you, and in this period we will be able to be more active. That does not mean that it is the right time to come closer to you, and you will hardly fail to recognise the result of our input. You have many friends and family who follow your progress and are urging you ever onwards to ensure a satisfactory conclusion. After the many lives you have had to reach this point you rest assured we are present to ensure you enjoy a satisfactory conclusion.

This is the time you have been working towards through many, many lives and having earned the opportunity to ascend you should have no problem in going all the way to completion. We are with you, so call upon us when in need and we will do our best to impress upon you whatever you should do. Sit quietly and peacefully and we will be able to come quite close to you. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God

In Love and Light.

Michael Quinsey.

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Victory Report

Our mass meditation was a huge, enormous success. About 8 million people were informed, with over 1.1 million actually participating.
Collective display of unity was amazing:

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, has given a nod to our meditation at the exact moment when the meditation started:
We have literally saturated the planetary quantum field with our focused, unified intent, influencing the geomagnetic field:

Our meditation has proven that if enough focused intent is present and if a vision is strong enough, the awakened part of the surface population in able to act in unity. This means that when the Event happens, many of the surface Lightworks and Lightwarriors may be included in certain operations of the Light Forces which were before considered off limits. The Light Forces will give direct instructions for this when the time is right.
Our meditation has been able to curb the spread of the virus. The number of new infections worldwide has peaked on April 4th just before the meditation, and is in decline ever since:

We were also able to additionally stabilize the positive Ascension timeline which will stop New World Order plans for mass depopulation in its tracks.
Their plan has three phases: a) release the virus, b) crash the economy, c) depopulate.
Third phase will never happen so we do not need to go into details, second phase will have limited effects and we will now look more into the details of the first phase of their plan.
This plan was finalized by Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and others on a meeting in Manhattan in 2009:
Actual creation of the virus was an international cooperation of labs in USA, Canada and China, with final phases of the virus creation being done in Wuhan:
Wuhan biolab connection is something China wants to suppress:
And something Trump administration wants to investigate:
And some lawsuits are already being filed:
According to sources, the actual creation of the virus involved teams under supervision of Bill Gates. Frank Plummer, a former director of Canadian biolab which was involved in the creation of the virus, was directly involved in the creation of the virus himself, was a MK-Ultra controlled victim of the Cabal, was developing the virus against his will and was killed by the Cabal before he could talk too much:
According to sources, Anthony Fauci was involved in the creation of the virus as well:
While the Pleiadians were able to contain the Chinese strain of the virus , the Cabal agents have injected three different strains of the virus in South Korea, Iran and Italy. Korean and Iranian strains were contained, but the Italian one was not and is now responsble for vast majority of infections worldwide.
Here it is interesting to note that not even one of about 60 members of my Lightworkers team in Wuhan got infected. They were using Command RCV Stardust protocol daily.
The Cabal has ordered the EU countries to keep the borders with Italy open and the outbreak was able to spread throughout Europe, and later with direct flights from Milan to New York also to the United States. The Cabal has also engineered the coronavirus tests to be unavailable in the US for long enough so that the infection could spread, and opposed travel restrictions:
This has allowed Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom, George Soros, Jared Kushner, Jiang Zemin and others to further their plans for global vaccination and 18 month lockdowns:
Bill Gates is the mastermind behind this, trying to microchip the population:
Bill Gates had a strong connection with Jeffrey Epstein:
Tedros Adhanom, the head of WHO, has very shady past also:
All of the abovementioned people have a strong financial interest in propagating the virus and then developing a vaccine:
And manipulating the data about the virus:
There is strong opposition to their plans, and Robert Kennedy Jr., a member of the Kennedy White Nobility bloodline, was threatened indirectly by two of his relatives being killed to make him stop his anti-vaccine work:
Instead, RFK Jr. is fighting back, exposing Gates:
The following petition is also going viral, and you can sign if you feel so guided:
And now, Bill Gates Cabal faction is already losing:
With more reliable medical information and evidence about the coronavirus being released:
Together with some alternative perspectives on the virus:
It appears that we are far closer to herd immunity than we thought, and the pandemic may be soon over for good:
Sweden, which did not impose lockdowns, is going through the pandemic fairly well:
Regarding the second phase of the Cabal’s plans (crashing the economy), there are already talks in the mainstream about a debt jubilee:
And mass distribution of wealth by the Fed:
Which would not be so difficult to do, if we disregard the consequent hyperinflation, as the Fed could easily print the money:
Current coronavirus situation is turning more and more into a global initiation into the next level of evolution in the planetary Ascension process:
With Pleiadians being more and more involved.
This video of Pleiadian motherships was recorded on March 26th:
It shows a small fleet of Pleiadian motherships, each about 7 miles long, that came from the far side of the Moon and then across Endymion crater in a Low Lunar Orbit (LLO) about 30 miles above lunar surface, casting shadows on lunar terrain.
Those motherships look like this:

Main Pleiadian fleet was able to use the Pleiades-Venus conjunction portal on April 4th and now they are positioned in inner Solar System, fully ready and operational, ready to assist in the planetary liberation:

They are also developing a more advanced version of stardust technology which will make the virus less lethal and dangerous. There are already reports from credible medical sources that the virus has mutated in a less dangerous strain.

