“We will not go silently into the night. We will not quit without a fight.”-Saint Germain-

SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Saint Germain.  I am here to once again bring you into those higher levels of yourselves, into the higher knowings of who you are.  Because many of you are becoming awakened enough to realize that all around you is still yet but an illusion.

When you first heard that term some years ago that all of this is an illusion, it is a third-dimensional illusion, many of you wondered, “what did that mean?”  How can this be an illusion, because it is so real.  But yet, now you are all beginning more and more to understand what we meant by that.  How this was an illusion.

And that it being an illusion, it is being created.  And who are the creators, but yourselves.  You are all creating this illusion.  And just as you create this illusion, this third-dimensional illusion, you can now create, and are creating, a new reality for yourselves without the illusion of programming.  For in many of you, the idea of programming is becoming less and less.  You are not succumbing to the programming as much as you used to.  Even in your conversation earlier, we heard that you are not allowing for the propaganda for the program that has been instituted across the planet, that you are not falling into the trap.

But yet, if you think back to many years ago, if this same thing had happened, how many of you would have bought into it.  Just as many of you—most of you bought into the illusion in your 9/11.

But that is not so anymore.  Because you have awakened, or fully within the awakening process, now.  And life is not business as usual for you.  Look at how those across your planet, now, are saying, “enough!” and “enough is enough!”  They are not allowing to be programmed, or to continue to be programmed.  Yes, there are certainly some, and maybe even the majority that still allow for that.  But it is an awakening progress.

This is the “Great Awakening”.  And what is occurring now, which appears to be a storm all around you, that storm is dissipating.  Because the Light is diminishing it.

If the darkness had been allowed here, if their plan, their program, had been allowed to be instituted fully as they wanted (they, of course, being what you call the cabal, the forces of darkness), if they had been allowed to continue this, then mankind as you know it, would have ceased to exist, here.  But because of you, and because of the many that work with you that work within the Light, work within the higher vibrations to change the story to shift and change the program and the illusion, and to create the new reality that many, many more are now craving.

You are not seeing the depths of the program of what could have been.  You are not seeing that because you, as a collective, have not allowed it.  You have all risen up and saying, as The James said earlier, “We will not go silently into the night.  We will not quit without a fight.”  Those words will forever echo throughout the consciousness of man.  Because as one grand connection of consciousness, you are all rising up and saying, “Enough!  We are done!  The game is over!”  Many of you are saying, “We are not playing this game any longer, and it is time.”

It is time now to create that new reality, the one that you all came here to witness, to all be a part of.

The new reality, The New Golden Age that you all saw so many thousands of years ago as you planned to enter this evolution.  You saw the beginning, and you saw the end.  You just did not know of the travails along the way of how difficult the journey would be.  But yet, here you are now, so many lifetimes later.  Right here at the finish line, at the culmination, at the crescendo, just before the final trumpet plays its song.

I am Saint Germain.  So much more is about to be revealed in many aspects, in many ways.  Some that you will not be surprised by.  Some that will take even those of you, of the Light, will take you by surprise.  For many of you do not know the depth, how deep the darkness really goes.  Or in your (movie – “The Matrix”) saying, “how deep that rabbit hole really goes.”

All of my peace and love be with all of you.  And may the Violet Flame continue to hold you in its embrace, and continue to burn out, purge out, just as it is doing for many of you now, as you wonder what is happening with my body, the pains, the aches, the purging that is going on now.  It is all happening as a part of this ascension process.  So be of good cheer, and know that it is indeed all being orchestrated, and to continue to trust The Plan.

Can you forgive, forget and let GOD? Will you choose to be in the state that feels more than fine?