I am not at liberty to release any intel about current planetary liberation operations, the only thing I can say is when the mass arrests really do happen, news about them will be released through the mainstream media.
The war is not over yet, and we need to keep holding the Light.
Victory of the Light!

Transform, transform, transform all energy that arises that is not life sustaining. This is your job.

Peggy Black and the ‘Team’ ~ Major Reset in Consciousness

April 16, 2020, morningmessages.com

We are here to support you as you experience the turmoil and the dismantling of the reality that you have known. This is the first time that your planet has come close to a full stop. It is shocking, disturbing and frightening. This is a major reset in consciousness.

This experience is offering the opportunity to observe all that was out of balance. This imbalance has been present for eons. It is global, financial, personal in its inequality. Individuals have lost their connection with nature and the consciousness of all other living things.

Now, in the moment when everything that is normal and natural has come to a stop, individuals are pausing and staying quiet. It is in this quietness and in this pause that they are becoming aware, aware that things will be different.

Individuals are having the opportunity to pause in their busyness, to sit quietly and reflect on the truth of who they are. In this time of reflection they are becoming aware that they are more than this physical body. They are not rushing, pushing, running, from one event or activity to another.

This level of quietude is allowing the light that is bathing your planet to be anchored more fully within each and every individual. We invite you to hold steady in your awareness and your connection to this truth. Understand that there is going to be a great deal more disruption and struggle before this is totally complete.

There is an ascension shift that is affecting your planet, however understand that it will impact the entire universe. This magnification of light is designed to energize all that is light upon the Earth and within all humans. The power of this light has created a disturbance of fear and negativity which has been hidden, buried and locked into the earth, waiting for a time when humanity was ready to transmute the energy.

Lifetimes of abuse, negativity, and injustice are waiting to be transformed. Some people are exerting control over others using fear and wanting to suppress the spiritual awakening process that is taking place. This virus is a product of the negative and fearful energies arising to be released and transformed. This virus and its impact upon the world are allowing humanity to recognize the presence of fear, of negative and misqualified energies, to recognize suffering and to begin to create positive shifts within their being.

So your balance and stability will assist your planet in this transition. You are in the midst of the changes. There is always discord and confusion when things begin to change. Human consciousness wants things to go back the way they were, to go back to “normal,” even if that “normal” was out of balance, unfair, harmful to others and to nature.

You and many others are observing, as well as dismantling, layers and layers of dense beliefs and old energy that is stored in your very cells. We celebrate the work that you are doing. If you could see the energy of light that your collective consciousness is expressing you would be stunned and amazed.

Many lifetimes ago, there was a period you have called the burning times. For several hundred years individuals were killed because of their connection with nature and with plants, when healers, mystics, midwives and herbalists were burned at the stake. This evoked such fear in the collective consciousness that people were very cautious to express intuitive abilities, or their connection with the spirit beings, the gnomes and faeries. They suppressed these divine connections and gifted abilities in their children. This was a grave injustice upon humanity. You are experiencing the results of this injustice today.

People felt disconnected from nature, therefore allowing for nature to be raped, trees to be cut down without any protest or concern for the well-being or balance of the planet. This imbalance is causing the next great extinction, with the disappearance of the rainforest, the melting of the permafrost, and climate change with all its powerful destructive weather patterns affecting the global population.

The result has been the unconscious, arrogant thinking and behavior of humans who believe that they are separate and superior from all other life forms. Human beings were never given permission to harm, destroy and devalue other life forms. This thinking has harmed the other kingdoms, plant, animal, devic, elemental, nature spirit as well as even other humans. Animals, trees, plants, and even rocks have levels of consciousness. This truth needs to be recognized and honored.

We acknowledge that the presence of this virus is causing a feeling of distress, depression, desolation, anxiety and anger. We are inviting you to step into a level of trust in Divine Consciousness.

It is this level of trust which will allow you to transform these negative and misqualified emotions. Use your tools as an alchemist to transform these negative energies with sound vibrations. Use your conscious heart portal to call upon divine beings to support you and this planet as it transforms and transcends. Use the powerful tool of Saint Germaine’s Violet Flame to transmute all energy unlike the divine love and trust available to all.

You can observe how the air is clearer and the waters cleaner while there is a stop in most all activities. We invite you to stay centered in your own understanding of truth, trust that all is unfolding as it should. Transform, transform, transform all energy that arises that is not life sustaining.

This is your job. You came here to be present while this massive global stop was taking place, so you could plant the seed of this new beginning and this new reality that is coming into form. We are here for you, to support, assist, guide and honor you as you move through these incredible life changes. the ‘team’

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