I know that, there are many out there that do no get the meaning of why it is that i am not focusing on the problems of the world and instead mainly sharing stuff that are not yet of this world.Why is it that i am speaking very little about what is seen and mostly about what i wish to see in the world for the highest good for all.There are many indeed that send me videos proving their perspective , world an ugly place to be, there are many who want to prove at all cost at others that they are right because they have physical proof to show this.And there are many websites, including of many very conscious light workers, that i do not judge ,just observing here, that they are happy to share some tangible truth of what took place for thousands of years over the planet.And keeping on assisting on that.And i am not going to speak of any of it here, i believe that each and everyone is right at their post where they want/need to be and where their soul guides them to as much as i know I AM.
I know that anything i give my attention to ,it magnifies.I choose to focus with intention on creating the highest good for all, every morning when i wake up, all day long and it is the last thing i think and feel of when i go to bed wishing that in my sleep i will make dreams that are in relation to that.And from that place of unconditional thinking, i can assure you that i feel more than fine all day long.Now, does this mean i don’t look at what is occurring on the planet?in my neighbourhood? in my communities?in my relationships?does this mean i don’t care about all that?does it mean i don’t have moments i need to face my fear?In fact i care so much that i choose to take conscious action in keeping my frequency high at all times doing things that make me feel good at all times.Do i serve the collective when i do that?You bet I DO!One person connected to source is more powerful that millions who are not as Abraham Hicks shares.And so many speak about being the eye in the storm that is occurring right now on the planet.To BE present in the now, simply just being, preferably in meditative state ,best in nature,allowing the energies to work through my body, mind, spirit or to feel into a new reality that works for the highest good for all being it is actually 2 different ways one can use during the course of our day to improve our vibrational state.Do i see problems in society?yes i do, all my life!And NOW I take direct action to feel in the solutions.This is what we do in this small community here called Feel More Than Fine.Coming together in small or bigger groups creating a reality that works for everyone.Now this is FUN!
Do i see children in Africa that need shelter?I envision them being happy, safe and sound with all that it is necessary and as i do that partners and associates come to me through the law of attraction.Do you see this with me, we create this together! Feel More Than Fine Africa is a non profit association to assist children in Dakar,Senegal.
Do i want to assist Mother Earth for cleaning her oceans and rivers and air and animal and plant kingdom?
Electra is an invention of Free Energy we already have in Greece ,since 5 years, that did not receive support for the greek government so far.I focus on seeing it becoming reality that all Greece and all other countries that wish to have this technology becoming totally sustainable and respecting New Earth.
Is Mother Earth assisting me in the vision ?You bet She does!Can you assist me?yes by simply envisioning Free Energy for all uses across the planet.
Are there elders that live in same home with their children in same house and where it becomes very difficult for them to care take them, especially in this lockdown situation?yes and i envision a reality where all elders across the planet are being respected and taken care off in beautiful homes with new light technologies like celestial chambers accompanying them in their Ascension journey and that can assist them in rejuvenating them if they wish.
I Am the Solution in everything i witness as not working on the world through feeling the frequency of the solution i intend and choose to feel within me.This is where i choose to place my focus.
I AM Love,I AM Peace,I AM Abundance,I AM Freedom,I AM Prosperity,I AM Well Being.
And again i can only agree when Abraham Hicks says:this world does not need to be fixed.
This is being in our power of Creation ,not being destructed by the illusion, rather creating a new one that works for all.
This is where i choose to focus my attention.
This is what we will be doing in our projects and work in this coming decade and i already know that our power of creation is being magnified the more we use it.Like a muscle it becomes stronger and stronger day by day.
And so, i choose to speak about The Solution about The New, i choose to be a deliberate creator daydreaming of New Earth Reality totally aware that this will never end as contrast will appear, for what IAM grateful , it will allow me to expand even more.
It is quite a privilege to be in this knowingness of alignment to source of all creation, it is what i intend 24/7 feeling my inner frequency ,making sure to feel more than fine.And when i get there, then all i have to do is allow IT, the Source of All Creation to express itself through me with ease, grace and flow in every now.
This is how i define living in 5D.And this is just the beginning of this journey as God Being Creators that WE all are.
Now, if you still choose to speak about reality and about what is true or not, i will listen and observe and then take action without trying to convince you of my perspective.And you will feel a sense of well being that you can not explain, just feel. Magic,Alchemy of Creation for the Highest Good for All.Feel More Than Fine.That is the 5d portal opening inviting you to come this way, come this way and practice the frequency of what You Want with me.It is a win win situation , i get what i want, you get what you want and together in our differences as individuals create a tapestry of a New Earth that our minds can not conceive ,all working in the name of Love in Service to Mother God by always keeping the intention to serve The Highest Good For All and do no harm to self ,others or a thing.
I know there are many of us doing this work on the planet right now by the millions and so i have no doubt about the magnificence that is coming ,i just only agree with Kryon when he shares that You and I and All are BORN MAGNIFICENT.
The lock down time is almost over.And You have a choice between placing your focus in creating the new or speaking about what occurred and happening in the 5 senses perceived world.
Can you forgive, forget and let GOD?
Will you choose to be in the state that feels more than fine?

Much Love


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